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John Carmack Interview
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-30-1999 16:48

I saw over at the newly redesigned ShugaShack that CGO has done up an interview with John Carmack. They talk about comparing Quake1 with Quake3, and more.

New Vanilla CTF Released
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-30-1999 14:32

A new version of Vanilla CTF has been released. Version 0.9 includes enhanced ZBot detection and removal, as well as the usual fixes and other gameplay tweaks. Vanilla CTF is a server-side only mod, which means that no client download is necessary to play! Thanks to Blue's for the news.

Newsletter Help Wanted
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-30-1999 14:29

Our resident skin expert, LoTeX is looking for your help on his new section in our weekly newsletter. He will be including skinning articles, tips, and other related info in his own section soon, and is looking for people to send him their Q3Arena skins for his article. Simply drop him an email with your Q3Arena skin!

Thresh At The Hive
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-30-1999 14:26

Word from the coordinators of The Hive Tournament is that Thresh, of the FiringSquad, will be the "final boss" at the tournament. The player who makes his way through all 900+ tournament competitors will get to play Thresh in the final round. Check out their site for info, and to sign up!

QPack 2.0 Released
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-29-1999 16:26

Version 2.0 of QPack, a "small but brilliant mIRC script", has been released. QPack lets you check out Quake/Quake2/Quake3Arena servers from within mIRC. It can also launch the games, and connect to a specified server. Version 2.0 includes several new game-specific commands, as well as the usual bugfixes. One of the coolest new features is the newly added /rcon command, which lets you control a server from within mIRC!

Clanworld Trivia Contest
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-29-1999 16:23

The Clanworld Network is having a trivia contest to coincide with their Summer Olympics program. The contest starts today, Tuesday June 29th, and ends Monday July 5th at midnight EST time. The winners and answers will be announced by Friday, July 9th. Check out their site for more info!

Help Wanted
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-29-1999 16:19

A couple of new mod and news positions have opened up lately:
  • The TPWM mod team is looking for an experienced QuakeC programmer. Yes that's QuakeC, from Classic Quake.
  • CTF Central is looking for someone to update their news on a regular basis. The person must have good writing skills, be very friendly and of course reliable.

Toronto Area LAN Party
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-28-1999 17:09

A 50+ person LAN party in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area is planned for this coming weekend, July 1st. Tempolagy 2 starts at 12pm and runs until 12am, and is "a good way to ring in Canaday day". Check out their site for more info.

Help Wanted
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-28-1999 16:59

The Terror Quake2 team is in need of a skinner to help them finish their project. Some experience is preferred, email your applications and examples to t.heijgelaar@tref.nl.

New QBind Released
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-27-1999 17:09

QWare Software has released a new version of their "QBind" program, which is an advanced binding/script/config editor that supports all versions of Quake/2/3Arena. It also features "high quality graphics", and "real-time syntax highlighting for all the Quake commands."

Win a QuakeCon Registration
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-27-1999 15:01

A new contest from Stomped and GameGirlz is offering a registration to this year's QuakeCon event! To enter, simply visit one (or both) of the sites mentioned, and answer their daily contest question between today and this coming Wednesday (June 30th). Both sites will have a daily question of their own, which doubles your chances at winning a pass to QuakeCon '99!

id Web Changes
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-27-1999 14:00

Several of you noticed that id Software's website was down for a while yesterday. Well, Christian Antkow updated his plan file with news on why:
I moved over the web and ftp services over to a new machine Saturday afternoon and changed the DNS entries appropriately. If anyone is having problems connecting to our site, it's probably because the root DNS servers haven't recieved our changes yet. Things should straighten themselves out within the next 24 hours hopefully.

The new IP's are; == www.idsoftware.com / ftp.idsoftware.com == www.quake3arena.com / www.quakearena.com == www.glsetup.com

And yes, for those reading between the lines, I moved over to a new server in order to prepare for our next test release (No, I don't have a date other than "soon".) Our old server got completely hammered last release, so we went and got a beefier machine just to house web and ftp traffic.

New Voodoo Drivers
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-27-1999 13:55

There are a couple new sets of Voodoo card reference drivers up on the 3Dfx website. They aren't available for all cards, but still worth checking out if yours is supported. Thanks Zorlac for the info.

Jailbreak v2.5 Released
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-26-1999 13:50

As promised, the newest version (v2.5) of Jailbreak was released last night. There is a whole ton of new features in this one, including several new maps, new player models, and more. If you downloaded it right when it was released, you may want to check out their site again, as new versions have been upload which fix a minor bug.

Gibfest Tourney Sign-Ups
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-26-1999 13:48

Signups are still being held for Gibfest's Q3Arena Tournament. This 960 player tournament is offering $400 in cash as well as six Everglide mouse pads to the winners. Head on over to the Gibfest Tourney site to sign up!

