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An interview with Tim Willits on Doom 3
by DGhost @ [09:55 PM] April 30 2003

Gamespot got an interview with Tim Willits on the current development of Doom 3 @ ID's office. Not too big, but an interesting read nonetheless. You can read the interview here and 2 new screenshots where updated. And for your information, I will be gone until next sunday since I'll go camping, lost in the woods without any electricity. Fun!

Latest part for the "Master of Doom"
by DGhost @ [05:06 PM] April 30 2003

Today is the last part from GameSpy on their serie called: Masters of Doom. 2 articles again, first one is the last part of chapter nine of the new book, "Masters of Doom" and an interview session with John Romero, Sandy Petersen, Jay Wilbur, Mike Wilson and Tom Hall who talk about their days at ID. Again some excellent read, I recommend it!

Reaction Quake 3 version 3.1
by DGhost @ [01:17 PM] April 29 2003

Been a while since I've I've posted some news about some Quake 3 mod. Reaction Quake 3 which is a kinda follow up from the Quake 2 mod, Action Quake 2 (but it's not developped by the same team, mind you), has released a new version of their mod, bringing it to version 3.1. Here's the changelog:
-In-game server browser now fixed to show RQ3 3.x games, yay!
-Added an error message to the /radio command to let you know if your bind is messed up and you're trying to play a radio sound that does not exist
-Allowed CTB radio sounds to also be played in other team-based modes
-Added a Zoom Sensitivity Lock during fire sequence of ssg to improve aiming
-Added local cvar cg_RQ3_ssgZoomSensLock to enable or disable the feature above (default enable)
-Upgraded the gamesource RQ3 is built on from 1.29h to 1.32b
-Removed most of the unlagged stuff. Only optimized prediction and smooth clients remains.
-With allWeapon/allItems enable it won't toss weapons/items when you die
-Various helmet bugs fixed.
-Successful mapvote now waits for a round to end in TP
The mod is available as an update or full mod download.

"Master of Doom" part II
by DGhost @ [01:16 PM] April 29 2003

Part 2 from the serie "Master of Doom" published on the website GameSpy has been published today. Second part of Chapter 9 of the book from David Kushner. At the same time, take a look at the retrospective of all the ID's game from Fargo.

by DGhost @ [07:11 PM] April 28 2003

Gamespy is hosting a serie of article that will be released this week only, from today to wednesday. The serie? Well lemme explain, David Kushner is a writer/contributor to the Rolling Stone, Wired, The New York Times and Village Voice (what an impressive list) and he just finished writing a book, that will be released in May by Random House. Called the "Masters of Doom", it will be available on electronic version (and it's 10 buck less for the price, pay less and save some papers, what a deal). Okay from the title, we can guess that yes it's a book on the story of IDsoftware, from the childhood of Carmak and Romero, to the day that Doom 3 was planified to be done. Gamespy will publish the whole chapter nine fo the book in a 3 part serie, starting today until wednesday. With the first part today, they also posted an interview with the author of the book itself, David Kushner. From the interview, I could paste it all here since it's good, but it's 3 pages long, so I've got to choose only a small part:
GameSpy: How did this book come about?

David Kushner: I'm a gamer myself. I've been covering the game industry for a long time, mainly writing for consumer magazines like Spin and Rolling Stone, for more of a mainstream audience. And I just saw an opportunity to do a book about the industry. Carmack and Romero was just a great story waiting to be told. Obviously, it's a story gamers are familiar with and have been following since the early '90s. It gave me a good way to tell the story of how the industry evolved, how the culture evolved, how the technology evolved, but also the story of these two guys.

But on a more general level, what interested me is that this could appeal to someone who doesn't know anything about games. There are so many misconceptions. The country, and society in general, just hasn't come to terms with video games yet. There are misconceptions about who's playing them and the effects of games. It seems like a good time to have a book that takes people into that world.
That was from the interview, part 2 of chapter nine should be out tomorrow with a retrospective on ID by Fargo himself!

Rocket Arena version 1.6 is out
by DGhost @ [06:01 PM] April 26 2003

Last night, (or afternoon depending where you are), Rocket Arena 3 version 1.6 was released. After more than 2 years, a small update is refreshing to the mod. Hooray for everybody who worked on it. 2 flavors for downloading, complete setup is 104 megs but the updates is only 25 megs. Choose your destiny here.

Return to castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory test release
by DGhost @ [05:48 PM] April 24 2003

The test version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has been released last night for the Windows and Linux platform! New features? Ah! This mod doesn't require you to have the full version of Return to castle Wolfenstein! It's a stand alone expansion by itself (but since it's a stand alone, it's not an expansion, it's a game by itself). This multiplayer game is totally free and contain only one map (called the "fuel dump"). If you are new to this Wolfenstein thing, I suggest you take a look a the player guide or you can also read the Enemy Territory for dummies (I've foud this link on Planet Wolfenstein. And if you wanna know the system requirements, check out this link. So you wanna download it? Lemme give you some mirrors for that:
Mirrors Windows Linux
FileShack Windows Linux
FilePlanet Windows Linux
SweRtCW Windows Linux
AusGamers Windows Linux
BlueYonder Windows Linux
RtCWFiles Windows Linux
FragLand Windows Linux
If you want more mirrors, I suggest you take a look at the official website of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Don't forget, this is only a test version so far, not the final...

