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New Q3 Gridiron
by awoq @ [11:38 PM] October 31 2001

The Q3 Gridiron team has released a new patch bringing their football mod to version 3.1.
Here's the news release they sent us with info on what is new for this version:
If you have never tried Gridiron for Quake3, now is the perfect time to get into the action as Gridiron v3.1 was just released! This final v3.1 patch brings the full Q3 Gridiron v3.0 install up-to-date fixing a few bugs as well as some nice code and map tweaks. For more on the upgrade and Q3 Gridiron gameplay, hit the website at http://www.planetquake.com/gridiron/ or join up with all the IRC Gridiron fanatics in the #gridiron channel on irc.enterthegame.com!

New Annihilation Screenies 4U
by mayhemm @ [07:10 PM] October 30 2001

The guys behind Annihilation (a team-based, tactical, WW2 Q3TC) have updated their site with some new screenshots.  If you're waiting on this game, or ya love WW2 SchTuFF, check out these new screenshots

Threewave Review @ Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [07:04 PM] October 30 2001

Gleeb from Q3Center sends a shout that he has posted a review of that well known and very popular CTF mod for Q3A, Threewave CTF.  Here's a little snip from the interview (heh, I think he likes it):
Threewave. That name, like the name 'Team Fortress', 'Rocket Arena', and 'SuperHero' will ring a bell in the head of many a veteran, and recently, that of the newbie. Threewave is yet another project that has been carried between platforms. Being the very first CTF mod ever, it was extremly popular in the realms of Quake 1, all those years ago. Quake 2 came along, And there was no real threewave independent project, as 'Zoid' had been hired by id Software. In the great Quake 2 style, such as was with the Quake 2 Deathmatch levels, they were introduced by a patch as part of Quake 2, and fast became a popular CTF variant. Now, Quake 3 has arrived, and we're now staring at the final Point Release, and there have been many threewave maps, and many CTF varants. Until recently, it seemed as though the CTF gods wouldn't bless us with another Threewave...
Read the rest of it right here.

Well Now I can Sleep :-/
by mayhemm @ [07:33 PM] October 29 2001

Sheesh!!!  As if they don't have bigger fish to fry!!  This story reports that The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected outright an appeal by Indianapolis to a lower court ruling that blocked enforcement of a law that required a parent's agreement for a child to play violent video games in arcades or other commercial places. Thank you stomped for giving us the heads up!

Case Closed Mod
by mayhemm @ [07:29 PM] October 29 2001

Case Closed Mod is the new Mod for your single player fun. The monsters and the commandos aren't nice with you, and you'll have to---hey!! Wait a second!!  This is CS news!! Forget it!! :P

New WFA beta Out
by mayhemm @ [07:26 PM] October 29 2001

Alright WFA junkeeZ!!  Here's your chance to try out the newest beta of your fav Q3Mod--billed by some as a free add-on :P  It's called version 3.1b.  Grab it and don't worry about it's being beta.  I know you WarEZZ junKEzz aren't afraid of anything :-o  Get it here.

NSCO Update--New Screenshots!!
by mayhemm @ [07:47 PM] October 29 2001

I have some news for those of you who are waiting breathlessly for Navy Seals: Covert Ops, that kewl lookin' Q3TC never played by anyone:† It's still not out :-)† Of course they do post up 15 new action screenshots to keep ya whet!† Of course, if you read their news page, it seems as if they are closer and closer to a release.....and yes,† I'm waiting for it too!† =)† Give 'em a visit!

Countdown Q3
by mayhemm @ [02:37 PM] October 27 2001

Thar's a new Q3Mod in town, and it's called Countdown Q3.  Seems mighty interesting, and--a little break from the usual same ol', same ol'.  Rather than offer up my paraphrase, I'll just cut'n'paste the whole announcement right here.
Instead of getting more and more points when you frag someone, you'll get less and less here.
You start with a number of frags, set by the fraglimit, and when you kill someone, you get -1 frag. But, if you get killed, you get +1 frag, and if you kill yourself, you get +2 frags.
The goal is of course to reach zero frags. But this isn't everything..

When you enter the level, you have all the weapons i Q3 (except BFG10K, it's disabled in the whole mod). When you reach a certain number of frags, you loose one weapon, the best one. It goes on like that until the last frag, then you'll only have the gauntlet left.

