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Quake and Quake II update for MacOS X
by DGhost @ [01:58 PM] May 31 2002

Well the guys @ Fruitz of Dojo got 2 new updates for Quake (v1.0.7) and Quake II (v1.0.5) on MacOs X. Check their download page for the updates.

Issues With SOF 2 Multiplayer
by EZD @ [08:37 PM] May 30 2002

Bryan Dube from Raven has updated his .plan to talk about some issues with SOF II Multiplayer.
So, whats happening in the world of Sof2 multiplayer you ask? Well, hopefully this will answer that question. First we would like to address some of the bigger known issues that Raven is actively trying to resolve. These are by no means the only issues we are looking at, but instead the larger issues. When a patch is released a full list of changes made will be released along with it as well as updated mod source.
Check out his entire .plan here.

Write a Walkthrough and Win a Game!
by EZD @ [08:33 PM] May 30 2002

Raven Software's SOF II Site is looking for someone to write a detailed walkthrough for SOF II and other games from Raven.
We're looking for a Soldier of Fortune II walkthrough to publish on RavenGames... write one and get a free game of your choice!
Cick here for details.

GTKRadiant 1.2.9
by DGhost @ [10:46 AM] May 29 2002

Whoooa so much news about our small world of Quake. So now we got the newest version of GTKRadiant. They added support for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and fixed a couple of small bugs. You can read the changelog here. The next version will support the following games:
- Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix went gold recently, we should have support for it soon.
- We are getting a lot of requests from mappers about Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. We are still looking for a developer to be in charge of MoH support. The other thing is that MoH will require some internal changes in GtkRadiant, which will be in our next main version 1.3.
- Half-Life / Counter Strike support is coming along nicely, mostly thanks to Hydra's efforts. We expect to have a beta of GtkRadiant 1.3 with HL support soon.
This tool is getting better at each release.

It's Graeme and Tim's turn!
by DGhost @ [06:11 PM] May 28 2002

So to close up the coverage of Doom III, Gamespy got the latest interview with the guys of IDsoftware with Graeme Devine (Mac lover) and Tim Willits (lead designer, yadayada). As always, nice stuff to know how the development of the game is going on. You can read the interview here.

Threewave 1.6 coming up next
by DGhost @ [10:13 PM] May 27 2002

And yet again, some news from Threewave that a new pach is coming (fixing a couple of bugs from the last patch). Head on to their webpage for the full story, wich is not so full.

Interview with Antkow and Nilsson
by DGhost @ [10:11 PM] May 27 2002

In the mood, yet again, for the Doom III coverage @ the E3, GameSpy now got an interview with Fred Nilsson and Christian Antkow. You can read the stuff here. Tomorrow it's Graeme Devine and Tim Willits turn to get under the axe.

SOF II Single Player Cheats
by EZD @ [11:17 AM] May 26 2002

After playing the SOF II multiplayer for a while, I decided to gun a few people down in the single player. It's nice when you kill someone you can remove individual body parts while they lay on the floor. To make this easier, I used cheat codes (I love to just open up with the M60). The cheats are basically the same as Q3, for the entire list and how to work the console click here.

SOF II Runner
by EZD @ [10:41 AM] May 26 2002

The SOF Demo Runner has been upgraded to work on both versions of SOF II. Aphextwin from Custom Installations released the full version Friday.
SOF2 Runner, the server setup utility for Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix, is currently at version beta .7 this version adds support for the new retail full version.

As always I am open to feedback, requests, observations, bugs! etc.
Get the latest version here.

Interview with JC
by DGhost @ [12:14 PM] May 24 2002

Yet again... as GameSpy do the follow up of Doom III @ the E3, they pinned down our crazy coder John Carmak from IDsoftware (hey who doesn't know that JC work @ ID? :P) for an interview. Do I need to add that it's really good?