New QxAdmin
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-26-1999 13:46

A new version of QxAdmin has been released. QxAdmin allows server admins to control their server remotely via their PC. This new version fixes a small bug with rlogviewd (also available on the QxAdmin site). Thanks Blue's.

New Cstats Released
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-26-1999 13:43

Version 1.2 of Cstats has been released. New features in this version include a huge speed increase on demo analysis (possibly up to 300% faster!), an option to remove a player completely from the histories, and the introduction of real-time logging. Check out the Cstats site for more info.

More PowerVR Q3 Shots
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-25-1999 16:46

A second batch of Neon250 Q3Arena screenshots has been released over at Beyond3D.com. As promised, these shots were taken with the framerate counter turned on, and a couple of them feature the portal effect as well.

New Quake2 Server Launcher
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-25-1999 16:43

A new server launcher tool for Quake2 has been released. You can snag a copy here, which weighs in at around 2 megs. Not much was included in the press release about it, so those of you who are adventurous might want to just give it a try!

New Ninja Quake
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-24-1999 21:44

A new version of Ninja Quake has been released. New features include some added maps, new sounds, and more. Ninja Quake adds the thrills and spills of Ninja fighting to Classic Quake. Thanks to Blue's for the news.

Q3 Hardware Shots
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-24-1999 15:53

Beyond3D.com has gotten ahold of some new screenshots running on the Videologic Neon250 board. The screens are in 1152x864 resolution, 32bit color depth, and taken from a copy of Q3Test that's been all tweaked out.

MD3 Tutorial Updated
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-23-1999 14:00

The CSChell.com MD3 model tutorials have been updated yet again. Modelers are now able to have texture coordinate support when importing into 3D Studio Max, or other programs. This allows them to get the custom mesh layouts for skinning all of the models. Drop by their site for the entire tutorial!

JailBreak v2.5 Release
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-23-1999 13:50

The release of Jailbreak version 2.5 is coming soon, check out part of the press release:
Some of the features in JailBreak 2.5:

- 28 total maps, 14 new never before seen, 14 remakes/bug fixes of maps from all previous JailBreak versions!
- Team Radio Sounds
- New team-based scoring system
- Clan Competition Mode
- Map Voting
- In-Jail Game (don't get bored, win your freedom)
- Over 100 bug fixes and minor additions

JailBreak is an exciting team deathmatch variant, in which your dead teammates end up in Jail and your goal becomes freeing them.

There will be a release party held on 3DNet (www.3dnet.net) channel #jailbreak on Friday June 25th, from 6PM CST until "The time after release parties when there are only 3 people left and they are all idle"

New Site
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-23-1999 13:40

The Haunted House, a new "server review" page, has opened. This is a bit of a unique twist, they actually take game servers that people submit, and review their performance and other things about it. As they say, "Finally a place where gamers can go to find servers near them that are worth something."

Site Movement
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-23-1999 13:37

Tranquil Lament Software has relocated to a new home. Check out their site for info on their Quake2 maps and mods.

QxAdmin 1.10
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-22-1999 23:21

Version 1.10 of QxAdmin has been released. Among the new features is a log viewer, which lets people view the server logs remotely. QxAdmin is a Win32-based program which allows server admins to remotely control their Quake/2/3Arena via their PC.

Clanworld Summer Olympics News
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-22-1999 22:12

The ClanWorld Network has announced the prizes for their upcoming "Summer Olympics" tournament in July. The Grand Prize for the winner of the Q3Test ladder is the following: 3DFX Voodoo 3 Video Card, CDI Cool Case, GameSpy Mousepads, Mugs, T-shirts, & Liscense, Mp3spy Liscense, and more. Check out their site for more info.

New XQF Released
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-22-1999 17:17

A new version of XQF, a linux game server browser, has been released. This browser is specifically designed for use with the X graphics server in mind, and now features improved Q3Test support. Thanks to Blue's for the news.

Quake Map Magazine
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-21-1999 23:00

The Quake Map Hotel has posted a new version of their Quake Map Magazine. This months issue features interviews with Quake II level mappers Rick Troppman and Yuri Davidov. A Quake II trivia contest is also included in conjunction with several other level review sites.

Paul Jaquays Interview
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-21-1999 20:43

Quake3Source.com has posted a short interview with id Software mapper extraordinairre, Paul Jaquays. They basically discuss how he arrived at id, and the work he's done on Q3Arena thus far.

Plan File Update
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-21-1999 17:34

Yay, news to report! id's Graeme Devine has updated his plan file with word on a friendly Q3Arena deathmatch between id Software and Ion Storm. Here's the full thing:
We had the Ion Storm guys over last week to play a little deathmatch, and while I wonRt say who won between Romero and Killcreek, I can tell you it wasnRt the male of the species. But boy, can those Ion guys talk smack.

