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New RTS Quake Version 0.9.10
by Awoq @ Sat 09-30-2000 18:52

Another new release of RTS Quake, a mod that brings real time strategy to Quake 3, is available. Between this version, 0.9.10, and yesterdays version 0.9.9, the following features and fixes were added to the mod:
  • Toned Troll down a bit
  • Increased Ogre pellet damage and Demon splash damage slightly
  • Fixed Lich selection bug that appeared in 0.9.9
  • Fixed bug where workers gained double money carry before they were supposed to
  • Penalty for not building anything has been implemented. You have a 3 minute grace period. After that, for every 30 seconds you don't build your Storehouse, the other team gets a capture point.
  • Class choice menu now hides unavailable classes!
  • Ogre now has Gravity grenade, which removes Flight from Sprites and Liches
  • Respawn delay: the more powerful the class, the longer the wait before you're able to respawn. This affects both the attackers and defenders.
  • Liches don't drown underwater
  • Powerup respawn times are longer
  • Bug where frozen people were immune to damage is fixed
  • Last two Storehouse upgrades switched places
  • New cvar: cg_setClassOnly. Defaults to 0. When 1, picking a class in the class menu doesn't force the change immediately.
  • Updated Readme with web site and contact information.
At the time of release, the new version was not running on the 3GI server but will be later today.

Buy a Piece of id History
by Awoq @ Fri 09-29-2000 19:42

Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan today stating that the auction for the Origin 2000 system id Software auctioned off at eBay did not close. They will be offering the system again next week for those of you that are interested in the machine that helped make Quake 2 and Quake 3.
Here's what he had to say:
We thought we had the Origin 2000 sold a while ago, but realized that the winning bidder on Ebay had his account h4x0r3d. So it's going up for sale again next week. If someone is interested in it before it goes back to Ebay, feel free to contact Marty Stratton at mstratton@idsoftware.com . The Ebay description will appear as follows:

id Software's SGI Origin 2000. This system was used to process all of the map data for Quake II and Quake III Arena. This system has 2 banks of 8 x 180Mhz R10k processors for a total of 16 processors. The power supply to one bank of processors needs to be replaced (i.e. those 8 processors and the RAM associated with them are not working). We can investigate fixing this bank of processors at buyerRs expense. The system has 1.2 GB RAM (512MB of this RAM is working on the good power supply, the other 768MB will work once the second power supply is replaced). This system also has 4GB of hard drive space, and is running Irix v6.4. We paid approximately $500,000 in December of 1996 for this system. For more pictures see: http://www.idsoftware.com/origin/index.html *Buyer must pay all shipping charges (will be substantial).

Coliseum2 1.9 Release Date
by Awoq @ Fri 09-29-2000 11:51

The Coliseum2 mod team have announced a release date for version 1.9. They say that Coliseum2 1.9 is now stable and all packaged up to be publicly released sometime this coming Sunday, October 1st. Server admins who contacted the team have already received their downloads and will be ready for action. More information can be found on the Coliseum2 site.

Frag 4 Coverage
by Awoq @ Fri 09-29-2000 10:56

As most of you probably know, the CPL's Frag 4 Event in Dallas, Texas started yesterday and is being reported by a whole slew of websites.
Here is a list of most of the news sites covering the event:

New OSP for Quake 3
by Awoq @ Thu 09-28-2000 12:20

Beta 0.99i of the OSP mod for Q3A by Orange Smoothie Productions is now available. OSP is designed to facilitate competitive, yet flexible, match play. The new release adds a lot of features and fixes a lot of bugs on both the client side and the server side. For a complete list of changes you can check out their history.txt.

@dOOm.com Email
by Awoq @ Wed 09-27-2000 10:31

We are proud to announce email address's are available @d00m.com. Right now you can apply for your very own @d00m.com email address absolutely free! All you have to do to impress your friends and colleagues with this way cool email address is sign up right here!

AutoQuake 2000 v.6.0
by Awoq @ Tue 09-26-2000 11:34

The makers of AutoQuake 2000 have released version 6.0 of their mod starting utility for Quake engine games supporting over 1738 mods. Some of the many new fixes and features in this release are:
  • AQ2000 finds automatically 1738 modifications!
  • General and View is now in all popup menus
  • Added Apply button into settings
  • New button is in all popup menus
  • AutoQuake saves url in Mod info for AQ2000 file
  • When AutoQuake finds liblist.gam file it generates Mod info for AQ2000 file automatically
  • Dropdownlists in Settingssounds. -It is more easy to use sounds
  • Random start sound option
  • Random click sound option
  • Fade autoquake option (This works only with windows 2000)
  • Autoquake styled cursors -option (there are 2 skin groups available at this time)
There are a lot more fixes and features not listed here. Check out the AutoQuake 2000 site to get more info.

