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Classic CTF BETA .99
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 13:01

Beta release .99 of the Classic CTF mod for Q3A is now available. The public beta includes a grappling hook, runes, super nailgun, weapons stay, CTF optimized weapons physics, q2 style armor, lightning gun discharging, match commands, a brand new overtime feature, 16 new crosshairs, new player skins, as well as lots more. Plus 3 new maps with another coming soon.

Extreme Quake3Arena
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 12:51

A new release of Extreme Quake3Arena, a mod that features 8 new weapons, 10 nightmare bots, an off hand grapple hook, regeneration of your heath and armor, plus more, can be found at The Jedi Yoda's Q3 Hut. This mod sounds like it is not for the faint at heart!

Get A Gaming Degree: Part Three
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 12:39

Gamespy goes back to school again with a followup to Quake University and getting a degree in gaming. Check out what they found out this time around here.

8 New Map Reviews
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 12:23

The BackBurner has been working overtime to bring you 8 new Q3A map reviews. These aren't your normal reviews since they are all remakes of other game maps!
The maps available for your consumption are:
  • Ziggurat Vertigo
  • Stomping Grounds
  • The Edge of Oblivion
  • The Killing Machine
  • The Dead Simple
  • MorpheusX
  • The Worst Place, So Behave!
  • Alley Q3 - The Directors Cut

Fightclub v3.16
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 12:12

The new version 3.16 of Fightclub offering a full install and an upgrade from v3.10 is out at the Fightclub site. This release fixes a few problems with the recent 3.10 release.
Specific changes in this version:
  • New TGA conversion routine is much faster extracting model previews.
  • Fixed bug with double bots on a listen server.
  • Added an option to reset the keyboard definition to defaults.
  • Fixed several faulty dialogs.

by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 01:17

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a 256 G-Force card, this news is for you! The NV15-Demo, used as a benchmark tool on many review sites, is on the 3DCenter site. Now you will be able to check it out your own card and see the results for yourself.

UI Coding Tutorial #2
by Awoq @ Sun 04-30-2000 01:05

IoN_PuLse over at q3center.com has a new coding tutorial that covers main menu button position manipulation. You can check it out here.

New Q3Log RC2
by Awoq @ Sat 04-29-2000 12:44

The new Q3Log RC2 is now available. Q3Log is a log file analyser and config file editor for Q3A.
The new features in this release candidate include:
  • Added server side user variables.
  • Added saving and loading of q3log data files.
  • Stopped using Q3LA analysis.
  • Integrated main data into HTML.
  • Improved HTML data accuracy.
  • Fix IE control repainting bug.
  • Fixed CSV output double gametime bug.
Also available on the site are server side user variables for Alchemy, Coliseum and Q3 Fortress.

GameIDE 2.4 Released
by Awoq @ Sat 04-29-2000 12:27

GameIDE 2.4, with support for programming your own software, compiling QVMs for Quake 3 and compiling dlls for other games, has been released at the GameIDE site.

The new version allows people to customize compiling however they like, they can make the LCC compiler compile game dlls, or dos/windows exes, all the user has to know is the command lines, the current version hasn't been tested with many other game dlls yet, but soon will be, but right now it can compile most of the dlls with the lcc compiler, maybe the source might need a little change.

Zappy MOD with Smart Rockets
by Awoq @ Sat 04-29-2000 12:14

Zappy MOD v1.06 has been released.

Some of the many features of this mod are:
  • Smart Rockets: Rockets that lock in on your opponent.
  • Shields: Enables a 5 second shield.
  • Two Game Styles: Rocket arena and rail arena.
  • Rules Command: Type in /rules to see the rules.

Custom Q3F Script Guide
by Awoq @ Sat 04-29-2000 11:48

DlEast has written a guide on how to create custom Q3F scripts, configs, and aliases. It also talks about how you can convert your QWTF scripts to Q3F! You can check it out here.

Q3 Radio v1.0
by Awoq @ Fri 04-28-2000 12:46

A new Q3 Radio version 1.0 has been released. This takes the mod that lets you use 38 pre-recorded radio messages to standard Deathmatch, Teamplay and CTF gameplay out of testing and into its first real release to the public.

Added features to this release are:
  • New radio voice (by booger)
  • Added g_allowRadio
  • Added g_radioFlood
  • Added radio sprite
  • Code Improvements

Q3 Fortress Screenshots and Interview
by Awoq @ Fri 04-28-2000 11:22

Gamesmack.org has received some exclusive screenshots and images from the next 'unreleased' update to Quake 3 Fortress as well as an awesome interview with the Lead Artist, Fluffy gIMp. If what is to be seen here is any indication of what to expect in the next release of Q3 Fortress, it will be nothing short of amazing! Skip your double-bypass operation and point your browser, here.

