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Custom Quake3 :-/
by mayhemm @ [10:30 PM] October 01 2001

Roger LaMarca sends a shout request for all of you guys to check out a little mod called Custom Quake3.† Since he actually doesn't have a page, I'll just cut'n'paste his little message and the link and you can take ur chances with it ;-)
The concept behind Custom Q3 mod is to bring all the fun of Doom, Quake1 and Quake2 to the Q3A engine. Stuff you can do with CQ3 includes customizing the way things look, with Q1 and Q2 HUD settings and models, player movement and weapon knockback physics, weapon reload time, damage, sound, and speed, item respawn time, sound, and amount, client spawn health, armor, weapons, and ammo. It also includes Quake1 and Quake2 maps that can be played in Quake3
Here's the download link.† Check it out and tell him or the mod's author, d12-Matt whether you like it or not :P

New Demo Show Creator
by awoq @ [07:19 PM] September 30 2001

On the heals of the new Q3A point release comes a new version of Demo Show Creator. DSC Light 1.24a is now available and is now Q3Arena PR 1.30 compatible and is available at the Demo Show Creator site.
Here is a list of whats new in this version:
bugfix: Options/MODs had an error. After changing a value in the "Play with" column, you had to click somewhere else in the Listview to be able to save the change.

changed: OSP dm3 demos will be played as baseq3 demos on default.
For those of you who don't know what this program is all about, here is the info from their website.
It's a light version of DSC (Quake III Arena demo player) with Point Release 1.30 compatibility. Look at the context menu for demo files. Double click a demo to play it. Convert a demo from 1.17 to 1.27h. Open the properties window of a demo, save demo and player descriptions. Switch Q3A version manually via shortcuts.

Alternate Fire 1.5 beta Ready 4U
by mayhemm @ [10:19 AM] September 29 2001

Neil "haste" Toronto sends word that he and his team have released Alternate Fire 1.5 beta.  His Q3 mod, which adds alternate fire modes for every weapon a la Elite Force and Unreal Tournament has been changed with the following:
  • 1.29h codebase merge
  • Alternate powerups such as Accuracy, Vitality, Speed, Hologram
  • Ability to shoot down rockets (really good against homing missiles if you
    have a cool hand)
  • Lightning gun discharge underwater
  • Self-extracting EXE install
  • A bunch of other stuff, both gameplay and cosmetic
Check out the goodies right here.

Some more Q3 1.30 Mirrors
by mayhemm @ [09:29 AM] September 29 2001

Here are a few more mirrors for Q3 1.30 final if you're still having problems getting it. and Cosmo3d

Q3 1.30 FINAL!!!
by mayhemm @ [11:39 PM] September 27 2001

Wow!!† I wasn't expecting THIS.† Just in case you haven't heard it Q3 version 1.30 final--yeah I said FINAL has just been released.† Here is a list of mirrors: Thanks Stomped for giving me the heads up!!

Update--Whew, you may have probs getting it right now, as every mirror listed is maxxed out!! If any more show up, we'll post them..

iD Autoupdate Back Up
by mayhemm @ [06:40 PM] September 27 2001

Just a little follow-up about iDSoftware's auto update servers being down for maintenance......  They're back up, according to a Christian Antkow .plan update.
Ok, so they were down longer than usual =P
Heh, short and sw33t!!  Just da way we like it!! =)

Baneforge Update
by mayhemm @ [08:20 PM] September 26 2001

Boy is this guys working hard!! Chemical Burn has sent out a shout to let us all know that he has updated his Baneforge website with a pretty big update. Here's a little list of what he's done:
  • New Skin: Mythe for the Mynx model with 1.29h compatible team colors
  • Upated Skinpack: Doom Knights v2.0. Touched up and made 1.29h compatible
  • Updated Skinpack: Bad Girls v4.0 (and likely final) for the Conni model. Heavily touched up and made 1.29h compatible.
  • Other news and updated features on the site.
Go see what he's got right here.

Kenn Hoekstra's .plan Update
by mayhemm @ [08:09 PM] September 26 2001

Kenna Hoekstra from Raven Software has updated his .plan with some welcome info about their upcoming Q3Engine-powered game Soldier of Fortune:  Double Helix.  Here's the .plan in it's entirety--with some extra blurbs and a request for assistance:
I just finished compiling a list of all of the Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix info Icould find on the Internet.  If you're interested in seeing alist of everything that's available, you can check it out here.
If you notice anything missing from the list, drop me a line and let me know.  I'll be sure to add it directly...

On a personal note...

I've started work on a screenplay for a horror movie.  My research into the Hollywood scene has me laughing at the "How Do I Get A Job In The Games Industry?" article I've been maintaining for some time now.  I thought getting into this biz was hard.  Getting a movie made appears to be impossible...

