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Full Metal Jacket Update
by awoq @ [08:25 PM] March 31 2001

The Full Metal Jacket team has updated their site with new screenshots of three of their new maps in progress. Here is what they have to say about the new maps:
The latest additions are Khong_Tac (meaning - HIJACK) which is a mission map (yay) and concerns the Vietnamese taking control of a USA HUEY Helicopter.

The second new map is Hue_City which is loosely based on an actual conflict that occurred during the Vietnam war. Basically the only "House to House" fighting that existed in the war, during the Tet offensive in 1968....that we know of anyway.

The third and final new entry is a fun map, FMJ_Bridge and is another mission based level. USA team must make their way to the enemy bridge and destroy the Ammo Supply at the far end. Great defensive map for the Vietnamese. Sniper central.
Head on over to the Full Metal Jacket site and check out the new maps!

A Great Q3 Switcharoo Thingy
by mayhemm @ [05:27 PM] March 30 2001

This is pretty new to me, as I just dual boot to do the same thing.  RTD Quake III has released a new Quake III version switch to allow users to switch from Q3A v1.17 to Q3A v1.27 and back to play their favourite mods without having to write a complicated .bat file or (heh) take up too much hard drive space with two complete q3 installations.  Check it out right here.

Q3 Revolution for the PS2 Shipping
by mayhemm @ [05:20 PM] March 30 2001

Good News if you have a PS2 and want to see what has kept all of us computer nerds locked up for the last year and a half :P.  EA Games has begun shipping its first-person shooter, Quake III: Revolution--you've heard of it haven't you :-)?.  The game is rated M for Mature, and will be sold for around of $49.99.

FreakBall Arena Update
by awoq @ [12:21 AM] March 30 2001

After several weeks of silence, the FreakBall Arena team has posted some new screenshots of their Q3A mod. The shots show off some new textures from HFX. Also on the site is news of some problems with bots which will be solved in the upcoming beta 2 that will be released "very soon". Surf on over to the Freakball Arena site and check out the shots and the new news!

L-Aim Bot
by mayhemm @ [05:48 PM] March 28 2001

If you find yourself constantly getting waxed during the deathmatch, here's a lil' sumthang you may find useful.  It's called the L-Aim bot.  Click here to find out more about it.  (HEHE, I know it's BS, but I couldn't resist posting it :))

The Quake Movie Teaser
by mayhemm @ [05:45 PM] March 28 2001

Tritin Films have released a new teaser for the Quake: The Movie project. This movie, created in 3D Studios Max revolves around five heroes from the Quake world fighting against a powerful alien race, the Vadrigar. The official site with more info can be found here. The teaser is pretty sweet lookin' and maybe worth the big download if you're on a big pipe (com'n I know you hang out at the EFFNET all day, so what's the big DIFF?)  The teaser is available as a 22mb DivX, 24mb Quicktime or 4.5mb streaming ASF file. If you want, while you're downloading the movie you can check out some screenshots here.

John Carmack Inducted Into AIAS Hallf of Fame
by mayhemm @ [05:32 PM] March 28 2001

I'm just gonna cut'n'paste the whole press announcement :) Thanks to RedWood for giving us the heads up.
id Software's Legendary Programmer Honored for Groundbreaking Graphics Engines, Including DOOM(R), QUAKE(R), and QUAKE III Arena(TM)

San Jose, CA - March 23, 2001 - John Carmack, co-founder, co-owner and technical director of id Software(TM), was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) Hall of Fame Thursday night, honoring his pioneering contributions to interactive entertainment.

Carmack is best known for shaking the video game world in 1992 with the original first person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D(R). Released in 1994, DOOM further advanced the first person shooter and took the world by storm, leading players through an eerie and frightening journey to hell and back. Carmack left the industry in awe in 1996 when he created the first true 3-D environment for QUAKE. And he pushed the envelope of 3-D gaming again in 1999 by introducing the most technically advanced 3-D engine available in QUAKE III Arena.

Carmack joins past inductees Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo (1998), creator of Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong; Sid Meier, Firaxis Games (1999), who developed Civilization; and Hironobu Sakaguchi, Square USA (2000), creator of the Final Fantasy series. Sakaguchi presented the award to Carmack at Thursday's ceremony.

"From Wolfenstein 3D to QUAKE III Arena, John has irreversibly altered the way we think about video game technology," Adrian Carmack, artist, co-founder and co-owner, id Software said. "His induction in the AIAS Hall of Fame is a tribute to his hard work, dedication, and ingenuity. Everyone at id offers their sincerest congratulations.

Carmack's breakthroughs are renowned throughout the gaming and technology industries. His graphics engines are widely considered the world's most technically astounding and visually beautiful. Each of the games id has built on his engines have received "Game of the Year" awards and his multiplayer and Internet gaming innovations have been honored several times over. Carmack's QUAKE III Arena engine won accolades from industry press as the best graphics technology of the year in 1999 and again in 2000.

In February 2001, id Software again made the video game world stand still when Carmack unveiled a demo of the work created using his newest engine technology at MacWorld, Tokyo.

About id Software id - Freud's primal part of the human psyche and one of the hottest game shops on Earth - has been rocking the gaming world from Mesquite, Texas since 1991. As a renowned leader in the industry, id Software forged such frenetic titles as Wolfenstein 3D(R), DOOM(R), DOOM II(TM), QUAKE(R) and QUAKE II(TM). With intense graphics and mind-blowing action, id's games continually break retail and shareware sales records. And, in keeping with tradition, id Software has amplified the world of adrenaline pumping 3-D gaming with the release of their latest action titles, QUAKE III Arena(TM) and QUAKE III: Team Arena(TM). id's advanced QUAKE III Arena engine is leading the next revolution in 3-D interactive games with both single and multiplayer technology. Check out more about id Software at www.idsoftware.com.

# # #
DOOM(R), Wolfenstein 3D(R) and QUAKE(R) are registered trademarks of Id Software, Inc. in the United States. Commander Keen(TM), QUAKE II(TM), QUAKE III Arena(TM), Quake III: Team Arena(TM), Return to Castle Wolfenstein(TM) and the Id Software(TM) name are trademarks of Id Software, Inc.

LvL Map Pack
by mayhemm @ [05:08 PM] March 28 2001

Good News! Good News for all of you guys (and gals!) getting sick and tired of playing Q3DM17, the famous ..::LvL of  errrr--..::LvL Q3A Edition has posted a new map-pack called Space Madness.  This map pack boasts some of the best user made Space levels released to date. Here is the complete list; Go get 'em!