The reason we asked them over was to have them check in on the status of our tournament map, which we hope to get out there soon with the next version of the test (to give you all time to practice on it before QuakeCon, you are going to QuakeCon right?). WeRre also looking at a /lot/ of bug fixes, changes, and tweaks so weRre gearing up for your feedback. IRll let Chris Hecker speak for glsetup, but weRre looking to get that updated and support for 3Dfx in there.

Soon can be defined as soon. And thatRs probably not this week.

RAWscape Released
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-20-1999 23:38

The first public version of RAWscape has been released. RAWscape is a program that generates terrains in the Q2 .map format from .RAW image files. Some of the features include selecting ground or wall textures based on the slope of the terrain. Check out their site for more info!

New Sites
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-20-1999 23:26

Can't get enough Q3 files? Hungry for more? Check out Q3Files.com, another entry in the growing group of files database sites.

Also, The Coven has opened up their forums, for people to talk about their current and upcoming projects.

Q3Arena Map Art
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-20-1999 17:37

From the files of Freetextures.com (Paul Jaquays recommended!) comes a new piece of artwork. Nick, the artist, has done this concept drawing of a potential Q3Arena map that he wants to make, once the game is released. The map textures are available on his site as well.

New Mod Released
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-20-1999 17:34

A brand new mod for Classic Quake has been released. The author says it comes complete with new guns, multiskin support, and even bots! Check out their site for more info.

by NetGuy @ Sat 06-19-1999 15:24

Holy cow what a dead news day for the Quake scene. Someone hurry up and release a new mod or something ;)

Carmack Interview
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-18-1999 14:25

I saw on a couple sites that the guys over at VoodooExtreme have posted a rather short (3 questions) interview with John Carmack of id Software. They spend a lot of time discussing the old "Trinity" technology label, as well as commenting on future games from id.

Misc. Site Stuff
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-18-1999 14:22

Those of you on our dailynews headlines list may have noticed that issue 1, volume 1 of our new e-zine has arrived. We went ahead and sent it out to the list at around noon (EST) today, and can't wait to get your feedback. As stated in the letter, email all your questions and comments to Jude. If you'd like to subscribe to the list, to start receiving the weekly newsletter, simply put your email address in the form to the left of this news post!

TerrorQ2 Weapon AVI
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-17-1999 15:25

The Terror Quake2 team has put up a zipped .avi (movie) file of their M16a1 weapon in action. They say their modeler is making great progress, and that they hope to have it completed this weekend (whether "it" is the model, or the mod, I'm not sure :)

EULA Column
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-17-1999 13:45

The MapZone has posted a column on their site about the recent EULA (End User License Agreement) commotion. They discuss the agreement its self, as well as "why id started clamping down on all the modifications/add-ons."

Upgraded Messageboard!
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-16-1999 16:39

New stuff is cool. We've finally gone ahead and purchased a registered copy of the Ultimate Bulletin Board, to replace our old one with. Boy is this thing sweet :) We'd like to of course encourage everyone to click on over and check it out! Thanks to GFKiller and Blitz for getting it all set up!

Paul Jaquays Interview
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-16-1999 13:58

Q3Arena.net (no relation ;) has posted a rather lengthy interview with id Software's Paul Jaquays. It's in typical rounded-out form, with a few questions on Q3Arena, a few on id and the gaming industry, and a few general questions as well.

New DoD Screenshots
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-16-1999 13:56

Ward Six has released two new screenshots from their upcoming commercial Quake2 TC, Dawn of Darkness. They depict the main character in the third person view (which now shows weapons being held), one while under water doing some swimming. The demo of DoD is currently available from their site, as well as on the July issue of PC Gamer UK's CDROM, and in the next issue of PC Accelerator in the States.

A Q3Arena.com Question
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-15-1999 22:36

So we've been toying around with a few ideas for some new stuff lately, mostly adding a "daily/weekly/whateverly fun poll", and adding a new item to our dailynews mailinglist: a weekly "E-Zine". We've decided to go ahead with the E-Zine, which will be done up by our resident technical writer, Jude. It's a pretty neat little newsletter, with community news, a summary of some of our headlines, as well as a mailbag section. My question to those of you who are already on our dailynews headlines newsletter list is this: "Would you like to receive this once-a-week E-Zine newsletter via your dailynews headlines subscription, or via a new list?" Our dailynews headlines list is doing very well, with over 2,000 subscribers!

I'd also like to get opinions on adding the poll that I mentioned earlier, to the front page; so include that with your newsletter vote as well :)

Please send in your opinions and comments to me, NetGuy. I promise I'll read every single one of them.