Todd Hollenshead .plan Update on the 1.25 Release
by Awoq @ Mon 09-25-2000 21:15

id Software's Todd Hollenshead has a very large .plan update concerning the 1.25 point release for Q3A. The update covers just about every aspect of the release so rather than to try to paraphrase him, here is his .plan update in its entirety.

Big update on the 1.25 release:

We have received a number of emails and posted comments regarding the 1.25beta point release. We want to thank everyone for the feedback and give you an update on the status of the current point release including the major issues that we are addressing.

We want to reiterate that 1.25 is a beta release. We're looking for feedback from those people who don't mind providing it. We will be addressing many of the issues that have been reported over the last few days, and are planning another beta point release in the very near future. We will post the readme and documentation in advance of this next beta release so players can decide whether or not they would like to download it. You should only download and install the next point release if you are interested in providing feedback to id. Please send all feedback and bug reports to bugs@idsoftware.com.

Mods - As everyone who has tried them knows by now, Mods are broken by the 1.25beta point release. This is an inevitable side effect of the changes that needed to be made in 1.25. If you want to continue playing Mods, please do not install the 1.25beta patch. Once we have a final point release, we will be supplying source to the mod authors so that they can have their Mods running again. Many of the changes made in this point release are a direct response to requests made by Mod teams, so in the end both the authors and the players of Mods should really benefit.

Global Rankings - This is a cool new statistics and ranking feature that has been incorporated into Quake III Arena. If you would like more information on Global Rankings, please check out the website at http://www.globalrankings.com/quake3arena/ As more information and documentation becomes available, we will pass it along and include it with releases.

Diagnostic Tools - The "lagometer" and some other diagnostic tools are broken in 1.25, but these will be fixed and enabled in the next release.

Physics - There has been quite a bit of confusion regarding the physics fix that was incorporated into the 1.25beta release. Simply stated, in the original Q3A PC release (using .qvms) there was an inaccuracy in the way player movement occurred when compared to other versions of the game (including compiled .dlls and other platforms). This was a bug. It is our position that all platforms should yield the same gameplay mechanics and physics. We are working on a fix that would return the "feel" of rocket jumping and strafe jumping to the original release, while still "fixing" the bug in the .qvm builds.

CTF Scoring - In the 1.25beta release we made a modification to CTF scoring. While we will use a similar scoring system in Quake III: Team Arena, in the next point release we have decided to return to the original CTF scoring system that was included with the retail release.

Known Workarounds - If you have downloaded and installed the 1.25beta point release and would like to go back to the 1.17 version until the 1.25 version is final, you can follow these steps:
1. Delete the pak4.pk3 file located in the baseq3 directory of your Quake III Arena install.

2. Download and reinstall the 1.17 point release which is available at http://www.quake3arena.com.

Demos - Prior demo files are not compatible with 1.25 and above. This is due to the change in the network protocol and encryption layers.

It is important not to use recompiled .DLL's as they are not compatible. Once the source for 1.25 or greater is released, the .DLL's will need to be rebuilt.

Also remember that even seemingly harmless mods like HUD mods can cause problems with the game.

We are also working on fixes for a number of smaller bugs that have come to our attention including various problems with sound, callvoting, global rankings and a few other miscellaneous items.

We will continue to keep everyone informed as best we can about progress.

New Ęstats
by Awoq @ Mon 09-25-2000 12:00

A new version 4.48 of Ęstats, a log file analyser for 3D Shooters with Stats/Ranking output in HTML, has been released.
New features in this version are:
  • Counterstrike 7.1 Beta Update...
    Added the 'headshot' obituary and three new suicide forms:
    'World: Vehicle, 'World: Headshot' and 'Self: Headshot'.
  • Unreal Tournament Update...
    Names of fraggers and fragged will be HTML-filtered, to avoid invisible names like ''.
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Support...
    Tested AEstats with latest Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force logs... works fine.
  • Changed the HTML-header files a bit.
Ęstats now supports the following games:
Counter Strike 7.1 (Half-Life Mod), Unreal Tournament 4.05+ Update (ngStats), Action Quake II, Daikatana, Half-Life, Heretic II, Hexen II, Kingpin, Lithium II (Quake II Mod, no gslog support!), OZ (Half-Life Mod), Opposing Force (Half-Life MP), Quake II, Quake III Arena (retail), Quake Team Fortress, Rocket Arena II (Quake II Mod), SIN, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Support, Team Fortress Classic (Half-Life Mod), Unreal v2.25f and War In Europe (Half-Life Mod).

Classic CTF V1.0 Bug Fix
by Awoq @ Sun 09-24-2000 20:21

A bug fix has been released for those of you who are playing the latest Classic CTF v.1.0 on Linux and Mac machines.
Here's what the team says about the fix:
Many people have receive errors when trying to play Classic CTF v1.0 on Linux/Mac machines. This is a very serious problem. We realized right away that many people were having problems running the game on these OS's. A pre 1.1 bug fix has been released and is available for download at the Classic CTF website. We strongly encourage all players to download this bug fix as it fixes several other problems as well.
For more info on this, check out the Classic CTF website.

