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Tribal CTF update
by DGhost @ [07:49 PM] January 31 2002

It's been a while since we heard from them and today they add a new post on their webpage. So what's going on with them? Well they're looking for a skilled skinner to help them 'cauz they've got too much job. They're also working on a new map. Also all the tribes models are finished, they're waiting to be skinned. And since Bobo the Seal has finished his models for Q3F, he's turning back his attention on Tribal CTF. Way to go guys!!!!

Disruptor's Gonna Kick Ur Butt
by mayhemm @ [10:29 AM] January 31 2002

Christian Antkow has updated his .plan file with an invitation for all RtCW fanatics to play against him on iDSoftware's high-maxclient server.  Here's the server: - [id] Xian's BUST-A-CAP Rotation !
It's running all the maps except (except Castle) in stopwatch mode (4 rounds per map) with friendly-fire turned off.  So go on down there and get ur butt kicked! =)

Wanna play some Quake 2 music on your guitare?
by DGhost @ [11:05 PM] January 30 2002

Hahahaha found this one on Planetquake. Morgue has put online the tablature of some songs from the soundtrack of Quake 2. Now I've seen everything. Well maybe not yet. Go to his webpage for the tablature (damn why did I stop playing guitare 5 years ago? Ah yeah, I started playing Quake 2).

ILL Clan Interview @Quake3Stuff
by mayhemm @ [01:49 PM] January 30 2002

Straight from Relix of Q3Stuff via Gamespydaily (no, silly :-) gamespydaily just gave me the shout) comes an interview with none other than Marino from the ILL Clan.  Now... before you go wondering who the h3LL that Clan is, I can tell ya what they're all about.  About a year ago I posted a story about a Quake clan who won an award for a real funny Q3engine based comedy movie.  Here's the post.  Now that you're up ta speed, here's a little cut'n'paste from the interview:
Relix : What prompted you in starting your movie making?

Marino : Well, as I said, three of us were filmmakers in our college days, so there was a natural gravitation to creating a movie already in place. We had aspirations to create a mod but filmmaking talents aside, none of us were straight-up programmers. From the machinima side, it was upon seeing Operation Bayshield. That made us take notice of what we could do with the Classic Quake engine (and wasn't a mod) & how to apply our filmmaking skills to it. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.
Read the rest of the interview right here.  BTW, if you can watch the movies... they are hilarious!

Programation tips for Q3
by DGhost @ [01:05 PM] January 30 2002

Well, I don't know if many of you out there like to fiddle with codes (wowbagger?) but I found this article on Q3 Center that explain how to change the internal server browser to display only the information you want. You can find the article here.

Warning: programmation skills required :P

Texturing for Quake 2 and Heretic II
by DGhost @ [12:44 PM] January 30 2002

Just found out on Polycount a small, usefull tool for texturer out there who still work on some textures for Quake 2 and Herectic II. Basically, it's a plugin utility that let you import pictures from photohop to a *.wal (for Quake 2) and a *.m8 format (for Heretic II). You can download the tool here To give the credit where it should be, the author name is Gwynhala (I couldn't find his webpage, sorry :P).

GTKRadiant new version (sic.)
by DGhost @ [12:05 AM] January 30 2002

Well, more than 24 hours after the new version for Linux, here's the new version for the Win32 platform. patch only, you need to download the full version first, if you don't have it, with the patch after that.
IDSoftware ftp
That bring GTKRadiant to version 1.2.4

New site in town: Planet Medal of Honor
by DGhost @ [09:45 AM] January 29 2002

It's been almost a week since the site exist, so if you are in need of something about Medal of Honor go give them a visit. At the same time they've got a pretty good manual for the single player game. Good luck Planet Medal of Honor!

We're not Gonna Take IT!! Fight Da Man!!
by mayhemm @ [07:54 PM] January 28 2002

Just saw this on Gamespydaily, and thought it would be a Good Cause™.  It seems like Electronic Arts decided that they don't want to port MOHAA (that's Medal of Honor baybee!!) to the linux OS.  Since most game servers out there run Linux, this may be a disastrous development indeed.  With that in mind, an MOHAA fan site called Medal of Honor Center has pointed out an online petition which asks Electronic Arts & 2015 to reconsider their recent decision.  Like I said peeps, if they don't port it to Linux, there won't be that many choices of Big Bandwidth servers from which to chose.  Sign the petition here.

Bid For Power Review @Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [07:44 PM] January 28 2002

Straight from F4nt0m45 and Q3Center comes some news that they have posted a review of the just released, and very long in development Q3TC, Bid For Power.  Now... heh, I don't wanna ruin all the juicy details so I'm just gonna cut'n'paste their w00Dyblurb (! is that a word??):
Bid For Power has been in production for over two years as many of you might know. What you may not know though is that in those two years, they accomplished more than just about any other mod team out there.
Actually it's a interesting review indeed and should give you an idea of whether you want to play this bad boy or not.  Also, there are plenty of little kids doing their thing (cussing on the messageboard, because their parents aren't there ;P).  Read it right here.