The mod has full support for bots and works with all gametypes in Quake 3. Team DM and CTF is a little bit different, but the idea is the same.

More information is avaiable on the site!
Go on and check 'em out!

Unlagged Quake3?
by mayhemm @ [06:23 PM] October 25 2001

This is pretty interesting.† Well I guess it would be for all of you who are the "server godz."† Neil "haste" Toronto, of Alternatefire fame has sent word that he/his team will be releasing a new server side mod called, Unlagged Quake 3.† To give you an idea of what this mod is all about, I've taken the liberty of a cut'n'paste--well...laziness had a hand it it as well :-P
The world's only completely server-side lag compensation mod, "Unlagged Quake 3," will be going into beta on Monday, October 29th.† For now, it will be a standalone mod, but it will eventually make its way into Alternate Fire, and hopefully some other mods.† (There will be a tutorial on Code 3 Arena.)

†Since it runs on the server only, Unlagged is the only lag compensation mod that 1) requires no client download; and 2) cannot be cheated.

†Through testing we've verified that it does indeed work as advertised: laggy clients (even 200+ ping) connected to an Unlagged server can aim and fire any instant-hit weapon (machinegun, shotgun, lightning gun, and railgun) *as if they were playing on a LAN.*

†I'm looking for servers that run vanilla Quake 3 to run Unlagged on Monday October 29th for the big launch.† Please email me here if you want to.† I'll send you the stuff to get it running (only 131KB or so) and make sure your server address gets posted where people can find it - preferably on the Quake news sites.† Configuration should take five to ten minutes.
So..You can tell me..You're a little intrigued.† Go give him an e-mail shout.

New Q3F Screenshots ta get ya Whet
by mayhemm @ [08:14 PM] October 24 2001

The b@d Boyz behind Q3F (Quake 3 Fortress), a Q3mod designed with the ideas and team play mechanics of Team Fortress and Rainbow Six as its inspiration have updated their site with some brand new--and sweet lookin'--screenshots.  Go check 'em out, and if you don't know what Q3F is all about visit them.

QToolz v.99beta
by mayhemm @ [07:53 PM] October 24 2001

Hey!! I got a good product for you :)  And it's always REALLY good when it's free :-P  If you're wondering WTF I'm talking about, I'm talking about Paul "Otser" Bowlay and his spiffy, totally free, totally useful---and, now, totally free utility QToolz v.99b.  What is so special about it?  It now has no restrictions, nor timelock.  What does it do?  Screenshot and demo viewing/management.  Quake 3 coloured name editing.  Chat transcripts from condumps/logfiles.  Backup and restoration of Q3 single-player progress.  And much more!  Of course, you don't have to take my word for it,  go ahead and see for yourself right here.

New Eternal Arena
by awoq @ [09:56 PM] October 23 2001

Eternal Arena 5 Public Beta 1 is now available at their site. The new version is jammed full of new features. Here is a list of some of them:
" New Main Menu & Background, Map Rotations, Random Maps, Head/Body model switching, Full awards logging for all games, Anti-spawn suicide timer, Awards on scoreboard, Miniscoreboard, Better Map Selection, Weapon Dropping, Rocket Jumping, Damage Indicators, Random Bots, Player Cloaking, Auto-Sentry Turrets, Crosshair in 3rd Person, Crosshair Stats & Targetter, Suicide Blast, Bloodtrails, Victory Podiums, Save/Load Configs, Better Model Management, Server Options, Map List View, Bot List View, Animated Model Viewer, Weapon Positioning, No Team Colours option, Disable items/weapons/powerups, Team coloured trails, Spawn Protection, Double Jumping, Trail and Explosion Particles Effects, All Weapons are Fully Configurable, plus "Pick n Mix" type Gamemodes including InstaGib, Duel, Frenzy, Carnage, Sentry, Timebomb, Pain Factor, Full Load, Unlimited Ammo, Big Explosions, Quad Whore, Practice and Vampire. "
Grab the download and find out more at the Eternal Arena site!

New ∆stats
by awoq @ [10:27 PM] October 22 2001

A new version 5.21 of ∆stats has been released. ∆stats is a log file analyser for 3D shooters with stats/ranking output in HTML. The new version fixes a few bugs and there is a complete re-design of śstats output making if frameless. Go grab it at the ∆stats website!