SOF II SDK Released
by EZD @ [07:56 AM] May 24 2002

The Software Development Kit for SOF II has been released. Rick Johnson from Raven had this to say in his .plan:
As promised, you can now get the SoF2 MP SDK Here! We'll have a forum set up shortly for support, once I get the new server configured. The SDK includes game code, editors (radiant, fx, modeling, etc), tools (bsp, modeling, etc), documentation on various file formats, and some samples (skin files, map, etc). The SDK is mainly MP specific, though there are some things which apply to the SP that are included.

It's also available from Soldier Of Fortune Land.

Jedi Outcast Map Pack
by EZD @ [07:57 AM] May 24 2002

Jedi Outcast Maps has released a bunch of maps from several authors. There are 8 in all, check them out here.

Soldier Of Forture II Dedicated Linux Servers
by EZD @ [07:10 AM] May 23 2002

Planet Soldier reports that the dedicated linux server binaries have been released. I have just got my SOF 2 from EBworld, and have yet to play the thing! Just too busy! Anyway, here's the scoop from Planet....
I'm holding my copy of SoF2 in my hands right now, but I'm holding off playing for a moment to let you all know that the Linux Dedicated Client File (~700k .zip format) has been released. It was sent to us with the note that it "is released as 'not having had that much testing', so please be advised." At any rate, click here to get it from FilePlanet.
The latest word from Jim Drews, the SoF2 Linux Programmer, is that the Linux Dedicated Client may exhibit some problems when attempting to run RMG maps on the server. They are working to resolve the problem, and we here at PlanetSoldier will keep you posted with any further developments.

Doom III (again)
by DGhost @ [06:55 PM] May 22 2002

Whoooa with the Gamespy's coverage of Doom III @ E3 there is a ton of new stuff. Here's some screenshots of the movie/presentation and also the movie itself (WARNING: 2 hours of waiting), after that there is an interview with JC at Gamers. Anything else?

First look of Doom III
by DGhost @ [12:55 PM] May 22 2002

For a follow-up of the coverage of Doom III @ the E3 from GameSpy, today we got a glimpse of the game itself and the story behind it (there was a story in Doom?). Like science fiction writer Matthew Costello who wrote the game's story and dialogue (he worked on the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour games). It seems that ID is really focus on develloping a strong story and an atmosphere/feeling of fear. Anyway stop reading me and go read the coverage!

Doom III @ E3
by DGhost @ [01:02 PM] May 22 2002

GameSpy is doing an excellent cover of Doom III at the E3 (hehe that's cute to say... say it 10 times, faster each time). Some question with Marty Stratton from ID and a couple of pictures... The more interresting stuff will be tomorrow where they'll feature a 7-minute movie on the history of DOOM. Here's a little preview with Marty:
GameSpy: From the looks of things, it looks like you guys are planning something pretty big for E3 -- can you tell us a little about it?

MS: We couldn't be more excited about the show this year. It is our first public showing of the game (not just a technology demonstration), and we've planned the most impressive game demonstration I've ever seen -- and I've been at every single E3. I'll save the details for later. =)
Whoaaaa I wanna see that!

New ∆stats - ∆on's Stats v5.30
by awoq @ [10:40 AM] May 20 2002

A new version of ∆stats - ∆on's Stats has been released bringing it up to v5.30. AEstats is a log file analyser for 3D shooters (including Q3Arena) with stats/ranking output in HTML. Revisions in this release include:
  • Added return to castle wolfenstein support with 20 weapon and 20 suicide obituaries.
  • Added jedi knight ii support with 30 weapon and 12 suicide obituaries.
  • Updated support for strike force (ut mod) with 4 new weapon (widowmaker, steyr aug, m203, hkg36) and 1 new suicide obituary.
  • Updated support for tactical ops (ut mod, retail) with 5 new weapon (9f2pistol, berg509, gl23, m4a1,uzi) obituaries.
  • fixed a really bad crash bug, that would sometimes happen when aestats tried to generate html output pages.
  • Fixed colored names for all q3a-engine games, specifically rtcw and jk2. the color escape characters are properly removed from the output pages.
  • New cygwin1.dll included, this should fix some problems with winxp and nt.
  • ∆stats now supports 50 games/mods... wheee :).
  • Started getting team stats in, new pages are calculated, but they are way from final! but i am keeping them in to do more testing etc.
  • Future releases will not only include binaries for win32 and linux, but now also for mac os x.
You can check find out all the details of this parser and get the download at the ∆stats website.

