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Spiderman Total Conversion for Q3A
by DGhost @ [10:44 PM] March 31 2002

Okay first of all happy easter to all of you. I've been with my family all day so that's why the late update of today. Now let's get down to business. Well the Spiderman movie is coming... We all know that don't we? So of course there is a team for work on a TC with the engine of Quake 3. Head over to their webpage for more informations about the TC and some cool screenshots. I must say that it look really fun for a TC.

McKinley revival @ Deja-review
by DGhost @ [03:07 PM] March 30 2002

Aaaaah McKinley Revival. This map bring me back so many memories from Quake 2 CTF (at this point I'm looking vaguely at the sky with tears in my eyes). So, head over to Deja-Review for a small review of this remake for Quake 3 Arena that I'm downloading as I type this! Or also, at the same time, you could check this other version of McKinley Revival.

Show us your Quakin' love!
by DGhost @ [12:28 PM] March 30 2002

Well, okay I want (again :P) some cool pictures that we will know right away just by looking at it that you love Quake. The pictures can be related to anything as long as we can see that you love Quake. And I'll post it as the pic of the day. You can send it to me and please, your pictures, if they are in 640X480 in a compress format, it will help me a lot.

Re-launch of Baneforge
by DGhost @ [12:30 PM] March 30 2002

Baneforge is re-launching for their second birthday and to celebrate the occasion they've got a lot of cool goodies! Some nice new skins for the Klesk model (check this one). Also there is some new wallpapers. Be sure to check to drop them a visit for their nice skins.

New version of Defrag
by DGhost @ [12:29 PM] March 30 2002

From their webpage:
The DeFRaG is a SOLO mod for Q3A based on your movement ability and not on your skill against bots or human players.

Therefore you can practice and perfect your-self on every imaginable and possible Q3A trick. In fact, as you should know, the more mobility you have, the more victories you can hope.
I have played a little bit that mod around PR 1.17, it was realy fun and tough. Now a new version is out for the latest point release. You should give it a try!

New interview @ the Mushroom
by DGhost @ [02:35 PM] March 28 2002

For an update of the serie of their interview Where are they now?, Kevin Weiser from the The Mushroom has added a new article with Scott Dalton the creator of the Quake 1 mod: Zerstorer: Testament of the Destroyer. Really worth a read!

Are you a Quake 3 newbie?
by DGhost @ [10:38 AM] March 27 2002

So after more than 2 years that the big Q3 is out, are there any newbie out there, new to the game who would like to know the difference between the Quake 3 weapons? Well, I found this Quake 3 weapons manual on Q3Center. It can be nice sometime also to relearn/remember what's the dis/advantages of all the weapons.

Sidrial update
by DGhost @ [10:34 AM] March 27 2002

Just to let you know gang that there is now a patch for the TC Sidrial. Some bugs fixed and now there is bot support. I just wish that this TC would be bigger since it took me like 20 minutes to finish it. Head over to FountainHead Entertainment for the update or download the TC if you didn't try it yet 'cauz it's worth it!

Another Threewave CCTF Cup
by DGhost @ [10:28 AM] March 27 2002

From SavageUK there is another tournament for Threewave Classic CTF. Here's the whole PR:
Sign ups are open for the Threewave cctf cup

You can sign your clan up here.
To see a list of clans already signed up go here. The cup will commence with Group stages starting on Tues 16th April.More info to follow once I know how many clans will be taking part.
There ya go!

Medal of Honor: Frontline
by DGhost @ [12:51 PM] March 26 2002

Nope it's not an expansion pack for the PC :( It's the PS2 version of Medal of Honor. Frontline which takes place between the third and fourth missions of the original game is scheduled to be released the 6 of June 2002. Check out the screenshots on Planet Medal of Honor or also on Game-Revolution for more informations.

