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A coverage of the RA3 CAL league
by DGhost @ [09:35 PM] September 28 2003

With the devellopement going on, I started playing more Rocket Arena 3 lately and I've taken an interrest in the RA3 competition scene. I had nothing to do for the research since Cali Girl sent me an email about a new article online on her website, LadyGammers. She got a lot of interview with the players, admins and staff of the RA3 CAL (Cyberathlete amateur league). I always heard a lot about the RA CAL league and wondered how was their games, guess I better start getting the demos...

True combat update
by DGhost @ [05:08 PM] September 26 2003

Words from Team Terminator, the team behind the TC True Combat. Work are still going on for the next patch that will make it version 1.1, the list is not so small:
- fix falling damage bugs
- Add clientID numbers to scoreboard
- Donīt let ppl with m76 or r93 take a 2ndary weapon
- Make console background darker or solid
- Binelli and saiga will be switched (primary/secondary)
- decrease the time it takes to unholster/switch to pistols
- fix missions/mapcycling/voting
- fix flashbang bugs
- fix bandage bug
- New improved kick/voting system with integrated 2 minute temp ban
- remove cocking animation when unholstering
- remove muzzle flare from silenced weapons
- A all-new gun
- New (old) maps: Urban Aussault, Warehouse, Industrial, Baugebiet and an all-new map by Waylander
Devellopement is going on well for True Combat, No date has been given yet for the rlease but it shoud be pretty soon.

Medal of honor: Breakthrough
by DGhost @ [11:27 AM] September 25 2003

The newest expansion for Medal of honor, Breakthrough has been released and is now available in stores! You can read the full press release here. Would you like a review of the expansion at the same time? Well, here's one from Gamespot and another one from Eurogamer. Enjoy!

The 400 frag FFA challenge from Chaos Conspiracy
by DGhost @ [02:06 PM] September 24 2003

The Chaos Conspiracy clan is launching a FFA challenge. Instead of re explaining the rules I'll do my lazy and simply copy/paste the rules here:
Well now's your chance to find out if your really the best FFA player. The 400 Frag FFA Challenge is a single elimination competition with 3 rounds of game play which starts with 50 players and reduces to the top 10 players. Round 1 consists of 5 groups of 10 players who play to a frag limit of 200, the top four players from each group are then moved into Round 2 where they play in two groups of 10 and play to a 300 frag limit. At the end of round 2 the top five fraggers from each group in round two will then be pitted against each other and play until the first person reaches 400 frags.
The challenge is running on the latest version of OSP and the server for the challenge will be in North America, Chicago.

Team Fortress done extreme, part 2
by DGhost @ [01:08 PM] September 22 2003

Second video, Team Fortress done extreme 2 is a video of more than 19 minutes showcasing some of the best capture the flag I've ever seen in Classic Quake, using the mod Team Fortress of course. The video is available on 3 different quality format, mirrors are listed here.

Models, and again, models
by DGhost @ [06:30 PM] September 17 2003

Our favorite website for models, Polycount is featuring 3 new models for Quake 3! Yaa! Okay I won't give too much critic on these one, I'll let you check them out yourself:
  • Bloodseeker
  • Torque Monkey
  • Pillsbury Doughboy
  • Click on the link for the review of Polycount and of course what we all wants, the screenshots!

    Seismovision v2.23
    by DGhost @ [06:25 PM] September 17 2003

    New update for Seisomovision making it to version 2.23 with the following changelog:
  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (.dm_82) Full Version
  • fixed: Missing comctl32.ocx with DemoInfo
  • fixed: Splash screen icons not loading correctly when playing play lists directly.
  • added: Bulgarian translation (now 9 languages!!!)
  • At the same times, news are coming out that the beta for version 3 is starting soon. If you are a demo fanatic, this is the software for you!

