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An(other) interview with Oswald
by DGhost @ [11:02 PM] October 30 2002

The Q3 Center got an itnerview with Oswald from the Urban Terror team. If you are new to this mod or just want to learn more about where the mod is coming and going. You can read the article here.

A new TC is coming in town!
by DGhost @ [10:54 PM] October 30 2002

Alright people! A new total conversion has been announced wich is called Dark Ages. The team is currently looking for:
Texture artists
Graphics artists
Sound engineers
Voice talent
Modellers (static and animated)
To give a small introduction (as it's written on their website):
Dark Ages is a team mod based on medieval warfare in Europe. Players will be able to choose from classes including Foot Soldiers, Knights, Archers, and Catapults!
That look original!

The world cyber games have started!
by DGhost @ [11:20 AM] October 28 2002

Yes today is the ouverture of the World cyber game in Korea! With competition of Age of empires 2, FIFA World cup, Half-life: counter-Strike, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament and of course: Quake 3. You can see all the results of each groups by clicking on the left menu on the desired game. And since we are here, you can get some news about the event on:
There is already some matchs that started, you can see their progress here.

Matrix Quake 3: a total conversion
by DGhost @ [11:08 AM] October 28 2002

Yep! Another TC, this time, centered around the matrix world! No it's not finish yet, so yes there is nothing to download for the moment... The author has just released some new screenshots of his subway map. You can see the pictures here. Nothing on the features section also but I hope it'll come soon!

OSP? What?
by DGhost @ [12:23 AM] October 28 2002

Orange smoothie productions has some news for us with their upcoming version of OSP for Soldier of fortune 2, Return to castle wolfenstein and of course, Quake 3 arena:
Of course Q3 OSP will get all of this plus a much needed dusting off for 1.32 support + issues found over the last 8 or so months. I'll get to this once OSP Wolf is out the door.
And also, if you make a donation of more than 20 $ then you get an OSP t-shirt! Check out the website of OSP for all the details.

An interview with Matr0x
by DGhost @ [12:11 AM] October 28 2002

This is not the latest stuff but it's still interesting, there is an interview with Matr0x at the Challenge Promode Arena who is one of the best Promode player out there. He's representing Poland @ the World Cyber Game by the way.

A new version of Rocket Arena?
by DGhost @ [01:00 PM] October 25 2002

Fans of RA3 rejoice! After 2 years, it seems that Crt will release a new version of Rocket Arena supporting the latest point release of Quake (1.32). Here's the news:
The updated Quake 3 source has finally been released, and I am planning on making at least one more release for RA3. Since the major complaint in previous versions has been related to cheating, the new release will probably be QVM only, so that it can be compatible with Punk Buster in 1.32. This means no chat or MP3 playing, and the standard Q3 server browser.
If there are any other major bugs in RA3 that you think need to be addressed, feel free to e-mail me and I'll see what can be done.
And it's friday so don't forget to Quake this week end! :)

1.32 SDK is ready for download!
by DGhost @ [11:53 PM] October 24 2002

Robert Duffy announce today in his last .Plan that the Quake 3 and Quake 3 Team Arena sdk's are available to download on their FTP site under the quake3/source directory. You can get it here.

Acid arena 1.0 is out!
by DGhost @ [11:51 PM] October 24 2002

Whooa! Acid arena 1.0 has been released at the beginning of the month and I didn't notice! Featuring 19 originals levels and 43 characters, you won't believe your eyes when you'll see these blowing visual effects on your screen! You wanna get an idea? Check out the screenshots section.

Update: I've just finished downloading it and just to warn you the isntallation is a little bit different than most of the mods, follow the instruction carefully in the ACID-ARENA-Turbo.txt file and you'll do allright.

The WCG players
by DGhost @ [09:12 PM] October 23 2002

So the finals are coming soon! But who's playing and for wich country? Shack E.S. got the profiles for your enjoyement! You can get all the details here.

Urban terror news
by DGhost @ [11:16 PM] October 22 2002

For those of you out there that are into Urban Terror note that GeekwearZ will sell Urban Terror stuff soon! You can read the news here. After that the biggest Urban Terror tournament is coming! EverLAN with a Urban Terror 2vs2 CTF. And beta 2.6 is coming.

Appartment hunting
by DGhost @ [10:03 AM] October 21 2002

Some guys had too much free time on their hands but that's good because we can enjoy appartment hunting wich is a small animation made with the Quake engine. Check it out, really funny, Quicktime required!

