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More pain for everyone
by tIKi_mAn @ [12:20 PM] April 29 2004

PainKeep Arena 3.0 has been released today, along with goodies for level developers.
"Would you like to make a map filled to the brim with pain and despair? Now you can! We have also released the source materials for the Level Designers to create their own masterpiece Painkeep maps!. The source materials will enable Level Designers to develop PainKeep Arena maps using a custom entity file as well as map source from a production map."
More information and downloads on the PainKeep Arena website.

QuakeCon 2004
by tIKi_mAn @ [12:31 PM] April 14 2004

Tonight, 9PM EDT. Register.
In understandable terms, now is the time to signup for QuakeCon 2004! You can read the newly posted FAQ about QuakeCon on the official site, QuakeCon.Org if you have any questions about the event. Hope to see you there!

Keep with updated with the Pain
by tIKi_mAn @ [05:57 PM] April 08 2004

This has the time to update your mods, and here is yet another one. PainKeep Arena 3.0 is ready for download. Sporting twenty new arenas, new set of weapons and much more. Head on over to the PainKeep Arena site for all the details and downloads.

More Mod Updates
by tIKi_mAn @ [01:19 PM] April 04 2004

This past friday Urban Terror 3.4 was released for Q3. This is to be the last update for the Q3 version since now they are putting work into Urban Terror for Enemy Territory.

Also this afternoon Navy Seals 1.91a for Q3 is to be released.

"In previous versions of Navy Seals, we had 2 different scopes, one for seals and one for tangos - by far not realistic. Therefore we now have different scopes for M4, AK47, M14, PSG1, MacMillan and SL8SD."
That and plenty more game enhancments to show up this round. Stop by the Navy SEALs: Covert Operations site for all the details.

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