Bounce WidIt--Bounce WidIt
by mayhemm @ [11:01 AM] March 28 2001

There's a new Mod in town and it's called Bouncy Q3. Neurodancer, who also authors the Mod, Excessive Overkill, is the author. Here's a snip'n'paste for Bouncy from their FAQ:
The idea behind Bouncy Quake is that all the weapons have been made non-lethal, but their design has been tweaked to improve their knock-back factor. For some weapons, this was as simple as removing the damage and upping the force, but others were subject to creative alterations... New powerups are also available, along with three new styles of game play to accomodate the new play style: Survival, King of the Hill, and Control.
Read all about it right here.

Editorial--Why did Team Arena Bomb?
by mayhemm @ [10:43 AM] March 28 2001

It got great reviews, but Quake III Team Arena isn't selling big. 3DActionPlanet looks into the sales slump with CitizenC doing the honors. Here's a cut'n'paste of the editorial:
The next wall that Team Arena came across was that many people felt that the new gametypes included with Team Arena were too similar to gametypes already implemented by various 3rd party mods. One-Flag CTF has been done. Harvester has been done. And, even though it was for Shogo, and not Quake[X], Overload has been done, in the form of the mod Monolith. Again, there were free, high-quality alternatives to the new gametypes included
Personally, there are too many free instagib (the only skill mods IMHO) out there to be paying any kind of money for an addon. Read the whole editorial right here.

New Quake 3 Menu
by awoq @ [09:46 AM] March 28 2001

A new version of Quake 3 Menu has been released today bringing the script program to version 1.12. Quake 3 Menu is a huge script program, that uses an easy to use in-game menu via echo, which allows you to set virtually any command known to man, from the console. There are currently more than 1000 commands to choose from! Check it out at the Game Menu Headquarters site today.

Arena World Update
by mayhemm @ [09:12 PM] March 27 2001

Thes33k from the Arena World Team sends word that they have updated their site with a new version of their Q3 Mod of the same name that fixes some bugs in the old version, some ingame shots and general ArenaWorld GoodNeSS.  Here is a little description of their mod right outta their FAQ in case you don't know what it is:

Arena_World is a modification (of the Q3) gameplay and the aim of the original game. (Here) is the features list. It will be updated after every update of the MOD.

  • start with all weapons and ammo.
  • no self-damage
  • faster gameplay (movement, damage modified)
  • left, center, right handed
  • modified q3:a weapons
  • lightning discharge
  • advanced spectator mode
  • based arenas with scenarios taken from all regions. Image fighting in Greece on Acropolis.

Read all about it right here.

A New Paintball
by mayhemm @ [08:46 PM] March 27 2001

The Q3 Paintball mod site has been updated with a cleaner and easier to use frontend. They've also posted all new screenshots and and TC progress information.  If you don't remember us posting  about this Q3Mod before, don't feel sad; I can't find it either (and I'm too lazy to do an extensive search :P).  Basically this TC is paintball with the Q3 engine, and a few caveats thrown in.  Check out their site right here.

Be a Beta Tester!!
by mayhemm @ [08:23 PM] March 27 2001

If you're hot on becoming a beta tester for ANY game development team (hehe I have to say game, cuz we're ALL OS beta testers :P), the Gundam Universe is throwing a website design contest which might be your ticket.  Design a website that they pick and you will receive a slot as a beta tester on the Gundam Universe Quake 3 total conversion. For the full details--including WTF Gundam Universe is all about--go check out their website.

New Gamespy 3D
by awoq @ [05:36 PM] March 27 2001

Version 2.52 of GameSpy 3D, the number one server browser for online gaming, is now available. This new version adds support for Serious Sam (retail) (which in my opinion, really ROCKS) and restores support for LAN Master, a handy tool for LAN parties. It is available in both the shareware and registered versions. Find out more on the Gamespy 3D site.

New Eternal Arena
by awoq @ [02:16 PM] March 26 2001

A new version of Eternal Arena has been released bringing the mod to v4.1.
The new version incorporates new stuff from Hellfire Arena and has a few extras in it as well.
New in this release is:
  • Start server with random bots
  • Add random bot in-game menu
  • Music selector in-game
  • Directional damage indicators on HUD
  • Redesigned map selection screen
  • Quick map lists
  • Ability to play gametypes on all maps
  • Picks up ALL maps now
  • Jump to next map from in-game
  • Option to join a game as a spectator
  • Improved model head/body switching
Find out more about this new release and get the latest download at the Eternal Arena site!

RA3 1.5
by mayhemm @ [07:18 AM] March 26 2001

Just as promised, they released it--and if you can get it, go get it.  Version 1.5 of the hottest Quake3 mod out there is ready for download (if the server isn't too overloaded) and you can get it right here.

New Map Review at Z-Axis
by mayhemm @ [07:17 AM] March 26 2001

I must say, this is a great way to start the day; running a short 4 miles, and reading the first map review of the week.  Karnatos from Z-Axis was kind enough to point the way to a review of a map byBen"Krash" Ackland named H2SO4, aka Sulfuric Acid. Looks like a pretty good DM map, if you like just enough fog to make things murky :)  Here's a little clip to whet ur whistle:
The architecture of this map is done simple but well. Maybe simple isn't the correct word for this, lets try clean, ya that works much better. The architecture in this map is nice and clean. The curves are kept to a minimum which is not a bad thing considering this is supposed to take place in a top secret research facility. Everything is built to a believable scale, from the stairs to the doorways, which always helps lend credibility to the map. I did not find any overlapping brushes or zebra-ing and everything was trimmed nicely.
Read the rest of it right here.

RA3 1.5 Tonight!!!
by mayhemm @ [10:07 PM] March 25 2001

This just keeps getting better and better, and here's another one. Unless you have been living somewhere (on Mars) remote, you've probably heard of a that hot lil' Q3Mod called RocketArena3.  Looks like they are getting ready to release the new version (1.5,) and they're gonna do it tonight!  Also for all of you MacHeads out there, who have felt left out of this cool-A** mod, they are releasing a version for you too :-)  Here's a little more of what to expect tonight:
  • 5 new Multi-Arena maps (see them on the screenshots page)
  • Mac support for RA3 client
  • New "enemy_model" cvar to allow you to set the enemy team to a different model
  • Improved player spawning code
  • Callvote support for "map"
  • IP addresses/names of players logged for server admins
  • Vote spam protection
  • New stats commands for weapon accuracy
  • Major cheat-protection/bot prevention improvements
  • Integrated IRC chat client
  • MP3 player fixed under Q3 1.27
  • Demo recording fixed under Q3 1.27
  • Pure server support
Happy Happy news. Check out the rest of it right here.