Mod Reviews
by Awoq @ Fri 04-28-2000 11:09

Quake3mods.net has two new mod reviews posted. The first one is a review of the Mighty Green mod, and the second is Coliseum 2.

New Loaded Q3A
by Awoq @ Thu 04-27-2000 21:32

Loaded Q3A version 0.92 Beta, the configurable mod for Q3A, is now available for download adding support for weapon, ammunition, powerup and CTF Flag dropping, improved bot respawn protection AI and fixes a few bugs including team chat.

Best Mods Article
by Awoq @ Wed 04-26-2000 13:17

One of 3DActionPlanet's writers has dared to tackle a rather volatile topic: The best mods out there for the "holy trinity" of first person shooter games.

Find out what they think are the cream of the crop of mods for Quake 3, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament.

The Q3A section has well written articles on Quake 3 Fortress, Voosh, and Coliseum 2.

New Sarge Wallpaper
by Awoq @ Wed 04-26-2000 12:50

A Sarge wallpaper is now available on the q3a.de website. It was painted in Adobe Photoshop. Bitterman painted it with the standard-tools in 8-9 hours. There are some other excellent Q3A wallpapers on the website you can check out too.

Tier of Admiration Mod Screenshots
by Awoq @ Wed 04-26-2000 12:25

There are two new screenshots at Fusion of one of the new maps included in the upcoming Tier of Admiration Q3A Mod . The maps name is called Chitinid 13, and takes on a rather gothic style. Fusion also speaks out to all map authors... If you want to make a map that can be played with Tier of Admiration (i.e. including a Chaingun, and Ammo Wrench powerup, mail him at fusion@stomped.com).

The new screenshots and a few others can be found at the bottom of the Admiration section on the Fusion page.

Christian Antkow's .plan
by Awoq @ Wed 04-26-2000 12:02

Christian Antkow, level designer for id software, updated his .plan saying he is looking for a Win32 port of the unix top command and is asking for suggestions or for someone to point him in the right direction for remote process management under Win2k.

Here is his .plan update in its entirety:
I'm looking for a Win32 port of the unix top command. We're phasing out our IRIX box, and top was a way we could tell if anyone else is BSPing on the machine. Since moving to Win2k for our main BSP-cruncher, we've sort of lost the ability to accurately tell who is bsping on the machine or what processes are running remotely, short of running to the server room and bringing up the graphical task manager.

I've tried using various ports of ps for Win32, but they just don't work all that well.

If anyone can offer some suggestions or point me in the right direction for remote process management under Win2k, I'd greatly appreciate it (A cursory search of the web didn't come up with very much).


New Q3 Radio 0.2
by Awoq @ Wed 04-26-2000 10:55

Hot on the heals of their first release, the never sleeping author of Quake III Radio has another update to the program that lets you add radio messages to Q3A. Test 0.2 now has 38 radio messages and the mod is now playable.

Fightclub v3.10 Released
by Awoq @ Tue 04-25-2000 01:40

Version 3.10 of Fightclub has now been released. This version includes a new keyboard definition system for european (azerty keyboard) users, numerous bug fixes, and built-in support for Q3Fortress, T.E.C. and Alliance CTF - bringing the number of mod supported by Fightclub to over 30.

The full install, and an upgrade from version 3.04, are available here.

In case you haven't seen it yet, Fightclub is the most comprehensive Quake 3 configuration and launch tool available. You can check the Fightclub website for more information.

More on the Q3A Mission Pack
by Awoq @ Mon 04-24-2000 16:42

Planet Quake's Hellchick has just posted some more info on the upcoming Q3A mission pack. This time around she was able to talk to id's Graeme Devine about the new game play modes.

Q3A Wallpapers at GlitterKill.com
by Awoq @ Mon 04-24-2000 16:28

GlitterKill has posted 4 new wallpapers in the last week or so with his Visor wallpaper being the latest one posted yesterday. The new ones include, Klesk, Lucy, Mynx, and Visor. This brings him up to 7 Q3A wallpapers posted to date and there are other game wallpapers to check out as well.

UI Coding Tutorial
by Awoq @ Mon 04-24-2000 16:15

IoN_PuLse from the Q3Center has just posted a huge tutorial about how you can modify the main menu of Quake3. You can find it here.