Quake 3 Greed Released
by awoq @ [09:20 PM] October 22 2001

For those of you who want to try something a little different in Quake 3, a new mod called Greed has been released and is ready for the public. The mod is available in both InstallShield for Win32 users and zipped for all Operating Systems and include full documentation in HTML format. Get it now at the GreenHouseEFX site!

Reaction Quake 3 Release Date
by awoq @ [11:15 PM] October 20 2001

The Reaction Quake 3 team have announced that November 16th will be the release date of their first public beta. The new mod will feature new maps, a new action combat system, action style physics, and lots more. Check out the Reaction Quake 3 site for more details.

Get Some Greed!
by awoq @ [06:22 PM] October 19 2001

The crew at GreenhouseEFX has announced that a new mod called Greed will be released this coming Monday. The Greed mod offers Quake 3 action with a twist. The players will have to earn their weapons instead of just finding them laying around. Every players starts with the same weapons. Once a player is hit he will drop tokens that can be picked up by the attacker which can be turned in for new weapons.
Check it out on the GreenhouseEFX site!

New WFA Beta Test
by awoq @ [10:21 PM] October 18 2001

A new beta test verson of Weapons Factory Arena has been released bringing it to Beta 3.1.
Here is what they said on the website about the new version:
To try the beta download the WFA 3.1 Beta Pack and place it in your /wfa directory. Inside the pk3 you will find a changes list. You can open pk3s using your favorite PKZIP tool (such as Winzip) to view the changes text file. Please head to the forums to discuss the changes (preferably after you have tried them out for a while) with your fellow players and the development staff. Remember that this is a beta version. There are likely to be bugs and game balance issues that will need to be addressed before version 3.1 becomes final. Once we get some Beta Servers setup with the beta version I will post their IP Addresses and ports.

Here are two servers that are now running: Port 26970 Port 27960

New ∆stats - ∆on's Stats v5.14
by awoq @ [05:57 PM] October 15 2001

A new verson 5.14 of ∆stats - ∆on's Stats , a log file analyser for 3D shooters with stats/ranking output in HTML, has been released.
Here is what is new in the new version:
- added event, role, team tracking for counter-strike (a half-life mod), use the -cse option of preaes. tracking 24 weapon frags, 3 suicides, 54 events, 3 teams, and 3 roles (ct, t, spectator). Control the cs scores via aesscore.cfg.
- added unreal tournament (french edition) support with 16 weapon and 26 suicide obituaries. use the -utf option of preaes.
- bug fix: massive savings in memory usage, a log file with about 8000 map changes and 1000 unique player names aestats would want to use temporarily 2.4GB. on the fly calculations no longer require this.
- bug fix: player names could be empty in the aestats output, or names could be longer than 31 characters, this would crash or mess up things. empty names are now skipped by preaes, long names trimmed. fixed for *all* supported games/mods.
- bug fix: player names are now case insensitive, small bug would differ in case.
- bug fix: long numbers in the histograms (players per map in global stats, fph in player stats) would make these table far to wide. vertically aligned numbers fix this.
- code base: internally cleaned up the code. all mem allocations now show errors, if alloc failed, variable initializations sorted out, removed several vars to save more ram. optimized preparser map name routine to run about 8 times faster on 8000 names. other smaller optimizations.
Check out the new version today!

We Want Your Screenshots!
by awoq @ [11:29 PM] October 13 2001

Being a slow news day, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to send in some screenshots for our Picture Of The Day. If you send one or more screenshots of your favorite mod or level, we just might include it in the coming days.
Please send your screenshots to potd@www.q3arena.com today!

RTCW Preview @ Gamespot
by mayhemm @ [06:50 PM] October 12 2001

Gamespot has just put their highlight again on the upcoming (and very, very anticipated) sequel to iDSoftware's first FPS, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  Without doing much of a cut'n'paste I can tell you that it's a pretty good preview, it has some new screenshots.....and it's right here.

Christian Antkow's .plan Update
by mayhemm @ [06:35 PM] October 12 2001

Christian Antkow (of iDSoftware) updated his .plan today with a little warning about the sircam virus, which has been blazing around the internet since the beginning of Summer.  Here's the .plan:
I saw today on www.securitynewsportal.com that the Sircam worm is due to unleash it's potential payload on Oct. 16.  According to SNP:

"the worm will delete all the files and folders contained on the hard drives of randomly selected SirCam-infected computers."

