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Graeme on Mac
by DGhost @ [04:46 PM] July 31 2002

Graeme Devine just gave us a new .Plan update:

We will be releasing the Macintosh Quake 3 client hand in hand with the Win32 / Linux clients. We'll also require Mac OS X 10.1 or later for this release.

DOOM is up and running under 10.2, which as an OS is really quite cool (speed is much better than 10.1, although resizing a browser window is still painful).
Damn him! Taunting us like that!

Smile! it's for a picture
by DGhost @ [12:11 PM] July 31 2002

Shacknews and the Phobos Lab got 2 new screenshots of high quality from Doom 3. Eye candy. /me is drooling.

Interview with Nunuk
by DGhost @ [12:48 PM] July 30 2002

Nunuk has done a small interview with Kooliez talk about his inspiration, how he works and his ideas behind the Geocomp2. Speaking about the geocomp. Here's the link to download all the maps of the contest. Wich I'm gonna try all!

A new Quake 3 patch is coming!
by DGhost @ [02:03 PM] July 29 2002

Just got an interesting new .Plan from Duffy:
Just a quick note on future releases for Quake 3 Arena. We will be releasing a new point release in the relatively near future which includes a handful of fixes and updates and also includes full Punk Buster integration to combat cheating. No firm date on when this will be out but it should not be too far off.
Yeah!!!! I just love patches!

Space that!
by DGhost @ [01:19 PM] July 27 2002

I just love new ctf map! And this one look to be really interesting. Attack Of The Giant Space Dildoes by WangButter got a good concept with 2 space tower style. But with a lot of players. Nice one, if you are into ctf style, that is. Thx PlanetQuake!

The mod database is open
by DGhost @ [10:05 PM] July 26 2002

Sorry no update since the last 2 days. Me very very busy :( Lemme copy/paste this:
The mod database (http://www.moddb.com/) has just launched. This site is the first fully dynamic mod directory covering all games (of course Quake!) which allows mod authors to add their mod, share news, request help wanted and much more. The aim is that one day the mod database will list every game and every modification in a detailed manner. Visitors are then able to share their invaluable comments, opinions, rate mods, scope out mods recommended by fellow members and even utilize an extremely precise mod search engine to find the exact mod they are after, hopefully taking the heartache and annoyance out of finding a mod which suits, due to the abundant amount of mods of all games and genre scattered across the web! So far the vast majority of mods listed are built on the Halflife Engine and if you were able to share some news of this new website dedicated to the huge Quake modification community your site plays host to, this shall hopefully change! Thanks for your conside! ration and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate in asking.
I gotta check this, where's my free time?

Niflheim: souls feast
by DGhost @ [07:55 PM] July 23 2002

Another mod, didn't try it yet, is Niflheim: souls feast. Well, it's a total conversion wich is a sequel of the Nilfheim 2D shooter shooter developed by MISTIC Software (now known as DTI Software). All right, I'll download it since it look very original. :)

Alientrap: the team behind Nexuiz
by DGhost @ [07:15 PM] July 22 2002

Yeah I can almost read your mind. Another mod? What's this one about? Quake 1. Yep you read me right. Put back your eye in your socket please. Okay lemme copy/paste the introduction of the mod:
Nexuiz is a online deathmatch game that is being developed by a team of talented designers and programmers. The Nexuiz Public demo will be released december 2002 over the edgenetwork. The game is based off of the quake1 source code released by Id software, but it has been changed to compete with future games.

Features of Nexuiz Public Demo:

Over 500 32 bit TGA Textures - 3 Player Models to chose from - New model format called .ZYM with skeletal system - 3 new DM maps to frag in - 9 new weapons - and many more

Features of Nexuiz Engine:

New Model format - Larger map size - Colored lighting - Optional lit particles - HalfLife map support - External texture support - dynamic light speedup - particle effects - Interpolated model animations - Transparent particles - 32bit color sprites supported - Quake2 model support - Directional model lighting - Vertex array based model rendering - 64 player support - And many more
To give you an idea of their new models system you can see a small avi here. If you wanna join also the team, Alientrap you can fill out the form here (in 5 copies).