Coliseum2 1.9 Release Delay
by Awoq @ Sun 09-24-2000 13:03

The Coliseum2 team sent word that their planned release of Coliseum2 1.9 will not be released today. The team has found some major bugs in the beta and needs an extra week to get them out.
Here's what they had to say:
The planned release date of Coliseum2 1.9 on Sunday, September 24th had to be put off for one week. My beta testers turned up some major problems as the last minute and I could not get it fixed in time. The new release date for Coliseum2 1.9 will be Sunday, October 1st.

Sorry for the delay but I'm hope most would agree that the extra time would be well spent to ensure a quality running mod.

CPL News on Quake 3 Arena Versions
by Awoq @ Sun 09-24-2000 12:18

Here's a post from the Cyberathlete Professional League site regarding which version they will use in the the upcoming Frag 4 event and Babbages/CPL $100,000 Tournament in December.

The CPL announces that it will be using Quake III Arena version 1.17 for the upcoming Frag 4 Team Tournament and the All-Female One-on-One Tournament, rather than using the new version 1.25. The CPL is choosing to benefit those that have practiced using Q3A version 1.17 in anticipation of Frag 4, by not changing the game version on such short notice.

Pending further evaluation and feedback from players, the CPL will announce no later than Monday, October 16, 2000 what version of Quake III Arena will be used for the Babbages / CPL $100,000 Tournament in December. Send questions or comments directly to the CPL commissioner Mike Wardwell, at mike@thecpl.com.

Q3A Map Reviews
by Awoq @ Sat 09-23-2000 14:48

Hellhound has posted two new Q3A map reviews. The first is titled "Crossed Paths" authored by Drunken Boxer. The second review is the first map of 4 in a map pack authored by Crewmaac called "A Twist of Fate". The first map mentioned and the entire map pack are available for download on the Hellhound site.

New Wise in Death Mod
by Awoq @ Sat 09-23-2000 14:34

The makers of the Wise in Death mod have released version 1.2 on their website. Wise in Death is a Q3A mod where the players are able to evolve, by purchasing weapons and special abilities. This new version will not work with the new point release but will in the future.
New features in this release are:
  • improved gameplay
  • enhanced game balance
  • added upgrades for machinegun and rocket launcher
  • enhanced HUD
  • updated AI
  • server download problems fixed

Classic CTF Release
by Awoq @ Sat 09-23-2000 12:22

Classic CTF v1.0 for Q3A was released last night during an IRC party. The release will not work with the new point release but the team promises it will release a compatible version in the near future.
Here are some of Classic CTF's features:
  • Grappling hook (with Q1 style damage)
  • Threewave CTF style Runes(Techs)
  • Q1 style Super Nailgun
  • Q1 style Lightning discharge
  • Q2 style Weaponstay
  • Q2 style armor classes
  • Q2 style ladders and additional mapping features
  • Q2 style flag trails
  • Q3 default physics
  • Power screen (not shield like Q2)
  • Limited Invulnerability spawnning
  • Improved side-by-side scoreboard and smaller HUD
  • Weapon/Ammo/Rune/Armor/Flag dropping
  • Chat parsing variables for improved teamplay
  • Customizable +/- console commands

On Mods and the Point Release
by Awoq @ Sat 09-23-2000 12:08

id Software's Robert Duffy updated his .plan to address the problems with mods not working with the new point release.
Here's what he had to say:
Mods for Quake 3 Arena will require a recompile for use with 1.25 and above as we have added in a lot of mod requested features which added trap calls and changed the event system a bit. I'll get the source posted asap so all the teams can get their new cuts up. Look for it in a day or two. This executable is essentially the same executable as Team Arena so once mods are up under 1.25 they will run fine under Team Arena as well.

Q3A Point Release 1.25
by Awoq @ Sat 09-23-2000 00:38

Just when we were all cozy and had that warm fuzzy feeling inside, id Software released their latest Quake III Arena point release 1.25 and it is a major update weighing in at just over 17 MB.
Some of the new features in this release are:
  • CD Check Disabled - No longer is the cd required for singleplayer or bot support.
  • Cheating Countermeasures - Changes have been made to account for hacks and cracks from version 1.17, and additional protection has been put in place.
  • Menu Change - The ingame Team menu has been revamped.
  • New Medals - New teamplay awards: Assist, and Defense.
  • New Team Game Scoring - Individual scoring has been radically changed for CTF matches.
  • Score Balloons - When you score points, it shows up above your head.
  • Enhanced Bot AI - The bots are much smarter now, especially for CTF games.
  • Global Rankings from MPlayer - MPlayer now has a global ranking system completely integrated into Quake 3: Arena. Play anywhere, and check your stats!
Some of the bug fixes and code enhancements are:
  • Fixed autodownload code.
  • Fixed Dropped sounds bug.
  • Modified physics so that both dll and qvm physics match.
  • Modified awards for individual scores.
  • Added the Assist award and medal for actions which assist the flag carrier in scoring a capture.
  • Added headmodel support to allow players to switch heads between models.
  • Added team_model / team_headmodel cvars. Separate model and head can be specified for teamplay games only.
  • Memory use is a lot more economical when using qvms.
  • Expanded number of pak files that may be used from 64 to 1024.
More on what is in this release can be found in the readme file of the download. At this time you can download the new point release at File Planet, or Blues News.