New maps @ the Leakspot
by DGhost @ [09:49 AM] October 21 2002

The Leakspot is a map database where you can find reviews about the maps. Always good to have something else! Latest map to have been reviewwed is: Strongholds remembered, Lurkin' grounds, Q3Hexdm2, Ice and if you are a CTF fan check out Frozen colors!

Quakecon 2003?
by DGhost @ [01:49 AM] October 20 2002

Like me you didn't went to the Quakecon this year? Well you can reserve your place right away for the next one! You can bid on ebay for the VIP package with travel for your place! The bid is ending in 14 hours and right now the amount is 1550.00$ but I'm pretty sure that in the last hours the price will go zoom! Oh and IDsoftware will give the money to charity. You can see the bid here.

WCG USA - final match for download
by DGhost @ [11:56 PM] October 17 2002

The team sportscast network got all the finals of Quake 3 of the WCG for download! With the shoutcast synchronized on top of that? Anything else with that? Download it here!

Source code of Unlagged!
by DGhost @ [11:41 PM] October 17 2002

Haste, creator of the Unlagged, Alternate fire and Ultra freeze tag mod has just released the source code of his Unlagged mod! And with a new version bringing it to 2.01. Check out his webpage for the list of all the fix and features!

PlanetQuake is one year older!
by DGhost @ [12:51 PM] October 15 2002

One of the biggest website of Quake has celebrated their birthday yesterday! PlanetQuake is 6 years old now! Congratulations to the team for their excellent work!

Quake v1.0.9 for Mac OS X
by DGhost @ [12:45 PM] October 15 2002

Fruitz of Dojo has just released a new version of their patch of Quake 1 for Mac OS X:
  • Rewritten event handler. Solves performance problems that some users were experiencing.
  • Rewritten audio CD driver. Solves issue with audio CD playback that some users were experiencing.
  • Added support for MP3 and MP4 playback (see startup dialog).
  • Added support for other displays than the main display to the software renderer versions.
  • Added "fade all displays" option to the software renderer versions.
  • Mouse look is now enabled by default.
  • Redesigned startup dialog.
  • Check out their download page to get the file!

    The X3 maps are here!
    by DGhost @ [01:18 PM] October 13 2002

    The X3 maps pack has been released today! Including 8 new CTF maps for Vanilla CTF, Threewave and Aliance CTF you really want to download this one!

    An interview with the winner of the WCG USA
    by DGhost @ [12:05 AM] October 13 2002

    Last week end was the USA WCG and the final winner, Socrate is going to Korea for the final! ES Reality got an interview with the man himself!

    The last map pack from Quint?
    by DGhost @ [03:29 AM] October 12 2002

    Quint has released a map pack earlier this week and from what I have heard it should be his last one for Quake 3 Arena as he is moving to new technology/engine/platform/whatever the term you prefer. As always, an excellent mapper! You can read a review @ the ice terminal.

    PR 1.32 for Mac is out!
    by DGhost @ [09:20 PM] October 10 2002

    Okay, Graeme Devine just gave us a new .Plan update to let us know that the Point Release for Mac is out but as a beta only. He ask the players to test it and let him know about any bugs.
    Mac Point Release 1.32

    Just so I'm telling the truth, there is a TEST version of Mac OS X 1.32 up on our ftp (or it will be in a bit, isdn slowness). If anyone who is willing to test this in the next 24 hours can, and let me know how it goes I'd appreciate it. Let me know about performance, issues, crashes, etc. asap (while I sleep, been up for 36 hours now) and we'll get this final tomorrow. If you can, I'd really appreciate it if you can compare performance to previous Q3A installs on your computer. Add that dual monitor and drag the window between them, use two mice, drink coffee and use the rail gun at the same time.

    This is a complete update, all pak files are included, so this drags right over your main Q3A install. You'll need OS X 10.1 or later to run it. It addresses keyboard, mouse, OpenGL issues for OS X, and adds support for Gameranger (as well as all the other updates and fixes listed in the readme).

    Please email me directly with issues

    Thank you for your patience.

    Tribal CTF updates
    by DGhost @ [12:33 AM] October 09 2002

    At last! I can't tell you how much I love this mod each time I talk about it. Okay well let start with the bad news. The main coder MIT doesn't have too much free time to work on the mod anymore so he's leaving (that's the problem with free mod, we can't blame people for that :P). Also Appendix, lead artist is leaving and both positions will need to be replaced. At the same time they're looking for a modeller to work/finish on the weapons. Next part is some screenshots of a new map, Sentinel V, an old map that never make it to the last version is being revamped. And bot support are still on the list of things to be done (or almost done). Check out the 3 teams CTF mod in town: Tribal CTF.