Rocket Arena version 1.6 is coming next friday!
by DGhost @ [03:25 PM] April 23 2003

If you remember correctly, not long ago I told you about the update on Rocket Arena 3 (you can refresh your memory here)? Well, it's almost here, after more than 2 years, the latest update of one of the most popular mod will be released next friday (the 25 of april), Rocket Arena 3,, version 1.6. Of course you wanna know what will change?:
  • Many bug fixes, including SuperPummel, Silent Jumppads and the "Specbug"
  • Support for pure servers and PunkBuster
  • Mac support
  • New console commands: ready, cg_noProjectileTrail, cg_oldtruelightning, cg_crosshairColor, cg_crosshairStats
  • The stats command has a new look, it shows stats for all the weapons.
  • Stats overlay
  • Railgun-look options
  • New 'OSP' look shaft or the old shaft
  • Invite a spectator to your team
  • Ignore chat from specific player.
  • Chat escape sequences
  • Three new maps: Mid Night, Stormator Complex, and q2dm1-ish
  • Ooooh yeah! This is gonna be sweet!

    Xtreme Arena 1.15
    by DGhost @ [12:42 PM] April 22 2003

    Sorry about the lack of updates these days, my time has began, again, to be pretty busy. So I'm late for that but happy easter for those who celebrate it and for the rest I hope you had a good week end. On my side I had a good week end of 3 days straight, it was fun (had to spend some time with my families). Now on with the subject of this webpage, which is Quake! Xtreme Arena, a mod for Quake 3, has released a new version, 1.15. What is Xtreme Arena? As the author said it, it's a kind of mix between Rocket Arena and Excessive. The list of features is pretty big so instead I'll give you the link to read it.

    First map pack for Weapon Factory
    by DGhost @ [01:37 PM] April 18 2003

    Can you believe that a map pack for Weapon Factory has been released? Oh yeah! Featuring 8 new maps for WF version 3.5b, this download is around 41 megs (you can get the mirrors list here). You can see the screenshots on their webpage or if you still don't know what is this excellen mod, then you should check it out. For WF lovers!

    CPMA 1.1 is here
    by DGhost @ [12:23 PM] April 17 2003

    I'm a little late on this one. CPMA version 1.1 is available since last sunday. The new update is a small file but you can also download the new map pack of CPMA along with that (the new map pack is about 24 megs big).

    "Prepare to Meet Thy Doom"
    by DGhost @ [12:05 PM] April 16 2003

    The ever excellent magazine Wired got an article about the upcoming Doom 3 from IDsoftware. A good view on a normal day at the ID office, a small history of IDsoftware. Also the rumor going on about Microsoft offering a lot of money to ID for having Doom 3 on the Xbox seems to be true. A very good read if you're into ID. you can get the article here.

    UMP 3 is out!
    by DGhost @ [12:41 PM] April 15 2003

    It's out at last, the Unofficial map pack 3 has been released! Featuring 7 quality maps from the community from mappers like: Bailey, On-X, Phooka 79DieselRabbit and Mike. Take a look at the 7 maps with a screenshots here or simply download the map pack here.

    A new WTF map pack is coming!
    by DGhost @ [04:28 PM] April 11 2003

    The WTF maps are one of the map pack that got the best name. When you start playing one of these maps, you always goes like that: What the f...?. The team behind these maps have updated their website with a new pack that is coming soon. For the moment, to keep us waiting, they have put some screenshots of these new maps on their website!

    Reservation for the QuakeCon 2003 are launched
    by DGhost @ [11:41 AM] April 09 2003

    Okay, if you are not already aware of this, the news has hit the net yesterday, The reservation for the QuakeCon 2003 are opened! Todd Hollenshead, CEO of IDsoftware gave us the information for this year:
    "Whoever said size doesn’t matter has never been to QuakeCon," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We won’t turn away our fans. Last year we hit our capacity, but we’re increasing the BYOC nearly 50% to 2000 gamers, and we expect more than 4,000 attendees for the four day party."
    As for this year, the QuakeCon will be held in a new location, the Adam’s Mark Hotel. Well, are you ready for one of the biggest LANparty and the most important one of FPS?

    New engine for Dark Places
    by DGhost @ [11:40 AM] April 09 2003

    Well well well, again there is a new update on the Quake 1 mod, Dark Places. And this new version fixes some small bugs that was found lately. If like me, you have been playing in single player mode and updated the mod with a new version, you may have lost your saved game. But fear not as this new update will resolve the problem! Woot! If you haven't already tried this mod, I sincerely recommend it! The lastest version is build: 20030408.