Reaction Quake 3 v2.1
by DGhost @ [06:06 PM] July 20 2002

Yeah it's here!!! Check their webpage for the mirrors list and also later tonight we should get a Windows installer version (only a .zip file at this moment).

ZPM Quake 3 beta 4.4 is out!
by DGhost @ [02:15 PM] July 20 2002

Another email but this time from Calv the main coder of ZPM (btw, ZPM stand for Zero Ping Mode). So the new version 4.4 beta is there and as I read on the webpage it looks like he fixed a couple of nasty bugs.

Ultra Freeze Tag 1.0
by DGhost @ [02:11 PM] July 20 2002

Yes you read me right. Haste just sent me an email to say that the version 1.0 of Ultra Freeze Tag is ready for download!
- Comprehensive statistics (stats, statsteam, topshots, bottomshots; press TAB after typing "/stats" to get a list of the stats it can print out for you)
- Bug fixes
This guy is working for sure... :)

New models @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [11:55 PM] July 19 2002

Yep! Yet again Polycount got some new models. And I must agree that there is a lot of new models:
Mr. Lone
Cobra Commander
Okay usually I always give a comment on each models that I post but for this time I won't do it since there is too much models. Crap, there is a lot in there that are so nice!

Reaction Quake 2.1 for saturday
by DGhost @ [11:36 PM] July 18 2002

So if you didn't get the news already, I will post that the new update has been delayed for saturday. And with that it will be the return of the "famous" capture the briefcase. For more details about this mod (action quake 2 anybody?) you can check their website.

.Plan from Kenn Hoekstra
by DGhost @ [11:08 PM] July 17 2002

A .Plan update from Kenn Hoekstra of Raven Software inform us about a small issue with the latest update available for Jedi Knight II and also that Raven is hiring. Anyway go read it yourself! :)

Ultra Freeze Tag beta 6
by DGhost @ [06:23 PM] July 16 2002

A little bit more than 2 week and here we already got a new update on that mod. Here's all the changes in this new version:
  • perfect backward reconciliation (Unlagged is as good as a client-side hit test now, barring prediction error)
  • CPMA/OSP-ish correction for Quake's built-in 50ms lag for everyone, every weapon (just play like you're pinging 50 less)
  • adjusted mass of corpsicle according to weapon (shotgun is now useful in moving corpsicles around again)
  • reworked voting (if you're running a server and using votelimit, set "vote_*" variables instead)
  • corpsicles are easier to move over small map features (lips and cracks) and easier to blast up stairs
  • "players left / players total" counters above team score
  • cg_trueLightning work like in CPMA/OSP (fixed, in other words) when not lag compensated
  • referees may become "invisible" while spectating to catch cheaters
  • adjustable llama penalty (g_llamaPenalty)
  • rudimentary per-weapon statistics (no damage, but shots, hits, accuracy percentage); use /stats command
  • And yes for the first time I will try this mod (I'm downloading it as I type this).

    The mod Squad
    by DGhost @ [10:38 PM] July 14 2002

    An interesting story, but nothing new to our culture, is a good article from Popular Science about the history of mod. Most strangest part of the article that I wasn't aware of, is this one:
    Six years after they distributed Team Fortress, a hit modification of the computer game Quake, for free on the Web, the duo is preparing a long-awaited—very long-awaited—sequel, Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms. The difference between then and now: The sequel will be sold.
    Well okay I must confess that I wasn't following that one. So if you wanna have some small reading about mods, you are served! On another good news is that Blaze is back to help me a little bit with the page itself! Whoaaa it will feel almost like vacation!

