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Interview with Scancode of Threewave
by DGhost @ [06:38 PM] February 28 2002

It's a slow, quiet day. Only thing that I've found so far worth reading is this interview on Cached with Scancode, premier mapper of Threewave CTF. No technical stuff for you mappers, but if you like his map, you can get a view of the man itself.

We want your desktop!
by DGhost @ [01:03 PM] February 27 2002

Well, I want a screenshot of your desktop with at least a Quake icons/logo somewhere. Show the world your cool desktop/wallpaper! Just send it to me! If you correspond to these points, I'll post your pictures as the Pic of the day. Please make sure that your pictures is no more than 200 KB.

New version of Bid For Power soon?
by DGhost @ [01:02 PM] February 27 2002

There is a small update for Bid For Power website. First, they're gonna change the hosting (they'll go to planetquake) and second they give the list of the new features/changes in the next version (1.2). You can read the full .Plan here.

Update: Tribal CTF
by DGhost @ [04:55 PM] February 26 2002

So what's going on with one of my most favorite mod? Well they're still working hard on it. To give you an update of what's going on, we should see bot support in the next version (yeah!), also the space map is going well, Bobo the seal is working on the elemental skins (with Bobo, it's not skins anymore, it's art) and a couple of update on the webpage itself.

.Plan update from Paul Jaquays
by DGhost @ [06:49 PM] February 26 2002

Well it's not really Quake related but it's coming form the house of IdSoftware. Here's the whole .Plan:
This is the second time I've encountered someone auctioning off a piece of my original illustation art on Ebay. The piece being offered is a small, multi-media piece done for the TSR collectible card game "Blood Wars" based on the roleplaying world PlaneScape. From looking at the scan, I'll vouch for the authenticity of the piece. That's my work, part of series of similar illos done for one of the first expansion packs for the game. I know I sold that piece at some point. Since the fellow was good about supporting a working artist, I'll be good about drawing some attention to his sale.

Note, this is not my auction and I have no involvement in the proceeds from it.
"Cynical Wizard" -- Jaquays Original Art for Sale on Ebay
There you go! You've got some attention here.

Weekly Tech Update
by blaze @ [11:45 AM] February 25 2002

FvF interview
by blaze @ [12:37 PM] February 25 2002

The Mushroom has updated their Where are they now? with yet another interview. This time it is with Richard "Hap" Cheung of Future vs. Fantasy, one of the very first class based mods for Quake. You can check out the interview here.

Syndicate Arena preview
by blaze @ [12:36 PM] February 25 2002

Jolt.co.uk has previewed the forthcoming Syndicate Arena mod for Q3A. They've even thrown in an interview for taste.. here's a snippet:
Da-Fly: You mentioned the vehicles. In the past, mod teams have had difficulty in creating movable vehicles in the Quake 3 engine. How are you getting on with building usable egg-cars (which could carry up to about 20 people in the original Syndicate if I remember rightly heheh)?

Democritus: Yeah, well Quake3Rally did it, we can try it too. Oh and we'll limit it to 4 passengers :)

dnb^Dave: Yes it might be difficult to code, and yes 4 passengers since the rest were generally civilians. Saying that, I couldn’t get to sleep some nights ago, as I was thinking of whether or not 4 players per team maximum is a good idea or not.

The interview can be found here along with the preview.

Some goodies @ the Bane Forge
by DGhost @ [07:13 PM] February 24 2002

So I just got an email about an update on the website of the Bane Forge. Some Doom skins, you can take a look here. Also there is some wallpapers given with that. And lastly an interview with the author's skins, Chemical Burn @ The garden of Saphiria.

What the f... ?
by DGhost @ [03:48 PM] February 24 2002

Well it's sunday and guess what I'm doing? I'm watching the hockey final of course! What an intense game! At the same time I'm chating with a couple of friends and I tought also that I should post a news... :P So, WTF-Q3A is a CTF mod for Tomb Raider... eeeeeh no Quake 3 Arena. a CTF mod with a map packs of popular mappers, there is some small rules that give the mod a real challenge, wich is, you only have one weapon per map. Check out the screenshots.

UT 2.5
by DGhost @ [04:08 AM] February 24 2002

Silicon Ice just released Urban Terror 2.5. You should go to their webpage for the mirrors or you may also wanna check on UrbanTerror.net. Happy fraggin!

