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Happy birthday to Threewave CTF!
by DGhost @ [09:32 PM] September 30 2002

I am so late for this one and so ashamed of myself to not have let you remember on the right date. Last saturday, the 28 of septembre was the 6th Anniversary of Threewave CTF. Yeah for Threewave!!!

Return to Castle Cubenstein!
by DGhost @ [09:28 PM] September 30 2002

Meaning that next november, Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be release for the Gamecube. Checkout the release plan in november here. What a surprise!

A doom movie maybe?
by DGhost @ [03:22 PM] September 28 2002

Yep that's right! According to Yahoo! news, Warner Bros pictures are in final negotiations for the rights to distribute the movie. The movie would be produced by the John Wells Prods studio (Lorenzo di Bonaventura was working there if you know that name). Get more details on the article here. Thank to Planetquake for the info!

Get ready for Battlebots
by DGhost @ [12:28 AM] September 27 2002

A new version is coming the 4th of october, you will be able to create your own logo for the flags and you can changes the game color while playing. Check out the screenshot to see what I'm talking about!

Kquery 3.0 beta
by DGhost @ [10:27 PM] September 25 2002

Kquery 3.0 beta has been released today. If you are looking for an alternative to gamespy and all seeing eye, you can check out this one. Nice interface, I'm trying it right now.

Gameadmins.com is down
by DGhost @ [02:19 AM] September 25 2002

I was trying to load the webpage of commander keen (it's hosted under gameadmins) this week end to check some binding for Quake 3 and the web page never loaded. I discovered quickly that gameadmins was down. The forum is back but from what I've been reading it seems that the website is completely gone! Yikes! Anybody got a complete backup of the webpage lost somewhere on his hardisk? From the last week by any chance? if so contact Dekard (I hope that his email adress is still working).

New levels?
by DGhost @ [12:12 AM] September 23 2002

Okay it's really a slow sunday (hey it is sunday after all, go relax) and nothing too new on the Quake scene. Let me give you some info about the latest levels being reviewed @ ..::LVL:
- Neotech - DM
- Spielplatz - DM
- Eternal BLue - DM
- Q3W Newbiecomp - DM
- Heavy metal town - DM
- Delusion of grandeur - DM
- Pharaoh's gate - CTF
I personnaly recommend Pharaoh's gate if you like CTF. Very fun!

Update on Threewave
by DGhost @ [12:13 PM] September 21 2002

Alright! A lot of new stuff on the Threewave website! The interface has been changed (more choice, more informations), they release a new FULL installer for the 1.6 version (you don't need to patch anymore) and there is also some links to the biggest 3wave leagues out there. Now I'm going back to play 3wave capture strike again. It's like a drug that you are addicted!

Professional fragging!
by DGhost @ [01:17 PM] September 20 2002

Just found this link on Planetquake: The Globe and Mail from Canada got an article about Fatal1ty (as they make a comparison to some of the greatest players in the sport field, no comments). But also where is professional gaming is going. I can't wait for the day when my local tv station would play some Quake 3 tournaments on their channel!

Tenebrae for Quake
by DGhost @ [01:13 PM] September 20 2002

Remember when I talked about tenebrae about a month ago? Well the mod is moving pretty fast. The webpage has been revamped, a Mac OS X port is in beta stage (you can download it). Be warned that it's intended for a Gforce chipset (wich I don't have and I can't try this mod). And of course you need the original Quake installed. But take a look at the screenshots, if you have played Quake a lot you'll be impress!

An interview with Jim Hughes
by DGhost @ [10:07 PM] September 18 2002

Planetquake got a good interview with Jim Hughes, level designer @ raven for Quake 4 (did I said Quake 4 :P). Nothing about Quake 4 is covered of course (it's always a secret) but they talk about getting in the gaming industries and how you can get a job while working on a mod. Good stuff to read if you are into it.

Battlebots for Quake 3 Arena
by DGhost @ [11:19 PM] September 17 2002

Centered around the combat, Battlebots ask for your skills. Offering also some fun features are the possibilities to tweak your weapons, Play DM or CTF and greater control over the air movements. Current version is beta 0.6 and we should see the next version around halloween.

Alien culture : a Quake 3 Total conversion
by DGhost @ [06:39 PM] September 16 2002

Yep! You read me right. A new TC, single player, is underway for Quake 3. Called Alien culture this one look very interesting. Check out the story section on their website for an idea of the settings. There is also drawings for many models of the game. Nothing to download for the moments but we are waiting! :)

CPMA 99x8 coming soon
by DGhost @ [10:58 PM] September 15 2002

As arQon said on the Promode website, the development for the version 99x8 is finished and no new features will be added so that he can release it pretty soon. Let's wait for it shall we? :P Okay okay it's been a really slow week end. But with the new features of Image on Image I can't wait to see that.