    An interview with Tim Willits
    by DGhost @ [11:51 PM] October 08 2002

    Yadayadayada. A new interview @ The Gaming invasion where they got their hand on Tim Willits, Lead designer for Doom 3 (like I needed to introduce him, yeah /sarcastic). Talk about the engine of Doom 3, nothing new if you follow the subject carefully. Questions about some features the the game will and won't have. My favorites one from the interview:
    So you still havenít decided on the model of the BFG? No, I didnít even think about it until yesterday, but we will definatly have the BFG.
    Hehehe the BFG is a classic and they almost forgot it! But eh! I figure that there is more things to think about than fantazing about a BFG.

    1.32 for Mac
    by DGhost @ [11:45 PM] October 08 2002

    Okay so we got the Linux and Windows version yesterday but it seems that ID had some few bug for the Mac version and preferred to wait and make sure everything is working for the Mac. So right now we are looking for a release tomorrow! Read on the full .Plan of Graeme Devine, the Mac lover @ ID!

    New point release 1.32 is out!
    by DGhost @ [10:52 PM] October 07 2002

    Drum roll please, here's the lastest Point Release for Quake 3 Arena. In next december the game will be 3 years old. Not bad for an old timer eh? With that come the list of fixes. Read it on here, on Webdog. Robbert Duffy give us quite a list. And at last you can download it from a lot of mirrors:
    FilePlanet - Windows
    FilePlanet - Linux
    IDsoftware FTP - Windows
    IDsoftware FTP - Linux
    Ahhh it's a beautiful monday night! Mac version is coming soon, you can get all the details in the .Plan of Robbert Duffy!

    A review of Unreal Tournament 2003
    by DGhost @ [12:39 AM] October 07 2002

    Yes you read me right. Unreal Tournament 2003. A review by comparing it to Quake 3. Doom 3 and Quake 4 are a long way from here so while we wait let's either read the review on Captain Kirk's webpage, his personnal point of view on the game. You can read the article here. He's got some good points! And yet Unreal is still not like Quake.

    World cyber game - USA first results
    by DGhost @ [11:37 PM] October 05 2002

    Okay today was the beginning of the World Cyber Game USA. The winners will have a place to the grand final in Korea (in October). Cached.net got already the results of the first round. Gee I wonder why I recognize some names... :) Yes fatal1ty, Daler and ZeRo4 are still winning! And the match of Daler VS ZeRo4 is already available to download!

    A bunch of news about Medal of honor
    by DGhost @ [08:38 PM] October 04 2002

    Well it was a busy week for me. Didn't get the time to update enough but I'll do my best tonight.
    Medal of Honor: Frontline (the PS2 version, not the PC one) is coming to the Gamecube and Xbox
    The Spearhead expansion box is out, you can see the box here (thx to Planet Medal of honor for the tip)
    The expansion will include some new game types, new weapons, new skins, and of course new maps.
    Oh and if you wanna see some preview (video) of SPearhead then you'll want to check these.

    Tenebrae is still kickin'
    by DGhost @ [04:28 PM] October 02 2002

    The mod is really doing great! A new version (1.02) is out, with also and updated .exe for radeon 9700. And they are already working on a new version. Just check out this screenshot and don't drop your jaw. Yes this is Quake 1.

    Gameadmin back online
    by DGhost @ [06:23 PM] October 01 2002

    After losing the webpage, Gameadmins is back! But alas some informations are missing. A new interface has been designed and the forums are still alive! Let's hope we didn't lose too much informations.

    Quake for Mac OS X
    by DGhost @ [12:36 PM] October 01 2002

    The fruitz of dojo has release their latest patch of Quake v1.0.8 (the first one) for Mac OS X. Here's the list:
  • Added support for FSAA (10.1 or later for NVidia boards, 10.2 or later for ATI Radeon boards).
  • ATI Radeon users may change FSAA settings on the fly (see "video options" dialog).
  • Added texture RAM check. An error message is thrown out if out of texture memory.
  • Added support for multitexturing under MacOS X v10.2 or later (see "video options" dialog).
  • Added option to switch between normal and overbright gamma (see "video options" dialog, OpenGL only).
  • Added option to show the OpenGL startup dialog only when pressing the Option key.
  • Added textfield for command-line parameters to the startup dialog.
  • Added startup dialog for command-line parameters to the software renderer versions.
  • Added support for AppleScript.
  • Added the command-line tool "vispatch".
  • New help.
  • F12 key will no longer eject medias if you bind a command to it.
  • Fixed network compatibility with the Windows versions of Quake and GLQuake.
  • Fixed an issue with the console for display-ratios other than 4:3 at GLQuakeWorld.
  • Many minor changes.
  • For the nostalgic!

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