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RA3 looking for new maps
by DGhost @ [04:12 PM] May 30 2003

If you are not already aware, the new team (Ataxia software) working on the devellopement on Rocket Arena 3 is looking for new maps to be include in the next release of RA3. The rules are posted on their forum. To summarise it:
  • No remakes/conversions-to-ra3 of any kind.
  • The map must not have been released before.
  • You must include a compiled, ready-to-run version of the map.
  • You must provide us with the 'source' files for the map so we can have a look.
  • Keep polygon counts/shader counts/etc within reasonable limits.
  • Thanks to Tumi's Tomb for the news.

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is out!
    by DGhost @ [08:27 PM] May 29 2003

    The full version of Enemy territory has been released last night, featuring 6 levels, this expansion pack doesn't require you to have the full version of Return to castle Wolfenstein be installed and on top of that it's free! What more do you want with that? The game is available for Linux and Win32 for the moment, IDsoftware have set up a BitTorrent link for download or you can also take a look at the ever after Fileplanet for downloading.
  • Fileplanet - Win32 (257.8MB)
  • FilePlanet - Linux (258.1MB)
  • BitTorrent - Win32 (257.8MB)
  • BitTorrent - Linux (258.1MB)
  • Well, another good game using one of the ID engine!

    Update: Just a small reminder for those of you who can't stand waiting for Fileplanet, there are mores mirrors on the official webpage of Enemy territory.

    New models @ polycount
    by DGhost @ [05:53 PM] May 27 2003

    Been a while since I saw some new models @ Polycount. We are lucky since they posted 3 new models for Quake 3 yesterday! Check out:
  • Bitsumi
  • Barbarella
  • Major Bludd
  • All you models need will be fullfilled @ Polycount!

    Rocket Arena 1.65 is here!
    by DGhost @ [05:46 PM] May 27 2003

    Not too long after version 1.6 here come version 1.65 fixing some bugs:
  • Shaft gfx pointed at ground
  • Falling damage sounds
  • Specinvite messages
  • Player lean
  • End-Of-Round window bugs
  • Flood protection
  • Better \stats
  • Floor damage bugfixes
  • Arena selection menu fixes
  • Crosshairs
  • Competition mode gives a black screen for spectators not following a player
    Talk about being efficient! Hit the Rocket Arena webpage for download (upgrade or full version available)!

    News about Urban Terror
    by DGhost @ [03:21 PM] May 27 2003

    Oswald has updated the Urban Terror website with some new regarding the next version of UT. Version 2.7 was supposed to come but the devellopement went along and the next version should be beta 3.0. The update regarding this next version is pretty big so I'll just post a small part of it and if you want to read the rest, well you can hit their website.
    First off, Beta 3.0 will be completely repacked; gone are the seven pak files from your 'q3ut2' directory, replaced by a single, trimmed down pak file. Right now, we only have estimates for the final release, but once it's confirmed we will pass along the total size. Remember by repacking the files, many duplicate files will be removed, including .tga, .jpgs and .bsp files (ever see the size of some of those .bsp files for the maps?). So, while this new pack will be a considerably larger download than an update, it will allow us to clean up much of the mess we have made getting to this point. Now, onto some of the details from the development team.
    And go read the rest for all the details because the next version of UT should be a major release!

    Tenebrae 2 screenshots
    by DGhost @ [06:12 PM] May 24 2003

    4 screenshots have been released for the next version of Tenebrae! Geee the graphics are impressive! The screenshots have been released on the webpage of willihammes.
  • First screenshot
  • Second screenshot
  • Third screenshot
  • And the last one

  • The Matrix wants you!
    by DGhost @ [02:26 PM] May 24 2003

    Actually, it's the mod's team that need some help. Lemme copy/paste you what they want exactly:
  • Modellers, whether you just model or if you can even animate, we can use your help.
  • 2D Artists, if you can skin weapon models, or player models, or if you can make awesome graphics, or map textures, we can use your help.
  • Coders, if you have some experience in coding, we can most likely use your help.
  • Mappers, we can always use some skillful mappers.
  • So you think your skills are good enough to help for a matix mod? I've been playing the video game enter the matrix lately and I must say it's pretty good, but I would be curious to see if this mod could be even better than the official game itself. Hit the Matrix Quake 3 project for more information.

    Interview with Daler
    by DGhost @ [06:22 PM] May 24 2003

    The website Cached.net got an interview with Daler who beated Fatality during the QuakeCon 2002. Again, another interview on the live of professional gamers, good read if you like that.