A word of caution for those who are using Q3A mods. This update may be quite a mod breaker with many mods already posting news of their mods not working properly with the new code. If you really like playing your mod you should check out your mod website for information before installing the update.

Tribal CTF Team Interview
by Awoq @ Fri 09-22-2000 16:03

Hellhound has an interview with the Tribal CTF Team. Tribal CTF is an upcoming mod for Quake 3 which features a 3 team CTF type of game. The interview covers what the mod is about, the team expectations for the future and some of the problems they are working on dealing with public servers.

More Carmack
by Awoq @ Thu 09-21-2000 11:19

Voodoo Extreme has the last part of the three part interview with id Software's John Carmack with news on a DOOM 3 test and a lot of other topics. Here's the part where John talks about a Doom test.
Voodoo Extreme -- During the development of Quake III Arena, you released Q3Test. Are you planning on doing something similiar with DOOM 3? If so, when would you plan on doing it (rather, how far along in the development process, not a specific date or time frame)?

John Carmack -- There will certainly be a test. I am a firm believer in the benefits to the final product of doing that.

Q3Test was released too far ahead of the commercial product. The game engine was nearly ready to ship, but the bot code was still completely unresolved, and wound up causing the real ship date to be much later than expected. We will probably try to have a test for the next product much closer to full beta time.

Don't hold your breath.

New QBind
by Awoq @ Thu 09-21-2000 10:55

QWare Software changed their name to Clandestyne Software and have released QBind Beta 0.87. QBind is a popular binding and configuration program for quake engine games. QBind is now available as a full download and this version has support for the last point release(1.17) of Quake III Arena as well as some minor fixes and enhancements.

John Carmack Interview
by Awoq @ Wed 09-20-2000 11:20

On tap at Voodoo Extreme is a two part interview (with more tomorrow) with id Software's Co-founder and Lead Programmer John Carmack. Topics of the interview include id Software, DOOM III, games in general, technology, programming and more.

New RTS Quake
by Awoq @ Tue 09-19-2000 19:50

A new beta version 0.9.2b of the RTS Quake mod for Q3A has been released and the team has set up a server at "games.3gi.com:27961" for anyone to join.
Here's what their website has to say about this mod:
The idea behind RTS Quake is to add the resource gathering and unit upgrading concepts found in games like Warcraft to Quake 3 CTF. Instead of all of the players on both teams being fighters, some members of each team are weak laborers whose job it is to collect money, bring it back to a collection point, and build and repair buildings. The combat portion of the team begins as simple fighters with short range weapons, but more options become available as the workers gather more money. Team communication is important, so that the workers know what upgrade goal(s) the team is working toward next, and by extension which collection point to carry the money to. As the game progresses, each team will have different capabilities based on which upgrades their workers have made.
You can find more info and the beta download for this mod at the RTS Quake site.

New Q3A Challenge Pro
by Awoq @ Tue 09-19-2000 19:49

Challenge Pro Mode 1.0 has been released at the Challenge.World site as a non beta version.
Here's a description of the mod from the site.
The Challenge Pro Mode is a Quake 3: Arena modification intended to make Quake 3 a more fast-paced and exciting game for both players and spectators. The mod supports all gametypes and is intended to be used both at the professional level and by those who simply play the game for fun. Some radical changes have been made to achieve this goal, but it is still easy to switch back and forth between CPM and normal Q3 gameplay.
A complete list of changes in this mod can be found here.

Navy Seals Interview
by Awoq @ Tue 09-19-2000 13:01

UK Clanzone has a short interview with Navy Seals - Covert Ops Lead Mapper and Co-Owner Benjamin 'BenB' Bauer. The interview covers some of the new features in the mod not seen in other mods and has a few never before seen screenshots.
Here's a snippet of the interview to chew on:
Clanzone: You plan to have drivable vehicles and controllable turrets in Navy Seals. Will the vehicles play a big part in the gameplay, as the vehicles in Counter-Strike are seen as somewhat of a gimmick at the moment and how will turrets we used?

BenB: Most of this stuff is planned but won't be part of the first beta. Defcon definitely wants to have vehicles in a later betas, and he is coding it at the moment, then I'll use them as an important part of the gameplay. I have some nice ideas for it in an assault of the seals behind enemy lines to destroy hostile support convoys ;) I'm not a big fan of useless gimmicks which only waste time and space. About turrets: the current theory is that you will have a map object gun turret with entities to say its a turret, then once you "man" the turret your normal gun model will be replaced with a 1st person turret model, similar to the Hidden&Dangerous system but with a 3D model for the turret.