The Edge for Q3A
by blaze @ [04:07 PM] February 23 2002

Usually maps don't get posted as news here, but I stumbled upon this review of a Q2DM1: The Edge remake for Q3A and couldn't help but be impressed.

This is easily the nicest version of The Edge I've seen for Q3A yet, and it makes extensive use of the curves in Q3A, which in turn makes this a very pretty map coupled with some good texturing & lighting. I highly recommend you check it out.

Linux md3 viewer
by blaze @ [03:23 PM] February 23 2002

kingping has released a very simple md3 viewer for Linux, which is titled md3view (who would've guessed?..). Go check it out if you're a Linux Q3A fan and you wanna view the game models.

Quick Death Q3A
by blaze @ [03:22 PM] February 23 2002

Version 1.0 of the Quick Death Q3A has recently been released. Here's a list of the updates:
  • All Beta features
  • Old rail option in preferences
  • New HUD
  • Powerups changed to runes
  • Quad damage changed to Quad fire Rune
  • Rail shard fix to 20
  • Fixed sounds
  • New gametype Poision Death
  • New rail skin
  • New console commands

A new map
by DGhost @ [01:07 PM] February 23 2002

Okay, I mean normally I only post about a map that is really fun. This one actually is not so much in my range of taste (it's a FFA map, bleh not CTF). But I think you should take a look at the new map of Levelord. Hemhem, really interresting. :P And to give proper credits where it should go I found this news on Planetquake.

Quake 3 Fortress patch for admin
by DGhost @ [12:26 PM] February 21 2002

A new small patch for Quake 3 Fortress has been released for the admin that run the server. It fixes the following bugs:
1) Resolves a server exploit where a player could maliciously cause a server to kick all connected clients
2) Resolves an entity bug which resulted in various deleted entities, including the common vanishing Sentry, Supply-Station and grenade bugs
Note: this patch is for the server side only. And while you're reading this, take a look at this screenshot.

Tech Enhanced Carnage
by DGhost @ [08:12 PM] February 20 2002

Or let simply call it TEC, is a mod for Quake 3. Remember the tech power up in Quake 2 CTF? The autodoc, the timeaccel, etc. That was fun! So after almost 2 years, the team behind TEC has decided to update their mod to support the latest version of Quake 3. Isn't that sweet? You may have notice that I love dedicated people... :) So the job is not finish but they're working on it. I hope we're gonna hear from them soon.

Bin Laden Mod for Quake 3
by DGhost @ [07:41 PM] February 20 2002

Well, I don't know what to say about this one. I found a webpage in german of a small team who is making a mod called Bin Laden Hunt. As I can read from the translation with our magnificient Babelfish (how could we live without this? Thanks Douglas Adam), the mod is a mix of Quake 3 Fortress, Counter-Strike and Front line assault. There will be 3 teams in this mod. Maybe it's a vapor mod, only time will tell us.

UT 2.5 this week end?
by DGhost @ [12:28 PM] February 20 2002

According to Silicon Ice Development, the new "platch" (2.5) for Urban Terror is almost ready and should be released for the next week end. You can read the full .Plan here.

What a time..
by blaze @ [06:06 AM] February 20 2002

..to be a Quaker is a new article up at the Q3Center. It takes about the variety in the mods that are available for Q3 right now and how much of a good thing that is. They have also posted a top ten Q3 mods article to go along with this one.

Rocket duel 1.1 NOT!
by DGhost @ [06:04 PM] February 20 2002

If you're a rockets launcher lover (as I am also... :P), you should try the mod Rocket Duel. Wich, at the same time I'm speaking of, has released a new version. Download 1.1.

Update: It seems that there was a bug with 1.1 so they fixed it right away and here comes RD 1.2! At the same time I would suggest to check the screenshots page they're really nice.

American McGee's interview.
by DGhost @ [10:53 PM] February 19 2002

Well I completely missed the boat for this one. I just found out on Planetquake that American McGee has done an interview tonight on X-treme Gaming Radio. He talked about his last Game (American McGee's Alice) and his upcoming game The Wizard of Oz. The interview should be available for download soon.

Where would you want to be in august 2002?
by DGhost @ [12:43 PM] February 19 2002

Well, that's the question. Where would you want to be from the 15 of august until the 18? I, for one, would love to be in Mesquite for the QuakeCon 2002. Yep folks! IDsoftware has just announced the official QuakeCon 2002 that will be held, again in Mesquite, Texas. This year 2 major tournaments are held. Of course there is the Quake 3 Areana competition and now, this year, the Return to castle Wolfenstein tournament. Mmmm that's a long ride from where I live but I'll think about it. Here's a snip from Todd Hollenshead:
"The dates are set, mark your calendar for the biggest, baddest QuakeCon ever," Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software, said. "With Quake III Arena as the benchmark of multiplayer action and the addition of Return to Castle Wolfenstein with its team gameplay, players will have all they can handle."