Q3F Map Previews and Next Beta Date
by Awoq @ Mon 04-24-2000 16:05

Locki, the project leader of the Q3F team sends, the following news about the next beta date and some screenshots they have posted and a preview of some maps that will be included in the next beta release.
The Q3F Team, developers of the team-play based mod for Quake 3 Arena, are pleased to announce 23 new screenshots and the release date for our next Beta (1c).

We kick off this update with previews of five new maps due for release in our next major beta release and an upcoming Dueling Map Pack. Head on over to the shots page for all the info, including the new command point and assault style maps we're working on.

We've set the weekend of Saturday May 6th for the release of Beta1c. This will probably be the last update to Beta1, as we'll then go in to hiding while we work like mad on Beta2 :) Beta1c should address a number of issues that players are currently experiencing with gameplay and bugs, plus include some new content in the form of art and sound fx. We're also doing everything we can to resolve the current problems that Mac users are experiencing and hope to have this fixed for Beta1c too.

As always we'd love to get some feedback on our new site content. Why not drop by #q3f on either Quakenet, Gamesnet or Enthergame IRC networks, or leave us a message on our Forums.

Project Leader
The Q3F Team - http://www.q3f.com

Razerzone Funniest Screenshot Contest
by Awoq @ Mon 04-24-2000 15:57

The Razerzone and R|POV have combined to bring you the Razerzone Screenshot Contest. Prizes include a Boomslang 1000 mouse, full versions of Battlezone II and Star Trek Armada, and much more.

All you have to do to enter is send in an in-game screenshot before May 31, 2000 from any PC game you would like. The entries will be judged by the R|POV staff and the funniest entries will win! Click here for more information.

BackBurner Map Reviews
by Awoq @ Sun 04-23-2000 16:36

The BackBurner has 4 new Q3A map reviews on their site. They are Beyond Infinite, Castle Morden, Eternal Opposition, and Gauntlet III. Check out the reviews and download them off their website if you dare!

Q3A+ Released
by Awoq @ Sun 04-23-2000 16:11

Q3a+ is a collection of enhancements for Q3A including - medals logged in *all* games, new CTF awards, individual player profiles (load & save-able), a new medal cabinet/player profile menu. Also, pre-definable teams, new commands to add teams to a game, improve bot & map management, and more.

Q3Offline Version Update
by Awoq @ Sat 04-22-2000 13:15

Q3Offline version has been released. Q3Offline is a utility that lets you separately configure your bots in Q3A so you can fine tune your single player experience. The new version gets rid of the .ini file format (because of size limits) and changes them to a binary format. The author says you will still be able to use the old files and the program will ask you if you want to save it in the new format.

GameIDE 2.3 Released
by Awoq @ Sat 04-22-2000 02:43

After fixing a small bug in version 2.2, GameIDE 2.3, designed as a alternative to Visual C++ to be used for game coding, has been released and is ready for download. Like the last version, this one is for all users.

Daikatana Officially Gold
by Awoq @ Sat 04-22-2000 02:35

Unrelated to Q3A but still interesting...

After several years of production delays, John Romero's Quake II engine game Daikatana has gone gold according to Eidos Interactive. Here is a cut from the press release:
Daikatana is a classic John Romero adventure combining innovative gameplay with fast and furious fragging mayhem. Your character Hiro Miyamoto is joined by 2 computer controlled side-kicks, the beautiful Mikiko Ibihara and Superfly Johnson, who aid you in your quest across four time periods to set history straight.


  • 24 expansive levels spanning four distinctive time periods: Norway 560 BC, Greece 1200 BC, San Francisco 2030 AD and Japan 2455 AD.
  • Over 60 intelligent and highly detailed monsters and enemies.
  • 25 unique weapons to help you blast your way through the huge mysterious levels.
  • Completely distinctive environments, weapons, art, music and creatures in each of the 4 time periods.
  • Intense multiplayer capabilities including an addictive three player cooperative campaign and classic deathmatch action over the internet.
Daikatana is expected to reach stores worldwide in the next month.

Planetq3.com Reopens
by Awoq @ Sat 04-22-2000 02:17

Planetq3.com is back in business after a short one month shutdown. They have added a new face lift to the site and are continually adding content. They offer news, editorials, gaming guides, and more. If you are in the neighborhood, maybe you should drop by!

GameIDE 2.2 Released
by Awoq @ Fri 04-21-2000 15:53

GameIDE 2.2, designed as a alternative to Visual C++ to be used for game coding, has been released. This new version now has a whole new workspace type, similar to VC++, in which every file has to be added to the workspace and the program generates compile command based on the files. This version also has a improved UI, other little enhancements, and the new features are for all users.