    Mini Madness
    by cTbone @ [10:55 PM] April 07 2003

    The Q3F Minigames site has released their first map pack that includes five maps with custom sounds and music. These maps are designed with several "mini-games" that are played with the 9 classes of Q3F. There's also a server up to try them out:
    The people at Railbait.com have been so kind to put up a server, so be sure to download the mappack, and connect to this server at

    Quake 3 fortress 2.3 is coming!
    by DGhost @ [12:21 PM] April 07 2003

    Some news at last about the next version of Quake 3 Fortress! Remember that they had version 2.3 in planning? Well, Locki has updated the webpage giving us some info about the next release (version 2.3, which will be dedicated to a fellow Quake 3 player). 10 new maps will be included (if you wanna see some screenshots, just check here). Others maps will be updated also, some bugs fixed and PunkBuster support. No date has been given yet for the release, but we'll let you know for sure when it'll be out!

    Reservation for Doom 3?
    by DGhost @ [09:58 AM] April 07 2003

    Small thing that I've found out this morning while checking my usual website: Best Buy is already taking reservation for buying the Doom 3 game. No date of course has been given on when the game will be actually released. Some companies are fast to take orders! And don't get fooled by the price, it may change (like going higher).

    New version of Dark Places
    by DGhost @ [02:38 PM] April 04 2003

    Again, a new update on the mod for Quake 1, Dark Places. If you haven't still played that mod, I really recommend it. I've started a new game in Quake 1, in single player with this mod and it's really a blast! The feeling of terror from Quake 1 is even better than before with this mod. The new update of the engine fixes some bugs but also give you new features:
    - Color Control Options.
    - hardware gamma now works in Linux.
    - viewmodelforclient now works (useful for modders).
    - Should be able to connect through NAT (such as Linux ipmasq, ADSL routers, etc).
    - FrikaC's file access and string handling extension FRIK_FILE has been added.
    - More extensions added for some effects that have been around for quite a while.
    What are you waiting for? Get your Quake 1 cd out of that dusty pile and download this excellent mod: Dark Places!

    The Burial Grounds map pack 2: update
    by DGhost @ [10:51 AM] April 04 2003

    Oh yeah! Got an email from dmschaos telling me that the first screenshots of the next Burial Grounds map pack - Viralis, has been released. Check out The crypt for more information about this map pack!

    Star Wars: Jedi Knights 2; Jedi Academy
    by DGhost @ [04:51 PM] April 03 2003

    Lucast Art just announce in a press release that they will release a new FPS game set in the star wars Universe. In fact, it should be a follow up of Jedi Knights 2 outcast. The game will be called Jedi Academy (for those of you who read this trilogy, you should be familiar with the settings). Ravensoftware will still be developping the game. No word has been given on the engine but I'm pretty sure it'll use the same one as JDK II: Outcast, i.e. The Quake 3 engine. The game should be release in fall 2003. You can read the full press release here.

    Map Object Model Challenge #1 - Light Fixtures
    by DGhost @ [01:10 PM] April 02 2003

    Map-center is hosting a small challenge for beginner modellers. You are new to modeling and want to learn more? Check out this small challenge: Map Object Model Challenge #1 - Light Fixtures. The purpose of this challenge is to create a model for Quake 3/Team Arena/RtCW (or any games using the Quake 3 engine). That model must serve as a light fixture, it can be anything from a torch on the wall, to a lamp on a pole or a candlelight hanging from the ceiling. Your imagination is the limit. There is nothing to win as a prize, except, maybe to learn more. The challenge is closing on the 30 of april. Check out this thread for all the rules and information concerning this challenge.

    Pax Imperia
    by DGhost @ [04:25 PM] April 01 2003

    The much anticipated Quake 2 mission pack, Pax Imperia has been released! Created by Mark Shan, this mission pack feature a re vamped Quake 2 engine, 8 new maps and more than 2500 ennemies to shoot for! What a blast, can't wait to get back home tonight to play that one. Get your Quake 2 cd out of that dusty pile, open it and install Quake 2, 'cauz tonight it's going to be a total blood bath, back in the good old Quake 2! You will need Quake 2 installed and 2 files to be downloaded, the engine (called the Knightmare's Engine ) and the mission pack (choose a mirror). At the same time, you can read the review of this MP on the website of Ten - four.

    QuArK version 6.3.0
    by DGhost @ [01:35 PM] April 01 2003

    Okay it's april's fool day, Happy whatever that turn you on. I don't really care about this day personnaly, but hey if you like it, good for you. Now to be on the topic of Quake, The QuArK (Quake army knife) just released a new patch, bringing the tool to version 6.3.0. What is QuArK? It's a map editor for many games (Quake serie, lots of games using the ID engines) and much more, you can check out the features section for more info. Also, version 6.4 is coming soon, development is moving on this tool!

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