Weekly Tech Update
by blaze @ [10:33 AM] February 20 2002

  • HardOCP has posted an overview of nVidia's GeForce4. There are some Q3A benchmarks thrown in there.
  • Tom's Hardware has posted their reader's choice awards for 2001.
  • Sharky Extreme has posted their weekly CPU prices. It will be interesting to find out exactly what CPU will be the bare minimum to run the next Doom.. it may not even be on that list. I, for one, know I will have to upgrade my PC in order to play the next installment in the Doom series.

Q3 Tower Update
by blaze @ [11:52 AM] February 19 2002

Our friend DGhost recently posted about a couple groups of people who broke the Q3 tower world record, setting the new one at 42 people. Well, Portugal recently beat that 42 person tower with 44 person tower (a screenshot can be found here). Now, Switzerland has made a 60 man tower!

It is apparently too big for a screenshot, but they have posted a demo. It can be found here.. wow!

Happy Birthday Zoid!
by DGhost @ [12:21 PM] February 19 2002

Just found out on Bluesnews that today is the birthday of Dave "Zoid" Kirsch. Mmmmmm CTF. I never had enough of that mod... :)

Screenshots galore
by blaze @ [10:39 AM] February 20 2002

  • The Navy Seals Q3 team has released 3 new screenshots of some weapon re-skins that they have done.
  • Western Q3 has also posted new screenshots from a map titled Tillian.

Zoid Interview
by blaze @ [10:42 AM] February 20 2002

The Mushroom has been running a Where are they now? series, and their latest feature is an interview with Zoid, the creator of the original Threewave CTF for Quake. He is currently working on Metroid Prime for the Gamecube at Retro Studios. Here's a snippet of the interview:
How did you come up with the idea for your mod?

Well, after id released the tools I started working around with hacking the gameplay. The runes were my first modification. I originally had three runes: strength, haste and defense. I tossed the mod on my server and people started to really like it. It had an element of gameplay that wasn't present in Quake before where the powerful items were tossed around between players. It made people with the runes targets since you wanted it yourself. How many times did you go after the guy who had the strength rune?

After the runes and messing with id standard "don't shoot same color players" teamplay, I realized that in order for teamplay to really succeed a goal had to be added. That goal was from one of the simplest games from childhood: Capture The Flag (CTF).

Burial Grounds screenshots
by blaze @ [10:44 AM] February 20 2002

The Burial Grounds crew has posted some new hi-res screenshots on their site of their upcoming Burial Grounds map pack. Here's some info:
The pak will consist of five custom maps, designed specifically for this map pak. There will be no public betas of the maps, so no one (other then the private beta testers) will have played these maps before.

All maps will have custom music tailored specifically for each map, and all the maps follow a specific theme created by the map pak team. More info about the theme will be announced at a later date (maybe).

Graeme Devine .plan update
by blaze @ [10:54 AM] February 20 2002

id's Graeme Devine recently updated his .plan file, talking about the status of the master server:
Everything seems to have been smooth for the past 24 hours.

We've replaced the master server hardware, changed the software to be (hopefully) more attack proof, and separated out the processes so that if one is attacked heavily the others will be okay. We've weathered attacks before, but each one is always an education.

I got a bunch of emails on people with routers not being able to connect. When the authorize server is down the game server automatically authorizes all clients, this is why people attack the authorize server to bring it down. The only way you can get a denied to connect from the game server is when the authorize server sends that packet to the game server, when there is no authorize server, the game server errs on the side of caution and lets everyone play.

The solution of setting your hosts file to for the various id masters will cause a few things. You will no longer be able to get the in-game browser to work, and worst of all you will not be able to play on game servers that you connect to because the game server will get a deny packet from the authorize server (because you sent your cdkey to

Thanks to everyone who helped me test these past 48 hours.

New CTF beta map
by DGhost @ [11:42 AM] February 18 2002

About 2 weeks ago I post a news about a CTF beta map made by ButterB. One of the last custom map that I really enjoy (if you're into space CTF you should try this one). The author has released a new beta of the map and it even kick more ass! You should try it!