More maps @ Deja-Review
by DGhost @ [12:48 PM] March 26 2002

Okay I didn't try the map yet but you've got to, at least, take a look at this one. Devlar's Purgatory is a DM map inspired by the hallway from Quake 1. You know the place where you would choose the episode you would want to do? Yep that's the one! It could be fun fraggin' Quake 3 style in this place. The second map, still @ Deja-review is the last map from Quake 1 first episode. This map didn't get a good praise since there is some errors in it.

CBDTPA, Doom 3, SoF2 and Threewave CTF
by DGhost @ [09:18 AM] March 26 2002

Interresting article on UKGamer about the The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (wich may affect you! the gamer), The violence level of Soldier of Fortune II, the joke about Doom 3 being released on the Xbox first and a look into the next release of Threewave CTF. Pheeew lot of things for one article.

Kronic's movie of Weapons Factory Arena
by DGhost @ [09:49 PM] March 24 2002

You've got to see this guy playing Weapons Factory Arena. Quite a big file (64 megs), the DiVX codec is also included in the zipped file. Pretty tough to follow with the way he use his grapple but it's really nice. You can download the file here.

Classic CTF season 2 @ CAL
by DGhost @ [06:14 PM] March 24 2002

The CyberAthlete Amateur League has opened the registration for clans for the second seaon of Threewaves Classic CTF. Note that the registration process is open for 2 weeks. They need about 20 clans. If this requirement is not met, the season will be cancelled. At the same time, congratulation to the winners of season one
#1 Red Dragons
#2 Spice Ass
#3 Xeno
#4 c80smotntuanm

The lurking fear
by DGhost @ [10:35 AM] March 23 2002

So you're tired of the same old single player maps in Return to Castle Worksenstein? Fear not for here come The lurking fear. This site made by Privateer and Vondur is dedicated to bring you new single player maps only. So far there is only 3 maps that has been released but more are coming along and at the end they'll make some nice pak also for compilation. Good luck guys! Give them a visit!

Interview with a Scumbag
by mayhemm @ [05:49 PM] March 21 2002

This is pretty interesting....  Although this is technically not  Q3 or Q3-engined game based news, I think it's always good to know what is going on inside the mind of those peeps who are trying to ruin online games for all of us.  A good interview with an online cheater at Mapped.
BangOut: I think we've addressed everything but the most important issue- why are you doing this? You do know it's really annoying and ruins the game for everyone else, right?
[NCC]Elf_Crusader: As I said above, I've played a lot of games, and cheating was never such a problem for me until I started playing this game a lot online. Cheating has always been there and always will be- coders are clever, hackers are twice so. I didn't call myself the elf crusader because I want people to use the Elfbot, but because I want to see it gone. I want to play good multiplayer games like this to be cheat free and I want people to give a **** that's it's so easy to do what I did in so little time.
Read the rest right here.

Sum JKII Goodies
by mayhemm @ [05:39 PM] March 21 2002

Just saw this on Gamespydaily.com..  If you wanna check out some more models and other eye candy before JKII arrives in your local store (heh, if you wanna get the game legally u lil' thief!! ;)) then check out their site.  They've put out some new content.

A New Seismovision Demo Player
by mayhemm @ [05:49 PM] March 20 2002

Guess what folks!!  Seismovision v2.01 is ready for grabbin' right now if ya want it.  This kewl@$$ demo player (which yours truly uses himself) will work with most of today's popular FPS games like Quake 3 Arena, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and others. Here's some of what has been changed for this version:
  • changed: Mod selection combo now list all directories in which a mod could be by searching for *.pk3 files and when no mod is selected, the checkbox ‘Load this mod every time when watching a demo’ gets disabled
  • changed: AVA support system now supports Return to Castle Wolfenstein correctly by combining AVA Type 1 and Type 2
  • added: Then Update-System now tells you when there are no updates available and quits
  • added: Added a select all button to Seismovision Wizard to select all games instantly
  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (*.dm_58) demo support
  • change: The Wizard now does not display the mod page anymore when no mod is found
  • change: Half-Life timescale (demo playback speed) is no longer clamped when typing, when saving the timescale gets corrected if not within scale
  • fix: Some Translation related faults fixed
  • fix: Fixed Quake 2 cleanup system that was not working at all
Read more about it at their site, or grab it right here.