Fortunately, I'm not easily discouraged.  If any of you out there have any tips, hints or suggestions about Hollywood, screenwriting, finding an agent or any decent online resources, send me an e-mail and fill me in.  I'd love to hear about it.

That's all for now.  Back to work on Soldier of Fortune II...
Go check it out.

Navy Seals Update
by mayhemm @ [06:59 PM] September 25 2001

D@mn!!!  I hopetheyfinishNSQ3pleasetellmethey'regonnafinishNSQ3!!  Well. the Navy Seals: Covert Operations guys have updated their news page with yet another weapon skin and model screenshot (sw33T!!) and some kewl looking new player models.  I'm drooling my @$$ off right here and really hope they finish the game and can pull off what they plan.  Check it all out right here.

Countdown to D-Day
by mayhemm @ [06:47 PM] September 25 2001

Ahhhhhhhhh.  Time for our little weekly check-up on Gamespot's weekly (monthly?) column, Gamespotting.  Today I spotted an editorial/minireview within by Sam Parker called "Countdown to D-Day."  In the article, he talks about his experience with the Wolfenstein MP Test and even throws in a few screenshots.  If you are one of those who have been--errr occupied for the last 10 days, it's a pretty good article to get ya whet about this coming game.  Read it right here.

IdSoftware's Autoupdate Server down for Maintenance
by mayhemm @ [06:36 PM] September 25 2001

Just a little blurb/update to let you know that if you were one of the peeps who has waited till today to update your Quake3 executable, and you want to use that nifty iDSoftware autoupdater--and it doesn't work--don't feel like something is broke.  They took their server down today for some maintenance and didn't give a definite time for it to be up again.  At least that is what Christian Antkow said in his latest .plan update.  If it works, then ignore everything I posted cuz it's back up :-P

Grame Devine's .plan update
by mayhemm @ [09:08 PM] September 24 2001

Graeme Devine has updated his .plan with news and comments about RTCW and other shtuff....  Rather than paraphrase and get it all wrong--heh, and just out of sheer laziness--here's a cut'n'paste of the whole shebang:
Well, I've been getting a few hundred emails a day from people testing the OS X
build of RTCW.  Thanks for ALL the feedback, unbelievably positive.  I've done
my best to keep up with all of you in replying, but this morning, with 413 still
unread, it's a wee bit daunting.  Thanks also for all the icons, wallpapers, and
so forth.

I'll be putting up a full public installer today.  We've moved the network
protocol on internally, which makes making a compatible builds from here on in
much harder, but a bunch of the bugs found by the OS X testers helped greatly in
tracking down general bugs for all platforms.

It's time for me to get back to DOOM stuff, I've been coding for it under OS X
btw, using the builds of 10.1 that Apple has been dropping to me.  10.1 is an
excellent OS.  I can't wait for MS Office under X native as well.

Next up for my spare time I think I'm going to finish off this little side
project..  it's a native Cocoa 7th Guest client that plays the game if you have
the CDs.  I get a lot of requests for that, and Trilobyte is still around
kicking, owned by me and owns all the rights, so perhaps one day something will
happen there.
Hmmm. More cut'n'pa-news to come ;-P

Stick it to BinLaden with Baneforge!!
by mayhemm @ [08:57 PM] September 24 2001

Do you remember my posting last week about Baneforge and a kewl, new model they were fixin' to release?  Well, true to their word (according to Chemical Burn) you can have your chance to stick it to Mr. Bin Laden with this model they have released.  Grab it here (bleh, fileplanet, bleh!!).  He has also made 3 new maps available for your playing and viewing pleasure.  Check it all out right here.

Wolf MP Client Build for Linux Released
by awoq @ [10:39 PM] September 22 2001

id Software's Robert Duffy sends news in his .plan that the client version of Wolf MP is now available for Linux.
Here's what he had to say:
The client installs for Linux are now available. The smaller version does NOT have media so you will need the Win32 setup if you get it. The larger version has everything you need. Grab them here ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/wolf/linux/

Alliance Interview @ Jolt-UK
by mayhemm @ [07:53 PM] September 21 2001

Jaboby, from the Alliance Dev team, asked us to send a shout that our friends from across the Atlantic (from the U.K.), Jolt UK have sat down with him and conducted a little interview about---Alliance :-/.† Just in case you don't know, Alliance is that huge Q3Mod, which has at times been called a free Q3 mission pack.† Here's a little snip from the interview:
Gonkster> ...I've had quite a few low bandwidth players moan to me that it isn't worth downloading. Having played it myself I have to disagree, there's so much included in Alliance that it justifies the download, besides just a lot of maps what else is included?