Our mailserver detects and bounces, on average, 250+ SirCam infected messages each day, so this is one damned virulent worm (granted, 95.2% of the incoming emails are from spamhouses, so perhaps this is poetic justice), but for the 4.8% of you out there that have legitimate reasons for emailing us, you may wish to scan your systems in the next few days just to make sure you are all clean =)

For more information on this worm, see;
And for those of you who are interested, we are using Stalker's Communigate Pro along with the McAfee Viruscan plugin. I've evaluated loads of email servers, and this one is by far the best one I've come across yet.


New MohAA Screenies @ 2015
by mayhemm @ [06:31 PM] October 11 2001

Tom "Underdog" Kudirka has updated his .plan file.....You know who he is don't you?  He's the president of 2015, that little gaming company based in OK who is making that obscure ;P Quake3 engine powered game, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.  Well now that you know who he is, his .plan update states that they have posted some never before seen screenshots and character renders.  After taking a peek, I can recommend that you go check it out.  They look pretty d@mn sw33t!!  I do feel sorry for you guys with low-end 'puters.  They look like they're gonna take a lot of power to render.  Check out the shots right here.

Wallpapers @ The Wall
by mayhemm @ [06:28 PM] October 11 2001

Wow, here's a good site....  I saw on another gaming site this little story about a Quake wallpaper site's adding 12 new screenshots to their mix.  The wallpaper site in question is a mixed English and Spanish (?) site which has close to 500 screenshots.  Heh, some of them are awesome--of course the ones I like will get me fired if I post them ;)..  The name of the site is Quake_The_Wall.  Go give 'em a hollar!!

New Custom Q3
by mayhemm @ [08:57 PM] October 10 2001

q30cool, the press guy for the Custom Q3 mod, let's us know that they have released a new update (version 1.04) for their Q3Mod of the same name.  Here's his press release:
The concept behind CQ3 is to bring all the fun of Doom, Quake1 and Quake2 to the Q3A engine. Stuff you can do with CQ3 includes customizing the way things look, with Q1 and Q2 HUD settings and models, player movement and weapon knockback physics, weapon reload time, damage, sound, and speed, item respawn time, sound, and amount, client spawn health, armor, weapons, and ammo. It also includes Quake1 and Quake2 maps that can be played in Quake3.
If ya wanna get it, you're gonna have to get the 1.0 version first, as it's just a point update.  Grab it here.

New Alternate Fire
by mayhemm @ [08:52 PM] October 10 2001

Neil "haste" Toronto shouts out that he has released a new version  of his Q3Mod Alternate Fire.  This mod, which features multiple weapon effects (a la Unreal Tournament) comes up to version 1.51.  Here's a cut'n'paste from his press announcement:
Not wanting to compete with Tribal CTF, I've held back until today to...dum dee dum (imagine an orchestra please)...release Alternate Fire 1.51! 
  • Minor BFG overload overhaul (looks way cool, easier to use
  • New proximity grenade model to go with the weapon's badness
  • New Hologram powerup model courtesy John "Ronin{TRIAD}" Fisher
  • Slightly smaller download (1.4 MB) - A few bug fixes (no show-stoppers, but one semi-serious one)
  • Some cosmetic touches (thanks to Richard Rose)
  • Client version check and warning (this will become effective at the next release)
  • An opt-in (meaning client-side and *off* by default) chat and name filter (the biggest change); great when your kids watch you play This is (hopefully) the last release until 2.0, where I'm planning on adding bot support. 
  • Also...I've started up a mailing list.  People who want to be notified weekly of game schedules, new servers and updates, and hear about the latest new strategies can sign up at the following address.  They'll get a welcome email about 12 hours later.  All I'm asking for is an email address.
Well....I guess it was kindof wrong to just call it his mod.  Anyway you can grab that bad boy right here.

AEStats 5.08beta Released
by mayhemm @ [08:42 PM] October 10 2001

Christoph A. Loewe sends word that he has released version 5.08 beta of his nifty little log and stat parser, ∆on's Stats.  Just in case you don't know what it is--and you probably won't if you don't run a big server--AEstats is a log file analyser for 3D shooters with stats/ranking output in HTML.  Here's his short list of changes:
  • AEstats now supports game events, like captures, flag touches   and triggered events.
  • Also player classes and team names are tracked.
  • All this for Team Fortress Classic for now, Counter-Strike   support coming up next.
  • Massively enhanced output pages for events and also   for death match infos.
Of course I'm lazy and I didn't list all of the changes--he seems to change a whole buttload of stuff every time he updates this program--but that's ok.  :)  You can see the rest of it and grab it right here.

