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Ultra Freeze Tag 1.1 beta 3
by DGhost @ [11:32 AM] November 30 2002

Haste, creator of the Alternate fire mod, has released a new version of his mod, Ultra Freeze Tag. Fixing a lot of bugs that the previous release had, the new version will also work for Mac OS X users.

Some news about Fortress
by DGhost @ [12:22 PM] November 28 2002

The Planet Quake 3 Fortress website has some news for us lately concerning the next version of the mod. The team is working on a 2.3 release (and it will be dedicated to a Quake 3 Fortress player, Zapped Again).

On a different note, I've just watched yesterday a really nice video of Quake 1 Team Fortress. It's not everyday you have the chance to see a video like this. You can download it here (the file is 186 megs). There is a lot of nice move, a must see!

Did you said mapping?
by DGhost @ [11:47 PM] November 27 2002

Well I'll give you some quickies on mapping: I just read on The Quake 3 house that the models Re-creation was released almost one year ago. If you don't know that pack and want some new models for your maps you can download it here.

Next is something new at the The leak spot (a map database reviews) wich is called Q3Map2 Toolz. A really nice tool that help when you are mapping. I won't list all the features of the software but it's worth checking!

Anyway just check out the author's website: HrOQuake III. There is a lot of tools to help mappers.

And to finish, just saw this one on ..::LVL, there is new community map pack (1) made by the CMP team. It should be a must to be downloaded in your baseq3 directory! ;)

DK2 Mistress @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [01:46 PM] November 27 2002

Polycount is featuring a great new model. From Dungeon Keeper 2, The Mistress is here! Now I got to re download Horny again to make the perfect bot couple! Mouhahahaha

The next version...
by DGhost @ [08:49 PM] November 26 2002

The Weapon Factory Arena team has given us an update for their next version wich will be released on December 7th. Version 3.5 is coming and until then the team has decided to give a wallpaper each day until the relase of the 3.5 version.

A new map from Charon!
by DGhost @ [04:36 PM] November 24 2002

Again, quietly, Charon released a new map. Called Stir Fried Rocks Attacks (charondm12), it's a 1vs1. And some tricks jumps are abound in the map. You can download it here.

Punkbuster client: new version
by DGhost @ [06:03 PM] November 22 2002

PunkBuster client version 1.005 is out and the servers are already pushing the new version. But it seems that there is some issues with the Linux and Mac version. Fear not as there is a manual download available on their web page right here. Featuring also the new GUID, this release is describe as a transition release.

Updated FAQ @ QERadiant
by DGhost @ [11:59 PM] November 21 2002

Note that QERadiant (the popular tool for mapping on the Quake 3 engin) has updated their FAQ and they are also working on a new release (version 1.2.11).

New linux PR (1.32b)
by DGhost @ [02:26 PM] November 21 2002

Robert Duffy just released a .Plan informing us that a new Quake 3 PR has been released (for linux only) making it 1.32b. I won't list all the changes/fixes because there is a lot of them (just go read the .Plan you lazy). You can download the PR on IDsoftware's ftp but for some reason it won't respond on my connection.

Quake 3 Arena is 3!
by DGhost @ [01:22 PM] November 21 2002

3 years ago Christian Antkow aka Xian of IDsoftware released a .Plan that sent a tremendous shockwave through the Quake community:
Nov.21.1999 @ 11:17pm

Gold!!!! ph34r!!!!!!!!

Quake 3 Arena went gold! Yes, the best multiplayer FPS in the universe is 3 years old today and still kicking! 3 years is very old for a game and I am impress how much this game is still popular. Express your love by fragging someone today! Thank to Planetquake for the reminder.

We all love jump tricks!
by DGhost @ [11:18 PM] November 20 2002

Yeah we do! Well if you like watching some nice tricky jumps in Quake 3 then this will be for you. And if you also like space ctf (ctf4) then you'll love this piece! AscendWand from his website, CTF4.com has released last week a video (using the XviD codec) showing a lots of trick jumps! The video is 7 minutes and weight 430 megs. Pretty heavy but really worth it!