Jaboby> Alliance is a team MOD like any other CTF MOD. The difference is that Alliance is a LOT faster. You have the offhand hook, but also a new feature called the Pogo. The pogo is an offhand rocket Jump really, but it is way more powerful then a normal Rocket Jump. You can use the pogo to go up but also to move forward. This means that Alliance is by far the fastest mod out there.
Read the rest of the interview right here.† BTW, check out the Alliance website as well if ya get the chance.

Christian Antkow's .plan Update :P
by mayhemm @ [07:42 PM] September 21 2001

Heh, here's a pretty funny .plan update from Christian Antkow of iDSoftware regarding--I guess some frustrations he's having about a certain game :)
Dear Funcom,
Please fix your broken game, Anarchy Online.
Thank you,

-A paying customer

Art of War Screenshots
by awoq @ [11:53 PM] September 20 2001

The Art of War mod site has a bunch of new screenshots for you to check out today. The screenshots are from the latest build of the mod and show off some of the new features and classes that are being implemented.
Check them out at the Art of War site!

Graeme Devine's .plan Updated
by mayhemm @ [07:00 PM] September 19 2001

Graeme Devine has updated his .plan file with some news about the Wolfenstein MP Test and some personal stuff.  Here just a big cut'n'paste:
Build b4 is going up, this should fix the "unexpected quit" issue. All of the
other bugs have been an installation issue that will be fixed with the

Basically, if you're getting Create VM on UI falied as an error, this means that
your .bundle files are not in the same folder that the demomain folder is
residing. WolfMP expects this.

On a personal side note, I was at the Ideal Home Exhibition when it was bombed
(late 70s, early 80s) by the IRA (I think). As the glass came down from the
roof, the lights dimmed, and the crowd panicked my Mom and I became separated
from my Dad, brother and sister. As we ran, we both saw and heard someone say
"it's easy, just mix in with the crowd" in an Irish accent. We stared at them,
they stared at us. When we finally got home, my Mom decided that going to the
police was something she was not going to do. For me, that day, and from that
day forward forward, terrorism had done what it had intended to do, terrorize a

I've stood in front of the World Trade Center. I've looked up and seen it touch
the sky. I'm still not sure totally how to feel or what to do, but I do think
back to the day terrorism touched my family, and feel for the families out there
now enduring loss, chaos, and fear. The world should be a safe place by now. 
It's upsetting that my daughter has to grow up with the repercussions of

Thanks for reading that. Once again, that's entirely personal. Nada to do with
anything else.
'Nuff Said..

Online Cheating Editorial @ Gamespot
by mayhemm @ [06:43 PM] September 19 2001

Hmmm.  I hope I don't get flamed for THIS opinion :)   Was checking out Gamespot's editorial series, Gamespotting, and I spied one of them which was pretty interesting.  The editorial is called Jack's Wasted Life and it's about his not being able to understand why peeps would want to cheat in online games.  He's actually talking about playing Counterstrike, a game I don't like at all (heh no flames!!), but his opinion and sentiment exactly mirror what I think about those POSes (u do the math ;))  who are ruining online gaming.  No cut'n'paste; it's pretty short.  Here's the link..

by mayhemm @ [06:33 PM] September 19 2001

If you haven't been able to visit Chemical Burn's Baneforge site, then you may want to give it a whirl.  Just to let ya know WTF this place is all about---errr---I guess the best thing that I can say is that it is a repository for Q3 and Quake related maps, skins, etc.  Yesterday, he updated his site with the addition of a bunch of news maps and skins, and---something pretty kewl that he's working on.  Since I don't feel like stealing some of this guy's bandwidth, I'll just provide a link to what I'm talking about:

[ Bin Laden.jpg ]

Check out his site right here.

NSQ3 Movie
by mayhemm @ [06:23 PM] September 19 2001

The guys behind Navy Seals: Covert Operations have updated their news page with a little teaser should you be interested in seeing it.... :-/  Of course I can't do a cut'n'paste, but if ya want to whet yourself up for this kewl upcoming Q3TC, here's a little teaser..  As always you can read the rest of their news at their page.