Coluseum2 v2.6
by mayhemm @ [06:08 PM] October 09 2001

Kewl.  Been hearing rumors about this and now I hear about it from the horse's mouth.  There's a new Coliseum 2 in town and it's a version 2.6.  If ya loved lithium2 for Q2, then I know you'd love Coliseum with it's 'runes' and 'hook' which stayed faithful to the Q2mod's.  They've fixed a few bugs and added a few features.  Grab it here.

Tribal CTF 2.0
by mayhemm @ [06:03 PM] October 09 2001

Hmmm.  Must have been in the toilet errr reading :-/ when this one came out..  Chris Linden sends word that he and his team have released version 2.0 of TribalCTF the Q3Mod "It's not a mod, it's a game!!"  Here's a little clip from their FAQ to get ya up ta speed:
Tribal CTF is a totally new and fresh approach to the standard CTF concept. Its foremost characteristic is its 3-team CTF based gameplay mode. The classic Red and Blue teams have evolved into three unique tribes that each sport their own characteristics and unique looks. Another striking feature is that the Tribal 3-team CTF graphical setting is of a beauty found in single player games. The tremendous atmosphere of environments, structures and terrain ensure a whole new CTF thrill...
The visuals actually look pretty d@mn sweet.  Read more about it or grab it right here.

New SuperIP 4U
by mayhemm @ [05:55 PM] October 09 2001

The Cowboy (Ben Alman) asked us to post this, and post this we will.  WTF am I talking about?  HEHE, well I'm talking about the kewlest mIRC utility on the planet, SuperIP, and the fact that there is a new version of it out ready for download.  If you don't know what it is, SuperIp is an integrated browsing tool for the mIRC chat client which lets you and your friends join online action games (Tribes, Tribes2, Q3 and many mods, and Half Life.)  Let's say that you try to message a friend who is actually playing at the time.  When you do you get an away message telling you where he/she is playing.  All you would have to do is simply click on that link (if you have SuperIP) and you will soon be joining your friend at that server.  If you're into mIRC and Quakin' this utility is well worth the download.  Grab it here.

NSQ3 Weeky Update
by mayhemm @ [05:43 PM] October 09 2001

The NSQ3 site has been updated with some new screenshots and information about the upcoming mod for their weekly update. Of course there are the obligatory eye candy to whet ya up--but also they show off a new version of the oasis map.  Check everything out right here.

Q3 Fortress Update
by mayhemm @ [05:24 PM] October 09 2001

The guys over at Q3Fortress have given us all a little update on the development status of their Q3 mod of the same name.  It seems that they have released an internal build of the tactical, team-based mod (build 18 of beta 2).  What does that mean to you?  Well, it means that they are ever closer to a public release (no concrete word yet) of beta2.  Just in case you don't know what Q3F is, here's a little cut'n'paste to get ya whet:
Our goal with Q3F was to modify the multi-player aspects of Quake 3 to create a much more team-oriented experience. We hope we've achieved this through the implementation of different player classes such as Soldier, Agent and Paramedic, all with unique weapons, strengths and abilities.  A large part of the team-play aspect comes from Q3F's support for several game-objective possibilities, which include 'Capture the Flag', 'Command Point' and 'Capture and Hold' styles of play.
Interesting little mod.  Read more about it, and check out their screenshots right here

MOHAA Preview @ MGON
by mayhemm @ [04:23 PM] October 08 2001

Hmmm.  Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!  I just saw a little blurb on VoodooExtreme about MOHAA (Medal of Honor:  Allied Assault) and the changes made to it as a result of this months terrorist outrage (I refuse to call it a tragedy, it was a crime.)  It was part of a preview of the up coming game by MGON.  Here's a little clip from the article:
In the light of recent events in New York, and in keeping with EAís general approach to the subject there will be little or no bloodletting in the game. Soldiers writhe about when hit, but you are unlikely to see a hint of blood, which will hurt the game on the realism front, even though it helps make the game more likely to appeal to a wider and younger audience.
They even throw up some real sw33t@$$ lookin' screenies to get ya all whet.  Read all about it right here.