Quake 3 Fortress Review
by Awoq @ Fri 04-21-2000 11:27

For those of you who were wondering what the Quake 3 Fortress mod was really all about, Mod Headquarters has an in depth review you should check out. The review analyzes the mod in the 5 following categories: Sound, Models, Gameplay, Maps, and Bugs. The mod received an overall review rating of 36 out of 50 possible points.

Alchemy Mod Review
by Awoq @ Fri 04-21-2000 00:08

There is a mod review of the Alchemy mod up on quake3mods.net. It takes a look at the features of the mod, talks about the gameplay, gives us some screenshots, and rates the mod with and overall score of 80.

Q3A Mission Pack Exclusives
by Awoq @ Fri 04-21-2000 01:47

Planet Quake and Quake3World have both been given the exclusive scoop direct from id Software's Marty Stratton on what's going to be in the upcoming mission pack for Q3A, set to be released soon. In the article they mention at least 3 new game types, new weapons, new models, and skins. Marty also reminds us that "this is the first mission pack developed by id Software since the Master Levels for Doom pack." There are also screenshots from the upcoming mission pack.

Lan Game Manager
by Awoq @ Wed 04-19-2000 16:05

LAN Game Manager version 1.0, formally known as Q3ALook, has been released. This utility locates Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Half-Life and Unreal Tournament games on your LAN or cable network and includes a chat client and a "player watch" that notifies you when one of your buddies is playing on a server.

Ęstats v4.38
by Awoq @ Wed 04-19-2000 15:55

Ęstats v4.38 has been released with a slew of new features. Ęstats is a log file analyser for 3D Shooters with Stats/Ranking output in HTML that covers most of the popular games out there including Q3A. This new version has updated support for Unreal Tournament, and Counter Strike 6.

Help Wanted
by Awoq @ Wed 04-19-2000 15:45

We just received news that modhq.com is looking for someone to be the head of their Quake III section. The site covers mod's for Q3 and HalfLife.

Q3A Alchemy Version 1.0
by Awoq @ Wed 04-19-2000 03:11

Q3A Alchemy Version 1.0 is now out of beta and ready for our enjoyment. This mod uses gems instead of runes and allows the whole team to get the power-ups in some circumstances.

Jude Interview
by Awoq @ Thu 04-20-2000 12:08

True Gamers has an interview with the Australian map maker Jude who is most known for his Quake3 Arena map Q3JDM8 which was recently used in final of a high profile event in Paris, France called LAN-Arena 4 and is now being discussed as a possible map in the upcoming CPL Europe. The interview deals with his history as a map maker, and his views on basically everything within that field.

New Loaded Q3A
by Awoq @ Thu 04-20-2000 10:57

A new beta version of Loaded Q3A has been released. Beta version 0.9 addresses some bug fixes and adds quite a few new features to the program. Loaded Q3A is a very configurable server-side modification for Quake III Arena that gives you a greater ability to run a server exactly the way you want.

Q3 Addiction Strategy Guide
by Awoq @ Wed 04-19-2000 02:37

Hellhound's new Quake III Arena strategy writer Krash has written a strategy guide for Peej's Q3 Addiction. He gives tips on how to really whup ass on multiplayer, or put the smack down on the bots AI in Q3 Addiction! Do you want to learn how to really dominate on this masterpiece? Read the guide!

GameIDE 2.2b
by Awoq @ Tue 04-18-2000 11:39

GameIDE 2.2b has been released for regestered users. The new version features a new UI and working undo.

More Q3A Wallpapers
by Awoq @ Tue 04-18-2000 01:49

GlitterKill.com has 4 Q3A wallpapers (Hunter, Crash, Klesk, and Anarki) and 1 Doom Wallpaper for your enjoyment. You can check them out here.

RazerCPL Picturebook
by Awoq @ Tue 04-18-2000 00:52

The ShugaShack has nearly 100 pictures captioned and indexed including the winners and even a few boothbabes from the RazerCPL Quake3 tournament. Interested? Click on this link and see for yourself!

Quake III Bot Designer
by Awoq @ Mon 04-17-2000 18:15

A new version of Quake III Bot Designer (version 1.3) has been released on the authors website with a lot of new features added. Q3BD is a Q3 utility designed to assist modelers by adding bot support to their models including weapon preferences, skills, etc..