Q1 Kombat Teams
by blaze @ [07:01 PM] February 17 2002

I'm getting a bit of nostalgia here, but v1.52 of Kombat Teams PRO has been released. It is being toted as the first truly stable version of KTeams Pro. Instagib and Race Mode are two new types of gametypes that have been recently added to KTeams Pro.

Bash for Cash!
by blaze @ [06:56 PM] February 17 2002

The guys at Overdrive PC have started a fee-based Q3 tourney, where you Bash for Cash! Here's a snippet:
The premise is simple, you pay a minimal fee (per match) over a secure connection via paypal to opc (well respected blazing fast top notch computer makers, and gamers alike) and you enter into a matchup pitted against other payers.
Sounds fun!

Urban Terror 2.5 soon
by DGhost @ [12:59 AM] February 16 2002

Look's like Silicon Ice is almost ready for a new patch in response to a couple of bugs found in the 2.4 patch. No weapons are modified in this one. You can read the full .Plan here.

A tour of IDsoftware office
by DGhost @ [09:46 PM] February 15 2002

HardOCP has visited the office of IDsoftware and they have taken a few pictures at the same time. It's not an "official" visit but you see some cool pictures of the offices. You can check the pictures here. Hey IDSoftware, if someday you wanna get rid of your Quake 3 arena logo on the wall, call me I'll come from Montreal to get it! :)

Interview with Bid For Power
by DGhost @ [09:35 PM] February 15 2002

So to continue the mod developers week on gamespy, Pappy-R has done an interview with the Team lead designer/programmer Yrgol. Really a good read. Also Yrgol talk about the mod when it has ben "foxed". You can read the interview here.

Happy Valentines Day
by blaze @ [09:31 AM] February 14 2002

I hope everyone who is reading is having a wonderful Valentine's Day!

If only for one day in your life, avoid playing Q3.. she'll be lots happier. ;)

Quake Senior Tour
by blaze @ [09:29 AM] February 14 2002

Cached is holding a Quake Senior Tour for players that are age 30 and over. Head on over to the page to check out the brackets and tourney info.

New Eternal Arena & Rocket Duel
by Blaze @ [10:02 PM] February 13 2002

Version 5.7 of Eternal Arena has been released, adding a few new cvars and an Instagib CTF gametype.

Rocket Duel 1.0 is also now available, which is a new rockets only mod based on Eternal Arena.

GTV is out!
by DGhost @ [05:56 PM] February 13 2002

Sorry for not doing too much update but I think it's a pretty quiet day and anyway I just woke up from a big nap. Yeah I'm still really sick if you're wondering... :P So to post something for today I would like to bring your attention to GTV. It's a small utility that you need to download and install in your Quake 3 folder. After that you launch Quake 3 and you can connect on a GTV server (you can have the list of the servers here). The main purpose of this software is that you can view a quake 3 match on the server, as a spectator, of course, without adding any lag on the game since you're on the server of GTV and not the actual game server? Capiche? I'll let you imagine all the possibilities of this (women, money, fame, a shovel on the head, etc).

It's not Batman, it's Padman!
by DGhost @ [11:17 PM] February 12 2002

Padman is that funny/cartoon creation from Ente who, if I remember correctly, created some map with a logo of his mascot, Padman. The project started like that. A couple of months later, the project has become bigger. More maps (wich are really nice btw), models of Padman and some of his friends/ennemies and even custom weapons models. So now they're creating a complete mod wich would add a cartoon (not anime) look to Quake 3. It's not release yet (crap!) but it's worth a look! :)

The dark conjunction is here!
by DGhost @ [12:43 PM] February 12 2002

The demo is out gang! At 137 megs the demo it's a little big but nothing to fear.
- Fileplanet
I can't wait to get back home to download it and try this TC.

Alliance interview
by DGhost @ [10:20 AM] February 12 2002

So to continue the gamespy mod developers week, Pappy-R has done an interview with 2 developers from the Alliance mod. It's been a while that I've played this one. I always liked it. A lot of features and CTF, what can you ask for? Go read it!

.Plan update from Carmak
by DGhost @ [05:17 PM] February 11 2002

Again a lot of of technical things, he's comparing some devellopment side of Doom 3 with ATI and Nvidia. But I learned a couple of things about how he's working. You can read his full .Plan here. Here's a small/good part of his post:
Do not buy a GeForce4-MX for Doom.