New Maps @WFD
by mayhemm @ [05:41 PM] March 20 2002

Those fine folks at Weapons Factory Direct has added some new maps for ur downloading pleasure.  Grab 'em here.

Team Evolve Back Online
by mayhemm @ [05:38 PM] March 20 2002

Anyone who was p1$$ED off that TeamEvolve's website was down for, (errrr since December!!!) will be happy to know that they have a new dedicated connection and are still working on their acclaimed Q3Mod PainKeep Arena.  Seems that they are wrapping up work on 3.0, and will probably leave it at that.  Who knows, I'm sure they'll do a kick@$$ job with whatever they tackle.  Read all about it right here.

New LvL Map Reviews
by mayhemm @ [06:03 PM] March 18 2002

Those busy guys at ..::LvL have popped out 8 new maps for our viewing (errr, reviewing?) pleasure. Here's the list:
  • ChiropteraTA by Alcatraz / Nunuk / Sock (Team Arena 2-6)
  • ChiropteraDM by Alcatraz / Nunuk / Sock (DM/Tourney 2-6)
  • Berserker by polo (DM/Team 4-8)
  • Invalid Transmission by Jax_Gator (DM/Tourney 2-4)
  • One Down by Gear (Space CTF 4-6)
  • Invade The Space by Lotbot (DM/Tourney 2-3)
  • Subd25 by Slater (DM 3-6)
  • Hall of Valhalla-Meat Yard by dONKEY (DM 3-5)
Stop by ..::LvL and look, grab, or whatever :-).

Gladiator Model for Q3
by mayhemm @ [05:54 PM] March 18 2002

Interesting....  According to Q3Center, you can grab one of the Q4 models (Gladiator) now and play it on Q3 right now.  All you have to do is download it right here, or you can check it's screeny out first.

A New Q3Rally
by mayhemm @ [05:50 PM] March 18 2002

Anyone playing that kewl@$$ Q3TC, Quake3Rally, which replaces Sarge with various hotrods and fast and deadly cars, will be happy to hear that the guys behind it have released version 1.1.  If you don't know what it is, here's a cut'n'paste:
Quake III Rally is a mod for Quake III Arena that turns it into a fully fledged racing game, with racing modes, deathmatch modes, capture the flag, demolition derby and more.
Hehe, short but sweet.  Grab it, check it out, or just look at the screenies right here.

Wolf3D for the GBA
by mayhemm @ [05:44 PM] March 18 2002

Seems like the little gaming systems are starting to get their share of pretty good games, albeit 11(?) years late.  UK developer BAM! Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the rights to bring iDSoftware's classic--and first--FPS - Wolfenstein 3D - to the Game Boy Advance.  I got that from Gamespydaily's daily (errrr) shout.  You can check out their screenies right here.

New version of Threewave CTF soon!
by DGhost @ [01:33 PM] March 18 2002

Yep, that's right folks! A new version is coming soon. Here's some changes in the next release and check the whole changelog:
- AutoRadio
- Episode Portal
- Lithium DM mode (runes + grapple)
- Team Balancing
- Colored rockets, plasma, lightning
- Improved match mode items
Way to go Threewave!

New version of GTKRadiant
by DGhost @ [10:26 PM] March 17 2002

Yet again some bugs are being crushed down by the mighty hammer of programmation logic. Don't ask me what it is "cauz I'm not crazy enough to be a programmer. So we've got a new version! 1.2.6 actually. Update only, you'll need the 1.2 installed first. Here's the list of all the changes. Download the update!

Final version of The Vast and Furious
by DGhost @ [12:47 AM] March 17 2002

The final version of one of my most favorite custom map for CTF is out! If you're into q3ctf4 you'll definitively like this one. Created by ButterB, this map is an intense-action-kick ass map. Download it now!