    New addition to the WTF team
    by DGhost @ [11:20 PM] May 21 2003

    The team behing the WTF map packs are now working on some new maps and with that 3 new mappers are joining the team, Hal9000, Q and 79DieselRabbit. And as always, the maps are designed for CTF.

    New version of Punkbuster
    by DGhost @ [01:17 PM] May 20 2003

    New version of PunkBuster was released yesterday from EvenBalance making it version 1.034 and fix the following bug:
  • addressed bug that forces players in OK status to spec mode when a new update is released

  • Machinima festival
    by DGhost @ [01:13 PM] May 20 2003

    The Machinima festival is calling for entries (.pdf format)! Think you can make a movie in 3D and it's worth showing it? Why not give Machinima a try? Machinima is to make films with a 3D game engine. An example of that is the music video from Zero 7, "In the waiting line" which was made with the Quake based tools. Hit Machinima for all the details (and thx to Planetquake for the info).

    Doom 3 video
    by DGhost @ [12:59 PM] May 20 2003

    If you haven't still see it, a new Doom 3 demo was released last week for the E3. Worth to download, the demo is about 30 megs. You can download it from the ever there FilePlanet or you can download it from BitTorrent for the best speed.

    ..::LVL is at it again
    by DGhost @ [12:37 PM] May 19 2003

    ..::LVL is featuring new reviews again! Again, some reviews on CTF maps. Mmmmm I wonder why?

    Trent Reznor no longer making the music for Doom 3
    by DGhost @ [01:12 PM] May 16 2003

    Bad news! From the website of The NIN hotline it seems that Trent Reznor, creator of Nine Inch Nails will no longer compose the music for Doom 3. This is a sad day indeed, for me at least, since I always (and still are) a Nine Inch Nails fan! Here's the reason why Trent don't make the music for Doom 3:
    Trent Reznor is no longer involved with ID software's Doom3 project. The length of time needed to complete the gaming project has taken longer than expected. Reznor is now working full-time on the next NIN record and word is that recording is going very well. Stay tuned!

    To clarify... Trent's music/sound will not be available for release in the retail game or in any further game demos.
    Bouhouhouhou /me is crying! Well at least we got confirmation that he's working on a new album, but oh the humanity!

    Doom 3 benchmarks
    by DGhost @ [08:21 PM] May 15 2003

    Well, I completely missed this one, I just found the article on HardOCP just now! Shame on me. They published an article that benchmarks some video card of Nvidia against, you know it, ATI. Cards tested are: The GeForceFX 5900 Ultra, 5600 Ultra, Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB, 9600 Pro, and 9500 Pro. All tested on Doom 3! For the hardware amateur.

    Update : Also take a look on the story that is running about Nvidia who may had some problem with "optimization" of their drivers. You can find the story on Ars technica.

    Carmak talk @ the E3
    by DGhost @ [01:01 PM] May 15 2003

    If you remember, I told you that Carmak was going to make a speech at the E3 this year, well here it is, and as always, GameSpy is there to give us all the juicy details! The article was written by Fargo himself!

    Doom 3 on the Xbox
    by DGhost @ [12:57 PM] May 14 2003

    It's official, IDsoftware got a deal with Microsoft for porting Doom 3 on the Xbox console. Not too much details on the deal, but I'm pretty sure that Microsoft will have the exclusivity of the game on the Xbox only and no other console could get it. Anyway I'm not going to play that game on a console, it would be sacrilegious! Here's the official press release"
    id Software Confirms Doom 3 For Xbox
    Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 19:39 GMT

    id SoftwareTM and Activision confirmed today that id Software's DOOM 3TM, the most anticipated game of the year, is headed to the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft.

    Built on id's revolutionary new 3D graphics engine, DOOM 3 draws players into the most terrifying and riveting 3D gaming experience ever created. id Software and Activision will feature a new trailer of the PC version at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, beginning Wednesday, May 14, in Activision's booth #1224 in the South Hall.

    First released in 1993, DOOM is widely recognized as the catalyst for the first-person action genre. Since its inception, the franchise has been one of the industry's best-selling PC series. A release date for DOOM 3 for Xbox is not available.
    I'll stick to the pc version on my side!

    Another article on Doom 3
    by DGhost @ [01:26 AM] May 13 2003

    This one was published in the USA Today. An article meant more for the meanstream reader. But with an excellent view on the subject. You can read it here.

