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New version of MapProp
by DGhost @ [10:16 PM] January 30 2003

MapProp, the little utility that you preview your .map files in the propertie window has been updated. The latest version now support thumbnail and some other small features.

.Plan update from John Carmak
by DGhost @ [10:44 PM] January 29 2003

Yep! As usual, when a new 3D video card is out (in prototype), John Carmak grace us with his toughts about the chipset NV30 (in the right corner of the ring: NVIDIA) and the R300 (and in the left corner: ATI). Yes it is a technical update and it is long. You can read it here.

New version of Punkbuster (server)
by DGhost @ [01:12 PM] January 29 2003

EvenBalance has released last night a new version of PunkBuster server for Quake 3 Arena. Bringing it to version 1.020 this new update will make the following changes:
  • Addresses a server crash bug that arose in some cases when players were kicked by PB
  • The pb_power command issued by players now displays player guids similar to how pb_plist works
  • Now 'guards' IP addresses that are suspicious and kicks players using the guarded IP Addresses if their PB attempts immediate update downloads upon joining
  • IP addresses are automatically added to the new IP Guard list when a player's PB fails to update after three consecutive tries
  • PB Admins can also manually add IP Addresses and/or netmasks to the new IP Guard list with the new pb_sv_ipguard command; example: pb_sv_ipguard 192.168.1
  • NOTE: Currently, the IP Guard list is not saved to disk, it is cleared each time the PB Server is restarted
  • PB Admins can now permanently ban players connecting with specific IP Addresses and/or netmasks from their PB Servers with the pb_sv_banmask command; example: pb_sv_banmask 192.168.1
  • Also, various hacks were addressed that cause players to stay in UPDT status on PB servers.

    New textures for Quake 1
    by DGhost @ [11:00 PM] January 28 2003

    The Quake 1 retexturing project is doing well with new textures released (for the Telejano and Tenebrae mod). 16 new textures released lately, take a look at the images to get an idea of the quality!

    New maps @ Leakspot
    by DGhost @ [10:32 PM] January 27 2003

    Leakspot got some news map to begin this week with:
  • Gotic Warp (DM - beta)
  • Dissect (Quake 3 Fortress)
  • Hydrophobia (CTF)
  • Bring (CTF)
  • Some goods, some bads, it's worth a look!

    Doom on your cell?
    by DGhost @ [02:51 PM] January 26 2003

    EDoom for the SonyEricsson P800 is out! You will need to get your hands on the doom1.wad and doom3.wad tough to make it work. You can view a screenshot here and here.

    Tools for mappers
    by DGhost @ [11:48 AM] January 25 2003

    Okay it was pretty quiet these last day in our small world of Quake. The engines of creation has released a new version of Quake ToolKit making it version 1.51. Here's the list of changes:
  • Added new q3map2 switches and removed old non-functional ones
  • Added the option to save/load compile setup presets/configs
  • Added a file info box to compiler window
  • Added the option to add custom bot names to arena files
  • Fixed -area and -point entry fields
  • All compile switches show a function description at the bottom of the window on mouse-over
  • Map Compiler GUI's interface reworked
  • Next one is, again, a new version of Q3Map (new version is 2.3.37) from Ydnar. Latest changes?:
  • Building from GtkRadiant CVS trunk
  • Added new brush bevel code by MrElusive to fix lingering aas problems (sweet!)
  • Added -snap N arg to BSP phase for axial bevel plane snapping to reduce clipped model plane count (note: will muck with above, use with care)
  • Patches in terrain entities should now have proper vertex alpha set
  • Fixed bug in fur code where fur was being limited to 2 layers (thanks pazur)
  • Reduced vertexlight search area to a reasonable size to keep vertex lighting times down
  • Well it seems that the tools for mapping are being develloped without a break!

    More videos of Quake?
    by DGhost @ [02:36 PM] January 22 2003

    Just found this one! The HTGK website got a nice list of Quake movies. If you are a fan of those, you can find a lot of movies here.

    .Plan update from Rick Johnson
    by DGhost @ [03:04 PM] January 20 2003

    Okay, sorry I'm a little bit late on this one. The latest .Plan update from Rick Johnson (lead programmer of Quake 4 @ Ravensoftware) is informing us that a private forum for mod maker has been created. Anyway here's the whole deal:

    Based on feedback we received at the mod maker round table sessions at QuakeCon, we created a private forum for mod makers. This forum is a place for all mod makers of all engines / games (not just Raven games) to come and discuss any issues associated with mod making, such as programming, scripting, mapping, modeling, textures, sounds, etc. This forum is only open to people actively involved in making content. If you wish to join, create an account on our forums and then email me with your account name and Iíll give you access. There is also a small website associated with this whole endeavor. Again, this is for all people making mods for all games/engines.
    There we are!

    Urban terror version 2.6a
    by DGhost @ [12:39 AM] January 18 2003

    A small patch for urban terror has been released. a new level is included, called ut_sanctuary but mostly this patch bring a lot of changes to the weapons. For a complete review of all the changes you can read the readme.txt here. The patch is an upgrade only, you still need the full version of UT installed before applying the patch.

    True combat update
    by DGhost @ [02:29 PM] January 17 2003

    It's been a while since we had news from the True Combat team about their mod. They won an award for the best mod of 2002 from the ModDatabase. They are working on the next release and give us some screenshots with that.

    MapProp for mappers
    by DGhost @ [02:23 PM] January 17 2003

    A nice little tool for mappers out there, MapProp let view your .map in the properties windows as a shell extension for the windows file explorer. Easy to install.