Q3F Beta 2 Player Class Screenshots
by mayhemm @ [10:00 PM] March 25 2001

This is looking like a pretty good "News Weekend :P"  Locki from the Q3F Team sends word that they have updated their site with the latest beta status of their Q3A Mod (which is a class-based, teamplay mod), and also posts three "wallpaper friendly" screenshots for our enjoyment.  Here they are:

shot1      shot2      shot3

Check it out right here.

PainKeep Beta2 on April 1st!!
by mayhemm @ [09:38 PM] March 25 2001

I'm just gonna paste their whole post:
If you assume this is some sort of April Fools Joke, you're WRONG. We are geared up to release the 2nd Beta of PainKeep Arena on April 1st, 2001.

It will include the following:
All PKA Weapons, nine maps, and the PKA Voting HUB!

PKA1 - The Prison
PKA2 - Darkstone Temple
PKA4 - Obscured
PKA8 - Dakyne
PKA10 - Harlequins Demise
PKA13 - Techno Mountain
PKA15 - Presence of Death
PKA17 - Scorn
PKA18 - Deguello

All maps have had updates to them. Download locations will be annouced as soon as possible. Prepare for the fragfest next weekend!

Click Here for More Information about PainKeep Arena.

Burnin' it Up at the BackBurner!
by mayhemm @ [09:22 PM] March 25 2001

Matthew Hughes sends word that he and his group at the Backburner have posted 3 new Quake3Arena map reviews for our perusal.  The 3 maps reviewed are:
Go ahead and check 'em out :-)

WesternQ3 >:-)
by mayhemm @ [09:10 PM] March 25 2001

Well... Looks like my hotmail came back up just in time to get an update from Deimos and his lil' doggies, sending us some WesternQuake3 luvin' in the form of a news update.  Here are a few of the things he talks about:
  • Pic of the Week -- Gatling gun preview pics 
  • Alpha 2 release 
  • 2 New Team members (Lixus, General Tso) 
  • Lixus's first map -- Bank Robbery "Cobber Canyon"
If you've never heard of WesternQuake3, its that kewl-a** mod which brings you back in time to the Old West.  Go ahead and visit their site; they have some cool ingame pics and good info.  Check it out right here.

Sunday Treats from the Bane Forge
by Jay @ [02:02 PM] March 25 2001

Chemical Burn is cooking up some delicious previews at the 'Forge with a sneak peak at his work on a Team Arena project which is being kept tightly wrapped as well as a glimpse at the Doom Knights II skin pak for the Crash model. Check it out at the Bane Forge.

New Eternal Team Arena
by awoq @ [10:31 AM] March 25 2001

A new version of Eternal Team Arena has been released bringing the mod to v1.2.
New in this release is:
  • Bugfix flag in 1CFTF not spawning
  • Ability to swap Nailgun for any other weapon
  • Ability to swap Prox Launcher for any other weapon
  • Ability to swap Chaingun for any other weapon
  • Explosions gives more kickback
  • Player model on main menu

RA3 Tips
by awoq @ [09:55 PM] March 23 2001

For those of you who need a little extra help with their Rocket Arena 3 game, PnP has posted a strategy guide. The editorial titled "RA3 Tips by Gr00v3" could give you the upper hand in your next RA3/DM match. Check it out on the PnP site today.

QuakeCon 2001 Announced
by awoq @ [03:24 PM] March 22 2001

Ready to win $30,000? The QuakeCon site has announced dates and times for their annual tournament. Here is part of what they said about the event:
Slated for August 9 - 12, this year's event marks the first NVIDIA® QUAKE III Arena Championships at QuakeCon boasting over $50,000 in cash and prizes. This 512-player battle pits the world's top players in the only QUAKE III Arena tournament officially sanctioned by id Software, a leading independent developer of entertainment software. The competition reaches a climax Saturday night when the QUAKE III Arena champion receives a $30,000 cash prize and lays claim to the title of QUAKE III Arena champ.
Registration for the event will be available later this Spring and will be posted on the QuakeCon site as well as in the news here. Find out more about this event at the QuakeCon site.

New ÆStats
by awoq @ [12:53 PM] March 22 2001

ÆStats, a log file analyser for 3D shooters (including Q3A and Team Arena) with stats/ranking output in HTML, has a new version available bringing it to 4.64.
Added to this release is support for Counter-Strike 1.106 and the following:
  • Updated the support for Counter-Strike 1.106... The log format had changed quite a bit.
  • The HTML output pages finally sport a new set of page and navigation graphics. The great skin and color design was done by Shnookums. Thanx!
  • AEstats is now skinnable... Simply edit the AEstats.cfg to set colors and images in the BODY tags for the HTML header files, define the mouseover properties and colors of links, set the background colors of tables or define the font colors to be used throughout.

Silicon Renewal or Urban Update
by mayhemm @ [10:17 PM] March 21 2001

Oswald and Silicon Ice Development have to be the hardest working Modders in Quakedom if you ask me, but that's a good thing if you're into UrbanTerror, their Q3Arena TC addon which boasts realistic combat and physics.  They have just updated their site with 3 screenshots of their new model, Orion.  Go ahead and take a look.
[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3]
Just in case you've been locked up in the basement closet by mommy--or errrr daddy--here's the link to UrbanTerror so you can get up to speed.  I can't wait to see beta2!

WOF beta2
by mayhemm @ [07:02 AM] March 21 2001

The second beta release for the Q3A Weapons of Fury mod is available with a load of bug fixes. The WoF site has been updated with new screens and wallpapers for download.  Just in case you don't know WTF WOF is here's a cut'n'paste:
is a deathmatch variation of Quake 3 Arena v1.27 combining all round weapon skill with basic survival of the fitest! You all start with the Railgun and infinite ammo. After you kill someone with it you change to the Rocket Launcher and then the Lightning Gun and so on, the idea is to get all the way to the Machine Gun then the BFG and then kill someone with it. Who ever does this gets 100 frags!
Go on and check out this bad boy right here.

New QRec
by awoq @ [11:34 AM] March 20 2001

QRec, a handy demo recorder for Kingpin, Quake 2 and Quake 3, has just been upgraded to v3.03. The new release includes many bug fixes and changes.
Here's a list of changes:
  • BUGFIX: Not technically a bug, but fixed the installer so that it doesn't report incompatibility errors when installing QRec on a PC other than Windows 98.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a problem where QRec sometimes wouldn't exit properly and thus prevented you running it again in the same Windows session.
  • BUGFIX: Rewrote the Q3 console handling routine so that there is far less stress imposed on your system.
  • OPTIMISATIONS: Rewrote several routines of QRec to improve visual feedback (eg. you'll see the system tray icon immediately, instead of wondering if the program launched) and to improve CPU/RAM usage.
  • ADDITIONS: Added lots of error message prompts so that if you do anything wrong with running QRec you'll be told, instead of seeing nothing happen. This was the reason I got so many E-Mails saying that the program didn't work in previous releases.
  • MISC: Many changes to QRec's manual to help clarify some things for newbies who have had trouble understanding how to use QRec. Sorry if I didn't make things clearer for you the first time round.