Eternal Arena 5.8.1 Released
by EZD @ [02:46 AM] May 20 2002

Well, things have finally quieted down at work (even though I'm posting this at 2:30 am!), so I'm back in business... Eternal Arena 5.8 and then 5.8.1 was released last week. The latest version has a bunch of goodies and fixes including:
- added Cloak gametype
- added MultiFlag gamemode
- added cg_gore cvar (bigger explosions, x2 blood, x2 gibs)
- added extra menu for additional gametype callvotes
- added Survival frags drop health
- removed health in Survival
- fixed some gametype callvotes not fitting onto dynamic menu
- fixed g_starthealth not initialising
- fixed team orders menu not showing for CTF Instagib
- fixed internal server browser sorting
Download the latest version here.

What's new @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [12:26 AM] May 18 2002

It's been a while since we got any new Quake 3 models from them. So here's the new stuff on our favorite models place. Churchill is one of the latest model who got a really good rating (9/10). The Brothers Grim are working on a nice looking model that you can see a screenshot here. It looks like a lot of people are skinning on it. A pretty cool looking model also that is available is Zorak from the TV show "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast". A magnificient VF-1J from the TV show Robotech/Macross. And lastly, someone who maybe had too much time available on his hands, a Hooligan(7/10). Okay that's it I'm dead, my bed is calling me.

It's there to get you (the 1.5 patch)
by DGhost @ [11:15 PM] May 16 2002

Threewave 1.5 is out! Featuring 8 new maps, 3 additional gametypes and other changes... You can check their mirrors page here.

Quake 3 Fortress Quickies
by DGhost @ [10:34 PM] May 15 2002

Okay here's a couple of related items to Quake 3 Fortress:
LeakSpot got a new map for the mod called The Space tube.

Interview with Ghetto, the Lead Quality Assurance member of Q3F @ The Fragzone.

Finally, the DTeam is working on a new map for, guess what? Quake 3 fortress.
Mmmm juicy...

The dark conjunction: source code
by DGhost @ [12:42 PM] May 14 2002

Like I said a while ago, The Dark Conjunction has released their source code to the net. Check their download page for all the available mirrors.

Parhelia announced
by DGhost @ [09:28 AM] May 14 2002

Well, if you are, like me, into matrox video card, you may have heard about their newest product that has just been announced. The Parhelia has generated a lot of wild rumors but at last it's here and you can see all the specs @ The hardware zone. Now I wonder how Doom III will look with this new baby. Ho! Btw, the new card is not dual head anymore. It's triple head and yes, you can Quake with 3 monitors on it @ about 300 fps. Yes, I said 3 hundreds FPS.

SOF2 is GOLD!!
by EZD @ [05:05 PM] May 13 2002

Raven reports that SOF II has gone gold and will be released on May 21st. (I've pre-ordered it!!)
That's right! SOF2 has gone GOLD and should be found in stores next week. Seems that Activision has kept their schedule to release by May 21st as mentioned by EBGames.com (where I suggest you shop, personally).

Also, remember to keep an eye on SOFFiles.com for the SDK release. It wasn mentioned by Raven that the SDK would be released at the same time as the game... so get those download engines ready.

New Punkbuster Released
by EZD @ [05:01 PM] May 13 2002

A new version of the anti-cheating software Punkbuster was released yesterday...
PunkBuster has been updated to a new version and placed on the master servers for auto update. Linux Admins who are experiencing a "non responsive" PunkBuster with the current version can download the new v0.987 Linux PB Server binary from here.