GtkRadiant Alpha Release
by Awoq @ Tue 09-19-2000 00:56

The folks at QERadiant have released an alpha version of GtkRadiant, a brand new Radiant based on the Gtk library.
Here is what they have to say about the alpha version:
Wondering what kept us busy these past two months? We were preparing a brand new version of Radiant! When Loki software released the initial linux port of Radiant we went through a lot of thinking and testing towards a unified codebase. So here it is, GtkRadiant is a cross-platform version of Radiant based on the Gtk library. Gtk provides a portable layer for all the user interface: windows, dialogs, buttons and lists... the core of the editor remaining the same.

The alpha available today shows where we are headed for next version. We believe it's the right time to get feedback about it. There's a list of known issues and things we'll improve before making it a first release suitable for production use. Everything is detailed on the GtkRadiant page. You'll find information about installing, testing and sending feedback.
More info can be found on both the QEradiant main site and the GtkRadiant section of the site.

Graeme Devine on the Mac OS X
by Awoq @ Mon 09-18-2000 13:50

id Software's Graeme Devine updated his .plan responding to the many e-mails he receives regarding Q3A for Mac OS X Public Beta. Also, he responded to e-mail relating to his old game The 7th Guest.
Here's what he had to say:
I've gotten many emails regarding Q3A for Mac OS X Public Beta. Yes, we're working on a build, but it will go hand in hand with the forthcoming point release. All Mac users will notice a significant speed increase with this point release (when showing it to Apple they said "woah, how'd you do that?")

I've also gotten lots of emails about an older game of mine, The 7th Guest. Trilobyte still exists as an entity and holds all the IP/distribution rights to 7th Guest, 11th Hour etc. You can still purchase Clandestiny from the Trilobyte web page (www.tbyte.com). I'm sure at some point there will be another Guest game, but right now I'm having way too much fun at id which remains a rockingly good place to work at.

New OSP Release
by Awoq @ Mon 09-18-2000 13:15

Orange Smoothie Productions have released beta version .99g of their OSP mod for Q3A. The new version adds a floating scoreboard, 125Hz client sampling, multi-view spectating and fixes some minor bugs in the mod.

Battletop NYC Challenge Coverage
by Awoq @ Mon 09-18-2000 12:27

For those of you who would like to know what happened at last weekends Battletop NYC Challenge, Eurogamer has the lowdown on the entire event with a pretty good play by play description of most of the event and plenty of pictures of what went down in the Big Apple.

Alive Mod Release
by Awoq @ Sun 09-17-2000 13:02

The Auxiliary Dimension Software team has released version 2 beta 1 of their alive mod for Q3A. It looks like a last man standing mod with a custom HUD that gives you health for killing your comrades.
Here is a description of the mod.
A fairly simple twist on regular death match, in alive your life steadily counts down while you play. Since all the health items have been stripped from the level, players are forced to kill each other in order to stay alive. Killing an opponent will reward you with the precious health needed to stay alive the longest. Taking a cue from mods like OSP, alive comes packed full of customizable server options that allow the server operator to modify that gameplay to their liking.
The mod is only 2MB and looks fairly easy to set up. Grab it from the Auxiliary Dimension Software site today!

Navy Seals Update
by Awoq @ Sun 09-17-2000 12:39

The Navy Seals team have decided to make a change in their weapons inventory. The decision to drop the ageing AK-47 and replace it with a more modern AK-105 assault rifle was made to keep up with the times. Screenshots of the rifle, along with its own set of accessories in the form of the BG-15 40mm grenade launcher, a bayonet and a 4x battle scope, can now be found on the Navy Seals website. Also new on the site are some screenshots of the Mk26 U.S. fragmentation grenade, an anti-personnel grenade.

Star Trek Voyage Elite Force Deal
by Awoq @ Sat 09-16-2000 20:06

Gamespot has a great deal for those who want to preorder the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Collectors Edition.
The collectors edition has the following extra stuff:
Star Trek Voyager Lapel Pin, A box sleeve with unique art, a 96 page graphic comic novel containing two 48-page Voyager stories, Elite Force and False Colors, and a special collector's edition CD that contains Voyager concept art, original game music, and 5 never seen before exclusive Wolfenstein screen shots!!
The collectors edition sells for $49.99 but if you slip in the discount code (STVEF26G7Y) in the coupon space during checkout you will receive an added $5.00 off! The supply is limited so get your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Collectors Edition soon.

Rescheduled Master Server Maintenance
by Awoq @ Sat 09-16-2000 16:24

id Software's Christian Antkow updated his .plan today with news that the scheduled router maintained he reported to be on Sunday will be put off until sometime next week due to some European League games slated on Sundays.
Here's what he had to say:
Network outage update

Router maintenance will be rescheduled for a future time (probably at some ungodly hour in the morning during the week). It was brought to my attention that a lot of Europeans play league games on Sundays.