New Gamespy
by mayhemm @ [09:40 PM] March 19 2001

Just in case you haven't heard, there is a new GameSpy 3D in town and he goes by the name of v2.51.  If you're REALLY cheap or are planning on visiting the effnet for utilities (cough, cough) you can also get the new shareware version.  Here's a taste of what the new version brings:
  • The sheer size of the data contained within the lists caused switching between two very popular games (Half-Life and Quake 3, for example) to be much slower than desired.
  • GameSpy 3D v2.51 brings users a large performance improvement in both sorting and switching server sources, thanks a rewrite of the core list display routines.
Go on and get it right here.

Q3 Utils pakMover
by mayhemm @ [09:30 PM] March 19 2001

If you're looking at another Quake3 utility, MrGTI probably has something cool for you.   .pakMover, the little Q3 utility that could moves them paks outta your Quake directory and straight to safety with the click of a button. Get the full description here.

Kill the King beta Released
by mayhemm @ [09:22 PM] March 19 2001

Just as they promised, fat mods has released the first public beta version for their Kill The King mod for Quake III. If you don't remember the post where they announced it, click right here to get up to speed then Hit fat mods for a look at Kill The King while you download the beta. The download is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users in Q3A v1.27.

How to Survive a Multiplayer Game
by mayhemm @ [09:17 PM] March 19 2001

Whether you're playing a Quake game--I know you are or you wouldn't be reading this :/--or some other, you may find this article interesting. Here's a cut'n'paste:
Death is inevitable, especially when it comes to multiplayer gaming. After all, killing is the name of the game. But while most players are content with racking up kills kamikaze-style, the ability of a player to actually stay alive is often overlooked. Avoiding frequent deaths has many advantages, and in most cases, the leader of a game will almost always have a low death count relative to his or her frag count. This article will discuss the major causes of death in multiplayer shooters, and hopefully provide some insight into promoting your gaming longevity.
It's a pretty good read, as I use most of the tips therein anyway. Kudos to Tech21 for writing it:) Read the rest of it right here.

Q3: True Combat Interview @ The Backburner
by mayhemm @ [06:21 AM] March 19 2001

Matthew Hughes from The Backburner sends word that they have interviewed a few of the guys from Quake 3 True Combat; the realistic combat simulation mod for Q3A, which features real-world weapons, realistic falling and bullet damage, penetrating bullets, etc.  Here's a little cut'n'paste from the interview:
Compared to, for example CS, TC offers extreme realistic and reliable bullet tracing already in its current version. Bullets are able to penetrate arbitrary numbers of layers in any geometry. All physical effects depend on the specific ammunition a weapon fires, the distance, and the projectiles penetrating power, dependent on the impact surface material and angle. In upcoming versions the bullet damage system was further improved to correctly model the projectiles potential to wound independently from the penetrating power. For example, the 7.62x52mm H&k PSG-1 Sniper rifle is able to penetrate up two for layers of tin or wood or thin concrete and 4 Players (not wearing a kevlar vest) in a row. We took also much care to model explosion damage from grenades as much realistic as possible. The complete surrounding geometry is taken into account when explosion damage is computed.

Wow, that sounds pretty in-depth! :P  Read the rest of the interview here.

GamePack 5 for GameBind Pro Released
by mayhemm @ [06:14 AM] March 19 2001

Clandestyne Software sends happy word for all of you who play UrbanTerror and Q3 Fortress of their release of GamePack 5 for GameBind Pro.  GamePack 5 adds support for the new Counterstrike 1.1 and Half-Life patches as well as adding updated support for the Quake III Arena mods Q3 Fortress and Urban Terror. GameBind Pro is an advanced scripting editor for Quake Engine games(Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Voyager, Half-Life, Counterstrike etc) that allows gamers to take complete control of their game scripts and provides many handy features for creating scripts. Check out all the details at their site.

Q3 Trainer and LavaPool Update
by mayhemm @ [07:49 PM] March 18 2001

The world just never stops :) Just when you think it's getting boring, Timan Rebel from LavaPool Entertainment comes through and updates his site in a major way.  He also (heh) posts the newest build (0.9a) of  their Q3 utility Q3Trainer.  Here's what has been changed:
  • bugfixes:
    - fixed  the corrupt transfer between the server and client part of 
    the code.
    - menu now saves damage adjustments when exiting it with the Escape-key or rightmousebutton 
  • added features:
    - player can choose with which weapon to start the game 
  • and for the rest:
    - changes to the ingame GUI
You can read about Q3Trainer--and see how they have redesigned the site--right here.

Interview with CPL PreZ
by mayhemm @ [09:57 AM] March 18 2001

Just in case you don't know, last week the CPL announced that they were switching from Quake3 to Counterstrike as their main professionally played game, which caused the whole gaming community to go in an uproar of speculation that Quake3 is a dying game.  Yesterday E-Sports America sat down with Angel Munoz, the founder and CEO of the CPL and talked about the ramifications of their decision.  Here's a little clip:
I have one more piece of bad news for the Quake 3 community. There are currently some discussions at the CPL to drop Quake 3 from our FRAG 5 event. While nothing is confirmed and the discussions are preliminary, it is obvious that the CPL team members believe that other games and developers should get attention from the CPL and that our league should no longer focus exclusively on id Software products.
Now is the time for me to throw my two cents in.   Quake3 is a game and a social one at that.  I can't think of any other program besides mIRC, that has done what the Quake series has done to bring people together socially.  I don't really feel comfortable with professional leagues, and big companies getting involved in what is supposed to be fun--and most people who are real serious with leagues are buttheads and not fun to play with anyway; so...I don't think CPL dropping Quake3 is a death knell.  I think it's great for the community.  Well, enough of my soapbox :-)  Read the rest of the interview right here.

WFA Beta Test with id
by mayhemm @ [10:16 AM] March 17 2001

Just saw this in the WFA site. If you play WFA, are following the progress on their new beta, and would like to try to frag an id guy, this will be pretty interesting to you. I'm just going to cut'n'paste their poste :)
Wanna try out the latest beta version of WFA with Id Software's help? Then make sure you load up with the latest files and the Q3A v1.27g (or 1.27h) point release installed. Hop into and help us test out the latest version of Weapons Factory Arena.