Threewave CTF next thursday
by DGhost @ [02:19 PM] May 12 2002

It's coming to get you alive! Mouhahahaha. Well not really but be ready for Threewave version 1.5 will be there next thursday. Fire up your modem, get ready to race for the download, this new baby will feature 8 new maps. Another reason for me to quit my girlfriend and spend all the rest of my life on this mod!

Quake game loader v1.3
by DGhost @ [02:11 PM] May 12 2002

Whoooa 2 days in a row without any update... That's pretty long and sorry about it. It's really a busy week end for me and I've got 20 minutes to post something... So Quake game loader is a nifty utility to start/load a game of the old classic Quake. It seems also that in a near/far future it will support Quake 2/3 and Half life. Could be really usefull. But for the moment it stick for Quake only.

Threewave update
by DGhost @ [12:53 PM] May 09 2002

Dekard is giving us some news about our beloved CTF mod, Threewave. Instead of re-typing everything let me use one of the most usefull feature of a computer wich is called copy and paste.
I whipped up a cheesy little avi of the new marioesque "coin mini game" that is being added as one of the minigames in the new Episode voting portal. You can download the 4.2 meg bundle of joy right here. With the alternate Episode voting portal you will now be able to vote for 'sets' of maps or 'episodes' which you will play those maps with the gametype and episode that was voted on, then return to the portal for further voting. It's excellent stuff, 1.5 is looking to be the best release yet. More Threewave quality maps coming with this release as well!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love that mod!

Work in progress of Kiltron
by DGhost @ [12:47 PM] May 10 2002

Kiltron from the Mean Arena is working on a new map (his second one, the first one was called Deviant) as a promotion for the new album of PitchShifter, PSI. The map will, of course, feature a song from the album. As usual, when the map will be available, I'll let you know.

UMP patch
by DGhost @ [12:17 AM] May 09 2002

As I was saying yesterday... The UMP patch is here. Fixing a couple of shaders problems. You can download the small 2kbs patch here.

Quake 1 map pack
by DGhost @ [11:39 PM] May 08 2002

It seems that it's the days for some map pack... But for this one you ain't on drugs for sure, you read me right, it's for Quake 1. Good ol' trusty Quake. This map pack was created for the Classic 3D games map pack competition. This contest from CocoT has brought us a map pack with some wacky ideas for Quake 1. You can download the pack here. But first make sure that you find your old cd of Quake and reinstall it. Maybe I'll do that this week end.

Quake 3 movie, Star Wars style
by DGhost @ [11:21 PM] May 07 2002

A couple of days ago I received an email from Snizh-Fize about a new Quake 3 OSP Clan movie. Pretty good player as I saw. The introduction must be in german since I didn't understand anything but I think that fragging is a universal language. Anyway some funny hello to Mortal Kombat and Star Wars. You can download that 72 megs avi here.

UMP patch
by DGhost @ [11:26 PM] May 07 2002

Not so long ago I posted a news about the UMP. There is some problems with shaders so they will release a patch to fix the problem. Of course I'll tell you when it'll be out.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Patch
by EZD @ [02:11 PM] May 07 2002

There is a new JKII patch out from LucasArts. Here's a list of the fixes:
* Corrects an issue where players were unable to cycle to detonator packs and trip mines on the ďexplosivesĒ key unless they also had Thermal Detonators.
* Corrects an issue that prevented launching a multiplayer game on AMD(TM) dual processor machines.
* Corrected an exploit to prevent players from using illegal models in the game.
* Corrected an exploit that allowed players to have force powers outside of what the server rules allow.
* Added a keyboard icon that appears over the player's head when the player is chatting or configuring force powers.
* Backflip now requires that you double tap the jump button.
* Lightsaber usage in multiplayer has been modified to work similarly to the way it works in single player levels. This will enable better saber battles up close with your opponent.
* Lightsabers will do less damage at the very start and very end of a swing. This should prevent kills from just touching an opponent with the tip of your lightsaber.
* Other players will not see the glow from a player using force absorb until they are attacked.
* Force Heal and Force Drain have been adjusted to require more force energy to use them.
* Corrected an issue that prevent lightsaber locking from occurring in duels even if it was enabled by the server.
* Correct various Duel mode issues, including: * Reconfiguring force powers will not place your player at bottom of queue.
* If one player leaves during a match when dueling with more than 1 kill limit, the next person in line will not enter the match with the score of the person who left the match.
* Changing skins will no longer produce a loss score on HUD that includes fraglimit.