New Flagmatch v0.5
by Awoq @ Mon 04-17-2000 12:20

A new server-side mod released today (no client required), Flagmatch v0.5, and was designed to cure many flaws in gameplay for team-DM and tourney mode in Q3. In FM, number of players totally irrelevant, as is the map size! Camping is useless and "runaway tactics" in 1-on-1 games won't work; these problems are all solved simply with the introduction of a flag to each Q3DM level that gives points when someone touches it.

Alliance Games is very exited about what this could do for Quake 3 Team-DM and Tourney-style gameplay, so if you are hosting an empty server, spice it up with this intuitive game and maybe you'll have a crowd. Flagmatch v0.5 is 600k.

Razer-CPL Final Match Reports
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 20:15

The Razer-CPL tournament is now over, with Fatality walking away with the top prize of $40,000 and Makaveli picking up 2nd and $20,000. Korean ace PowerK came in 3rd to take $10,000 home with him across the Pacific - an impressive result in his first really big international tournament.

Full "play by play" reports on all the final matches of today are now up on EuroGamer as part of their on-going coverage of the big event. Expect more photographs, interviews and analysis over the next couple of days as well.

GameIDE 2.1 Released
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 20:07

GameIDE 2.1, a release which fixes many bugs, has been released at http://www.planetquake.com/q3ide/. This version is the most stable version of Q3IDE/GameIDE and has been thoroughly tested, anyone planning on using this program should download either the upgrade or the full install.

Q3Arena.Com NavCenter Update
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 20:02

This just in from the Q3Arena.Com NavCenter:
"After a bit of a dry spell due to some hardware problems the Q3Arena.Com NavCenter has just completed a major update and is better than ever!

We listened when our users told us what YOU wanted in a search engine, and we've added a number of new features including an online bookmark system, integrated website translation, game specific searching, and more!

With more than 1100 links in the new database, the Q3Arena.Com NavCenter is now the LARGEST search engine on the Internet dedicated to Quake players! Head over to the NavCenter at http://navcenter.q3arena.com and let Drako know what you think!"

Q3F Beta-1b Update
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 19:50

The Q3F Team, developers of the Q3F team-play based mod for Quake 3, have announced the release of the Q3F Beta-1b update.

The Beta-1b update (2.8mb) includes over 80 bug fixes, game-play tweaks, and team-play improvements, not to mention some new sounds, graphics and a complete overhaul of all the documentation. Head on over to their Files Page for the mirrors list.

The documentation for the mod is now in HTML, you can also read it online while you download the update. The whole thing is available here and includes a complete list of all the new changes.

NameKeeper v1.2
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 19:31

NameKeeper v1.2 have been released by The Quake Times. This new version fixes a tons of bugs and adds a couple of new features. NameKeeper v1.2. is one of the most popular fun-name editors on the net, and the download size is very low (only 192kb). You can grab the file here.

Invasion Beta Released
by Awoq @ Sun 04-16-2000 19:24

Invasion for Quake III Arena Beta 1.0 has been released. This new CTF mod features Marines fight against Aliens to take their flag, like in CTF.

Q3A Wallpapers
by Awoq @ Sat 04-15-2000 11:05

Artist Willi Hammes from Germany has some of the best looking wallpapers I have ever seen for Q3A or any other game for that matter. He has done a very nice professional job on them and they are fit for kings! You can see those cool wallpapers here.

GameIDE 2.0 (Formerly Q3IDE)
by Awoq @ Sat 04-15-2000 00:04

Q3IDE has evolved to GameIDE. It now supports Quake2 and will have support for a multitude of other games in the future.

GameIDE is designed as a alternative to Visual C++ to be used for game coding.

Version 2.0, and a new Quake 2 tutorial, have been released and can be found here.

Coded 1.4
by Awoq @ Fri 04-14-2000 11:04

Fast on the heals of version 1.3, the people at Coded have released version 1.4 which has a few bug fixes, "the addition of being able to continue a previous search, and a replace dialog for replacing all occurences of a string in a file".

Q3F Beta-1.2
by Awoq @ Fri 04-14-2000 02:37

The Q3F Team, developers of the team-play based modification for Quake 3, have announced the release date for Q3F Beta-1.2.

Saturday 15th April at around 12 Midnight, they will be releasing an update that will include "a large number of bug fixes and game-play tweaks, plus some new sounds and a complete documentation overhaul (including custom CFGs). It should address a large number of the current issues, and make the whole experience of playing and running Q3F even better."

Q3A Mapping Tutorials
by Awoq @ Thu 04-13-2000 13:33

There are three new mapping tutorials on the Fusion site that deal with Q3Radiant settings, how to work with Q3Radiant, and how to construct a simple room. More tutorials are planned in the future so you should check back with them from time to time and check them out.