Q3UT Interview @ the 6th Floor
by mayhemm @ [06:19 PM] September 19 2001

Oswald, from the 6th Floor, not to mention Silicon Ice Development, gives one of his peeps a plug (that's alright, cuz Q3UT is bad@$$ in this man's book)† He sits down with dotEXE, the level designer guy for Silicon-Ice, and talks about his map making M.O., his inspiration for the maps he makes and also what he has in the oven right now.† Here's a cut'n'paste from the interview:

Oswald: Talk about 101 for a moment. Did the community rally around it and enjoy it? Also, what suggestions and feedback did they give you on it? dotEXE: 101 was my first map and was built without proper planning. The map initially was a replica of my own apartment, but as I continued building, it ended up being a whole neighborhood. From what I heard the community really liked the map, especially the more tactical players that liked the non-restricted layout which gave endless possibilities on routes between places. Of course the main complaint was the lack of furniture inside the apartments, but everybody who really know about mapping limitations knows you can't make a map that is open like that and still very detailed. I think there are enough mappers making maps that are more closed and detailed, and that my maps will be a good addition being so open and instead low in detail. †

All in all, a pretty good read.† Check it out.†† Also check out the subsequent news updates and grab some of the new maps right here.

mISC BluRBs and OtHER S***
by mayhemm @ [06:00 PM] September 19 2001

OK, looks like we have a bit of a news backlog to update. Hope you don't mind, but duty calls, and my job in the Army is a jealous one :) Tell ya what..if you don't see posts from me for a few days or longer then you'll know that I'm busy..but very, very happy. =) Anyways, here goes the catchup!!

Robert Duffy's .plan Update, RTCW and Other Schtuff
by mayhemm @ [05:18 PM] September 20 2001

Robert Duffy (you know him?† he's the guy that's helping to make Doom3 ;) updated his .plan file today with a little strategy tip on the just-released Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP test.† Here's the whole thing:
I thought I'd share a bit of information about the Wolf MP Test. Basically some strategies and techniques we use around here.
The key to Wolf MP is teamwork, you need good class balance to perform the objectives. There is no health on the map, and no ammo either. You will need a Medic to supply health and a Lieutenant to supply ammo. Here is a quick run down on some stuff. More info is in the readme that will accompany the test but this will get you started. Wolf MP was designed to have friendly fire on, you can turn it off but it is much more fun on.

All classes carry a knife, pistol, 2-handed weapon, grenade(s).

Soldier - Can carry any two handed weapon. ALL classes are limited to one 2 handed weapon at a time. You can drop your weapon and pick up a different one. When you are wielding one of the heavier weapons, Venom, Panzerfaust, you move sllloooww.. but you can move at normal speed if you have your knife or pistol out.

Engineer - Carries half the normal ammo initially can pick up more but starts out with half. Carries dynamite and tools, can defuse dynamite and fix the MG42 mounted guns.

Medic - Carries half the normal ammo initially and only 1 grenade. Can produce health packs based on the charge bar. All the class charge bars are on the right of the hud, the left hand bar is stamina. Also carries a syringe ( with 5 charges ) that can revive fallen comrades. You will see a revive icon over them if it is possible. When you die you can choose to go straight to limbo ( press jump ) or wait for a medic. PAY attention to the reinforcement timer on the scoreboard so you know when to jump to limbo.† Medic's also give a health bonus to your team up to 120, just having 2 medics alive on your team means you spawn in with 110 health instead of 100. Medics are your friend.

Lieutenant - Carries smoke grenade which calls in an airstrike, ammo pack ( recharge system like the medic ) and binoculars for calling in artillery. The latter is particularly useful for erradicating enemy snipers that are hard to find.
You can change classes when you are in limbo and/or change weapons as a soldier. This is important as roles evolve based on what is going on during the game play.

If you are on the allied team, initially you are going to need an engineer, some snipers, a medic to help get the engineer up the beach. Once you have blown the door and the wall you do not need any more engineers unless you just like blowing stuff up in a major way. If you can capture the forward spawn point in the bunker you will mostly reinforce in there so at this point snipers become less critical. You will want soldiers and at least one medic and lieutentant. It is usually a fight down to the war room and then up to the radio room. The axis team is going to want a lieutenant and a sniper or two to start out with. You will want to man the MG42's ASAP so you can chew the beach up and keep the door and wall up as long as possible. You can even get sneaky and have an engineer jump over the wall to defuse the dynamite if you can keep him covered well enough. Once they are inside the base you will want keep a group in the war room and in the radio room. A medic is handy near the radio room to keep people alive during the last push. A good Axis sniper can dominate the beach in the beginning.

That is just a taste of what is coming your way from a game play perspective. The map is even fun one on one you just have to change classes to win! Oh yeah, USE the SPRINT key, it is really helpful getting your butt outta bad places. Also don't forget the voice chats, called "Quick" chat in the menu system. For server ops the .script file in the maps directory ( outside the pak file ) contains mission time etc.. 8 Minutes is a good place to start.