Gunslinger Quake2 Released
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-15-1999 13:41

The first public version of Gunslinger Quake2 has been released. This western-style game lets players relive the excitement and unique strategy of cowboy-action gunfighting. Version 0.99a has a load of cool features, including 10 new cowboy-action weapons, 5 new ammo types, 4 new items, 7 artifacts for multiplayer games, full VWep support... more than you can shake a rattlesnake at (western humor at its worst, folks)! Check out their site for screenshots and for the files.

id Tourney Correction
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-15-1999 13:36

id Software's Director of Business Development, Katherine Anna Kang sent along word of a correction, due to some news regarding id's presence at The Hive tournament:
Just wanted to send a correction regarding what I've been reading on the Internet about the id guys playing in this tournament. No id guy from this office even knows about this tourney. Past id guys maybe? Dunno. In any case, no current id employee is aware of anyone joining the tournament.

If there are any questions regarding id related claims, feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to do a fact check.

Generations Mod Canceled
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 21:54

The Generations team confirmed today the rumors that have been floating around, when they decided to discontinue development on their combo Wolf3D/Doom/Quake/Quake2 mod, and to remove all downloads from their site and mirrors. Apparently they've had some discussions with id Software, and it was determined that their mod violated id's guidelines. They wanted to stress that they were not forced by id Software to discontinue development, and they weren't "Foxed", but decided to just avoid any further problems. Check out their site for more details. Thanks to Blue's for that news.

New Quake2 2 Player
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 21:42

Quake2 2 Player version 1.3 has been released. New features include an "autoconnect" addition (no more manually connecting the 2 players), special speed tweak options, and the usual bug fixes, which take care of all known crashes. They have 2 versions available, a 200kb upgrade from v1.21, or the 500kb full version. Check out their site for more info.

New Q3 Stat Guide
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 21:28

Illustrated Q3 has posted a Q3Arena strategy guide on their site. Here's a pretty good description of it, taken from their press release:
So you've read all the reviews, downloaded Q3Test, and decided you want to be the next Thresh, only to find out that you're frag bait to more experienced players. Well, fear not, there's always room for improvement. With some practice and a good strategy, you should be able keep up with the leaders. That's what this page is for. After much experience with Quake, QW, and Q2, I've found that the key to winning doesn't always rely on skill. Knowing what to do when you spawn, the proper routes to take, and when to attack are more important.

New, From the Shack...
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 21:21

New today from sCary's ShugaShack is his all-new files section, the FileShack! Billed as "one of the largest Quake, Quake2, and Quake3 file systems you can find on the net", the FileShack contains a whole ton of upgrades, addons, and other such files (naturally). Powered by GameKey, it also includes a searchable database, and email notification for when files are updated.

Site Movement and Interviews
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 17:24

The MapZone, one of only a few Q3Arena map sites out yet, has moved to a new location and is sporting a new design as well. They've also posted a couple of new reviews with (who else?) a couple of Q3Test mappers.

Aus3D Finger Service
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 12:41

Australian gamers will be interested to know that Aus3D, the popular Australian news site, has just opened up their very own finger service! They're covering the .plan files of Aus3D site members, hosted sites, and other members of the Australian online gaming community. Mod developers and the like are also welcome to request that their plan be tracked as well. Check out the site for more info!

Q3Mania Features
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 12:09

The team over at Quake3Mania has been rather busy lately, as they've posted two new Quake-ish features. The first is their new Quake Dictionary, a must-read for newbies who are looking to get in to the Quake games. On the lighter side is their second piece, called "You know you play Quake too much when...", with some Quake-related jokes and such like that. Check 'em out!

New Q2 Map
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-14-1999 12:07

The guys over at 3D-Rage.com have posted up a brand new Quake2 map, done by one of their own staff members. It has an "enlarged world" theme, and is apparently very playable and different from normal DM play.

FrogBot for HolyWars
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-13-1999 20:50

Version 1.2 of the HolyWars bot for Classic Quake has been released. This is a small bugfix version, which addresses a couple of problems in HolyWars servers.

New Navy Fortress Released
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-13-1999 19:52

A new version of the Navy Fortress mod has been released. Navy Fortress is a crossover of Navy Seals and Team Fortress, which aims to keep the spirit or idea of Team Fortress, while giving it the realism of Navy Seals or Action Quake. Version 0.991 contains several new fixes and sounds.

Q3Arena Tweaks and Guides
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-13-1999 14:03

A couple of Q3Arena guides have been updated lately. First is the Q3Arena Tweak Guide, which offers comprehensive instructions on setting up Q3Arena to run with the best performance. Secondly is the Console Commands List, with "the most complete and up-to-date" list of commands on the web.

In other "news", I'm off to see Austin Powers 2 this afternoon, hopefully the real news will be as slow as it has been lately :)

New Console Stats Released
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-12-1999 12:54

I saw over on Blue's that a new version of Console Stats has been released. This new release adds support for Linux servers, and weapon-specific kill statistics. Console Stats is a log parser for QuakeWorld, Quake2, and now Q3Test.