Maintenance on our DNS server will go ahead as planned however. DNS will be down between 2pm and 4pm CST on Sunday, Sept. 17th. This should not affect your ability to access the Q3A master.


New Gods of War Version
by Awoq @ Sat 09-16-2000 11:38

Version 1.65 of Gods of War, the Q3A mod in which players collect mana and can cast spells, has been released. Added in this release is the ability for servers to choose spells they don't want available.

Quake III Master Server Announcement
by Awoq @ Fri 09-15-2000 16:01

id Software's Christian Antkow announced in his .plan today this coming Sunday he plans on doing some work on the Quake III master server.
Here's what he had to say:
Planned network outage

I'm going to be doing some maintenance work on our internet servers and routers this Sunday, September 17th between the hours of 2pm and 4:30pm CST.

Our router should be down for no more than 30 minutes starting around 4:00pm CST. If you have difficulty accessing the Quake III master server, this is why.

DNS will be disrupted during this maintenance period.


New Titanium for Q3A
by Awoq @ Fri 09-15-2000 12:08

Version 1.02B of the Titanium mod for Q3A has been released by Reactive Software. The release fixes a few bugs and adds some new features.
Here is a list of whats new in this version:
  • Tech Room complete - information on all weapons and systems is available through an in game menu.
  • Energy Tank added - Gives your suit an additional 25% capacity in its Reactor.
  • Added ammo and item scavenging - Walking over non gibbed suits will give your suit a random piece of equipment from the body, and restore some ammo and armor.

Navy Seals Interview and Screenshots
by Awoq @ Thu 09-14-2000 11:02

Crossfire has an interview with two members of the Navy Seals Team talking about the mod and when it will be released. Also up on the site, blended with the interview, are 12 new screenshots showing off parts of the mod.

New GLSetup
by Awoq @ Thu 09-14-2000 10:14

Build of the GLSetup program for Q3A, a utility which detects your 3D graphics card and installs the matching OpenGL drivers, has been released. GLSetup currently includes drivers for the following video cards:
  • 3Dfx Voodoo, Voodoo2, Voodoo Rush, Banshee, Voodoo3, Voodoo3 3500TV, Voodoo5
  • 3Dlabs Permedia 2 and Permedia 3
  • ATI Rage 128, Rage 128 Pro, Rage Fury MAXX, Rage Pro, Radeon
  • Intel i740 and i810
  • Matrox G200 and G400
  • NVidia Riva 128/128ZX and Riva TNT/TNT2/GeForce1&2/Quadro1&2
  • Rendition Verite 2200
  • S3 Savage3D, Savage4, and Savage2000

New Eternal Arena
by Awoq @ Thu 09-14-2000 00:00

Version 2.6 of Eternal Arena has been released. Even though it isn't a big release it does come with a few new features requested by players.
The new features are:
  • All alt-fire commands taken out and replaced with mouse2 key
  • Added option to replace the lightning gun in maps with our flamethrower
  • In-game message system included

Quake Done Quick With a Vengeance
by Awoq @ Wed 09-13-2000 19:17

The Quake Done Quick team has released their Quake Done Quick With a Vengeance demo. The demo shows the team going through through Quake 1's nightmare mode in just 12 minutes, 23 seconds! The demo is available in zip format and in Dzip which allows better compression. Of course, you will need find your dusty Quake 1 CD to view the demo.

New Quake 3 Jailbreak
by Awoq @ Wed 09-13-2000 11:23

A new Quake 3 Jailbreak has been released bringing the mod to version 1.0 and the first non Beta release. There are two different downloads for the mod, one is for online use only and the other includes bots for both online and offline playing. New features (since the final beta):
  • Improved maps
  • Improved clan scoring system
  • Execution cams
  • Source Code

Signup for Frag 4
by Awoq @ Tue 09-12-2000 11:35

The CPL announced yesterday that in order to attend this years Frag 4 tournament, being held at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas Texas on September 28th, participants must sign up with Eventricity before the event. This includes participants in the $25,000 Quake 3 Teamplay Tournament and the $5,000 All-Female Quake 3 Tournament.

To sign up, go to www.frag4.com, and click "Login/Join" in the menu bar at the top of the page, then click "Join Now" from the popup window. If you are already a member of another Eventricity site, such as Teamplay.Net, there is no need to rejoin.

New Maps/Reviews
by Awoq @ Tue 09-12-2000 02:08

The BackBurner has the latest =VH=EddieVH level titled Moonunit1, a brand new Weapons Factory Arena level for Q3A. The BackBurner says the map is "bloody amazing" so maybe it's well worth checking out. You can download the map here and then be able to leave your comments to the author here.

Wiebo de Wit has released his latest map for public consumption titled Toxic Skirmish. The level was entered in the Quake3Stuff mapping contest and didn't take home any prizes. Nevertheless, the level is still worth checking out since it is a Wiebo de Wit level.