Syndicate arena : released
by DGhost @ [11:59 PM] September 12 2002

Okay I'm late for this one. Totally, late. But eh it's not so bad since I've catch it. As I type this right now I've started the download of the Syndicate Arena TC for Quake 3. It has been released since end of June and I didn,t notice it (wait I remember what I was doing around that date, I was working like hell). Anyway to get back on the story, the team relased an alpha version because, if you remember, one of the last news we heard from them was an announce that they were looking for a main coder. Well they still are looking for one and decided to release the alpha version as a way to find someone who would be willing to continue the code. Get it? So I'm gonna try it right away but I'm not expecting too much since it's an alpha version. /me cross his fingers.

OPC promo 5 submissions
by DGhost @ [09:15 PM] September 11 2002

Okay so if you have never seen the OPC Promo videos, here's your chance to take a look at the videos (at the bottom of the page). For the rest of you that who knows what I'm talking about you'll be pleased to learn that the submission rules for the fifth video has been released. If you think you are up to it, why not give it a try?

Quake 3 and adventure
by DGhost @ [12:27 PM] September 11 2002

Okay sorry for the lack of updates but it's a busy week for me. I wish there was more hours in a day sometimes. So I just found this on /.: Gregory D. George reproduce the Adventure game from the Atari 2600 as a Quake 3 map. But even better than that is that he's making a mod about that game. To get a taste/preview I suggest that you download his map right here. Check out Atari Times to get more informations about the Adventure mod!

Some videos about Q3F
by DGhost @ [08:26 PM] September 09 2002

Have you ever wonder how did Quake 3 fortress looked? For those of you who wanna take a look on how it's looks I suggest you take a look in this ftp site where you can find 7 small videos of the games (avi and wmv format). Nice!

Woopy! No I mean quicky!
by DGhost @ [12:37 PM] September 08 2002

Okay I'm getting late on the news, let's try to fix that:
- A new version of QuakeIT is online (version 5.01). It's a Quake 3 game launcher
- Ultra Freeze Tag version 1.01 is available.
- Nathan sent me this link: A Quake 3 keychain on ebay. Yeah I already ordered one (thx for the link Nathan!)
- A new version of gLuv is already out. A couple of bugs is already fixed.
Alright! That's being taken care of! Now lemme go back to sleep. I drank too much last night.

A bunch of Team Arena maps
by DGhost @ [02:23 AM] September 08 2002

.:lVL:. got some new maps and 4 of thems are for Team Arena only. It's been a while since I've played Team Arena I must say (Threewave is much better in my personnal taste ;) ). But hey just for the fun of it, I'll try the maps. They look really nice.
- Crossed World by uoz
- Lost in time by uoz
- After Forever by Raven & KnightMB
- ...eam reliqui marmor by Anwulf

Promode 99x8
by DGhost @ [03:27 PM] September 06 2002

The next version of Promode has been delayed a bit and we can get some glimpse of what will be included in the next version:
x8 also supports PiP MVD. That's "Picture-in-Picture" display for DM games. A small window showing the "other" player's view simultaneously with the main view. Complete with their own HUD showing everything you'd expect: health, armour, weaponlist, current weapon and ammo, etc. It's just absurdly cool. :)
Whooaa I mean it's really like a picture in a picture (just like when you have 2 signals going to your tv). I wanna see that! No release date has been given yet on the next version. Stay tune, I'll let you know when it'll be released! Thx to PlanetQuake for the info.

What do you want?
by DGhost @ [03:03 PM] September 05 2002

Okay this post is not related to Quake but to this webpage. As some of you, faithful readers, who's got nothing else better to do than wasting your time on reading my posts, have noticed, I'm all alone to do this job (and no I'm not paid for it :P). Sometimes it can be hard to know what the readers want exactly. Yes I'm talking about you, who are reading this at the moment. I would like to get some comments on this webpage. About the news being posted here. What do you want for the news? Is there anything that you would like to see more (but that is still related to the subject of this page: Quake). Do you think that the contents s**k? That you don't have too much news about: put_any_mod_here. What do you want? Leave me your comments on the comments section by clicking on the comments link (is that enough comments in one sentence?)

A new batch @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [03:02 PM] September 05 2002

Whoa just yesterday I let you know that there was some new models @ Polycount and we got a new batch today, again, with:
- Q4Hybrid from the brothers Grim (always good work)
- Ryla a cute girl (in my taste :) )
- Dragongirl a mix of dragon and a small girl, fun!
- Gargoyle from the same author as the Dragongirl, very nice also!
That's it for the moment!

EasyGen version 1.42
by DGhost @ [10:22 AM] September 04 2002

A terrain generator for mappers, EasyGen has been upgraded to version 1.42 If you are into mapping with big open space, I recommend that you take a look at EasyGen.

New models @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [10:19 AM] September 04 2002

2 new models, worth mentioning, @ Polycount. First one is Dita, a girl in leather and second it's: Legoman! A real quality model but pretty heavy on the polygons with 7000. Really well made.

New version of UltraFreeze Tag
by DGhost @ [11:59 AM] September 02 2002

Well as the author, Haste say it, it's an interim version for testing until the new version wich should be release at the end of next week. Some bugs fixed and new features and some news with that, that a new version of Unlagged is coming. Check out Haste Alternate Fire's webpage for all the details.

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