Nvidia has really made a mess of the naming conventions here. I always thought it was bad enough that GF2 was just a speed bumped GF1, while GF3 had significant architectural improvements over GF2. I expected GF4 to be the speed bumped GF3, but calling the NV17 GF4-MX really sucks.
So now you've got it!

Blast from the past: Where are they now?
by DGhost @ [04:37 PM] February 11 2002

Well it's the day of good interviews. The mushroom (really good also) run a series of interviews with some authors of mods for Quake 1. They talk about what have the authors done on Quake 1 and where are they now in their life. I'm not so much surprise to see how many of them got a job in the video game world. They've got 10 authors and they're not finish yet. I enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to read the interview with Zoid. I can guess that he's working on the next Metroid for the gamecube. ;)

A look into Urban Terror
by DGhost @ [02:58 PM] February 11 2002

Pappy-R from Planetquake has done an interview with Oswald, the project coordinator of Urban Terror. They talk about the mod, the team, the project and even if Quake 3 is dead or not (is it?). You've got to read this even if you never have played UT, it's really good!

Ultimate Quad Capture for classic Quake
by DGhost @ [01:44 PM] February 11 2002

Our marvelous Planetquake has brought to my attention this mod. Okay actually it's been a while since I've played the classic Quake (yes I'm talking here about the first Quake). I know that there is still a lot of people/players out there who play Quake 2 and Quake 1. Since I'm so polyvalent (:P), I'll post this:

Ultimate Quad Capture is a mod for Quake with others mod inside. I've taken the time to read the rules and it look really nice. The author (CocoT) has done a beautiful job for this mod. There is a lot of mod for Quake 1 on his website.

The dark Conjunction to be tomorrow
by DGhost @ [12:41 PM] February 11 2002

DGhost, me, your humble servant is really sick. BUT, that doesn't stop/shut me to bring you quality news on our marvelous website (actually I'm on prescription and I don't even know what I'm taking but it sure feels great, oh boy what a cool looking rocket launcher my cat is playing with).

What I was talking about? Oh yeah! Tomorrow is the dark conjunction, actually don't think it's some kind of the end of the world 'cauz it's not. The dark conjunction is a single player, TC with a story (can you believe that? a story in Quake 3?, well it's a TC, that's the whole point). Anyway the demo will be out tomorrow for our pleasure and for the moments I could suggest you to check the screenshots.

Tallest human tower in quake 3 beated, yet again
by DGhost @ [08:20 AM] February 11 2002

Western Quakeł Update
by awoq @ [06:58 PM] February 10 2002

The Western Quakeł site has updated their site with some new weapons info, news from their mappers, and what the status is on their coding. Saddle on up and check out their cool new screenshots and news at the Western Quakeł site!

Tallest human tower in Quake 3?
by DGhost @ [02:45 PM] February 09 2002

A gang of (bored?) Swedes broke the record of the human tower (wich was previously 35 players tall) with 37 players. You can check the screenshots:
- Screenshot 1
- Screenshot 2
- Screenshot 3
The story was posted on Cyber news. Congratulation guys! :)

Quake 3 contest
by DGhost @ [09:13 PM] February 08 2002

Hahahahaha that's a good one. I just receveid an email from Gameslut that the 22 of february will be the start of a Quake 3 contest. You can win a lot of computer stuff. The site may more appeal to male mostly but it's nice sometime to have some changes. :) I love the rule that if you got the most kill with the BFG you owe them 100 US$.

Urban Terror 2.4
by DGhost @ [05:01 PM] February 08 2002

Well, There it is! we are friday the february 8 @ 5:00 EST and the patch is out. You will get the list of all the ftp/http server listed here. I won't list it here 'cauz there is too much servers. I think that there will be a lot of UT players out there tonight! :) Have fun gang.

What's going on with TribalCTF?
by DGhost @ [09:14 PM] February 08 2002

We didn't hear from them too much lately. TribalCTF is what I call a quality mod. Really, this mod is so beautiful and fun. Only drawback, you need a good video card to get a decent FPS rate. Even with my matrox G400 max I find it difficult sometimes to play smoothly. On top of that it's a beautiful mod, it's a 3 team CTF (my favorite mod). Well right now the team is working on their first space map! Again, these are the style of maps that I prefer. Also, the team is looking for a good, and they seem to mean it, texturer who could replace Appendix, who is one of the 2 original designer, left.

Picture of the day
by DGhost @ [12:56 PM] February 08 2002

So today our pic of the day is the desktop of Rigormortis. Pretty cool girl in a mecha suit. Send me your desktop as long as there is a Quake logo/icon somewhere on it. You can read my previous post for the "format" of the images.