RtCW 1.3 for Linux
by DGhost @ [01:36 AM] March 17 2002

Sorry for the delay, it has been a busy day. Through a new .Plan update, Robert Duffy advised us this morning that the latest version of RtCW for Linux is available. You can go grab it on the FTP server of IDsoftware. Oh and before I forget, this update has also been released for the win32 platform.

Now It's Gold
by mayhemm @ [06:08 PM] March 15 2002

Well, well, well...  Now we can say with AuTHOritY that JKII, that game which has been salivated over for many months is finally GOLD!  Now, thought it comes straight from the horses mouth.  Take a gander.

MOHAA for Macs
by mayhemm @ [05:28 PM] March 14 2002

Inside Mac Games has word that Westlake Interactive will be porting 2015's WW2 shooter, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, to the Mac.  WoooOOOOO MACS!!  Now if they can only port to linux, we'd all be happy :P  Thanks goes out to Telefragged for the shout.

Navy Seals: Covert Ops Bug Fixes
by mayhemm @ [05:25 PM] March 14 2002

The guys behind Navy Seals: Covert Operations has been released some bug fixes for their recently released TC.  HEH, I thought it was gonna be a weekly screenshot :P. They've also put out a bot pack to and a new map pack for you to enjoy.  Go give 'em a visit.

JK2 Trailer
by mayhemm @ [05:20 PM] March 14 2002

Speaking of JK2 (heh, doesn't news usually come in splurts??), LucasArts has released a brand new 19.7 MB movie of JK2.  You can watch the movie here or (bleh!) here.

UPDATE--Uhhhhh.  I just saw the trailer.  Hmmmm, now I gotta beg someone for some money :)  D@mn that looks sw33T!

JK2 Gold Redux :-/
by mayhemm @ [05:08 PM] March 14 2002

Alright... So we were wrong, hehe, but I know that many other newsie sites were wrong as well.  According to Gamespot, LucasArts has dismissed the rumor of JKII going gold.  It's supposed to go gold this week..... :-/  Read the story here, or just go visit the JKII website.

New patch for RtCW tomorrow!
by DGhost @ [11:40 AM] March 14 2002

I found this on the The Ctrl-Alt-Del, a new patch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (v 1.3) will be release tomorrow. Here's the list of what will be included in this nice update:
- Auto-updater for multiplayer
- PunkBuster support
- A new multiplayer map
- A mod menu
You can read the full announcement here!

StormTrooper Q3 Model
by mayhemm @ [05:10 PM] March 14 2002

Just saw this at Quake3Stuff and it looks pretty cool.  Raven Software (who really doesn't need any intro) has just released a Q3 stormtrooper model.  You can grab it here.

DGhost: I would suggest also that you take a look at this screenshot, the model is really good!
UPDATE - Here's a better download link ;-D

EA Dumps 2015?
by mayhemm @ [05:29 PM] March 13 2002

Hmmm.  I don't know about you guys but I thought that MOHAA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) was one of the best games released last year, and 2015 one of the best developers.  Seems, according to a post on Captured.com that EA has dumped 2015 and will be developing and writing patches for the MOH PC games themselves.

The Dark Conjunction on the Way Out
by mayhemm @ [05:19 PM] March 13 2002

Heh,  I didn't even know this was getting released, as it happened in February when I was, errr, lost to the world.  You may remember us talking about a Q3TC called Dark Conjunction in one of our news posts nearing beta.  Well, it did, and now it's gone.  I just saw on Gamespydaily today, that the team behind Dark Conjunction has been offered a commercial opportunity and can't do the TC AND their new project at the same time.  Oh well.  I guess I can't blame them.  Here's their site if you still wanna check out the mod.

Interview with Jon Olick
by DGhost @ [02:33 AM] March 13 2002

For those of you who are wondering who the hell this guy is, well he's one of he programmer of the 2015 team, the one that made medal of Honor: Allied assault. Here is a snip from the interview:
Skidrowpunk: There’s a level that’s included with the game but isn’t used (mission 4 level 0) can you give us the story behind that?

Jon: An entire mission was actually cut. It was one of the levels in that mission that we just didn't have the heart to throw it away. During the final push towards release, we didn't have time to polish it as much as the rest of the levels in the game so it ended up being cut.