We've got word that Robert Duffy is playing right now amongst others.. What are you waiting for? Go go go!

UrbanTerror Update
by mayhemm @ [10:01 AM] March 17 2001

The guys at Silicon Ice Development have updated their site with news that they have quashed over 50 bugs and are testing  internal build_6 of what will become beta2 of their kickass Q3TC UrbanTerror.  Just in case you don't know what UrbanTerror is, its a total conversion for Quake3, which is based on action and realism.  Go ahead and visit their site right here.

Q3 Painball Interview
by mayhemm @ [09:50 AM] March 17 2001

The guys at PnP of Florida have announced that they posted an interview with the Q3 Paintball Team.  Evidently they are very close to a beta product.  If you liked Q2 Paintball, and would like to see more, just click right here.

True Combat Update
by awoq @ [02:31 PM] March 16 2001

The True Combat team has uploaded a map fly-through of their new map "Neubaugebiet". The file is a short movie in .wmv format, is 7.5 MB in size and can be found here.

Quake 3 Fortress Map Review
by awoq @ [12:59 PM] March 16 2001

Z-Axis has a new review posted for a Quake 3 Fortress map. Tempus, long time map reviewer, takes a look at Point9 by Mark "[eXe]MasterMind" Williams. This map has it's plus and negative sides, but depending on the sort of gameplay you like, this map just might satisfy your Q3F needs. Check it out here.

New Navy Seals Screenshots
by awoq @ [10:17 PM] March 15 2001

The Navy Seals: Covert Operations team has posted 30 brand new screenshots of their mod. The screenshots are all from the new 5.5 alpha they have been working on and show off some of the new enhancements they have added to the build. Check them out on the Navy Seals website.

QRec v3.01 Released
by mayhemm @ [08:28 PM] March 14 2001

Paul Bowlay (:-/) from Bowlay.com sends word that he has just released (well, tomorrow for us who are still in the western hemisphere;) build 3.01 of QRec.  QRec actually sounds like a good utility.  It can be used to make unlimited demos with one bind  for both Quake3, Quake2, and--for those of you still playing it--Kingpin.  Here are some other things it does:
  • Perform unlimited condumps with ONE bind.
  • Take unlimited screenshots with ONE bind (Q3 only).
  • Do all the above with the current map name INCLUDED!
  • Special feature for Q3: Auto-typed-backslash whenever the console is   lowered, saving you the embarrassment of "speaking" a console command.   Now the Quake 3 console behaves just like the Quake 2 version.  :)
  •  Fully compatible with GameSpy and other game launchers.
  • Run QRec instead of your game and it launches the game for you, along   with any command line options that you might use.
  • 100% free-of-charge with nothing missing or crippled, with optional   registration for technical support and other benefits.
  •  Available right now from www.bowlay.com -- go for it!  :)
Read all about it right here.

Pimpin' da FatMOd or The King Lives!!
by mayhemm @ [08:10 PM] March 14 2001

Who said Elvis was dead?!  Well, they're wrong!  Elvis is alive and well, and he's coming to to turn you into fast food!  Errr--yeah :-/  Just when you think you've seen them all, along comes Tom (FatManFat) Heaton from FatMods with word that they have launched their mod site, and are ready to release 'Kill the King,' their Q3Arena Mod that pits you as "The King (yeah THE KING:)" until you get fragged.  Now before I totally confuse you with this just let me cut'n'paste a few lines from their info page:
  • It couldn’t be simpler… 
  • Only the King gets a point for a frag.
  • This isn’t like real life – you just pick up the crown and you’re the King.
  • You’re the King until you get fragged, then you drop the Crown and someone else gets to be King.
  • If there are lots of players then the King gets a health bonus.If there are only a few then the King might be weaker than the rest - just to keep y’all honest.
  • If you keep the crown for a long time, you become a SuperKing. 
  • Superkings are indestructible, fire really fast and have a cool purple effect – 25 seconds of pure Quake Kingness.
What more do you want?
Well, there ya go.  I know you want to check it out--don't even try to say you don't.  Check it out right here.

AlienTrap Software Goes Public
by Jay @ [09:21 AM] March 14 2001

A group of experienced developers setting out to create games using the open source Quake engine, AlienTrap Software has just officially opened their doors. Their current main project will be announced soon, but they're also looking to mod for existing games like the Quake series and Half-Life in the meantime. Check them out and see what they've got in store at www.alientrap.com.

One More Freak
by mayhemm @ [07:09 AM] March 14 2001

Those wacky guys from Freakball Arena have updated their site with an announcement that they have added a new team member, who will be modeling and skinning characters for their in-progress Q3Mod.  Here's a little clip to let you know what Freakball is:
FreakBall Arena is a Future-Sport MOD for Quake III Arena. Your task is to shoot more goals then your opponents. You are allowed to kick, shoot or kill your enemies. There are 2 different game types. In the standard game type it is allowed to use weapons. The second one only allows the Ball-Launcher as a weapon.
You can lose the ball when you are hit by a weapon. When carrying the ball you aren't able to shoot on your enemies, so your Team will have to defend you and make the way to the goal free. You may of course also pass to your Team Mates if they are in better positions
Check it out right here.

Shadowstar Update
by mayhemm @ [07:08 AM] March 14 2001

Calv-1 from Shadowstar has made a massive update to his site detailing the progress of  their Q3Mod, Shadowstar Conflict Elite.  Just in case you don't know WTF SCE is here's a little blurb of it's features ta get ya up ta speed:
  • Hide'n Seek - Both teams start in the same place. One team is given 10-20 seconds to run away and hide (this team is assigned a gun, they can not buy one) The other team buys guns and after the 20 seconds they go out and try to kill those who are hiding. If the hiding team has people alive after a certain time limit they win. The levels should be small, dark and have loads of ambush places.
  • Rescue - This on very similar to the regular gameplay mode of cs. One team holds a group of people hostage and the other team have to rescue all hostages and/or kill the other team.
  • Assasin - This mode is very simple every hostage who is spawned in the enemy team is an assasin target for the other team. The Team who killed all Assasin bots Wins . 
  • Pure Terrorism - This mode is the same like the cs mode BOMB DEFUSE. One team need to plant a bomb the other need to prevent the team from plant it / defuse the bomb.
Read all about this bad boy right here.