Have fun!
Whew!!† That was a long one!! =)† Read more about this up-coming game right here.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP Test!!
by mayhemm @ [12:38 AM] September 16 2001

Go get dat RTCW multiplayer test!!  Here are the mirrors: I'm looking forward to killing sum Nazis!!  See ya at the killing fields! >:)

The Dark Conjunction
by mayhemm @ [09:58 AM] September 15 2001

Ordinarily I would have passed by this mod without nary a thought.  For some reason, however, when I came across The Dark Conjunction, I decided to go ahead and look at their pics.  Hmmmm... wow!!  There's something Lovecraftian about their models that just appeals to me.  Hopefully, this TC (which is the better description) will turn out the way the authors have planned.  Here's the link, go visit it.  You won't be disappointed.

Grame Devine's .plan update
by mayhemm @ [09:50 AM] September 15 2001

Seems like the RTCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) muliplayer test is getting closer and closer....Graeme Devine has updated his .plan with news about the MacOS X port of the game.  Without the cut'n'paste, he wrote that he has been playing the Mac version of the test and has the installer all wrapped up and ready to go.  Stay tuned for more news on this....

Kenn Hoekstra's .plan Update
by mayhemm @ [09:44 AM] September 15 2001

This isn't directly game news related, but I thought that under the circumstances it was proper to post this.† Kenn Hoekstra of Raven Software fame has updated his .plan file with the following announcement:
GameRankings is sponsoring a fundraiser to help the victims of Tuesday's tragic events, whereby they are taking games and related materials donated by game companies and auctioning them off on Half.com and Ebay. All proceeds to go to the relief fund in the name of gamers everywhere. Check out GameRankings.com for details. I hope everyone can pitch in and try to offer some help in this time of crisis and need...
So there ya go..

RTCW Today?!
by mayhemm @ [09:16 AM] September 15 2001

Well, it didn't come yesterday, but it will be coming today!!  You don't know of what I'm speaking?  I'm speaking of the Castle Wolfenstein muliplayer test... Here's a cut'n'paste from the Castle Wolfenstein webpage:
Get ready to start those downloads! The Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer compatibility test will be available starting Saturday, Sept. 15. The test, which will be available via download at www.castlewolfenstein.com, www.gamespot.com, www.gamespy.com and on multiple mirror sites across the country, gives gamers a chance to compete in a special multiplayer map from id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer pits players in a team-based Axis versus Allies contest for front-line domination, where multiple player classes must mobilize and work together to accomplish mission objectives. The multiplayer element of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is currently in development by Nerve Software with assistance from id Software and Gray Matter Interactive.

Stay tuned for a list of download spots right here on Saturday, September 15 so that you can grab the test and get playing!  
'Nuff said...

Mapping Contest
by mayhemm @ [08:17 PM] September 13 2001

Just in case you didn't see this before, Silicon Ice Development is holding a level design contest. It started on Monday and runs through November 12. So, go ahead and submit your maps right here.

Get Ready for RTCW!!
by mayhemm @ [07:00 PM] September 12 2001

I'm sure that this has been posted somewhere before (heh on Gamespot for sure), but iDSoftware and Activision have announced that a multiplayer test of their up coming game Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be released on Friday.  Here's the link.  More news 'bout this to come....

Quarantine TC
by mayhemm @ [06:55 PM] September 12 2001

Jeff, Ishtar, Warwick shouts out that they are close to releasing the newest Quake3 Total Conversion as beta1.  Of what TC am I speaking?  I'm speaking about the Quarantine Total Conversion.  Here's a snip from their info page to give you an idea:
Quarantine will have many new features, which have yet to surface in any other modification or first person multiplayer game yet. In this section we will be releasing details of our conversion to give you a better understanding as to what these features are. They will be released one at a time throughout the development process. Of course we will be saving some of the biggest and most innovative features for last!
  • Quarantine is a team based, online multiplayer game based on the Quake III engine
  • It is a total conversion
  • Implements smooth first person animation
  • Will be set in the near future (see story for details)
  • Weapons will be fictional but conventional and realistic (no lasers, pulse rifles, ray-guns, ect.)
Like I posted, they are very close to completing beta 1, and promise a major update of new content on their website.  It seems like a very interesting TC, and I hope to see it turn out the way the authors have planned.  Check their site out right here.

The Day After
by mayhemm @ [06:26 PM] September 12 2001

It's now the day after the worst terrorist act in not only U.S. history, but the World's history as well.  We will forever remember what transpired on 11 September, 2001, and we will tell our grandchildren about it, and we will always remember what we were doing at that terrible moment, when we found out, and watched the horror on live TV.  The only things we have left to do is to save who we can save, give blood and donations if possible, find out who did this--and bring them to justice.  We also must and will go on with our lives.  To do anything else would dishonor the memory of those who perished, and give those cowards the victory they seek. 

Terrible Acts
by mayhemm @ [11:35 AM] September 11 2001

If you've been watching the news, you know that something very terrible happened today. It's times like these when our lives, and what's important in them, come into a crystal clear, terrible perspective. I don't know about you, but if you pray to someone, pray for all the people who left us today.