    Prydon Gate Demo
    by blaze @ [02:57 PM] July 14 2002

    Prydon Gate, a top-down fantasy RPG Quake mod, has a new demo out to give you a taste of what the mod is like. Apparently, the team is looking for mapping help, so give them a shout if you have any mapping skills. If not, enjoy the demo!

    QuakeCon News
    by blaze @ [02:52 PM] July 14 2002

    A note for participants of the Q3 and RTCW tournaments has been posted on the QuakeCon 2002 website. Players must bring their own headphones with a six foot long cord to use on the tournament machines. More sponsors have also been listed on the site. Such a huge event would not be possible without them.

    Clan Register
    by blaze @ [02:52 PM] July 14 2002

    ClanRegister is a free service that allows you to setup roster information for your clan. You can set it up to accept applications, or even show retired players. Get registered today!

    Maya MD3 Export Source
    by DGhost @ [10:48 AM] July 14 2002

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of people is reading this page. So in case that there is someone who's into 3D (even Maya) and Quake 3 at the same time, here's a small tool for ya: Stone Lance from the Quake Rally team, has released the source code of a utility that let you export your work from Maya to an md3 format;
    Ok, this has been on the ftp for about a month now but i have been too lazy to post about it. I have released the source code for the Maya MD3 exporter. You can grab it from the downloads page. You will need the Maya devkit inorder to compile the plugin.

    I was originally planning on also releasing the Maya exporter base code I have as well as the MAP exporter source at the same time as the MD3 exporter source. I have been adding many features to the base code lately for another project so I have decided to wait with that release until I have finished all the additions to the code.
    I don't know but this can be usefull, that is, if you are using Maya! :)

    True Combat
    by DGhost @ [05:06 PM] July 13 2002

    Maybe you never heard of True Combat so let me give you the guidelines:
    two teams, different weapons, but all about team | realism | tactics
    bullet penetration (kill the enemy through walls, doors, tin, wood)
    realistic modeling of weapon and bullet behaviour including mass dependent penetration, rics and sparks
    most realistics sounds ever heard in mod, including environment depending sound attenuation
    20 real world weapons including Ak47, G36, MP5k, Mac10, Saiga12k and many more, including night vision scopes
    voice commands for communication superb maps (see for yourself!)
    realistic lens flares, glares and flash blend effects
    Here's a screenshot of the sniper mode and another one in game. If you wanna download the package for all OSs (but I don't know wich OS he means by that) you can click here and after that the latest update (again, for all OSs) here.

    New version of Weapon Factory coming!
    by DGhost @ [04:47 PM] July 13 2002

    Yeah you read me right! The team of Weapon Factory Arena is still working hard to bring us a new version (3.5). and with the new features coming I think that it will be more interesting than ever:
    Shadowspawn has been working day in and day out with Static and Acrid to bring more tools and options to our mappers, and so far the results are absolutely astonishing. D-Man, Raven0us, Shadowspawn, and Aries are all pounding away at the new tools and toys we're working on, which includes some very impressive effects, like bumpmapping, sky portals, custom particles and surface parmameters. We've got some real amazing stuff on the horizon... Mappers will be able to do pretty much whatever they want, the possibilities for this technology is endless. WFA v3.5 will be one of the few mods fully supporting ydnar's Q3MAP2, and a lot of what we're doing right now is ahead of the industry -- we're extremely excited about all of this and hope to show off some of our work at QuakeCon this year.
    I can't wait to see that!

    How to manage a mod
    by DGhost @ [12:19 PM] July 13 2002

    Aaaah summer! We spend more time outside than in front of a computer don't we? Awoq is on vacation for the next 2 week, so I'm alone to hold the fort! Anyway let's get down to business. Dokta @ The 6th floor is doing a really interesting serie of 6 article on how to manage a mod. Of course he is doing that with Urban Terror on the line. First 3 are out:
    Part 1: Introduction and Background
    Part 2: Amateur by Name Only
    Part 3: Management of Urban Terror
    Part 4: Management Issues
    Part 5: The Importance of Technology
    Part 6: Conclusion
    Of course the rest of the articles will follow soon enough... I'll give you an update.