Coliseum Beta 1.6 (Q3 Lithium)
by Awoq @ Thu 04-13-2000 00:04

Here is a pre-realese announcement from the Coliseum2 authors:
"To keep players and servers in synch, this prerelease announcement is to let as everyone know that Coliseum2 Beta 1.6 will be made available on Friday April 14th. To minimize download size and time, the new beta will be made available as an update only.

Beta 1.6 Updates/Fixes:
--Fixed current rune held being covered up by the lag-o-meter.
--When having no weapons, show "No Weapon" on the status bar.
--Rotate models on the Models selection screen (well... they just kinda wobble).
--Implemented health and armor banning/replacement.
--Optional hook max time to prevent hook camping.
--Optional hook force release when receiving damage.
--Do not show looser in Tournament games on podium (no second place in Tournament games).
--Do not count Tournament loss when leaving during warm-up.
--Returning from spectating does not reset score or time. Time counting will resume.
--"Flawless Victory" reward sound if won match without getting fragged. Mortal Kombat announcer option only.
--Optional team hook color for red and blue teams.
--Optional chat protection. No frags awarded for a cheap kill.
"Window of opportunity" to prevent people from dropping console to cheat when about to get fragged.
--The most kick-ass implementation of anti-camping ever!"

Q3 Based Wallpapers
by Awoq @ Wed 04-12-2000 19:36

The Omega's Skins page has released 4 new wallpapers dedicated to Quake 3.

They are:
  • Azuma - (omega's custom skin)
  • Uriel
  • Major
  • Golem - (omega's custom skin)
All are available in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024.

Coded v1.3
by Awoq @ Wed 04-12-2000 14:28

A new version of the Quake3 Coding Environment, Coded, has been released. This new version makes it easier for new users to select the mod path by providing a dropdown list to choose from. You can get this version here.

8 New Map Reviews
by Awoq @ Wed 04-12-2000 14:16

The BackBurner has 8 new Quake 3 Arena map reviews ready for your enjoyment.

Here's the list:

Help Wanted at GameSpy
by Awoq @ Wed 04-12-2000 12:11

GameSpy Industries is currently hiring for a multitude of open positions listed on their jobs page.

Here is a list of open positions:
  • Ad Traffic Intern
  • Business Development
  • Classic Gaming Lead Editor
  • C++ / Streaming Media Programmer - RadioSpy
  • HTML Programmer
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
  • MIS Manager
  • Playstation2 Site Director
  • Product Manager - Arcade
  • Quality Assurance Lead
  • Strategy Gaming Genre Producer
  • Tech Support Manager
  • UNIX/Web Programmer

Player Scanner Coding Tutorial
by Awoq @ Tue 04-11-2000 11:28

Urban Software has an in depth Q3A coding tutorial on their site that teaches you how to add new files to the compiling process, add new items to the client HUD and how to get the server to pass specific information to the client. This could be really useful by allowing you to know where your teammates are.

Paul Jaquays on Q3A Editing
by Awoq @ Tue 04-11-2000 02:38

Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with some information on Quake 3 editing and where to get answers to your editing questions. His suggestion is for you get them from the Quake3World Editing Forum.

Here's some of what he has to say.
"A day rarely goes by in which a newcomer to the forum needs to have a basic question or two answered. If you're just getting started in Quake III map making or you're finding that the on-line tutorials aren't providing the specific answers that you need to know, drop in to Editing Forum. Questions get answered and there's usually a lot of great discussion about map making. Sometimes questions are answered by the last mapper who asked the same question. But there are some serious experts in the science and art of mapping, shader programming, texture creation and tool making who hang out on the forum too.

And did I mention that all this occurs in a nearly flame-free environment that's tends to stay on the topic at hand?

Stop in for a visit, we think you'll like it there."

PainKeep Arena Interview
by Awoq @ Mon 04-10-2000 12:47

Ever wonder what's happening with PainKeep for Q3A? Quakehelp.com has an informative interview with Team Evolve about PainKeep Arena, the successor to the original PainKeep for Quake. There is some cool info and three "never before seen by human eyes" screenshots.

Alliance Beta 06
by Awoq @ Mon 04-10-2000 12:07

Alliance Beta 06, which supports CTF and DM for Q3A, was just released as a full release and a patch for beta 5.