Skidrowpunk: In addition to the "secret" mission, we noticed there's a Purple Heart medal hidden in one of the game files. Is there any way to actually win the medal?

Jon: Yes, but I'm not going to give away how to get it that easily. Nice try.
Go read it @ Planet Medal of Honor.

Final release of Alliance
by DGhost @ [11:55 AM] March 11 2002

Yep, Just got words from the team itself. The final release is available for download. Here's the list of the bugs fixed:
- Added support for 2 new game modes; Rail n' Rune and LMCTF
- Fixed g_allianceFree(weapon) bugs to make Rail n' Rune possible
- Fixed uneven heath in bases on actf19
- Fixed spawnpoints stuck in the wall on actf24
- Fixed grapple sounds on actf17 and actf24
So there ya go! That brings it to version 3.3

Navy seals: Covert operations
by DGhost @ [10:05 PM] March 10 2002

So there is a new version of this mod. Go check their website. There is also a patch (v 1.0b) fixing some small bugs and also the hunkmegs memory error. Check their download page.

Interview with Paul
by DGhost @ [03:33 PM] March 09 2002

So after the annoucment that Paul is leaving, chiQ from has done an interview with the man! Really worth it go read it!

Paul Jaquays is leaving IDSoftware
by DGhost @ [08:22 PM] March 08 2002

That's right folks! Big news, Paul Jacquays leaves IDsoftware to pursue other challenge in development and design. Here is the whole .Plan:
A Time for Every Purpose

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven" ...a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;"

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

I'll drop the bombshell here and get it over with. For me, this is a time to "pluck up what is planted."

Yesterday, March 7th marked the 5th anniversary of my joining id Software. So the timing of this message is somewhat ironic in nature. After much consideration and soul searching, I've decided to part ways with id. Today, March 8th, is my last day as an id Software employee.

After five years of making first person shooters like Quake2, Quake III Arena, and Quake III: Team Arena, I've come to the realization that my heart just isn't in it any more. For this reason, I've decided to make a slight shift in career direction and seek other design and development challenges. I have accepted a position with Ensemble Studios (the creators of the Age of Empires series and Age of Mythology) here in Dallas, and will be taking up my new duties with them in short order. I'm excited about the new job and I understand that the entire team there is excited to have me come on board.

I want to thank everyone who has made my id experience an interesting ride, including the guys here at id, Ms. Donna, and especially the friends I've made in the on-line mapping, modeling, and texturing communities.

Anyone who needs to contact me directly should still be able to do so through my id email address for a while yet. Or you can check for me up on the MapCenter forums.

Well, it has been fun, honest, but the time has come to power down this system, pack up a few remaining personal items, shake some hands, say my farewells, and head on out the door. Catch you all later.


March 7, 1997 V March 8, 2002.

P.S. And don't worry about Doom, the guys who have been doing all the really cool stuff for the game are still busting their chops hard as ever on it.
From the community and from me also Paul, I wish you good luck. You have done an outstanding job @ ID and we'll miss you. I hope the best for everything you'll do.

Jedi Outcast: JK2 Gold??
by mayhemm @ [06:46 PM] March 08 2002

According to JediKnightII.net, Raven Software's highly anticipated (is that an understatement?) Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast might just be going gold tomorrow. The game is due at the end of the month/early April. Thanks goes out to Shacknews for the shout.

Navy Seals: Covert Ops Tomorrow??!!
by mayhemm @ [06:44 PM] March 08 2002

Well I'll be d@mned!  It seems that the endless wait and weekly dose of screenshots is finally coming to an end!  Q3Center has shouted that the guys behind NSQ3: Covert Ops (errrrr. Navy Seals Q3 Covert Ops) will release their Q3 Total Conversion tomorrow (and they aren't saying "beta" either.)  Watch for more news...or just check their page.