    Update: So I just added the next 2 part, with only one part missing wich should be posted tomorrow. And of course it's still a good read!

    MoH:AA linux binaries
    by DGhost @ [01:15 PM] July 08 2002

    I just got an interesting email from Dekard about Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for Linux (if you remember, a couple of months ago, EA decided that there would be no Linux version). Instead or re-typing lemme copy/paste his email:
    Just wanted to drop everyone a note we are working with the currently testing the closed beta binaries for the linux Dedicated server for MOH:AA.

    Servers are up with one more on the way. Here's the latest from Ryan's .plan:

    Finally, new stuff: Medal of Honor. EA has contracted me to produce a linux dedicated server, and I have. Right now, it's in closed beta, and servers should be popping up on GameAdmins and The Cyberspace Matrix later tonight. We'll open this up to a public beta a little later on. In the meantime, if you want to keep track of what's going on, you can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank email to mohaa-subscribe@icculus.org, where we'll be discussing bugs and stuff, or check out the bug database at https://bugzilla.icculus.org/ (bug reports from gamers as well as admins are very welcome, by the way!) Otherwise, feel free to pound on the servers when they come up later tonight.

    Update: The Cyberspace Matrix servers are up: Connect to either: odin.cyberspacematrix.net:12204 or: odin.cyberspacematrix.net:12206

    (That's, for the DNS-impared). In the server browser, look for the host that says "LINUX SERVER: The Cyberspace Matrix" Ours is currently located at and another is being donated to the cause by Clanservers.net. These should also be DNS'd too soon. As with the above naming conventions ours are named "LINUX SERVER" as well. Just hop on in and help us do some testing!

    Talk about good work! Thx Dekard! :)

    Q3server kit v2.2
    by DGhost @ [08:50 PM] July 07 2002

    After more than 2 years we have now an update to the Q3server kit wich is a java based Q3A admin tool. On the webpage of Legowhore, on the download page. The new version offer:
    new color scheme
    realtime chat panel with color text
    start panel allows you to start the q3 dedicated server
    raw messages console panel
    feedback form
    support for both Q3Demo and the full release
    various small bug fixes
    runs faster and better :)
    At the same time you may wanna check his contest. Interresting! ;)

    LMCTF rise from the ashes
    by DGhost @ [09:12 PM] July 03 2002

    If you ever have played Quake 2 CTF, there is probably a small chance that you played also LMCTF. Loki's minions must have been one of the most popular of all the CTF's mod. Heck, even I (it's always a question about me, me, me!) enjoyed that mod a lot. Anyway where was I? Ah yeah. Well the website got a new facelift since as the webmaster (Mr. White ---> reservoir dogs?) says: there is a small resurgence about the mod (actually he didn't say it like that). So for old school time, I'll download the mod and frag my way to the top (my heart goes pitter pat at this point... :P).

    Help Wanted
    by awoq @ [02:30 AM] July 03 2002

    Help is needed for our news staff. We need someone that is willing to post gaming news right here on Q3Arena.com. If you have a nose for news and are willing to give up some of your time, shoot an email to me stating what experience you might have, what you think you could contribute to our news site and when you would be available. Send your application to : paul@q3arena.com. This news job is on a volunteer basis, all applicants will be considered.

    Need Those PICS!
    by awoq @ [02:28 AM] July 03 2002

    We are in need of more pictures of the day! All pictures we post come from our readers. If you have taken some cool screenshots of you playing any Quake engine game, please send us your pics! Submit them to potd@www.q3arena.com today!

    Threewave 1.6 is out!
    by DGhost @ [02:18 PM] July 01 2002

    One of the most prolific mod on the scene has released a new version yet again. Threewave 1.6 is here with, as usual, new features and new bugs fixed. Check the ChangeLog or simply download it!

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