New AeStats Ready for Download
by mayhemm @ [05:52 PM] September 10 2001

Christoph A. Loewe sends word that he has  updated his nifty little stats parser ∆stats - ∆on's Stats to version 4.92.  Here's a short list of what he's done to it since 4.88.
  • added true combat (a q3a mod) support with 22 weapon and 3 suicide obituaries.
  • added painkeep arena (a q3a mod) support with 21 weapon and 19 suicide obituaries.
  • added headhunters iii (a q3a mod) support with 14 weapon and 14 suicide obituaries.
  • added superheroes (a q3a mod) support with 47 weapon and 24 suicide obituaries.
Of course, this isn't the whole list--I don't want to give you a reason for staying away from his site.  Go give him a visit.

King of the Mountain
by mayhemm @ [05:52 PM] September 10 2001

Yo, Kamist sends word from across the ocean that there's a new version of  the King Of The Mountain (King Of The Hill for Quake 3) - Mod. Besides some bugfixes, the new version offers a lot of new features:
  • new and redesigned Maps
  • Glowing Leader (optional): The leading player glows in bright green, so that everybody knows whom to frag ;-)
  • Spawn with Gauntlet (optional): play with Gauntlet as base weapon
  • Mountainlimit Mode: play until the leading player spent a certain time on the mountain
  • KotM User Interface: now you can set up the entire game in the Quake Main Menu
So...What are you waiting for??  Go check 'em out right here.

Full Metal Jacket Update
by awoq @ [11:58 PM] September 09 2001

The FMJ site has been updated with 7 new screenshots and a release date. It looks like September 28th will be the day Beta 1 is going to be available to the public. Check out the Full Metal Jacket site for more details.

New Build of True Combat Out
by mayhemm @ [03:22 PM] September 08 2001

Build9 for version 0.45 of the True Combat military mod for Quake 3 has been released. The new release has many fixes, updated weapons models, the G3A4 gun added, some updated maps and more. Check out the full scoop right here.

Brandon James and Nerve Software Interview
by mayhemm @ [03:24 PM] September 08 2001

Just in case you guys are wondering where Brandon James (ex-iD guy) was spending his time, he's fine and well, working on the multiplayer component for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and an unannounced iD-engined based game franchise. Recently, Gamespy sat down with him and his compadre, Greg Goodrich of Nerve Software, and chewed the s--errr--heh--here's a cut'n'paste :-/
GameSpy: You're obviously quite familiar with the various Quake engines. Did this fuel your decision to continue your relationship with id's engine as the basis for your new game?

Brandon James: We're all familiar with the in-and-out's of the Q3:A engine as that was the foundation for Alice. Having this experience as well as being a start-up really fueled our desire to go with what we know. We're lucky here at Nerve to have three programmers who have worked with id technology before, even on multiple previous projects.

Our relationship with id is fantastic. Being located so close to their offices and knowing quite a few of them very well, this whole process and development has been a no-brainer.

Read the rest of it right here.

Online Police or Online Policy
by mayhemm @ [03:11 PM] September 08 2001

Craig Beers, from Gamespot writes a short editorial in Gamespot's weekly column, Gamespotting, in which he talks about a subject near and dear to all of our hearts (I hope :-/).  The title of the article, Online Police or Online Policy, talks about those people on servers who love to ruin the game experience for everyone else and what we should maybe do about it (personally, beat them in live, streaming format :) then grief players would magically disappear).  It's a pretty good read.  Whoops!!  Well, it's two weeks old, but the newest one anyway. =)  Check it out right here.

Q3 PaintBall This Weekend
by mayhemm @ [04:53 PM] September 07 2001

Good Newsô for you who have been waiting for a release of Q3 Paintball.  We've just gotten the word that they will be releasing it on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 8:30pm EST.  For those of you who have been under a rock, here's a little cut'n'paste to get ya up ta speed:
However, eventually we are going to offer a more realistic type of gameplay. The plan is going to be that you earn money from eliminating a team, or tagging an opponent. With which you can purchase guns, grenades, hoppers, and all the other necessary equipment that you would need to play in real life. This system will be similar to the one used in Counter-Strike for those of you who are familiar with it. Eventually, we are going to implement a system where you go to a sort of "Buy Station" or Hut in the map where you get a HUD to buy items, guns, camo, and anything else we can come up with!
Hmmm.  Well :-/ I guess it would be better to read it yourself, hehe.  You can also check out some of the screenies too!!  Check it out right here.

Alliance Debate @ Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [05:48 PM] September 06 2001

F4nt0m45 from Q3Center sends word that they have posted a little article that details an argument between Gleeb (his partner there) and him about the merits of the Alliance Q3Mod.  It's a pretty amusing article.  Check it out!