Here is a list of the new features:
  • Added a workaround for ID's config bug. Your bindings will now be remembered.
  • Grapple has been sped up and the server speed variables have been removed.
  • There are 2 different rates for the grapple; 1 for regular CTF and 1 for Combat mode.
  • An option to hook the sky has been added for Combat mode.
  • The look and feel of the hook has been improved.
  • Added a variable to turn hook off in all maps.
  • Added a time limit for sudden death overtime.
  • Added a new game, RAILGUN CTF.
  • Fixed Windows 2000 server.bat bug.
  • Included Alliance gamespy tab.
  • Clients now have the ability to turn off radio sounds.
  • Clients can now turn off the grapple cable while being pulled.

Quake III Alchemy
by Awoq @ Mon 04-10-2000 00:53

Quake III Alchemy's second beta is now available. This mod which supports CTF, FFA, TeamDM, and Tournament modes, is based on randomly spawned gems instead of ruins. The gems power up the player or the whole team when they collect them all. The mod keeps track of frags on a scoreboard and will also have an efficiency rating and a frags per hour rating on the scoreboard in future releases.

Quake 3 Jailbreak Beta
by Awoq @ Sun 04-09-2000 14:03

The greatly anticipated first beta of Quake 3 Jailbreak has been released and is ready for testing. The whopping 38MB Windows download includes gamespy tabs and you can also get a 37MB non-Windows version.

Here's what the authors have to say about their mod.
"Jailbreak is a Teamplay MOD for Quake 3 Arena. A game of jailbreak consists of two teams, Blue and Red. When killed, you are transported to the enemies jail. While in jail, fellow teammates can free you by hitting the release trigger, or you can work together and use an escape hole located inside of the jail to gain your freedom. Once a team has all opponents in jail they are Executed, this being your ultimate goal."

More Levels at the BackBurner
by Awoq @ Sat 04-08-2000 21:38

The BackBurner has 5 new Quake 3 map reviews and the maps are ready for your downloading pleasure.

They are:

Alive Mod
by Awoq @ Fri 04-07-2000 14:16

The first release of auxiliary dimension's first mod, alive has been released and is now available for download.
Here is what they have to say about alive.
"alive is a fairly simple twist on regular death match. In alive, if you have more than 10 life, you steadily lose life until you reach 10. Additionally, no life spawns in the levels. However, if when someone dies, life spawns where he or she died. So the only way to stay alive is to kill people.

This twist to the game-play adds a whole way of thinking of deathmatch. In a traditional deathmatch game, most people try to build up weapons, armor, and life before going on the attack. When playing alive, you don't have the luxury to spend your time waiting for items. This leads players to confront others sooner, increasing the speed of the game.

The life that is spawned when a player dies depends on who that player is and who killed him. Here's how it works: if you kill someone who has more frags than you (someone who's doing better), he will spawn a 50 life. If you kill someone lower than you, only 25 life is spawned. And if you kill the leader, he gives you a Mega Health. So, you are rewarded more for killing better players. A final note: anyone can grab the life that spawns, not just the attacker. There's nothing like sneaking in and stealing a Mega Health after watching a heated battle."

Quake III Fury MOD
by Awoq @ Fri 04-07-2000 14:14

The Quake III Fury mod is now available on the Quake III Furry website. This fast and furious mod is described as "simply Quake gone crackhead. You move a lot faster (almost 2x speed). There is a new, fairer scoring system (based on Decimal), and power-up rewards."

There's a New Bot in Town
by Awoq @ Fri 04-07-2000 13:10

The first "solid" release of ClockBot version 0.2, is now available for download. The authors describe it as: "a custom Quake III Arena Bot, Complete with new user Interface, art, sounds, and a new Bot AI that is more advanced than the standard Q3A bot, ClockBot has been compiled with Duel & Tourney modes in mind, so that it will help you tune up your Q3A gaming skill's while off-line..." They are also claim that "v0.3 is going to be an eye opener".

GameSpy3D v2.20
by Awoq @ Thu 04-06-2000 01:51

GameSpy Industries have just released GameSpy3D v2.20 for regestered users and is now avaliable for download. For those of you who do not know, GameSpy3D is the most widely used online gaming utility on the planet with more than 4,000,000 users.

New in this version is:
  • Support for the new Rogue Spear "Urban Operations" mission pack
  • Support for "Codename Eagle"
  • Quake 3 Arena mod support
  • "Auto-Favorites": servers are added to your favorites list after you play on them 5 times
  • Enhanced Windows 2000/NT4 support!