Single Player:
* Corrected an issue that would cause the third AT-ST on Artus_Topside to disappear that prevented Jan from landing.
* Corrected an issue that caused enemies not to be alerted by the body of a comrade in their field of vision.
* Corrected an issue where enemies did not try to avoid thermal detonators that were thrown at them.
* Corrected an issue that would cause the player to be unable to attack for about thirty seconds if they were force pushed out of a saberlock.
Get more information, or download the patch here.

Bid for power 1.2
by DGhost @ [11:18 PM] May 06 2002

It's here gang! Version 1.2 has been released! Be sure to check their download page to get the file!

Geocomp2 maps, where?
by DGhost @ [12:47 AM] May 06 2002

Mommy! I wanna download some maps from the Geocomp2, but where? Fear not! (I wonder sometime where I get my stupid lines to post news :P). Anyway here's a pretty good link for that. So here's the list of all the links to download all the maps. Easy uh? What do you think about all these maps? Wich one is your favorite? Why? What's the best one to frag? Gimme all your comments in this post!

Bid for power 1.2 tomorrow
by DGhost @ [12:44 AM] May 06 2002

Yep! That's right folks! Bid for power, the popular mod of the DragonBall Z universe, version 1.2 is coming for tomorrow. Here's a list of some fixes for this version:
More crunchy bugfixes than 10 bowls of 1.1.
6 new nutricious attacks.
1 new map, and 2 new improved versions of maps.
Complete rebalance of everything.
More news tomorrow of course! :)

RtCW for mac, FAQ and review
by DGhost @ [01:58 AM] May 05 2002

Okay, pretty slow today. So on one side , Aspyr Studio got a nice FAQ of the game (for mac, of course) and also there is a review of the game @ Inside Mac Games. Also in the FAQ you can learn that the patch 1.31 is coming along.

GtkRadiant 1.2.7 Update Released
by EZD @ [06:13 PM] May 03 2002

GtkRadiant version 1.2.7 was released today. The release is for for bug fixes, no new game support.
- The mod editing configuration has been fixed and improved.
- The File menu has a handy shortcut to bring you to the website and check if a new version is available.
You can pick up the new version here.
They also have some comments about future game support:
We got a lot of requests lately for various games support. Here's the status:
Jedi Knight II: We are working on JKII support. There has been a lot of requests for JKII, and we hope to have a JKII game pack in the upcoming 1.2 releases
Soldier Of Fortune II: Is not even released yet! But obviously we will have support for it too.
Medal Of Honor: We don't get as many requests for MoH support. We don't have plans to put some developer resources into MoH at this point, but we will happily help some new developers who would want to get involved.
Half-Life: Is still under way. The first release of GtkRadiant with HL support will be a beta of the 1.3 series.
Quake II and Quake: Would be in the 1.3 releases too. We are lacking developers for this too.