Fred Nilsson Interview@Planetquake3.net
by mayhemm @ [06:34 PM] March 08 2002

Just saw this on Gamespydaily.com and it may be interesting..  iDSoftware Artist/Animator Fred Nilsson recently sat down (rhetorically speaking of course :P) with Planetquake3.net and answered some questions in an interview. The questions cover topics such as Fred's current projects, life before iD and life with iD.  Here's an obligatory cut'n'paste:
RogeR: What is the coolest thing about working at id Software?
Fred: Besides it being my dream job? I'd have to say the people.. Everyone here is really nice, and mega talented.. We all get along well, it's just overall a real fun place to work.. The things that get produced here are just mind boggling at times.. 
 You can read the whole interview here.

iD's Wolf Messageboard
by mayhemm @ [06:22 PM] March 08 2002

Christian Antkow has updated his .plan file today with some news for you guys who frequent iDSoftware's Wolfenstein server (that's gameserver2.idsoftware.com (, [id] Xian's MP_BEACH Server.)  They have added a messageboard so that you can yell and abuse each other :P  You can visit it right here.

A New All Seeing Eye
by mayhemm @ [06:54 PM] March 07 2002

A new version of the server browser alternative to Gamespy, All Seeing Eye, has been released. It now supports Half-Life Steam servers, C&C Renegade, Star Trek: Bridge Commander and Shadow Force Razor Unit. Of course there are bug fixes and bells 'n' whistles.  Grab it here.

Robert Duffy Interview@Doom3.cz
by mayhemm @ [06:46 PM] March 07 2002

Doom3.cz have have an interview with id Software's Robert Duffy.  Here's a cut'n'paste:
What is your favourite mod? What mod is by you the best in graphics, code and gameplay?

Robert Duffy:  There are a lot of really good mods, Q3F, Urban Terror, Rocket Arena, they all over different things but as far as what I personally have had the most fun with, it would probably be Urban Terror.
Heh, good thing it's in English. Read the rest of the interview right here.

MOHAA Top Selling Game
by mayhemm @ [06:56 PM] March 07 2002

According to NPD Techworld, MOHAA is the top seller of PC Games once again for this week.  I know it's a meaningless blurb, but NPD Techworld tracks the sales of everything from hardware, durables, to video games.  It's pretty cool seeing games based on the Q3 engine still being successful 3 years after it was released.  Thanks goes to Gamespot for the blurb.

CPL Exhibition Tourney
by blaze @ [01:15 PM] March 07 2002

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) has announced that they will be hosting an exhibition tournament at E3 featuring the Nostromo n50 SpeedPad. All 5 contestants will be required to use it as they compete against each other. Here's a snippet:
The Nostromo Exhibition Tournament will feature five of the top professional gamers in the United States competing in Quake III for several prizes including Alienware top-of-the-line computers. The tournament will require the use of the Nostromo n50 SpeedPad (a combination keyboard and game pad) and the Nostromo n30 Game Mouse or the Belkin Optical Mouse.

The CPL is immediately commencing its selection process of the five pro-gamers, that in addition to free travel, accommodations and E3 passes will also earn an opportunity to win a number of merchandise prizes, courtesy of Belkin. The CPL is only considering top-ranking gamers that have participated at CPL tournaments, have maintained high standards of professionalism and have experience with the media.

Cary 'Succubus' Szeto
Dan 'Rix' Hammans

Under Consideration:
Mark 'Wombat' Larsen
John 'Zero4' Hill
Jay 's0crates' Sylka

Sum New Goodies @..::LvL
by mayhemm @ [05:57 PM] March 06 2002

Speaking of new maps.  The guys ..::LvL  have posted six new maps. Here's the list:

CruelTrick by h0peless - Space DM (3-6 players)
Acquiescence by Europa - DM (4-6 players)
The Fire Temple by arshishb - DM (4-8 players)
roquefort by Zippie - Space DM (3-4 players)
Empty Voice of Despair by ButterB - DM/Tourney (2-4 players)
Cachetic Machinations by Shallow[BAP] - DM/Tourney (2-5 players)
Go check it out.