Quake 3 Fortress Map Review
by mayhemm @ [06:34 AM] March 14 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis burns the midnight oil by posting yet another map review for your pleasure.  It's a little Q3Fortress map called "Streets," which is a small, capture and hold map.  Here's a little write up to whet your whistle:
Its actually quite a fun map, would probably be better if I had some people to play with, but alas, again, my entourage is no where to be seen. Could be that I don't have one. Basically, you have five capture points, that you need to capture and hold. Hence, the concept of capture and hold. You get 1 point for every ten seconds that you hold a capture point. This is going to lead to some hard and fast battles. The textures are a tad bit on the boring side, due to the fact that all the buildings look alike, and are gray.... very gray.
Read the rest of it right here.

FightClub 3.10
by mayhemm @ [07:40 PM] March 13 2001

Neil McLachlan, from Fight Club sends word that they have released version 3.10 of Fightclub, their mod/configuration utility for Quake3.  Here's a little something to let you know what it's all about:
Fightclub is a configuration utility for Quake 3: Arena. It allows to you to:
  • Launch a dedicated or listen server
  • Connect to another server
  • Store your favorite server addresses
  • Configure all in-game settings (100 different cvars)
  • Configure Player model and characteristics
  • Set up colored names, and preview them.
  • Configure all player control bindings
  • Set up aliases (scripts) and bind them to whatever key you want
  • Setup automatic rotation of maps
  • Add custom maps to rotation
  • Extract description from map files, even for maps stored in pak files!
  • Setup exact bot lists, or a number of random bots
  • Configure the server to populate itself with bots until sufficient humans are present
So....What are you waiting for?? Go ahead and grab it (heh, or read about it) right here.

UPDATE WHOAHH!! It looks like these guys work pretty fast! They've already released version 3.16 and it hasn't even been a day!! Oh well, go ahead and visit their site if you're interested :)

New Eternal Arena
by awoq @ [10:14 AM] March 13 2001

Corvin has been hard at it and has released a new Eternal Arena 4.0. The new version incorporates about 90% of the Eternal Team Arena mod and includes a major improvement of the new and improved offhand hook.
Here is a list of what has been added to the mod:
  • Offhand grapple returns
  • Explosion gives more kickback
  • Server admins can choose to allow hook or not
  • Server admins can set pullspeed and firespeed of the hook
  • Ability to set all weapon/items/armor respawn times
  • Ability to swap the flamethrower for any other weapon
  • Scoreplums show same as score earned in PainFactor
  • If no miniscoreboard then draw scores lower down
  • HUD design returned to the original Q3A
Get on over to the Eternal Arena site and grab a copy of this new release while the gettin is good!

We're DOOMed!
by mayhemm @ [05:32 PM] March 12 2001

Hellchick, from 3dActionPlanet, debuts her new bi-weekly column with "We're DOOMed!"  She talks about John Carmack's Nvidia technology demo (hehe noone cares about that:) and the engine he used for it, id's upcoming Doom3.  Here's a little cut'n'paste to whet your appetite:
But I think as we see technology get this advanced, we're going to have to keep in mind that one of the legs we stand on in the fight against blaming games on violent behavior is that it's obvious that a game is just a game. A game will always obviously be just a game, of course, because anyone who thinks a game is reality needs some serious counseling, but we may reach a point at which we can no longer deny that a game so realistic in its depictions has a psychological effect on the player.
Read the rest of it right here.

QMass.net Needs Your Help
by Jay @ [03:41 PM] March 12 2001

This piece of sad news hits pretty close to home for me - mainly because it's from me :/
Dated March 12, 2001 - 4:30AM
  Hello news sites. My name is Jay Dolan, and I run www.qmass.net - a gaming network for college students at UMass Dartmouth. We have over 10 public gaming servers spanning games from Doom to CounterStrike. We're also an active software development team comprised of dedicated student gamers.
  It was just announced this evening that plans are in place to ensure absolutely no Seniors and only a handful of Juniors are granted on-campus housing at UMass next year in order to accomodate a larger incoming freshman class. As I run the entire network out of my dormatory, QMass will have no choice but to shut down next fall if these plans go through because I'll be denied a place to live on campus.
  I, along with over 300 other scared students, just got back from a 3 hour midnight rally to walk around campus and voice our concerns about our housing. Local and state police followed us on our two mile journey, and Television news crews were on site as well. We were peacful but loud.
  I ask that those who oppose what is being done to students of UMass Dartmouth and those who don't want to see QMass.net be forced to shut down show their support by posting their names to this page: http://www.qmass.net/saveqmass.html
Thank you,
Jay Dolan
Any and all help and support to spread the word is more than appreciated.

Q3 Fortress Map Review
by mayhemm @ [08:43 PM] March 11 2001

Karnatos from Z-Axis is keeping pretty busy with those maps reviews.  I say, "keep 'em coming bud!"  He sends word of a new review of of a Quake 3 Fortress map named Smart Bases by jeremy "smart" reid. Read about it right here.

Laser Arena?
by mayhemm @ [08:37 PM] March 11 2001

Matthew from the Backburner, sends out word that they have completed a review of  Laser Arena.  Now, if you're just like me, you're probably thinking, "HUH?"  Here's a little blurb'n'paste to get ya up to speed:
The game was to be built off the now antiquated Quake engine and feature “non-violent” gaming. I immediately assumed that the game wouldn’t be worth my time........The basic premise behind the game is that of Laser Tag. For those of you that haven’t played the fine game of Laser Tag, it is a competitive game that is played at special arenas. The combatants wear plastic armor that contains special sensors, which react to specific laser frequencies. Each play also has a gun, which shoots a laser at that specific frequency. When hit with the laser the armor proceeds to vibrate and a death is registered to you. There are several variations on this basic theme with different gameplay modes such as death match and capture the flag.
Read the rest of the article right here.

A Battle Lost & Won
by mayhemm @ [08:20 PM] March 11 2001

Karnatos sends word that he has reviewed a little Q3 Map called A Battle Lost & Won by Vendaface.  Go on down to his site and check it out.  You can read the review right here.

Map Reviews
by awoq @ [05:27 PM] March 11 2001

The Deathmatch Zone posted three new Q3A map reviews for your pleasure today. Stop on by and download "Burial Grounds", "House of Shannara", and "Re-Gib Coliseum", all are authored by Jax_Gator. You can also check out his mapping site here.

Bane Forge Treats
by Jay @ [07:46 PM] March 10 2001

Here's the latest scoop from the talented and persistent team from at the Bane Forge. They just can't stop craking out Quake3 goodness!
New Stuff at the 'Forge:
  • The M41a Pulse Rifle weapon replacement is now ready for download. Modeled by Janus and skinned by Chemical Burn, this puppy replaces both the machine gun and the grenade launcher with the big, mean bug-swatting Space Marine weapon from the movie. [screenshot].
  • 2. Bane Forge brings aboard Janus as our featured modeler and Cyric as our featured video engineer. Both are already slated to bring more download goodness to the Forge.

