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Threewave 1.7 release date
by DGhost @ [03:34 PM] March 23 2004

Kilderean has given us the date for the release of Threewave 1.7. Here's a copy/paste from their forums :
Well, do or die, i'll release 1.7 on monday the 29th of march.

It'll be 1.7 RC4 + very minor changes fixes.

At last, an update to my favorite mod!

Excessive Source
by tIKi_mAn @ [09:57 PM] March 22 2004

For anyone intrested in the Excessive Overkill mod by Mr. Pants, one of the greatest time killing mods out there, the source code has been released for your viewing pleasure. Take a gander past Mr Pants Excessive Overkill for the goods.

QuakeCon 2004 Plans are set!
by tIKi_mAn @ [03:48 PM] March 16 2004

It is that time of year again, well, the time to start planning for that time of year. Going to QuakeCon is any players dream.
“QuakeCon is the Woodstock of gaming, with thousands of fans from around the world coming together for 4-days of non-stop competition, parties, and just hanging out with friends,” said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. “QuakeCon attendees expect the biggest and best -- they won’t be disappointed. There simply is no equal.”

Start putting those plans in line, LAN dates set for August 12th tot he 15th in Mesquite Texas. Head on over to the Official QuakeCon site for all the details.

RA3 Update
by tIKi_mAn @ [06:46 PM] March 12 2004

New version of RA3 was relased this week. New features include:
  • Support for custom team names
  • New scoreboard
  • Built in HTTP server for dedicated servers
  • Database player stats tracking and more!
Check out the Rocket Arena website for downloads and details.

Peek into Reaction Quake3
by tIKi_mAn @ [06:21 PM] March 09 2004

Reaction Quake3 brings us a little update about their next upcoming release. Some of the items include:
  • Fixed a bug in the sky portal code that prevented it to work in certain situations.
  • Fixed a "Bad gEnt" bug that would cause a crash.
  • New sun flare effects, with options to control the sun flare size, opacity, sprite count.
  • New impact effects for snow and grass surfaces.
You can read up on all the features to come out in v3.2 March 13th here, on the Reaction Quake3 site.

by tIKi_mAn @ [11:07 AM] March 07 2004

Got anything planned for May 8th? Burial-Grounds is hosting their fourth LAN party! For $25US you too can to eat and frag. Hey if you plan to be somewhere around Massachusetts in May why not? You can catch all the rules and other info here at the Burial-Grounds.

Finally, It is Friday!
by tIKi_mAn @ [04:19 PM] March 05 2004

That's right, and soon Friday Night Frag Fest will be in full swing. Tonight the FnFF servers will be running Excessive and Instamush. Check out the times and map rotations here. Hope to see you there!

Q3Map2.5.13 Released
by tIKi_mAn @ [03:50 PM] March 04 2004

Calling all mappers: Ydnar has released an updated Q3Map2, version 2.5.13. One of the coolest features looks to be the new Convert, so you can take a Jedi Academy map and compile it for Enemy Territory for example. Get the whole scoop over on the Splash Damage Forums.

Deathmatch of the Game Kind
by tIKi_mAn @ [05:24 PM] March 03 2004

Which is better, Quake or Duke Nukem? On The Ultimate Gaming Grudge, where gamers vote for their favourite games, that is exactly what we can tell them... Quake of course! Jump in and vote!

Frozen Again...
by tIKi_mAn @ [05:54 PM] March 02 2004

The initial release for Freeze For All is out for download. This is a server side mod which supports Q3, Q3:TA and Star Trek Elite Force. What makes F4A slick is the amount of tweaking you can do to get the server set up exactly how you like. Take a swing by their place for all the details and downloads.

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