    Weapon factory arena 3.5b
    by DGhost @ [12:03 AM] January 16 2003

    It's out! The latest version of Weapon Factory Arena has been released! Making it to version 3.5b, this patch is about 20 megs and fix some issues with version 3.5. The patch required the full version 3.5 to be installed. The lists of changes is quite big so you should check out their webpage.

    A new version of Q3Map is out!
    by DGhost @ [12:50 PM] January 15 2003

    Ydnar has just released a new version of his popular tool, Q3Map version 2.3.35. The software is available for Win32, Linux and Mac OSX. Here's the latest change:
  • PicoModel now inverts ASE T coordinate
  • BSP to ASE converter now inverts T coordinate
  • Disabling 2.3.34 triangle optimization code until I find out why it crashes
  • Fixed Conscript-q3map2 to use stack_size ld flags directly on Darwin/OS X
  • Added Conscript-q3map2 to q3map2.dsp for easier Win32 edit, *nix target
  • At the same time, for your information, a version of GtkRadiant will soon be available on Mac OSX. You can read the news on the website of GtkRadiant.

    Opening of the spring 2003 clanbase cup season
    by DGhost @ [06:25 PM] January 14 2003

    Clanbase has started the subscription for their new season (spring 2003). The mods for Quake 3 are:
  • Deathmatch Cup
  • Capture The Flag Cup
  • RocketArena3 Cup
  • Urban Terror Cup
  • CaptureStrike Cup
  • FreezeTag Cup
  • Also Return to castle wolfenstein, Medal of honor and much more games are on the list. You have until Wednesday 22nd January to subscribe.

    It's a RA3 video
    by DGhost @ [12:16 PM] January 13 2003

    RocketBear was kind enough to send me an email about a video (.avi format) that he made while fragging in Rocket Arena 3. The download is pretty heavy (300 megs) but it's worth it with more than 15 minutes of frags. And with the music of Propellerheads with that what more can I ask? You can download the file here or here. GG RocketBear!

    New models @ polycount
    by DGhost @ [11:08 PM] January 12 2003

    Polycount got some new models today, but, not for Quake 3, but for Quake 2 itself! Ahah! Big surprise isn't?
  • Optimus Prime
  • Rumble
  • Little Buu
  • Lemming
  • Whoa talk about cleaning the dust on some hard drive!

    A preview of Enemy territory
    by DGhost @ [02:09 PM] January 11 2003

    Gamespy got a preview of the upcoming expansion pack for return to castle Wolfenstein: Enemy territory. An overview of the single and multi player side of the game is given.

    Code red: battle for earth
    by DGhost @ [06:34 PM] January 08 2003

    A new TC using Quake 2 has been released. Code red: battle for earth is a stand alone total conversion (meaning you don't need to install Quake 2 to play this mod). I've just played it and it's funny. The models are not the best but if you like blasting aliens like the ones in "mars attack" (the movie from Tim Burton) then you'll probably like this one. Featuring 20 levels, deathmatchs, news weapons (well everything is new in this TC) and much more. Stop by their website to download it and check all the informations and screenshots!

    Q3tools scripts
    by DGhost @ [02:44 PM] January 07 2003

    If you are a script freak of mIRC and you love Quake 3 at the same time maybe you should check out this tool: Q3tools script is a bundle of scripts for mIRC that let you analyzes your OSP stats. You can get a lot of informations like your accuracy, give your cfg's informations to other users and much more.

    New maps @ Leakspot
    by DGhost @ [02:35 PM] January 07 2003

    Leakspot got some new maps reviewed for our pleasure:
  • Maximus by Lordsquart
  • Hacking cough by Kingnic2k
  • Putty Q3 CTF by Sillyputty
  • Symmetry (beta) by LodeRunner
  • Punky's whips (beta) by Unitool
  • Stop by Leakspot for all the details!

    D-Day : normandy, the inland campaign
    by DGhost @ [04:29 PM] January 06 2003

    D-Day : Normandy (an excellent mod for Quake 2 btw) has just released their inland campaign including 7 new maps. You will also need a small patch with that. You can view some screenshots of the new maps here.

    You want some new maps?
    by DGhost @ [02:04 PM] January 02 2003

    It's a levels review fest @ the TIki domain where they have released their map pack of 2002. Including 9 maps from the community who got some good votes.

    On the other hand, ..::LvL has celebrated their third birthday and got a bunch of Quake 3 maps reviewed for your pleasure.

    Next one is Innersanctum, a Quake 3 deatmatch map that has been released from Kat.

    Sock, over at Simland has released a map called SAFE wich is not quite in itself a map for fraggin but rather something to explore and "feel" the level. The source map file has also been released for mapper to get a view how the level has been made.

    And for the final, LeakSpot also got a lot of new reviews of new maps (some even under beta), so if you wanna try something totally new, pass by LeakSpot!

    CPMA 1.0 tomorrow!
    by DGhost @ [02:01 PM] January 02 2003

    Okay, new year, new resolution, new whatever. I was on party pretty much these last days and it was quiet in our world of Quake. But now things are moving again so to start off, arQon from the CPMA has announced that CPMA 1.0 will be released january 3 with the CPMA pack #4. The list of all the changes is pretty big so I'll let you go by yourself just like a big kid, to read it on the CPMA website!

    Happy New Year!!!
    by awoq @ [01:42 AM] January 01 2003

    The staff at Q3Arena.com wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous new year and hope you will make it home safely from your celebrations.

    As this holiday season closes, Q3Arena.com will continue to keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in the Quake community.

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