US dropping MS Breakup =D
by mayhemm @ [12:53 PM] September 06 2001

I know this isn't gaming news, but so many of us run games off of this that it's proper to run news on it...  MS is not going to get broken up.  The one company responsible for my poor @$$'s being able to own a 'puter will still be around to give us good software and keep the engine of our economy chugging along.  I apologize to all those Linux Freaks out there--believe it or not, most of us out here are not as technically adept as you guys.   Read the story right here.

NSQ3 Big Update
by mayhemm @ [09:02 PM] September 05 2001

Just in case you missed it like me ;-) The Navy Seals Q3 Conversion page has been updated with a whole bunch of news.  Rather than cut'n'paste or tell ya all about it, I'm just gonna leave you in suspense and tell ya to click here....=)

PainKeep Arena 2.8!
by mayhemm @ [08:47 PM] September 05 2001

TeamEvolve shouts out that they have released the newest version of their bad@$$ free Quake3 addon/mod, Painkeep Arena.  This version, which brings it up to 2.8 has the following changes/fixes:
  • Update PKA5 - Spear Point Point
  • Fix end credits debug statements
  • re-fixed infinite ammo bug while using the Dragon deploy (2.7 fix was insufficient)
  • (CTF) Allow Dragon to deploy enemy's flag when non-PKA Weapon is held
  • (Team & CTF) Allow bots to attack enemy Beartraps and enemy Autosentries
It weighs in at a paltry 10 meg (paltry to us with sum bandwidth:>), and you can grab it right here.

Q3Ball 1.0 Beta
by mayhemm @ [11:33 PM] September 04 2001

Here's another new mod.  It's called Proball.  Errr. Well....Here's a cut'n'paste:
Proball is a teamplay mod for Quake 3 Arena. It combines fast paced action and strategy. Your only weapon is your trusty Gauntlet. Your objective is to take the ball and shoot it into the the other teams goal to score. Since proball is a new mod, there is bound to be some bugs or glitches, please let us know so we can fix them....Gameplay is quite simple, you just touch the ball to pick it up. Use turbo and jump to jump twice as high. Gauntlet your opponents to take the ball back. You have to have a full bar to teleport. Teleporting will send you back to your base.
Check out their screenshots and some more info to see if this mod is for you.  Visit them here.

MegaMan X:Zero?!
by mayhemm @ [11:26 PM] September 04 2001

Heh, call me a hermit, but I don't think I've ever seen this mod.  Just saw an article on the Gameidge Network about a new alpha version coming out for the Q3Mod called Mega Man X: Zero.  Now I've been very hard-pressed to know just WTF MMXZero is (and if you've been under a rock like me you may be too), so I moseyed on over to their FAQ.  This is a little of what I spied:
Mega Man X Zero is a Total Conversion project for Quake3 that is based on the Mega Man X series of games available on SNES and PSX. The goal of MMXZ is to recreate the fun of MMX in 3-D using the Quake3 engine. This project is incredible in scope as we are creating nine new multiplayer modes and also an engaging single-player story. The single player story basically follows the plot of MMX1 for SNES with a few minor changes. Old characters from the original Mega Man series will make appearances as well as some new characters. The characters that will be appearing in MMXZ are listed on the Character Bios Page.

We strive for quality and as such, there is no set release date for the ever anticipated 1.0, but downloadable betas will become available from time to time as we work new things in....
This is actually a Mod that was released for Q2, Half-Life, and Quake3.  I pulled this FAQ off of the HL page, as the Quake3 page doesn't show as much info.  Seems like an interesting mod.  You can go check out their screenshots and bios page right here.

Project 2051 News
by mayhemm @ [09:59 AM] September 03 2001

This must be the day for posting TC news =)  The guys from = Project 2501 = || - Q3 Total Conversion have updated their news page with a little graphical "teaser," and promise of a major news update.  Project 2501 is a realism Q3TC based on the movie "Ghost in the Shell."  If anything their site shows off some terrific screenshots, with a very realistic look; however, the mod team assures that while the TC may look realistic, their focus will be on fun and gameplay.  I hope they finish this TC and it is as good as promised.  If you want to know more about this TC, or just wanna look at the sweet@$$ screenies, give 'em a visit.