Just .plan Crazy!
by EZD @ [06:12 PM] May 03 2002

Well, there are a bunch of updated .plans today, mostly from the Raven Software crew.
Bryan Dube's first post is a big one. He talks about the SOF 2 Test issues and bug fixes:
Well, this is my first plan update so why not make it a big one. Since the Sof2 test was release and we have recieved a few hundred emails with suggestions and comments for improvements. The following is a list of what has been fixed, changed, and or updated since the test build was made available. Note, this does not mean we are releasing a patch for the test, instead its simply an update to let everyone know what we have been up to.
- run animations revamped to help eliminate foot sliding
- new lean animations added - fixed bug that prevented you from seeing yourself type a chat message
- server option to disable specifc votes
- now says who killed you above scoreboard after dying
- added affirmative and negative radio messages
- thermal and nightvision goggles are now visible on players
- flags and briefcase show up as icons now in radar
- added "knife" keyword to "weaptoggle" command
- "weaptoggle" command now accepts a single parameter (ie, weaptoggle primary)
- sort columns on server browser fixed
- password protected column added to the server browser
- server browser screen enlarged to allow more info to be displayed
- flashbang cheat fixed
- grenade timer reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
- flame grenade effect now more accurately represents the damage area
- can no longer easily stand on another players head

and much much more....
Check out his entire plan here.

Scott McNutt says a few words about the test and askes for more valuable comments:
I would like to Thank everyone who has downloaded the Soldier of Fortune demo and a Thank You for posting your opinions on the SoF messageboards. We are trying out best to read through them. Comments are welcomed, but ones that simply say 'SoF sucks' do not help us when we are trying to figure why you thought it sucked. Please be more descriptive and we will try and address the issues. We have worked long and hard trying to make SoF a fun game for all and really want to hear why you did not like in more then 2 words.
You can take a look at the .plan summary here.

Doom III
by DGhost @ [01:08 PM] May 03 2002

Whoooa big news gang! :P An article on Yahoo is informing us that IDsoftware and Activision are partners for the next Doom. Okay we all already know these thing since Activision has been distributing IDsoftware titles for the last years. But, more interresting is that we should see something about Doom III at the E3. Weeeeeeee!!!

Geocomp2 winners
by DGhost @ [01:07 PM] May 03 2002

Yeah! At last we got the results of the Geocomp2. And the winners are, drum roll please...
best over all map: bengal with minima

best brushwork: rebel assault with mythology
best atmosphere: bengal with minima
best gameplay: bengal with minima
Congratulations also to all the participant mappers. You all did an impressive work. But I think the final winner in this one is us, the players, who can enjoy fragging in your maps! Did I said a map pack?

Update: you may also wanna check the DTeam's webpage where they got a review of all the 31 entries of the contest!

Q3F2 Review From 3D Action Planet
by EZD @ [09:30 PM] May 01 2002

3DActionPlanet has posted a review of the newest version of Q3 Fortress.
Just when you though it was safe to keep playing Q3F, the Q3F team has given us Q3F2, the greatest invention since cardboard.
The team has done a great job with this second version, and deserve a little time off and a pat on the back for their hard work. Take their talent coupled with exceptional coding, good mapping and modeling, a dash of love and shrooms and voila! Quake 3 Fortress 2, available for free download and can be yours to enjoy for hours on end. I know I will.
Take a look at the entire review here, or head over to the Q3F files page to download the patch.

More Wolfenstein Scrips From Chiffriermaschinen
by EZD @ [09:11 PM] May 01 2002

The Chiffriermaschinen Site has posted some more scripts for running and tweaking Wolf. There are 26 total with 8 brand new ones!
- Crosshair Toggle
- Darkangel Communications
- Demo Recording
- Enigma Communications
- JPEG Screenshot
- Play Sound
- Team Selection
- Tippy Toes
Take a look and download the scripts here.

SOF 2 Double Helix Movies From Gamespot
by EZD @ [07:22 PM] May 01 2002

Gamespot has posted six new SOF 2 Double Helix movies for your viewing pleasure. There are 12 in all, with different views of the upcoming SOF sequel. Some of the titles include:

- The machine gun mounted on the back of a jeep is the perfect weapon to cover your escape.

- Unfortunately the hotel is heavily defended.

- A squad of soldiers hides on a hill to ambush the enemy.
Check them all out here.

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