    New reviews @ ..::LVL (sic)
    by DGhost @ [12:53 PM] May 12 2003

    Some new reviews are posted @ ..::LVL, by some well, eeerr, nice guy? Hehehehe, take a look for a CTF madness review:
  • UMP 3
  • Hydrophobia
  • Head in the clouds
  • XCMCTF-Pak1
  • Putty CTF
  • If you are looking for some maps but don't know which one are good, take a look @ ..::LVL.

    Update on Urban terror
    by DGhost @ [05:44 PM] May 11 2003

    Well, Oswald, Project Coordinator for the Urban Terror mod has given us a small update on their mod on the webpage of Silicon ice, the team behind the mod. A small project for the mod is going on at the University of Texas (in Arlington) with a small team of programmers that are looking into improving the bots for Urban Terror. No date has been given since it's a project that will be merged with Urban terror in a not-so-certain futur yet, but it should be interesting to see a better support for bots in the mod in question.

    Video from the LsN clan
    by DGhost @ [05:18 PM] May 11 2003

    A spanish clan, called LsN has released a video from their recorded games. A lot of nice shots that you should check out! With techo music (hey I love that stuff). The video is being hosted on PlanetQuake3.net, here's the download page.

    Wants some info on the Quakcon 2003?
    by DGhost @ [05:30 PM] May 08 2003

    Well, well, well. I drank my beer too fast and here I am trying to write a news without making too much mistake. This is a tough challenge, but don't worry I'll handle it! The QuakeCon 2003 is coming this summer (hey, you should already know that) and again I won't be there (I feel like crying for that). Anyway until then here's some information for people who will go there. First of all, on the website of Planetquake3.net they've got some pictures of the new site where the convention will be held. And next friday, the website Clanmatch radio will have an interview with Doc Wilco a staff member of the QuakeCon @ 6:00 pm EST on the Winamp radio. Could be interresting to listen.

    3 new levels @ ..::lvl
    by DGhost @ [11:54 PM] May 07 2003

    ..::lvl got 3 new review for us:
  • Apocalypse by Burnz and Moze
  • Ancient Tower Construct by Jan Janele
  • Hang on by dAde
  • At the same time they are warning us that due to moving from from Germany to Australia, ..::lvl will not be updated for the whole month of june. They also need at the same time some help from you, for making some reviews of the maps on their waiting list. If you think you can write some good review and you have some spare time, feel free to make one!

    Star Trek : Elite Force 2 demo is out
    by DGhost @ [12:01 AM] May 07 2003

    A new game, again worth mentioning, well actually it's a demo. 'Cauz the game is not ready yet. Can you believe that after more than 3 years that the Quake 3 engine has been released, a new game will use it again? Yep, the demo for Star Trek : Elite Force 2 is still using it. Ritual seems to have made a good job again and Even, Bobo_the_seal (who's working for Ritual) has managed to post a small message on a forum aobut changing the skins in the demo. And yes, the game look very beautifull. Even after 3 years, the Quake 3 engine still has it! Take note also that the first Elite Force was develloped by RavenSoftware, so it's not the same gang as before. And the demo is about 118 megs.

    A review of Industri
    by DGhost @ [11:46 PM] May 05 2003

    Industri is the first public maps based on the Tenebrae engine. Single player game using the eye-blowing engine of Tenebrae! You can read a review of the custom maps here.

    Quake rocks my world
    by DGhost @ [06:34 PM] May 04 2003

    Well, it was really fun. 4 days straight under the sky, I feel better already. And here I'm back with some news for Quake, the classic! 3 news about 3 mods in one shot!

    FuhQuake is a win32 (and linux also) quakeworld client that brings you a lot of gameplay and console improvements (and some new special effects). Latest version that has been released today is 0.28 and here's the features list:
  • Saving/loading single player game support.
  • Complete skybox support is now available.
  • FPS speedups for GL clients (especially linux GLX).
  • XMMS support for linux clients.
  • New pyro flame and emp effects for teamfortress.
  • After that we got Ultimate Deathmatch which is a mod that let you save your Deathmatch setup and any settings in the game and the feature list for this mod is too big for me to paste it here. Check out the webpage of Ultimate Deathmatch for all the informations regarding this mod.

    And for the last one, some news about the Telejano where version 7.2 has been released lately featuring, again, a lot of new things.

    Xtreme Arena for Quake 3
    by cTbone @ [08:25 AM] May 02 2003

    Xtreme Arena version 1.16 is out. This mod includes a big list of server and client-side modifications including a new command menu system, a mini score board, increased guantlet running speed (by 50%), and more. After you download a copy be sure to check out their server page for a bunch of places to play.

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