    Tim "Chemical Burn" Saunders
    Bane Forge Site Director

  • New Navy Seals Goodies
    by awoq @ [03:47 PM] March 10 2001

    The Navy Seals: Covert Operations team has posted some new goodies for you. On the site today you will find some new sound bytes of their in-game radio and commentary sounds and 12 new screenshots of their new "Neighborly Help" map. Also, they have posted an update about the progress of the mod and news of more screenshots to be released soon.

    New "Who's The Winner"
    by awoq @ [03:44 PM] March 09 2001

    A new version of the Who's the Winner log analyzer for Q3A has been released as Pre-Final 2.0. New in this version is support for 8 more mods and and a slew of other features.
    Here's the list:
    • Add: Mod support for: BFG10K, Eternal Arena, Pure CTF, Excessive, NIQ3, InstaGib, OSP.
    • Add: Recognize as vanilla q3 logs: Akimbo, OhShit.
    • Add: "Skip single games" option.
    • Add: Support for "One Flag CTF" (Team Arena).
    • Add: Shell commands with long name options.
    • Add: More checking routine to prevent freeze caused by logs corrupted.
    • Add: Weapon actions graph in "Specific Frags/Deaths" (Single Games).
    • Mod: Layout on main page changed.
    • Mod: High & Low scores from top 20 players global rank.
    • Mod: A game played by players using same nicknames is automatically discarded.
    • Mod: WTW installation is now ultraeasy under Windows.

    Model Pimpage
    by awoq @ [08:57 PM] March 08 2001

    id Software's very own Paul Jaquays updated his .plan with some news about a "must have" model that really seems to have impressed him.
    Here is what he had to say:

    The Creech. Even if you're not familiar with Greg Capullo's comic book character (which I'm not), this is an awesome must-have player model for your Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena play action. Mike and Bill Jukes a.k.a. "The Brothers Grimm", working in conjunction with a talented skinning team, have created a model that makes the game even more fun to play. The Team Arena version of the model is a tour de force: 700 frames of model animation, 10 different team skins (it replaces the James model in Team Arena) and a gargantuan sound pak. If you're a Team Arena player with a broadband connection (or a high tolerance level for large downloads) get this 50+ meg model pak. If not, get the Q3A version which weighs in a a significantly less chewy 5.7 megs. To read more about The Creech model, check out the extensive write-up (with screenies) on polycount's Creech page.

    Anniversaries: Yesterday marked my fourth year at id. Thanks Sandy!


    Reaction Quake 3
    by mayhemm @ [01:21 PM] March 07 2001

    Hexydes, from the Reaction Quake3 sends word that they, as well, have overhauled their site with tons of updates, pics, and news from their Mod of the same name. Just in case (like me heh) you don't know WTF Reaction Quake3 is, here's a little cut'n'paste to get you up to speed:
    Reaction Quake 3 (or simply known as "Reaction") is essentially a direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Quake 3: Arena. Because the A-Team decided to continue work on Action Half-Life and Action Unreal Tournament, there will be no official port of AQ2 to Quake 3. Reaction Quake 3 is a community-based effort to implement the gameplay from the hit modification with Quake 3's superior rendering engine and networking code.

    Go on down to their site, and give them some luvin'!

    Yippie Keye Yay Mofo!!!
    by mayhemm @ [01:01 PM] March 07 2001

    The Western Q3 Team has updated their site with news and pics from their ongoing Q3TC, Western Quake3. They show pics of new weapons models, in game pics, new maps, and player models. Watcha waitin' fer pardner?? Mosey on down to their site to find out more about it!

    Quake Revolution Interview
    by mayhemm @ [12:58 PM] March 07 2001

    Laura Stobart, from GamespotUk sends word that they have posted a little "sit down" with David Ratcliff, the executive producer at Bullfrog about the PS2 version of Quake3--you've probably heard of it, it's that game that little company in Mesquite, Tx made :P Here's a little cut'n'paste, where he talks about how the game still looks good and plays fast on the PS2 platform:
    By having some of the best people in the industry working on the game. We've redone the whole underlying display technology of the game to ensure we get the maximum performance out of the PS2. By working "next to the metal" you can get some stunning results from the PS2. We've really had to sacrifice very little.
    You can read the rest of the interview right here.

    Id Animator Interview
    by mayhemm @ [05:45 AM] March 06 2001

    Fred Nilsson newest animator at Id sits down in an interview with Quakeidge and talk about the usual stuff with new guys and Id's current project--I'm sure you've never heard of it (heh) Doom3.  Read it right here.

    Q3A: Annihilation Mod Updated
    by mayhemm @ [05:33 AM] March 06 2001

    The Annihilation for Quake III Arena team has updated their site. with a buttload of news, screenshots of weapons, models and maps, even a couple of videos demonstrating hanging and climbing animation.  WTF is annihilation? Here ya go with a cut'n'paste from their faq:
    In Annihilation, we welcome you back to the 1940's...back to World War 2. You choose between Allied Nations and Nazis, and are then able to select a player class according to your skills. Below is a list of classes that are supported so far.
     Go check out that bad boy right here.

    Urban Terror News & Screenshots
    by mayhemm @ [05:25 AM] March 06 2001

    Oswald, from Silicon Ice Development sends word that they have updated their website with new news on Urban Terror.  They are working fast and furious in beta2 of their oh, so, cool TC for Q3.  They've quashed quite a few bugs with this build, and have also posted six new screenies of their new model Athena.  Read all the juicy details right here.

    Quake III Movie
    by mayhemm @ [05:18 PM] March 05 2001

    I know what you're thinking.  When I first saw this article title on VoodooExtreme, I immediately thought it was a movie based off of Quake III. Its actually similar to the project by the IllClan called "Hardly Workin'!!" on which we did a little news blurb. Here's a little cut'n'paste to make sense of the confusion I just caused :P :
    At Fountainhead Entertainment, Anna Kang is creating "Sidrial," the first commercial animated title using the Quake III engine. Inspired by Vernor Vinge's scince-fiction novel, "Deepness in the Sky" and the television series "Babylon 5," "Sidrial" has a familiar "rebels fight aliens invaders" storyline underlying the action. Kand recently revealed the story to CGW.
    Read the full article right here.