The Hive Tourney
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-12-1999 12:52

The team over at Alienware Systems have put up a site for their Hive tournament. They're currently holding sign-ups, with a goal of 512 players total. Word has it that the id Software guys themselves are going to be there, so this is definitely one tourney to check out!

New OSP Tourney DM
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-11-1999 11:23

Orange Smoothie Productions has released version 2.0 of their OSP tourney DM mod. Here's a note about 2.0:
Version 2.0 is a MAJOR upgrade and now has an entirely new level of integration never before seen in a Quake II mod, competition based or otherwise.
New features include fully intergrated Gladiator Bot opponents, an included quick launcher and config editor, optional Lithium-style runes, and more.

Total Control v0.2
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-11-1999 10:53

Version 0.2 of Total Control, the swiss-army knife of utilities for Q3Arena, has been released. Included in Total Control is a config editor, funname editor, key binder, and more (that's just the short list!). Check out their site for the updated files and other news.

WeaponsFactory Interview
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-11-1999 10:35

3D Soundsurge has done up an interview with Matthew Hanson-Weller (aka. Anvil.Chorus), who is the lead sound man for the very successful Weapons Factory mod. They discuss the cool audio features already in WF, and look ahead to what's in store for the audio in Weapons Factory Arena, their Q3Arena version.

Funky Q3Test Shots
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-11-1999 10:31

Well, this isn't really news per se, but it's still kinda neat to look at. This site has posted screenshots of Q3Test that were taken on a P-120 with SoftwareGL drivers. The guy that wrote us about them describes the shots as "a psychedelic version of virtuafighter...alone in the dark... and mechwarrior2", which is actually pretty believeable ;) I'd like to know how they got 30+ fps on a machine with no 3D accelerator and a rather slow processor...

New Gaming Site
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-11-1999 10:27

GamingRealm.org is a brand new site dedicated to "providing a hub for all gaming news, reviews, and many other gaming related things". They're currently hiring staff people also, so check out their site for the list of open positions.

Q3Test Review
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-10-1999 23:24

Illustrated Q3 has posted a review of Q3Arena as shown via Q3Test. This review covers all the areas of Q3 such as graphics, gameplay, multiplayer, weapons, levels, and more. Here's an excerpt:
The wait is over. The public release of Q3test is out. For fans of the 3D-shooter genre, it couldn't have been released sooner. Quake 3 is supposed to be the king of 3D-shooters, created by iD Software, the makers Doom, Quake, and Quake2. How does Q3test fair? Well, considering it's only a test version, one that is released for testing hardware and compatibilty, it fairs pretty well. There are some issues that should be given proper attention.

4thD Update
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-10-1999 15:14

The 4th Dimension team has updated their site with news of the nearing completion of their Crush Depth mod. There's also word of early planning for Crush Depth 2, which could possibly be done for Q3Arena. Check their site for more info.

Quake2 Done Quick
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-10-1999 15:04

I saw over on Blue's, that the Quake Done Quick guys have posted a new demo. This time it's a runthrough of Quake2, completing the entire game in 27 minutes, 59 seconds. This is a practice test-run, to prepare for their official Quake2 run.

StrangeSaver 2.0 Released
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-09-1999 16:27

Version 2.0 of StrangeSaver has been released. StrangeSaver is a screen-saver which runs Quake, Quake2, Half-Life, and now Q3Arena, Sin, and Unreal demos as a screensaver on your Windows PC. The new version features (among other things), the ability to loop demo playbacks and to include as many demos as you want.

They also have an article up about demo recording and playback in Q3Arena, so be sure to check that out while you download!

Xian Interview
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-09-1999 15:10

Q3Center has done up an interview with id Software's own Christian Antkow. They say it's currently up on their main news page, with its own section coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

New Linux TerrorQ2
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-09-1999 15:07

A new Linux version of Terror Quake2 has been released. This is mainly just a new ported version of their last release. They've also opened a new server monitoring page to boot! Check out their site for more info.

New Q3go Released
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-08-1999 22:56

A new version of Q3go, a Linux Q3Test server browser, has been released. Version 0.9 is a bugfix version, with word that a "favorites" feature is coming soon. Thanks to Blue's for the news.

Q2 Rail League
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-08-1999 21:35

The first ever Quake2 Rail League is underway. They're currently in beta testing mode, testing out the scripts and some other things. All clans are welcome to join. They use the OSP Tourney DM Insta-Gib mod, no health, armor, or any items of any kind, just you and your trusty railgun.

A Pair of New Sites
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-08-1999 15:28

Quake3Nation has added a pair of new hosted sites to their family. First is the Quake3 File Archive, with one of "the largest collections of Quake3 files anywhere on the 'net." Second is the Mapper's Monastery, which features reviews of Quake1 and Quake2 maps, soon to be including Quake3 maps as well.

A Pair of Interviews
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-08-1999 15:24

id Software's lead games designer has done a pair of interviews, first with GameSpot UK, and then with Ripside.com. Be sure to check out both interviews, and especially Ripside.com's brand new design.