Last bit not least on this map list is a new Z-Axis review of PowZer's map titled A Dark Secret. Grab it if you dare!

New Kquery
by Awoq @ Tue 09-12-2000 01:41

Kquery, a utility much like Game Spy that returns game info (server rules, server status, players + position + score) of any server, with ability to output this to HTML, has released version 2.1. The new version, which supports Q2, Q3, Half Life, UT and more, is just an update since they relocated their server. Grab the new version at the Kquery site.

New FreeCam Version
by Awoq @ Tue 09-12-2000 01:30

Version 0.8 of FreeCam, the Q3A utility allowing in-game or demo viewing from any angle, has been released by Strange Company. The new release gives the ability to record camera locations and "server record" functions (allowing the FreeCam user to view action happening anywhere on the map, even in a pre-recorded demo)and fixes a bunch of bugs.

by Awoq @ Mon 09-11-2000 01:22

Gillian Bonner, president of Black Dragon Inc. and Playboy's Miss April 1996, has posted an article at playboy.com looking into the mystique of the Quake series. The article covers why Quake is so inviting and paints a pretty good picture of what motivates the many gamers who are hopelessly addicted to the game.

Also, as a bonus, is an interview with Todd Hollenshead, CEO if id Software. The interview with Todd covers how many people play Quake online, their average ages, why Quake has become such a phenomenon, how mods work and a short answer to a question about the upcoming Team Arena add-on.

New Map of the Week
by Awoq @ Sun 09-10-2000 12:46

The BackBurner has posted a new map of the week titled Lets Drink Beer and Shoot Things authored by Lunaran.
Here is a little of what was said about the level.
"Grab a friend and a six-pack and be blue in a quake2sci-fi mix for a while :-o . It might not be the map you're looking for if you want something special in the gameplay department, but if you're happy with a sweet-looking FFA, I can't honestly say there's anything wrong with it!

Q3 - The Hidden Fortress
by Awoq @ Sat 09-09-2000 14:53

The makers of Q3 - The Hidden Fortress, the modification originally made for Heretic 2, have posted screenshots and info about their upcoming public release said to be available in the next few days. Q3-THF will feature six players classes, an experience/level system, a complex scoring system, voice messages, special skills, third person view support and a very original and unique gameplay.

New Map Shots at Navy Seals
by Awoq @ Fri 09-08-2000 18:20

The Navy Seals - Cover Ops map section has been updated once again. This time they have 12 shots of BenB's Industrial map, a level made for 10-16 players and will be the final map in Operation Rattlesnake. Check it out on the Navy Seals website.

The CorkScrew Mod Reviewed
by Awoq @ Fri 09-08-2000 13:16

The BackBurner has a review of the latest release of The CorkScrew Mod. This mod is an "instagib" type mod full of fragging goodness.
Check out the review here and grab a copy of this fun mod.

New Quake 3 Menu
by Awoq @ Fri 09-08-2000 11:29

The latest version of Quake 3 Menu, the Q3A mod that replaces the standard menu with a customized one, has been released.
Version 1.08 has the following new features in it.
  • Team messages CxTimer (HOT).
  • Messages/text off command.
    Now you can play, without messages interruptions.
  • Rocket Arena 3 MP3 player menu.
  • New and improved Sensitivity menu.
  • More commands.
  • Now the files have to be in a folder named q3menu.
    IMPORTENT: Read the readme.txt file, for easy installation.
  • Bugs fixed.

New Invasion Version
by Awoq @ Thu 09-07-2000 17:22

Beta 2.2 of the Q3A mod Invasion has been released. The new version fixes some connection problems and makes the mod more user friendly. Also on the site is a notice that states the map pack for the mod is one to two weeks from being available.

Map Object Model Contest Winners
by Awoq @ Wed 09-06-2000 11:26

Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with news of the winners of The QuakeCon 2000 Map Object Model contest.
Here's the breakdown on the top prize winners.

First Prize - Flame by Andrew "ALPHAwolf" Gilmour
Second Prize - Bloodstone by Andrew "ALPHAwolf" Gilmour
Third Prize - Drola by Bjornar Johansen
Honorable Mention - Angel by Tamara "Ophelia" Crossley

The complete list of winners can be found in Paul's .plan update.

Navy Seals Screenshots
by Awoq @ Wed 09-06-2000 01:08

The Navy Seals team released 12 new screenshots of their revamped operation Rattlesnake map. Along with the screenshots is a promise of a release some more pictures of an entirely new campaign map in the next few days. Check it all out on the Navy Seals site.