Quake 3 Battlebots: update
by DGhost @ [01:13 PM] November 20 2002

F4nt0m45 from Planetquake sent me an email yesterday to give us an update on their mod: Battlebots. They have some new screenshots of their color smoke trails, projectiles and bullet sparks. Adding also the classic runes of regen, resist, damage, vampire and ammoregen (that bring me back so many memories)! And to finish this, the Battlebots team is looking for some beta testers!

The evil unleashed: more informations
by DGhost @ [05:57 PM] November 22 2002

After posting the news about the The evil unleashed I got an email from Lankamp, lead programmer of the team giving me more information about the project:
The Evil Unleashed is not a Quake 2 Total Conversion. It's an entire new game. The engine has Quake 2 as a base, but has expanded far above that. It has even far better quality than Quake III: Arena.

Our website has moved to http://teu.quakepit.com, so if you could change that, I would appreciate that. BTW, you can read an interview with our team on www.3dnewz.com where we set out some exiciting new details on the game's engine.

The engine will be more tweaked the couple of weeks, and we are hoping to get near 65% of Doom III quality.

An interview with Fatal1ty
by DGhost @ [03:18 PM] November 19 2002

I just finished reading this interview with Fatal1ty and it's really good. PlanetQuake3.net got some good stuff with that. Go read it!

Marvel power battle: introduction
by DGhost @ [02:22 PM] November 19 2002

A new mod just arrived in town and this one look very promising. Marvel power battle, featuring characters from the Marvel Universe (heroes and vilains) will let you play characters with classes and different abilities. Supporting single player, co-op and deathmatch also. The team is also looking for help. Nothing to download yet.

The platform
by DGhost @ [02:15 PM] November 19 2002

StormShadow just released a new tourney map, called The platform (featuring platforms instead of jump pads). You can download the map here.

Generation 99c is coming
by DGhost @ [07:27 PM] November 18 2002

Generation is a mod for Quake 3 featuring characters (and weapons!) from Doom, Quake 1, Quake 2 and of course Quake 3. The team, Wirehead is informing us that the next version (99c) is coming and will feature:
- Full custom model/skin support based on player class
- headmodel support across all classes
- improved dynamic lighting code
- some minor bug fixes
- A weapon balancing fix with Slipgate class
- Tweak Slipgate grenade launcher
- Strogg, Earth, and Doom physics enhancements
Mmmm I'll give it a try for sure.

UMP 2 is out!
by DGhost @ [02:49 PM] November 17 2002

Fans of CTF rejoice as there is a new Universal Map Pack out! (UMP2). Featuring 6 quality maps from the community:
WangButter: Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes
Mike: Volkskammer
Eraser: McKinley's Vengeance
On-X: The Bad Ball
MopAn: Polaris
Haste: Pharaoh's Gate
You can download it here.

CPMA 99y2 released!
by DGhost @ [04:29 PM] November 16 2002

Descripting it as a must have upgrade, the new build fixes some bugs and is more compatible with PR 1.32. Get your CPMA today!

Punkbuster client: new update
by DGhost @ [01:31 AM] November 16 2002

As many of you have already noticed, the punkbuster master server is pushing the new version for PB. At the same time they let us know that PB server version 0.988 will be out soon (with a new guid system). Of course, old version won't be compatible with the new one. But hey, with an auto-update we don't have to worry about that.. :)

The evil unleashed
by DGhost @ [10:39 PM] November 14 2002

Alright, a new Quake 2 total conversion called The evil unleashed has just started off! Introduction:
The Evil Unleashed is a First Person Shooter (FPS) that uses a heavily modified Quake2 engine called the QFusion engine (Check out QFusion) to offer a stand alone game based on Quake3 technology like: Texture Shaders, Skeletal Animation, and Curved Surfaces.
You can view the first screenshots here. The project is also Open source and they will try to push the engine to new limits. Another TC to put on my list for waiting. There is so many!