Interview with Todd Hollenshead
by DGhost @ [12:26 PM] February 08 2002

There is an interview on Ferrago with Todd Hollenshead about Doom 3 (with the usual screenshot) and the devellopement of Quake 4 with Ravensoftware. Not really big to read and nothing new we learn. :P

Interview with Quake 2, 3, RtCW music composer
by DGhost @ [10:31 PM] February 07 2002

X-treme Gaming radio had an interview with Bill Brown, the music composer for Quake 2, 3, RtCW and a lot of other games. You can listen to the interview here. You will need winamp of course. :P

Syndicate Arena update
by DGhost @ [02:56 PM] February 07 2002

Just to let you know gang of what's going on with that TC that I'm waiting for. The team is doing better (take a look at this screenshot) but they're still looking for a coder to help them. I want to play this TC and it's better to be good! pressure... ;) So if you think you're (really) good enough to code and like Quake 3, why not give it a try?

Geometry challenge
by DGhost @ [12:59 PM] February 08 2002

So I'm a little bit late on this one (sorry :P) but here's something interresting for mapers out there or for all of you who like original maps. Nunuk and Sock has started the second edition of their geometry challenge and to "inspire" mapers, Nunuk released a map called Sparth. Really beautiful. I can't wait to get back home to download it! For mappers who would like to take a look at the rules of the challenge you can go to Simland. Mmmm I wonder if there is enough mappers out there who can do the challenge of the architectures.

Update: Personnaly, the map is really beautiful but playing it is boring. I had more fun playing Platypus by the same author.

Blast from the past: Quake 3 alpha
by DGhost @ [11:53 PM] February 06 2002

Okay I'm not gonna typed everything all over again on this post since I just wrote everything on our forum. To make a long story short, I found back an old version of Quake 3 in my cd's (at that time I couldn't never make it to work) and I reinstall it and it worked. So you can go see my thread to view all these "magnificient" screenshots. Take note of the one that display the chainsaw but it doesn't work on this version. The alpha version is dated of the 12 february 1999. Let me remind you that Quake 3 was released in december of the same year.

Quake 3 action movies
by DGhost @ [12:09 AM] February 07 2002

This morning I found some movies on Q3center. I couldn't download it at my job since my backbone is pretty slow. So I'm back home and I downloaded: Is Quake 3 the best?. Very nice. With music, you follow Resononce while he's playing. Very fast (they must have changed the speed). And now I'm downloading, as I write this, a movie from the gX clan. The files are pretty big but just the first one was worth it!

Update: I just watched the movie from the gX clan and the esthetic is really good. Most of the movie is in black and white.

Your desktop as the pic of the day?
by DGhost @ [09:06 PM] February 06 2002

Okay people! I want you to send me your desktop as a .jpg (under 100 kb please) and they're must be at least a logo of Quake (1-2-3 I don't care) on your desktop. No, I'm not asking you to put planetquake on your browser... :P I just want a screenshot of your desktop with something about Quake on it! ;) Just click on my nick beside the title of the post and you'll have my email adress. I will put your screenshots as the pic of the day so that everybody can see what you've got installed. Eeeerrr, so that everybody can see that you've got Quake installed... :) The ones with the most beautiful wallpapers will be choosed each day.

Jedi Knight II, multiplayer combat
by DGhost @ [08:19 PM] February 06 2002

Found an interresting thread on JediKnights II about the multiplayer side of the games. Some facts about the light/dark jedis and all the powers. The game also look really beautiful. You can read the thread here.

The forum of Q3arena.com
by DGhost @ [01:05 PM] February 06 2002

Call me a sucker, I don't care... :P But I would like to say that the forum of our webpage is doing pretty good these last days (i.e. it's getting better). If you've got technical problems with your Quake (or any games related to the Quake engine) you may use the Tech Center to post your question. Also there is the Outpost for any general Quake things and the Lounge for anything related to nothing. Cool as someone would say on the forum ;)

Paul Jaquays .Plan update
by DGhost @ [11:57 AM] February 06 2002

Paul from IDsoftware sent some news about the mapcenter:
MapCenter, a site dedicated to Quake 3 Engine mapping and related development skills has picked up and moved to a new host. The DNS should resolve fairly soon, but until then you can reach the forums at MapCenter. AstrCreep needs to rework the main site code, so the main site may be down a while longer.