New QuakeStarter NEXGen
by Awoq @ Wed 09-06-2000 01:02

Version 0.15a of QuakeStarter NEXGen has been released.
New features since the last release are:
  • Optimized some functions to increase speed (a lot)
  • Added advanced server options window
  • You can select Q3A dm3's and give them names
  • You can select Q1 and Q2 bsp maps for baseq2/id1 and mods folders
  • Made Skin browser easier to use and faster
  • The full map name is now correctly shown for maps that you have named in QuakeStarter
  • You can quickly select an existing player configuration from the fast info box
  • Added icons to file list box

GeForce Tweak Utility
by Awoq @ Tue 09-05-2000 11:36

For those of you who have a GeForce or GeForce 2 card in their machines, Guru3d.com has a GeForce Tweak Utility that will work in Win98/ME and Windows 2000. The utility lets you easily make a lot of modifications to the registry settings of your Geforce so you can achieve the fastest possible results with your video card. Included in this version are a lot of untested beta options for people who like to live on the edge.

Tutorials and Map Reviews
by Awoq @ Tue 09-05-2000 10:37

Z-Axis has posted two more Q3A map reviews and also reports having an impressive collection of map tutorials for the public. The reviews are on Wiebo de Wit's Gothic style level No Class! and Z-man's large space map Castlefragnya. The mapping tutorials Z-Axis has to offer have reached the enormous total of 526 for Quake, Q2, Q3A, Half-Life, and Soldier of Fortune.
Here is a break down of tutorials.
  • Quake - 51
  • Q2 - 199
  • Q3A - 129
  • Half-Life - 138
  • Soldier of Fortune - 9

Tier of Admiration Release
by Awoq @ Mon 09-04-2000 12:38

Beta 5 of Tier of Admiration for Quake III Arena has been released.
Changes in this version are:
  • Changed some weapon sounds.
  • Made a cooler muzzle flash for the chaingun.
  • Changed some of the existing weapon skins/effects.
  • Added a new map by Joki - Joki's Slime Storage.
  • The levelshots now look better.
More information on this mod can be found on the Fusion site.

Q3F Goodies
by Awoq @ Sun 09-03-2000 11:23

The Q3F site has a whopping 30 new screenshots showing off 5 new maps they are currently beta testing.

Also on the site is an announcement about their beta 1f patch which will be released as soon as they get access to the source of the next Q3A point release.

Paul Jaquays Interview
by Awoq @ Sun 09-03-2000 13:23

id Software designer Paul Jaquays is the victim of an interview over at Hellhound. The interview covers tidbits of his life, includes some of his views on some high profile subjects and has some stuff about the gaming industry in general.

New Quake 3 Menu
by Awoq @ Sat 09-02-2000 15:03

Version 1.07 of Quake 3 Menu has been released. Quake 3 Menu is an in-game menu with over 900 bindings you can use to tweek your Q3A configuration files.
The new version has the following features/bug fixes added:
  • Bugs fixed
  • New Commands
  • Rocket Arena Commands
  • More servers addreses (including my clans)
  • Links to cool Q3 website's (advertise a link to other players on the server)
  • Easier to take stats of all players on the server you are on
  • Now the menu contains more than 900 commands

Bid For Power Screens
by Awoq @ Sat 09-02-2000 14:54

The Bid For Power team have posted a few new screenshots of their upcoming Q3A mod which brings Japanese anime characters to the game. Check out the Bid For Power website for more details.

Pk3Man Beta Released
by Awoq @ Sat 09-02-2000 11:13

For those who like to sift through their .pk3 files for goodies in Q3A, a new beta3 of Pk3Man (the pk3 plugin for Q3Radiant) is available.
Here's what they have to say about the program:
Pk3Man makes the creation of Q3 Pk3 files a breeze, try it once, and you'll never go back to winzip for Q3 files. It includes a wizard that will scan a map file and add all the appropriate textures/sounds/envmaps to the pk3. An exclusion file feature means it wont add any default q3 files.

New Æ Stats
by Awoq @ Fri 09-01-2000 13:54

A new version 4.47 of Æstats - Æon's Stats, a log file analyser for most 3D Shooters with Stats/Ranking output in HTML, has been released.
New features added in this version are"
  • - Binaries for Win32. preAEs.exe and AEstats.exe.
  • - Counterstrike 7.0 Beta Update...
    Added the Dual Berretta to the list of weapons.
Also mentioned on the Æstats site are plans to support Q2 Weapons Factory, Q3F, Alliance Mod, and Quake World in the near future.

Elite Showdown Screenshots
by Awoq @ Fri 09-01-2000 11:13

The Elite Showdown team posted some new screenshots of their upcoming Q3A mod. The mod will be a total conversion with the goal of making it as realistic as possible. To achieve this it will be a team play mod and there wont be any weapons and ammo just lying around, instead the player will have to buy what they think they will need to get the job done. More information on this mod can be found on the Elite Showdown website.

New Frag Flag CTF
by Awoq @ Fri 09-01-2000 10:55

A new beta release of Frag Flag CTF, the Q3A one flagged CTF mod that supports all id CTF maps, including Threewave maps and Q3Tourney6_CTF, and full bot support, is now available. The new version, 0.2c, includes a bug fix that allows the game to show up in the server browser correctly.

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