CPMA 1.0 coming soon!
by DGhost @ [02:00 AM] November 13 2002

ArQon is letting us know that CPMA version 1.0 should be out in the middle of december (this year :P). At the same time, 0.99y is out and it means also that CPMA is feature-frozen. Nothing will be added to the code until version 1.0.

New models@ Polycount
by DGhost @ [11:36 PM] November 12 2002

Yaaa, I always love new models! With Unreal 2003 out, there is a lot of models for this game but I am impress that there is even new models for Quake 3 that can match the ones from Unreal. Move along Unreal lover, this is a Quake page and yes my opinion is biased! Alright check out Binky for Quake 3 (and yes, even Unreal 2003). Next one is so fun, check out Boneyard a nice Zombie cowboy with a cartonn look. Beautifull work! All models @ Polycount!

What is Elemental fusion?
by DGhost @ [09:51 PM] November 12 2002

I always love to give you some bits of my life sometimes. So for a follow up about my computer, I have resintalled windows 3 times to find the problems. Yeah, it's working! Alright enough with that stuff. I always like to present you a new mod. And this one believe me falls in the weird type. Elemental fusion propose team play on a new flavor (of the month?). One team versus the other one. And the two teams being characters from Dragon Ball Z versus Squaresoft's characters. Yep that's the deal! And as the mod progress they should release some new kind of gametype like: Hold The Copyright, Duel, Story and of course, more.

CPMA 99x9b is out!
by DGhost @ [04:00 PM] November 11 2002

Okay, again sorry folk for the lack of update this week end but my computer is dead! :( It's under reparation at the moment. Alright to get down to business, Promode has released a new version of their mod this week end, making it 99x9b and solving only some trivials bugs with the mod. Enjoy!

Urban Terror 2.6
by blaze @ [04:48 AM] November 10 2002

Version 2.6 of Urban Terror has been released. The crew behind this terrific mod has also put out map packs to go along with this new release.

Get ready for a new version of Weapons factory
by DGhost @ [11:21 PM] November 07 2002

The team of Weapons factory arena is giving us the date of their next release:
Weapons Factory Arena will be unleashed on December 7, 2002 at 6:00pm EST. The update, dubbed version 3.5, will include full support of Q3MAP2, the level compiler by ydnar (http://www.shaderlab.com) that vastly increases performance as well as adds a plethora of new features to the level designers arsenal, giving them more freedom and allowing them to improve the aesthetics of their levels ten-fold.
Read on for more informations of Weapons factory arena on their webpage.

Update @ the Iceterminal
by DGhost @ [07:31 PM] November 06 2002

The Iceterminal is letting us know that they have 3 new maps reviewed for our pleasures (mmm I wonder wich kind of pleasures). A smal rush by Munyul Verminard, A Pretend Girlfriend, a remake of a tourney map for Quake 2 and Tri-Clonus first try of a new mapper. Stop by the Iceterminal for a complete review of the maps.

Doom on your phone
by DGhost @ [01:53 PM] November 06 2002

I'm always trying to find something original for you, readers, to enjoy. Well today is my lucky day! I found this on /., Doom (the original, of course) on a cell phone! Yes now you can frag while you are away from your computer. The game is intended for the Nokia 7650 model only. It's free but the game is the shareware with only the first episode. If someone has a try on it, please post your comments, I would like to have some feedback on it! Check out the webpage of Wildpalm for the game!

Only mortal version 2.0b4
by DGhost @ [12:19 AM] November 06 2002

Behold as there is a game servers browser for the Mac! Only mortal, supporting Quake 3, RtCW, JK2 and more, the latest version run on Mac OS 10.2 and fixes some bugs.