Generations 0.9b
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-07-1999 20:33

Version 0.9b of Generations has been released. This new version fixes some of the bugs from older versions, and adds support for MIDI playback in multiplayer games. Generations is a mod which combines the best of Wolf 3D, Doom, Quake, and Quake2; letting you play as the main character from all 4 games, on authentic maps. Thanks Blue.

New X11Spy Released
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-07-1999 20:02

A brand new version of X11Spy, the Linux game server browser, has been released. Version 0.1 fixes sorting server by ping, and also adds the ability for users to see who is on a server before jumping on to play.

New Deathmatch Manager
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-07-1999 16:49

A new version of the Deathmatch Manager has been released. Version 2.5 includes support for playing MP3 files during a Quake2 game, as well as MIDI files (which were previously supported). DMM includes support for CTF, GibStats, Eraser Bot, custom music, sounds and above all, makes it incredibly easy to get a LAN server and clients going, or to configure a single-player vs bots game.

Female FragFest Site
by NetGuy @ Mon 06-07-1999 14:37

The official Female FragFest site has gone live, packed with info about the upcoming tournament (it's next week!). To quote their press email, "There's never been an all female Quake 2 tourney of quite this size, with prizes like this, so you know you want to be involved! It all starts in one week, so get ready...you've never seen a cat fight like this." Rowr.

CTF Guide Updated
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-06-1999 15:24

S.A.S.'s Guide to CTF has been updated once again. They've opened a debate on bot usage in Quake2 CTF, complete with details on how to spot bot users and more.

TerrorQ2 Update
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-06-1999 15:22

The Terror Quake2 team has sent along word of a few new things going on. Firstly they have posted a pic of an upcoming weapon, the M16a2. They've also updated several of their sites as well, which includes bringing their public forum back up online. Visit their site to find more.

Level Creation Contest
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-06-1999 15:02

To celebrate their new site redesign, the ChemicalX team is holding a Quake2 level creation contest. The contest started yesterday, and runs until June 30th, with the winner getting those cool Quake2 action figures, including the "never before seen" Tank Commander figurine. Check their site for the official rules and registration forms.

Kevin Cloud Interview
by NetGuy @ Sun 06-06-1999 15:00

Q3Arena.net has posted an interview with id Software texture artist Kevin Cloud. The interview focuses on art and texture related things, but also offers a few general questions as well.

Generations Review
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-05-1999 23:49

Seven.Three.Fourths Reviews has posted up a new review of the recently released Generations mod. Generations earned a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

TerrorQ2 Bugfix
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-05-1999 15:17

A quick bugfix update for Terror Quake2 is now available on their site. Among the list of fixes is "fixes a bug which occured if leaving which would duplicate all items and weapons you have on you if the server has special items on" and "You can now also remove drugs from the map if you don`t want them there in normal TP."

New Urban Mods Updated
by NetGuy @ Sat 06-05-1999 15:14

UrbanDM v2.01 is now available, with a major bugfix in it, which prevents the server from crashing every 20 minutes. This is now a very stable version, and server admins are encouraged to upgrade. The Urban team is also starting to recreate the development team for UrbanCTF, in order to finish off the mod. Check their site for more info.

New QCC Released
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-04-1999 23:59

A new version of Quake Control Center (QCC) has been released. This is a tool for Quake 2 (and soon Quake3) which helps you organize your mods, install them automatically, launch Quake 2 with them, change their settings, and more. It also has an integrated config script editor.

Brian Hook's New Job
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-04-1999 13:49

Ex-id Software coder and graphics guru, Brian Hook, has finally made public his new employers. As many people guessed, he wound up at Verant Interactive, makers of the popular massively multiplayer game, Everquest. Here's an excerpt from the press release taken from Stratics' Everquest site:
"Verant is the perfect place for me. I'm a huge fan of their games, and the opportunity to work on Verant's future titles is just too good to pass up," said Brian Hook. "I strongly believe in Verant's commitment to making the best Massively Multiplayer games out there, and I'm excited to be able to contribute to a product line that will be the benchmark against which all other Massive Multiplayer games are judged. People are going to be blown away when they see what Verant is working on."

Hook will be involved with programming and technology in both current and future Verant projects.

Q3Test Jumps Page
by NetGuy @ Fri 06-04-1999 13:44

The team over at Metro have posted a nifty little Q3Test2 jumps page, which highlights some of the more skillful jumps you can do on the q3test2 map. They have screenshots with paths drawn out for each jump, as well as a zipped collection of q3test jump recordings and demos.