    Another interview from the QuakeCon 2003
    by DGhost @ [06:24 PM] September 17 2003

    Yep, again, PlanetQuake got their hands on Tim Willits from ID and manage to get an interview about Doom 3. Some good questions about the way combat will be done and how the gameplay of the game is interracting with the player. The interview is not technical but gameplay oriented.

    All that could have been
    by DGhost @ [06:19 PM] September 17 2003

    PlanetQuake is presenting us this week the last review for the level of the week for Quake 1. The last review from Daz is on the level "All that could have been" from RPG. You get the most important details from the review and after having played it I must say that I am also impressed by this level. Feeling a little bit nostalgic for a single player game in Quake 1 but wanna try a new map? Then by all means, download this level and play it (I even suggest you using the DarkPlaces engine to have a more beautifull look)!

    Q3Pong Arena is out there to get you
    by DGhost @ [01:55 AM] September 13 2003

    Q3Pong Arena version 2.0 is now available for download! Remember the game push the ball? Well do it this time with a shotgun and you just shoot the ball until you push it in the enemy's goal. Easy to say, tough to do. And if you stand in the way of the ball? You'll get fragged for sure. For expert player!

    Ultimate Deathmatch for Quake
    by DGhost @ [09:55 PM] September 09 2003

    Ultimate Deathmatch will give your DM games in Quake a lot of flexibility. Spawing any items that you would like to have in any maps, even featuring some tools for level editings in real time, new weapons, config files to save your variables, Chain reaction effect with explosive boxes and much more (the feature list is quite big). Okay like Quake boosted on transgenetic corn hormones... I think that I get it. You want to experience a new kind of DM games? On Quake? You might wanna try Ultimate Deathmatch!

    Fight 4 the Flag!
    by DGhost @ [05:32 PM] September 08 2003

    Man there is too much good news these last days and here I am working like a crazy at my new job. Yeah life's tough on me, but what the heck, I can still frag (and capture the flag). As always I am still a CTF player and here's an excellent video that I've found lately on PlanetQuake3.net: Fight 4 the Flag is, as you correctly guessed it by the name, a video of CTF from the #ctfpickup.fr and some league from Europe. Lots of nice shot definitively worth the download!

    Return to castle Wolfenstein : A new SP map and an interview
    by DGhost @ [01:12 AM] September 04 2003

    I was kind of updating my news about Return to castle Wolfenstein when I found these 2 interresting tidbits:

    A new SP maps pack has been released for RtcW titled: Mages Skulls (learned it through the Map-Center website).

    Also an interview with Kevin Cloud from ID about RtcW and ET and the speculation are on fire about RtcW2 running on the Doom 3 engine (on RTCW online).

    Q3Map2 version 2.5.7
    by DGhost @ [12:49 AM] September 04 2003

    New version of the tool for mapper, Q3Map2 is now up to version 2.5.7. Featuring:
  • New: Jedi Academy support via -game ja
  • New: DDS (DXT1/3/5) texture support for future games
  • Re-enabled q3map_surfaceModel support, and the 'oriented' flag works as well
  • Re-enabled (fixed, really) large external lightmap support
  • Fixed a bug in the model code that would cause a crash if an uninvertable matrix was created
  • Fixed a bug in Mathlib m4x4_t code where the tolerance for a singular matrix was too low and crapping out on small (scaled down) matrices
  • Fixed bug in divide-by-zero on lightmap efficiency calculation
  • Added -force switch, allows unsupported BSP formats to (try) to be loaded
  • You can read the release post here.

    AliasBuster version 3.1.3
    by DGhost @ [03:30 PM] November 08 2004

    Found this new small utilty for Quake 3 that look very interresting. AliasBuster (version 3.1.3) will interface with the Quake 3 console to provide the user (you) a comma delimited list of known aliases for any players on a Quake 3 server with PunkBuster enabled. Roger from PlanetQuake3.net got an interview at the same time with the author of the tool, p[]-DunE. You can download the tool from the author's webpage or here. Nice tool!

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