Doom 3 alpha leaked
by DGhost @ [01:53 PM] November 04 2002

As many of you probably already know, we learned this week end that a Doom 3 alpha (the version presented @ the E3) was leaked on the net. Of course it's warez, nothing official. Anyway this is an alpha and of course IDsoftware got the latest version but this give us a bunch of new pictures to enjoy! Official words from mister Carmak on /.:
"No, this was not leaked on purpose.

Yes, we are upset about it, and it will have some impact on how we deal with some companies in the future, but nothing drastic is going to change in terms of what support is going to be available.

Making any judgements from a snapshot intended for a non-interactive demo is ill advised."

John Carmack
That's a good advice! I can wait a few month for a good product, I don't mind!

The World cyber game has ended!
by DGhost @ [12:20 PM] November 04 2002

Yep! That's right! Yesterday was the final of the WCG. You can view the results here. To give you a summary here's the winners in the Quake 3 competition:
  • Gold: c58_uNkind (Russia) [$20,000]
  • Silver: Akiles (Spain) [$10,000]
  • Bronze: reebHimself aka Socrates (U.S.A.) [$5,000]
  • Congratulations to all the winners and players!

    New mac PR 1.32
    by DGhost @ [12:17 PM] November 04 2002

    Like I said last saturday, there was some problems with the 1.32 PR for the Mac (as Graeme informed us). Yesterday a new PR was released to fix this. Here's the .Plan (you can read it also on Webdog):
    Mac Point Release 1.32

    Has been uploaded to id's ftp site. This version comes with an installer, and places an installer for Punkbuster, the anti-cheating software, as a package in the Quake 3 Arena directory.

    Fixed since the initial 1.32 test:
  • Punkbuster support (installer included)
  • F13 key brings down console for international keyboards
  • NSEvent event timing added for keyboard/mouse events
  • Optional IN_ cvar for mouse scaling to avoid Mac OS X bug
  • larger default zone/hunk memory for mods
  • vm compiler provides full jump/branch support for all mods
  • support for 11khz sound (non-default) for speed
  • keyboard repeat rate left untouched on exit
  • Gameranger launch support
  • Numpad support added / French numpad support added
  • Have fun fraggin' with the new PR!

    Urban terror 2.6 this week end?
    by DGhost @ [12:04 PM] November 04 2002

    Hope you had a good week end gang! Urban terror.net is informing us that the much anticipated new version of Urban terror will be available next saturday. Here's the scoop:
    Silicon Ice Development will be releasing Beta 2.6 on Saturday November 9, 2002. Files and map packs will be available for download from worldwide FTP sites beginning at 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST (20 GMT). We will be offering both a full download, approximately 225MBs and an upgrade, approximately 60MBs for those already running Beta 2.5.
    On another matter, Geekwearz will start selling the Urban terror stuff on november 15.

    Seismovision version 2.11 beta
    by DGhost @ [06:06 PM] November 02 2002

    If you are like me and like to watch recorded games of Quake 3 then you'l like this utility (if you are not already using it). Seismovision let you view recorded demo of Quake 3, JDK2, RtCW, Start Trek Voyager and a lot of other games! You simply double click the file and Seismovision will start the demo and read the correct version so that it'll change the settings correctly. A new version has been released last thursday but be warned that it's a beta version, at your own risk.

    Quake 3 PR 1.32: Mac version
    by DGhost @ [04:25 PM] November 02 2002

    Yesterday Graeme Devine announced that a new complete build of the PR 1.32 was ready to be downloaded for Mac on their FTP site. But beware as of today it seems that there is a small problem with that file. A new version will be up asap as he said. Punkbuster supported!

    Battlebots is out!
    by DGhost @ [04:18 PM] November 02 2002

    Again, sorry for the lack of updates these days I had some things on my mind. Now let's get down to business. A couple of weeks ago, f4nt0m45 announced us that the Quake 3 battlebots mod would be delayed and should be released around halloween. Well, there it is! Still don't know what battlebot is? Then I suggest that you read the about section on their website. If you want to improve your fraggin skills but are lacking some humans opponents then you should check out Battlebots!

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