Zoid's Worklog
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 23:17

Dave "Zoid" Kirsch has posted a worklog in his plan file, covering the changes he's been working on for the unix version of Q3Test:
  • New vmsg and vmsg_team client to server and server to client command. This is the same as say and say_team, except it takes the name of a sound file to play along with the message.
  • Major additions to the client menu system for new team messaging menus for pre-recorded model sayings. The menu system stuffs vmsg commands to perform its work.
  • Fixed it so that a player is only killed when switching teams, not to/from spectator mode.
  • CTF team spawn points are in, team_CTF_redplayer and team_CTF_blueplayer. They are only used at game start, subsequent spawns are in deathmatch starts. Plans to have team only bits on dm starts as well?
  • Added two new system functions, Sys_DefaultCDPath() and Sys_DefaultBasePath(). These establish the default base and cd path directories. Under Windows, they are both set to current dir by default. In Unix, they are set to argv[0]'s path and $HOME/.q3a/ respectively. This allows storing the q3config.cfg in $HOME/.q3a/baseq3 under Unix for per-user execution and settings.
  • If a double signal fault occurs in Linux, exit immediately.
  • stubs for Linux SMP.
  • Reworked the Linux sound drivers based on recommendations by the 4Front guys. Added support for 48KHz output and reorganized the sound driver setup and initialization sequence.
  • added NET_Sleep(msec) call in server code to allow proper CPU throttling. Wakes up on packet or stdin under Unix

King of the Server v2.1
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 22:16

Version 2.1 of King of the Server has been released. New additions include "multi-rockets" which let you fire 3 at a time, and a very cool new item called "teleportation balls", which create teleportation fields that act as personal or group teleporters. Their "Immortals" stats page is now updated hourly, with stats from KOTS servers around the globe.

New TerrorQ2 Released
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 14:33

Team HAVOC has released a brand spankin' new version of Terror Quake2. New fixes and additions include "Last Man Standing" (a deathmatch variant), lots of small bug fixes, weapon/item banning (server), and weapon damage selection (server). Check out the Terror Q2 site for more info and files.

ModKeeper 1.0
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 14:29

The first version of ModKeeper has been released. This is a quick program designed to help you keep your Q2 (and eventually, Q3Arena) mods organized. It will even launch the game with the mod you want to play.

New Carmack Worklog
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 14:17

John Carmack has posted another worklog in his plan file. Here's the entire update:
* ignore cl_maxpackets on LAN
* changed cl_packetdup to 1 by default, and archived
* defaulted com_maxfps to 100 and archived, automatically disabling during timedemo. It was possible to lag out some client connections on ultra fast systems even with cl_maxpackets set fairly low due to a huge number of individual commands being created
* 250 msec minimum time between landing and jumping again I hate having players bouncing around all the time...
* fixed bug with large r_picmip values (white shotgun sight bug)
* new lightning and rail beam drawing
* player torso twitches with pain sounds
* r_drawstrips changed to r_primitives and archived, with changes: default "0" uses glDrawElements if compiled vertex arrays are present, or strips of glArrayElement if not. "1" forces strips, "2" forces drawElements, "-1" skips drawing
* increased rocket speed to 900 from 800 decreased direct hit damage from 120 to 100 splash damage same as 1.05
* removed sound-in-use dialog, auto skip after second try
* made userinfo persistant on server across level changes
* allow different servers to respond to a challenge, allowing redirecting server proxies
* notice bad ip addresses for connection: 192.1234.123.122
* removed neck length pivot to prevent view poking into low subdivided curves. Also make aiming when looking up or down more precise.
I kinda liked jumping around a lot :)

Site Stuff
by NetGuy @ Thu 06-03-1999 14:07

Due to recent legal discussions (no we aren't being sued), I've decided to stop posting links to "Q3Test Expansion Packs". The end user license agreement (EULA) that comes with Q3Test apparently prohibits modifying it in any way, so mods that replace the rocket smoke, or put new weapons into maps are rather illegal. Once the full version of Q3Arena comes out, I'll gladly post links to mods and such like that ;)

Also, this does NOT include programs like fun name makers, since those don't really modify anything.

New Jailbreak Map Pack
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 23:30

A user-created map pack for the Jailbreak Q2 mod has been released. This 2 MB "NeoPak" includes 4 new Jailbreak maps. They note that this is not an official Team Reaction release, so please don't email them with tech support issues.

Demoplay 2.4 Released
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 23:28

Version 2.4 of DemoPlay (shareware) has been released, now with Q3Test support. There are a few changes that must be made before using it, including renaming your 'demoq3' directory to 'baseq3' before you can play back Quake 3 demos properly, and setting 'g_syncronousClients 1' on the server before recording demos.

Zaphod on Linux/Hook
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 17:37

id's Graeme Devine has updated his plan file to wish Brian Hook the best at his new job, and to ask a few quick Linux questions (it's now his OS of choice). Here's a small quote:
Brian is leaving, and I just want to wish him well. He shall be missed. We're not going to be bringing anyone else in during Quake3 development.