AnimeDimension, a mod in progress
by DGhost @ [08:49 PM] February 06 2002

AnimeDimension is a mod for Quake 3 in progress. The team is looking also for some help. 1 or 2 animators and 1 coder. You can also check the about page to see what this mod will offer.

Savage UK Q3 CCTF Season 4 sign up open
by DGhost @ [10:53 AM] February 06 2002

I just received this from Savage UK:
The Savage Threewave CCTF league Season 4 sign up page is up,you can register here .

Please note that all clans that wish to play in season 4 must register,your clan is not automatically added if you registered for season 3. Congratulations to SS for taking the Division 1 title and to oG for winning Division 2. I would like to thank all the people that helped out with the league and "put something back" so to speak. Thanks to Gibz,Wireman,Pak and Fruitbat for adminning.Disucks and Brute for camming GTV and Appy for supplying GTV for all of us.Also thanks to Hottie for the Savage radio coverage. Watch this space for details of next season and check out the Forums for other news.

MoH:AA easter eggs
by DGhost @ [10:58 PM] February 05 2002

You beat Medal of honor and think you've seen everything in the game? Take a look at this: Planet Medal of Honor's easter eggs and secrets. Some pretty cool tricks and secrets inside the game that are funny.

What's new @ polycount?
by DGhost @ [10:33 PM] February 05 2002

Well they're not fresh new but there is 2 new models that I think deserve some attention (if you like custom models that is). Mister Phono got a review of 10/10. Really good and I must say that the character is original. And the second one is Durham Red, a kick ass bad girl (wich was an entry in the competition of Paul Steed, bad girl). All @ Polycount.

Update from John Carmak
by DGhost @ [12:04 PM] February 05 2002

After the release of the article of Red Herring, John Carmak made a few correction of what has been said on him. You can read his toughts @ Q3center here.

New .plan update by Graeme Devine
by DGhost @ [11:47 AM] February 05 2002

Nothing related to Quake. He just want to pass a message to the ex-Trilobyte people. Here's the whole .plan:
This is pretty much a message for ex-Trilobyte people. If you know anyone who used to work there, please pass this onto them. Thank you.

Trilobyte's official bat catcher, Scruffy, passed away yesterday.

We found her at the second Trilobyte office, underneath the building. She was messed up, scared, and not in the best of shape. Slowly Dianne and I coaxed that cat out and pretty soon she ran that office. When police dogs came to the building one night because the alarm went off, she chased them right out.

She moved to the third office, and promptly started to catch the bats that would fly out of the belfry and around the work area. She got her own web page, email, and confused our marketing vp by eating the fighting fish she had hung 6' up on the wall. Scruffy was loved by everyone at the office, or anyone who visited, a great deal. She even made a cameo in one of our games.

Unfortunately she was hit by a car outside that office, and so home she came to the quiet life. She moved with me to Texas and has been training our dog every since.

Last weekend she got very very sick, and yesterday she passed away.


Bugs: 0 Bid For Power: 1
by DGhost @ [11:35 PM] February 04 2002

Yeah a new version is out. 1.1 actually. First patch available! isn't that cute? A 4 megs patch. My heart is gonna go pitter patt... :P Ah well go download it!

UT 2.4 for friday?
by DGhost @ [10:34 AM] February 04 2002

From the devellopers webpage, they have given the date for the release of the new version of Urban Terror. Here's a part of the post:
The release date comes on the heels of successful beta testing by the development team and the Quality Assurance Team. The release date is set for Friday, February 8 starting at 1pm PST/4pm EST/21GMT. We will be gathering in IRC, on #urbanterror on the ETG Network. We look forward to see many gamers taking part in the release.
So that's it!

New poster aboard
by DGhost @ [08:46 AM] February 04 2002

Monday morning.. bleeeeh I hate them. But it's also one of the busiest day of the week on the page. I would like to say a big hello to our new poster for q3arena.com nFLow! He's gonna help me out / I'm gonna help him out to post news dedicated to the Q3 as you already know. Mayhemm is back to school full time and he's having a hard time to keep up the pace during the day so nFlow is here to give us some help. Good luck nFlow!

Carmak and IDSoftware, an overview
by DGhost @ [11:48 PM] February 03 2002

Let me say it: I just love someone who is dedicated in his work. Who else do we know that, I think, is one of the most dedicated person in his work? John Carmak of IDSoftware. I found this post on /. that linked a quite interresting article on the man itself. I know that he (John Carmak) prefer to be left alone, he doesn't like to be praised but let's face it, he's a perfectionist. In the video game world, that put you on top of the others. The article speak about him, the way he works and some point of view from his friends/coworkers.