BS in Computer Gaming?
by Awoq @ Wed 04-05-2000 13:49

GameSpy talks about getting a degree in gaming and the implications this might have on the whole world. Imagine, if you can, getting a degree in gaming and having your parents praise you for spending countless hours of your time on games instead of having them tell you what kind of lazy, no good, bum you are! If you were ever the kind of person that said at one time " God, I really need to do this for a living!" then this article is for you!

Coliseum2 Mod
by Awoq @ Wed 04-05-2000 13:29

Coliseum2 is a mod for Quake3 which the authors claim "has brought salvation to so many former Quake2 Lithium2 players... with power-up runes remnant of Lithium2's and a red laser grapple hook and many fantastic and very original features, Coliseum2 is a legend in the making!"

You can find screenshots, tips and faq's, a manual, servers, and more on this mod here.

Carmack on Q3A for Dreamcast
by Awoq @ Wed 04-05-2000 13:01

We received news from the SugerShack that there is an interview with John Carmack on some of the details about the new extra levels that will be included with the game and if they will be available for us. You can check and see what he has to say about the levels and other things here.

Q3IDE 1.5 Released
by Bomb @ Tue 04-04-2000 23:59

Q3IDE version 1.5 has been released for download. This is the first stable release, with either little or no bugs. Check out the screenshots by clicking here. Q3IDE is a program intended to be an alternative to using Visual C++.

EuroLAN Coverage
by Awoq @ Mon 04-03-2000 18:36

EuroGamer's coverage of the 75 player EuroLAN event which took place in Brighton, UK last weekend is now up, featuring match reports and commentary.

Some of the top Quakers in Britain were there, including the UK Razer-CPL qualifier winner Blokey and other well-known players such as Billox, Silent and Kalliath. For the full story, check out their coverage on EuroGamer!

More coverage of the event can also be found on Gamespot UK.

7 New Map Reviews for Q3A
by Awoq @ Mon 04-03-2000 15:42

The BackBurner review site has has been working overtime and now has 7 new Q3A map reviews up.

Grab some new maps for your gibbing pleasure!

ArenaSpy and the Quake 3 Point Release
by Awoq @ Mon 04-03-2000 15:08

For those of you who use ArenaSpy 1.0 for their server browser and found that it doesn't work anymore, news of an easy fix for the utility concerning the Q3A point release is now up on their site. You can get it to work by moving the uix86.dll from your main Quake 3 directory to the baseq3 subdirectory.

SavageUK Q3Log Utility
by Awoq @ Mon 04-03-2000 18:09

SavageUK Q3Log, based upon Qlog, a Quake 2 log backup utility by [BBC]Mattcake, is a console log backup utility designed to save your game log information instead of having it overwritten. If you have ever wanted to show someone something that happened in a game or compile "gibstats", but found that the log had been lost, then this utility is for you. You will never have to lose that console log again!

by Awoq @ Sun 04-02-2000 12:30

The AUI mod for Quake III Arena new version 1.2 is now available on the Spine Design site. This client-side only modification offers an advanced user-interface "with better skin and model management and new map management." This new version uses the new version 1.16n Q3A source code, and has a few extra things added as well.

Q3A Freeze Tag Source
by Awoq @ Sun 04-02-2000 12:05

The public release of the Freeze Tag 1.2e source code for Q3A is now available on the The Freeze Tag page. As an added bonus, they have also posted five new tutorials on how to use the code, they have described as helpful even if you are interested in just Q3A coding.

Q3Fortress Released
by Awoq @ Sat 04-01-2000 18:34

The first beta release of Q3Fortress is now available for download at their official site and is also availible at this mirror site as well.

Q3Fortress is a mod to create more of a team-oriented experience and includes different player classes such as Soldier, Agent and Paramedic, all with unique weapons, strengths and abilities.

A large part of the team-play aspect comes from Q3F's support for several game objective possibilities, which include Capture the Flag, Command Point, and Capture and Hold styles of play.

QuakeCon 2000
by Awoq @ Sat 04-01-2000 12:56

QuakeCon 2000 just opened its doors and will be accepting online applications to its LAN party on May the 5th. This year they plan on having 2900 people at the Mesquite Convention Center and Exhibition Hall in Mesquite, Texas. It will be bigger than ever and certainly could be the largest LAN party on the planet to date.

New Q3Post Released
by Awoq @ Sat 04-01-2000 03:25

Q3Post Version 1.25, a utility for mIRC that will automatically post in mIRC a server's IP address and description whenever you connect to a Quake 3 Arena server while you play, is now available.

This version makes the server browser easier to read, includes flood control to automatic responses, and more.

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