    New Q3 Offline
    by mayhemm @ [06:33 PM] March 05 2001

    Q3 Offline version has been released. Q3 Offline is a front end for Quake 3 Arena/Elite Force designed to make setting up servers or games with bots very easy. Here's what the new release adds:
    • Added new "Game Toolbar". This gives a quick way of opening Q3Offline documents and launching Quake III Arena - please see the Toolbar help in the manual. Thanks to Ken Hudson for this suggestion.
    • The Command Line field on the Game page now allows you to remove existing entries by right clicking on it and selecting Remove from the popup menu. Thanks to Ed Massuda for the suggestion.
    • Changing from the default game folder (e.g., baseq3) on the Game page to another folder (e.g., for a mod) no longer loses information about imported bots and maps. Thanks to Ed Massuda for the suggestion.
    Go read about it right here.

    DM Music
    by mayhemm @ [06:57 AM] March 05 2001

    Cynic Guru has written a song dedicated to his love of Doom. He fronts a rock band in Los Angeles and says the song "describes the life of a DOOM marine cutting through imps, snorting pigs, and cacodemons." Give the MP3 a listen. Also, Serenity In Murder has written a tribute song to Quake 3 called ID. You can download it from MP3.com It sounds a little hard. Hehe, might be perfect for DM music :)

    Art of War Q3 v1.2
    by mayhemm @ [06:55 AM] March 05 2001

    Version 1.2.0 of the Art of War is available for Quake 3 Arena. Art of War combines class-based combat and real time strategy economics into a teamplay mod. The new release has many new features, including an in-game tutorial, game balance tweaks, and more.

    Q3 DeathMatch Map Review
    by mayhemm @ [06:53 AM] March 05 2001

    Karnatos at Z-Axis has posted a review of Ancient Greek Arena, a Quake 3 Arena deathmatch map by ResidentSCUM. The map looks pretty cool. Check out the review to see if it plays good too.

    RA3 Version 1.5 Almost Done
    by mayhemm @ [10:36 AM] March 04 2001

    Rocket Arena 3 version 1.5 is in the final stages of internal testing, and the final public version should be released within the next two weeks (pending an updated release of the Q3 point release from id). This highly anticipated update includes 5 new maps as well as numerous improvements to the code. This will also be the first release of RA3 to support Mac clients. The full list of improvements over the last non-beta release is below:
    • 5 new Multi-Arena maps (see them on the screenshots page)
    • Mac support for RA3 client
    • New "enemy_model" cvar to allow you to set the enemy team to a different model
    • Improved player spawning code
    • Callvote support for "map"
    • IP addresses/names of players logged for server admins
    • Vote spam protection
    • New stats commands for weapon accuracy
    • Major cheat-protection/bot prevention improvements
    • Integrated IRC chat client
    • MP3 player fixed under Q3 1.27
    • Demo recording fixed under Q3 1.27
    Check out the RA3 website right here.

    Pain Keep Arena 2.0 Update
    by awoq @ [08:44 PM] March 03 2001

    The crew from Team Evolve's Pain Keep Arena sent in a new update about their upcoming 2.0 version.
    Here's what they had to say:
    We're working on getting Beta 2.0 packaged up. The Maps for Beta 2.0 are done, including the hub. The code will be incomplete, but functional for 1.27g

    It will be imperfect and incomplete - BUT it will have many advantages:

    1) it will be compatible with quake 1.27g
    2) feature the autosentry
    3) GOLD versions of the beta maps and new HUB (Yippee)
    4) greater code testing via the internet

    A small amount of tweaks
    Autosentry Movement
    New Gravity Well Animations
    Character maps need a small amount of tweaks
    In game server finder REFRESH function
    New ChainLightning Gun model

    The other stuff (Like the Can of Beans - Now with Fart Power!) we've done since Beta 1.0 are too numerous to list here, but you'll notice the changes as soon as you start fragging.

    Quake3 Wallpapers
    by mayhemm @ [01:26 PM] March 02 2001

    If you're into this sort of thing, or want a cool wallpaper of your favorite game, but your 3d card sux and only works with 16bit color, then this little story should be interesting to you. GameWallpapers.com has Q3, Oni, and etc. wallpapers in multiple resolutions ready for your download and wallpaper :/ enjoyment. Grab 'em here.

    Madness Interview
    by mayhemm @ [11:28 AM] March 01 2001

    OnlineGameReview sits down in an interview with Jason "Dark" Haun, one of the people who is currently developing the Quake3 Mod, Quake III Madness. It's actually a good read, and the Mod looks pretty nice as well. Read the article right here or just go straight to Madness' site here.

    by mayhemm @ [11:12 AM] March 01 2001

    Yeah, Yeah, I know. It's not Quake related, but I'm sure that anyone who is old enough to remember Commander Keen (John Carmack's first game:)) will get a kick out of this. Redwood from STOMPED.COM posted a press release from Id Software and Activision which--ah well--I'll go ahead and cut'n'paste some of the press release:
    id Software and Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) are teaming up this spring to release Commander Keen, an action-packed, comedic quest to save the cosmos for the Game Boy Color. Commander Keen is rated “E,” for “Everyone,” by the ESRB. Commander Keen marks a return to id Software's roots -- developing over-the-top, comic book-style adventure games for kids. Based on id's original Commander Keen series on the PC, Commander Keen finds precocious 8-year-old superhero Billy Blaze on an all-new quest to save the world from his alien adversaries, the Droidiccus, Shikadia and Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax. “Commander Keen shows a kinder, gentler side of id Software,” Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software said. “Like the original Commander Keen adventures, this is a game that appeals to the spunky 8-year-old hero in all of us ­ putting the 'id' back in 'kid.'”
    You can read the rest of the press release here.

    by mayhemm @ [11:07 AM] March 01 2001

    M3A has just announced the release of their project, "When Worlds Collide." Now--If you're like me--and you're thinking WTF are M3A? Good Question! This is who they are:
    It's a large group of Q3A mappers working together in an atmosphere of friendly competition to produce multi-arenas for the red-hot Q3A mod - Rocket Arena 3! The idea is that each team member produces an RA3 arena, after which these sections are joined together to form an RA3 level.
    I have to tell you. Even if you don't play RA3, their maps looks pretty sweet, and they are also some of the same guys who wrote the original RA3 maps, so this has got to be somewhat cool. You can check everything out right here.

    News From Q3 Akimbo
    by mayhemm @ [12:07 AM] March 01 2001

    Cyril Gantin a.k.a. Cgg from the Wise in Death site announces that he has just released version 1.2 of his Q3Mod entitled 'Akimbo'. Here's what it's all about:
    Akimbo is a Q3:Arena mod with a pretty simple concept: holding two weapons, one in each hand. These two guns are fully independent, meaning a player is able to hold two different guns and to fire these separately.
    Read more about this bad boy right here if you're the least bit curious :P

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