Arena World Update
by mayhemm @ [12:47 PM] October 06 2001

Nils "Thes33k" Bartels sends happy word that they have released version 1026 of their Q3 Mod ArenaWorld.  Here's a list of mirrors for those of you who want to check it out. Also, it may please you to know that they have updated their site.  This means that you won't have to contend with a little window.  It's a fullscreen/page site.  Go ahead and give them a visit.

Mr BunWah does Co-op Q2 @ Z-Axis
by mayhemm @ [12:38 PM] October 06 2001

Wow.  I haven't received a shout from this guy for a long time.  Maybe I should visit his site and vamp more often ;-)  Karnatos from Z-Axis sends word that Mr. Bunwah has resumed his Co-op gaming series with an article that talks about Q2Co-op gaming.  Read it right here.

This Dying Community
by mayhemm @ [12:26 PM] October 06 2001

Glenn (cool name =) Lortscher has written an editorial on Tuplay.com which--although it's not really Quake-related--is revelant to all of us who love browsing the Net from independent gaming and news services.  It's an article called This Dying Community - A Damage Report.  Within, he talks about the causes of many famous sites' demise and what is needed to save what  we have.  Here's a little snip from the editorial:
Of course, the question is: why didn't it work? It's been said before, so I'll keep it short. Basically, advertisers weren't prepared fully with an online sales force to meet demand that advertisements brought. Also, the advertisements were largely untargeted, as research and technology didn't exist in a way that allowed proper targeting. Lastly, because webmasters rarely dealt with advertisers personally, they shifted their interest from satisfying the advertisers (through prominently displayed ads) to satisfying their readership (through hiding the same ads).
My take?  Well, CDROM.com always has sucked, and many of those hardware sites were happy to trash certain companies for advertising dollars from a rival hardware vendor.  Once the first vendor went out of business there went their advertising dollars.  Hmmmm.  Lesson learned?  It pays to be objective folks, and just report news.  Still this thing is cyclic; I'm sure there will be someone to replace a lot of these sites.   Read the rest of this very interesting article right here.

New Greed Mod
by awoq @ [10:37 AM] October 05 2001

The GreenHouseEFX site, formerly known as Coliseum2, has posted news of a new "feature complete" mod called Greed which will be released soon. The mod author promises "new twist to fast paced action for Quake3" but doesn't really have much information on what the mod actually is. Also on the site are some screenshots and partial documentation on the mod.

Shhhhhhhh!! TribalCTF 2.0!
by mayhemm @ [07:50 PM] October 02 2001

Shhhhhh!  A little bird-cough-Adonis-cough--told me recently that TribalCTF 2.0 will be going public around October 8th.  Stay tuned right here for more news or sneak on over to their site--maybe you can find something out ;-)

New GtkRadiant
by mayhemm @ [08:05 PM] October 02 2001

q30cool, err Roger LaMarca, sends word that there is a new version of GtkRadiant for all of ya map-makin' junkeeZ out there.† It's now offered in version 1.1.1 RC3 format.† Here is the list of changes:

  • fixed installer problem on win9x
  • entity inspector fix, will focus on the current entity in the list
  • fixed GDI leak affecting text widgets, specially the console and the entity inspector
  • removed some unneeded stuff from Gtk libraries
  • nightly build system
  • fixed known sleep/wake issues
Heh, actually I'm not gonna paste the whole list (it's huge!)† I just hope it's enough to say that there are s***loads of changes.† Check out the GtkRadiant site right here.

NSQ3 Update
by mayhemm @ [08:14 PM] October 01 2001

Of course, what would a Monday be if we couldn't get the weekly Navy Seals Q3 luvin'?  In their weekly update they post up six new model screenies and another avi/mov movie of weapon animations.  Just as before I can't wait to see it.  Check it out right here.

by mayhemm @ [08:11 PM] October 01 2001

If you've been holding off on the Q3 upgrade--I'm talking to WFA FrEaKs here--because you're afraid of your favorite mod getting nuked, the guys behind the mod have updated their site with some info on their compatibility with the new Quake 3 1.30.  Here's a cut'n'paste straight from their news page:
The team is working on the compatibility issues, but so far everything looks good. We don't advise upgrading because we cannot account for stability yet, so we are suggesting that server admins wait for the word till they upgrade. And for some reason, it is backwards compatible (with some exceptions) which we are looking into now.
So don't be afraid.  They're hard at work (test?) and you should get your answer soon, or a new patch :-)  Read more about it right here.

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