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This archive contains the complete program source code for Servarena. This source code was created in Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0, and is not likely to work with any previous version of Visual Basic.

Notice: Any use of software implies that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms outlined in the license agreement (LICENSE.TXT) contained in this archive.

If you are interested in continuing the development of this software using the trademark Servarena name, please contact me with your proposal that includes your plans for extending the product functionality, distribution, and support. To ensure that your message is received, include 'Continued development of Servarena' in the subject of your message.

The developer offers absolutely No support for the use, comprehension, development, or any other use of this software. No exceptions.

This software is available without a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk.

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Copyright ©2001, Larry Massengale, all rights reserved
Servarena is an unregistered legal trademark of Larry Massengale

Hit counter removed at just over 7000 visitors. I thank for changing their policy and charging for what they once offered for free. Reminds me of GameSpy =)