JK2 Chat Log @Gamesdomain
by mayhemm @ [05:47 PM] March 06 2002

GamesDomain posted the log of their recent IRC chat with Raven Software's Kenn Hoekstra and everybody else involved in the making of JKII.  Read it right here.

Under the Hammer
by mayhemm @ [05:34 PM] March 06 2002

Whew.  It's nice to know, the more sick and sick we get of dat same ol' dm17, that there are alternatives to that favorite of peeps who love to spawn-kill.  In this case we have a new map called Under the Hammer coded by Immortal.  It looks like a nice map, good for rails and high population servers.  Go ahead and visit them, check out some screenies or just grab it right here.

There's Sum Common Sense Out There
by mayhemm @ [05:24 PM] March 06 2002

It's good to know that some peeps out there have an ounce of common sense....  I just saw over on Gamespot that the judge who was handling the lawsuit against many game companies (including IdSoftware) brought on by the parents of slain Columbine High School students, has thankfully dismissed the lawsuit.  You can read the news story right here.

ButterB and his Crap Stack
by mayhemm @ [05:17 PM] March 05 2002

ButterB from the, errr, Crap Stack :P has sent us a shout that he would like as many peeps as possible to check out the final beta of a map he's been working on called Vast and Furious.  Go ahead and give him your feedback--and check out his other maps right at his site.

Win a Gamecube and Copy of SOF2!
by mayhemm @ [05:12 PM] March 05 2002

Jon Zuk's....you don't know who that is??!!  That's a'ight, neither did I until I read his .plan update =).  Jon Zuk just happens to be the project lead for Raven Software's up-coming (and dr00l bringing) Q3A-engined sequel to Soldier of Fortune, SOF2.  It seems that they are sponsoring a skinning contest.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't post something like that, but the 1rst prize is a Gamecube and signed copy of SOF2, 2nd prize a Gameboy Advance and copy of SOF2.  Go ahead and find out what it's about, or try your luck right here!

Annihilation Beta2 Screenies
by mayhemm @ [04:54 PM] March 05 2002

Hello all!  Well, I'm back (if you've noticed that I left :P) and happy to be among the world of the living.  To celebrate :-/  Here's my first news post in a month.  Gamespydaily has shouted that the b@d boys behind the Annihilation Q3 mod has graced us all with some eye-candy/teaser pics from the beta version (beta2.0 if you wanna know) of their WW2 styled, realism team-based mod.  Check 'em out here--they look nice, heh, but you're gonna have to turn your gamma up as far as I can see!

Todd Hollenshead .Plan update
by DGhost @ [04:24 PM] March 04 2002

Well, seems that RtCW won a prize. Here's the snip from Todd:
Congratulations to our RTCW partners Gray Matter and Nerve on the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences awards for Best Online Game and Computer Action/Adventure Game of the Year for Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

Mapping Quake 3 map for Mac?
by DGhost @ [10:58 PM] March 03 2002

Hahahaha love the way this title sound. Say that 10 times faster each time. So this site is intented to be a kind of ressource for anybody mapping map for Quake 3 on his Mac (sorry, must be the alcool). Is there a lot of mappers of there who use a Mac? I'm curious about that.

Fax me your soul!
by DGhost @ [12:58 AM] March 03 2002

Eeeer, well I was thinking about a cool title to bring your attention and that's what came to my mind. Yeah I know it's lame. Anyway to give you some news about the desktop we have seen lastly. So last thursday we had a cool Mac OS X from Wowbagger, friday it was Xiphoid's desktop and saturday it was Red Dwarf's turn. Keep sending me your desktop!

Quake 3 Rally is out!
by DGhost @ [11:50 PM] March 02 2002

So after some months (years, decades, centuries?), Quake III Rally is out. Bring out the cars guys, I think we're gonna see some tires burning this weekend. Download!

Quakecon FAQ
by DGhost @ [01:36 PM] March 01 2002

There is now a nice FAQ on the webpage of QuakeCon. Really worth a shot if you plan to go there. Some interesting things to note, the hotel his already full.

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