HeadHunters III
by mayhemm @ [09:46 AM] September 03 2001

There's a new Q3TC in town!! Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone, who is now busy working with Legend on Unreal2, has sent word that his former team, Tarot, has finally finished Headhunters III after 3 years.  Just in case you don't know what Headhunters is, here is a little blurb to put ya in the know:
HeadHunters is not like Harvester...
it's the other way around.. HH has been around in one form or another since Netquake. The earliest version came out without an altar per se. The "scoring facility" was just a multicolored stream of particles flowing straight up from whatever spawn point.
The scoring and the action was very much the same. Altho his name has long since been forgotten, a guy on an actual newsgroup (not a forum) made the suggestion for the scoring method. Whatever your name was, thanx man.
Since then, HH has seen ports to many MANY different games outside of the Quake series: Hexen, Heretic 2, Unreal Tournament, Tribes and most recently (still under dev) HalfLife. GarageGames even included it in the retail of Tribes2.
Fast forward to the release of Q3: Team Arena. Many Q3 players felt id ripped HH. Others said it's different. My opinion is that it's like buying generic tylenol. It's not branded or labeled "Tylenol" but that company synthesized an acceptible equivalent.
Bottom line is that ppl forget: Both HH and Harvester were made so ppl can have fun. Outside of that, who cares? Either way you look at it, "Guys is guys" right?
Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing.
Sorry for the long post, but don't worry there's more at their site! =)  I remember playing the Q2 version of Headhunters and it was pretty fun.  Give 'em a visit right here.

MOHAA Delayed?....!!
by mayhemm @ [11:02 PM] September 02 2001

Bleh!!  I don't know if this is true, but just saw on Gamespot that they believe that EA will announce a 4-month delay for a game I've been personally drooling over.  If you've been reading the news, you probably aren't going to need my saying this game's name.  Bleh.  Medal of Honor: Allied Assault delayed?  Well....It's not the first time Gamespot has been wrong--except they post a statement from an EA rep.   Let's hope they're wrong this time too.  Read the story right here....Bleh!!

Q3 Menu 1.13
by mayhemm @ [10:53 PM] September 02 2001

Allan Heidenreich, who goes by the handle of [SM] Predator when playing Quake has sent word that he has released version 1.13 of his nifty little script-based menu program called Q3Menu.† Just in case you don't know WTF this is, it is a huge bind of commands that one would normally have to type or bind to set environments in Q3 and Q3Engined games.† Here's a list of its submenus (I've kept his links there, so you can check out what each submenu can do): A pretty good utility if you want to set up Q3 or another mod, but are running out of keys to bind :)† Check his site out right here.

Coluseum2 v2.5
by mayhemm @ [10:32 PM] September 02 2001

Manuel "Warmonger" Tran from GreenhouseEFX Productions (the guys who made the Coluseum2 Q3mod) was nice enough to let us know that they have posted a new version of their baby for all of us to enjoy.  Coluseum2, which is now up to version 2.5, is that little mod that has sometimes been coined the Lithium2 for Quake3.  Here are a few of the updates/fixes:
  • Fixed Quake2 style Weapon Stay to not give max ammo when picking up a dropped weapon.
  • Added error check to not read in Enhanced MOTD file "0" (default value for no MOTD file).
  • Also, some people have been reporting problems running the mod and are experiencing crashes with the error message:
    "FS_FOpenFileRead: NULL 'file' parameter passed"
    I tried some code changes to try to find this problem. But as it turned out, this problem is not happening for all users and it would seem that to fix this, you should try to re-install the Quake3 1.29h patch.  Thoes who have tried this found that the problem went away. If, after re-installing the patch, you are still having this problem, please post it on the message board.
So there ya go.  If you're on of the peeps who like and play this mod, go ahead and grab it's newest release right here.

DOOM3 Sneaks
by mayhemm @ [10:23 PM] September 02 2001

I was browsing the news sites today and came across this interesting lil' blurb on VoodooExtreme.  German gaming mag Gamestar.de apparently snuck into John Carmack's DOOM3 presentation at QuakeCon and was able to shoot a few pics of the game in action.  Until we start seeing some in-game movies (a la MOHAA) I guess this is gonna have to do.  So fire up that imagination and check 'em out right here.

MOHAA Update
by mayhemm @ [11:56 AM] September 01 2001

Phew!! Nice to see some news coming our way on a Saturday =)† The folks who run the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault webpage have updated it with a little blurb about your main enemy in this fine@$$ lookin' upcoming game, the Wehrmacht ( :/ the German Army.)† Here's a little snip:
The basic military arm of the German forces, the Wehrmacht (literally, "War machine") drew deeply and widely from the German male population. In a very short period of time, it turned farmers, machinists and merchants into a single fighting force that nearly captured Europe.
Ummm,† I think they DID capture Europe.† In fact, if Britain weren't across 50 miles of water, I think they would have fell in the early part of WWII.† Of course, we all know how that turned out.† In all, it's a pretty interesting read--and it's worth going there to check out the screenies and movies, which look pretty d@mn sweet if you ask me.† Check it out right here.

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