I'm a bit behind on feedback email and it's all Lilith and Eve's fault. I went to watch their show over the weekend and Realplayer said I needed to upgrade, so I did, and since then I've been toast. I'm sure it's not Realnetwork's fault, there's simply too much beta about my Windows install to make it safe for things like DLL files.

Since then I've shifted to Linux (RedHat 6.0) as my major desktop. No more Win32!

New FvF Released
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 16:32

I saw over on Blue's that a new version of Future vs. Fantasy for QuakeWorld has been released. The major new feature in this version is a new gameplay mode called "Hunt the Alien". It also has the usual bugfixes and tweaks. FvF is a classic, if you haven't played it before, then there's no time like the present ;)

Quaker's Domain Update
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 16:27

The Quaker's Domain site admins passed along a note asking us to inform everyone of QD's imminent return to the gaming scene, after a longer-than-expected hiatus due to hosting problems. They'll soon be back up and running at their regular domain, and with news of their new project, "IQA: The International Quake Association". Keep an eye out for news of their return and the IQA's release!

ModCentral Reviews
by NetGuy @ Wed 06-02-1999 16:23

The guys over at ModCentral have taken a look at two recently-released mods, one for Q2 and one for Half-Life. The Quake2 mod that's reviewed is Generations, which lets a person play as the Wolf3D, Doom, Quake, or Quake2 characters. It also includes 28 maps that have been converted from Doom, Doom II, and Quake.

BTW, sorry for the late start on the news :)

Brian Hook Leaving id Software
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-01-1999 22:52

Brian Hook has made a plan file update to announce his departure from id Software. Here's the update in its entirety:
Final, June 1, 1999

Egads, how rumors fly so quickly and brazenly. And how scary that they are often so close to the truth and yet so far. :-)

To make a long story short, I'm leaving id.

My work at id has been a pivotal and important part of my life. I've learned a lot about programming, team work, and dealing with being in a position of high visibility. Even better, I've made some really good friends. The owners here have given me a great opportunity to advance myself both professionally and personally and they've rewarded me far better than expected in the process. This is a once in a lifetime gig, and will mark one of the most significant periods in my life.

For all these things and more I am hugely appreciative to Kevin, John, and Adrian. I cannot emphasize enough what kind of a privilege and learning experience it has been working here and, specifically, working with John. The type of talent, genius, and hard work he has demonstrated is the kind of thing you see once in a generation, and I feel privileged to have been able to work with someone of his caliber.

The team here consists of some of the most talented people I have ever worked with, and it was one hell of a ride working with so many people that simply will not accept anything but the best from you or them. These guys have done a stellar job with Quake2 and Quake3 -- which will OWN the first person deathmatch market -- and going forward, I expect even bigger and better things from this crew.

And of course -- the fans. You guys and gals rock. I may have had my disagreements with some of you in the past, but most of all, if you're flaming at me, it's because you care, and I'd much rather have you folks argue with me than not give a damn.

Crap, I'm getting all teary eyed and shit, so instead of turning this into some James Cameron acceptance speech, let me wrap up.

I will probably remain here another week or two cleaning up loose odds and ends, getting things transfered over cleanly, and saying my goodbyes. For business stuff, if you are an IHV your interim point of contact will be Graeme (zaphod@idsoftware.com). I expect that I will continue to receive e-mail here for a bit, so I will start forwarding relevant e-mails to the appropriate parties.

There is no sinister reason for my departure, it's actually an age old story: I got an offer from another company that, quite simply, I could not refuse. Later this week a press release will be issued announcing my new position, and I'm sure some of you will not be surprised when you see where I've ended up. :-)

Signing off,

Brian Hook
We'd like to wish the best of luck to Brian at his new job, and congratulations on his continued success.

New Sites/Makeovers
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-01-1999 20:27

  • Loki's Missions is a new site from the Loki's Minions team (creators of the very cool LMCTF Q2 mod), which concentrates on bringing you some of the best single player adventures for Quake2 and Half-Life. They've already released a 15-map Half-Life mission, as well as a preview of their upcoming Quake2 mission, "Escape".
  • The Locator, the multiplayer weblist for Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, and Half-Life has a new look, and will be turning 1 year old in June. All clans, tournaments, rings, and league are welcome to join with them!

Bots in Q3Test?
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-01-1999 20:12

Apparently it's possible. I've gotten several emails about this file, which claims to add support for bots in Q3Test. I have not tried it myself, but it has been a topic of discussion on sCary's messageboards, and it looks legit. Also, there's no guarantees that it isn't virus free, so use at your own risk. If you find that the first site is too slow, you can grab it from here, courtesy of the MapZone.

Q3Arena User Benchmarks
by NetGuy @ Tue 06-01-1999 15:25

The Croatian Quake3 Arena Scene has posted a new revision of their user benchmarks page. They've added a new ranking system to the layout, as well as forums where people are encouraged to discuss the benchmarks and ask questions.

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