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Here it is folks, the new home of Servarena. Many thanks to the folks at Q3Arena for hosting this site!

Since version 1.27g of Quake 3 Arena has changed some of the internal functionality, Servarena does not quite work as it has since it's introduction to the gaming community back in December 1999. While I still have no plans to continue the development of Servarena in the near future, I have decided to release the source code!

Over the last year, several Visual Basic developers have asked for the source code, but I had been hesitant to release it. But since the functionality of Servarena has been deteriorated by the recent updates to Quake 3 Arena, I have decided that it was time that I did.

It is my hope that some talented VB programers can use this source code as a seed for developing similar programs of their own. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer support or development resources to any such projects.

With that said, feel free to go grab a copy of the program or the source code.

My thanks to the thousands of server admins that have shown their support.

Best of luck,
Larry "Snow Dog" Massengale

Copyright ©2001, Larry Massengale, all rights reserved
Servarena is an unregistered legal trademark of Larry Massengale

Hit counter removed at just over 7000 visitors. I thank for changing their policy and charging for what they once offered for free. Reminds me of GameSpy =)