Also there is a good look of how IDsoftware work and the business model of the company. Really a good article!

Are you a Bid for power fan?
by DGhost @ [03:39 PM] February 03 2002

Hey kids! Are you into the destruction of the universe? Always wanted to fight weird characters who think of themselves that they are the most powerful? (but we all know that it's us). And with that you are a fan of Bid for power, you may want to pay a visit to this site. The bid for power partyline is the site (beside the official site; Bid for power) for any news about the mod. Some good ressources also, worth a check if you're into that mod. ;)

Sunday morning, superbowl and Gridiron
by DGhost @ [01:46 PM] February 03 2002

Well, it's the superbowl. I think you already know that. So it's a quiet morning and just to be on the "feeling" of the day, you can download the skins for Gridiron of the teams who are on the field. Here's the download link.

RtCW or MoH:AA, wich one is the best?
by DGhost @ [07:14 PM] February 02 2002

Here's a quite rather good article at WarfareHQ. It's a pretty interresting review who compare both game on many side. The author is SgtShaggy.

Animal arena mod update
by DGhost @ [07:16 PM] February 02 2002

Have you ever heard of that mod? I did, but to be honest I never tried it (what no CTF? I'm outta here). Anyway it look really cool and at the same time I'll try to help the team. They're looking for people to help them work on it since some members has left. Go check the latest news on their website. They even got a .zip file that, as they say, is suitable for Mac users.
- Download page

The Quake 3 graphic engine
by DGhost @ [02:55 PM] February 02 2002

This is quite an old article that I found some days ago. So, you're interrested in making a mod but don't know where to start? Well this might help you a bit. It's a series of small article, but quite heavy on the technical, that explain the Quake 3 graphic engine. It doesn't explain it on the programmation side but rather how it's working in logic. Worth a look if you're a curious person who like to know how things work. :)

Quake, Half life and Metroid... What the...?
by DGhost @ [03:12 PM] February 02 2002

What does Quake, Half life and Metroid (the next one on gamecube) have in common? Well, I found this article last week and if I found it very nice I didn't tought about posting it on q3arena at first. But I just realized that a lot of people would be interrested in knowing, as it's written on Ferrago, that the new Metroid game for the gamecube from Nintendo will be made by a US team. This is a major change since all Metroids by Nintendo have been made by a japanese team. And where Quake and Half life comes in? Well the studio that is develloping Metroid, is Retro Studios based in Texas. Do you see where I'm going? :) Well the employees are all formers employees of IDSoftware and Valve. I'm gonna buy a PS2 soon for the new wipeout fusion, but I've been a metroid fan since I'm 12 years old I think, this change a lot of thing. Wich one am I gonna buy now? THIS game will be something. And oh yeah, as I read in the article, the game will be a FPS of course.

Official launch of Buttercrap
by DGhost @ [06:07 PM] February 02 2002

Well, he just released a map for Quake 3 CTF on his website and it look really good. I'm downloading it right now to try it. You can take a look at his website or may just want to download it right away. The map name is The Vast and the furious. Mmm where did i heard that title?
- Fileplanet
- His personnal space on macpage
Note: He told us that it's a beta map.

Update: I hate beta maps! Specially when they're really good but they're not finished yet... :P I've been playing for the last hour and if you're a ctf4 lover you'll probably like this map like me. Bot play is really good btw. I can't wait for the final release 'cauz a couple of things are missing.

Quake 3 skins
by DGhost @ [01:25 AM] February 02 2002

Okay I just found out this website. There is quite a collection there. Some are funny, so good and some *cough, cough* weird. Go thake a look in the get skins, section.

GTKRadiant for Linux, new version (bis)
by DGhost @ [11:47 PM] February 01 2002

Yeeeeeeeeehaaaa (on a tired note please :P ). Yet another version of GTKradiant for Linux is out (version 1.2.4). They post on their website that from now on they'll try to release the version for Win32 and Linux at the same time. I hope so 'cauz it's a lot of update in one week. Well at least they're correcting the bugs! ;)

OSP version 1.01 is out!
by DGhost @ [11:03 AM] February 01 2002

OSP, the popular mod for Quake 3 got a new version. Version 1.01 has fixed a lot of bug.
- Download page

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