New version of GTKRadiant for linux users
by DGhost @ [03:00 PM] January 28 2002

Well, if you didn't already hear about it, there is a new version of GTKRadiant for linux. Seems that there was some bugs in it that has been fixed. Also, a new version for the Win32 platform is coming soon. You can download the new version for linux here.

Get Clobber(ed)@Violation
by mayhemm @ [02:06 PM] January 28 2002

Kewl.  I haven't seen this guy in a while or anything from this site.  Lee David Ash of Violation Entertainment sends word that he has released a new player model, so you can finally get rid of sarge :) and play with a real bad@$$.  The model's name is Clobber the, errr, Clown.  I snuck a peak at it and it looks like a real evil mutha >:-0  Go 'head and grab it.  While you're at it--if you haven't been over to his site--take a look at his three other models, some of his maps and some choice other shtuff right here.

Gamespy Arcade Does MOHAA
by mayhemm @ [12:14 PM] January 28 2002

Gamespydaily gives a shout today that their parent site, Gamespy has added support for MOHAA for Gamespy Arcade (bleh) their own lil' server browser.  If you don't have it grab it.  Sigh.... I have to wait until they update Gamespy3d :-0

Q3Offline or the solitary game?
by DGhost @ [12:05 AM] January 28 2002

So, for all of you out there who like to play in solitary (I'm talking about Q3, you pervert), there is a new verson of Q3Offline available. DOWNLOAD!

New version of Q3Winamp
by DGhost @ [05:53 PM] January 27 2002

If you're like me, you probably listen to your mp3's will fraggin @ Q3. Well there is a new version of Q3Winamp that has been released during the weekend. I never heard of that tool but I can see that I'll use it a lot. It will display your mp3's information while playing (yeah cool!) The tool support Quake 3, RtCW and MoH:AA. You can also bind it with MBM5 (tool to display your computers informations about the temperature, fan speed and others usefull stuff). You can download Q3Winamp here

Shirow model @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [05:40 PM] January 27 2002

I'm a big fan of Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the shell, Appleseed, etc) and there is a new model at Polycount wich is kinda cute. Second model inspired by the characters of Shirow by the author (Frag Cow). He's getting better. ;)

MoH:AA multiplayer first patch!
by DGhost @ [12:04 AM] January 28 2002

So that it's! The game has not even been released for one week that the first patch is available (v 1.1). Go grab it guys! GO GO GO! :P No but seriously, a patch, so many bugs already? Ah well I'll live with it since the game is so fun.
Electronic arts

New Features in SOF2?
by mayhemm @ [05:03 PM] January 25 2002

Rick Johnson from Raven takes time out of his busy schedule in a recent .plan update (heh, actually it was yesterday ;P) to announce some new features that will be present in their up-coming sequel to SOF, called :-/ SOF2.  Here's a snip from the .plan:
...We’ve been busy working on the SoF2 MP and so I’ll announce a few features, which haven’t been announced until now.  The first big one is that the Random Mission Generator will be included with MP.  This includes both the dynamic terrain generation technology and the BSP instantiation (buildings, walls, other pre-fab stuff).  MOD makers will be able to easily create their own generation parameters in the external files, add in unique instances, etc. There’re a few other surprises in this area that I’ll hold off announcing....
Hmmmm. Interesting..  Read the rest of it right here.

A JK2 Preview and MOHAA Review@Gamespot
by mayhemm @ [05:06 PM] January 25 2002

Gamespot takes an updated look at the forthcoming sequel to one of the best PC games of 1997, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.  They also contribute to what will become a pretty big deluge of MOHAA final reviews.  Here they are, enjoy!

CMPA Aimbot Interview @Planetquake.de
by mayhemm @ [04:27 PM] January 25 2002

Forlani from Planetquake.de (THAT'S de as in Germany) has shouted out to us that they have posted an interview on their site with non other than the coder for the aimbot for CMPA, _shadE.   Within he talks about how iDSoftware's cheat protections can get bypassed and how a game can be made safer from the buttheads who are ruining the game.  Here's a cut'n'paste from the interview to give you an idea:
[wienerwald]: Do you aim at publishing your aimbot? Or did you _really_ only intend to prove the possibility of coding an aimbot for CPMA?
[_shadE]: NO! Publishing the aimbot would ruin the game again. Nobody would know for sure anymore, if his opponent is cheating or not.. That isn´t and _never_ was my intention in coding this aimbot.
Yeah right.  Trying to say that a bot won't be published is saying that it just won't get spread as quickly.  Still I would like to see iDSoftware expending more time protecting their games from cheating than they do.  After all, the success of a game (especially an online based game) depends on it's following.  Read the rest of the interview, it's mucho interesting, right here.

Urban terror v2.4 soon?
by DGhost @ [12:06 PM] January 25 2002

SweetnutZ from the UT team just released a new .Plan. He tell us that the new version (2.4) is still in beta stage but should be release soon. At the same time he gave us 2 wallpaper. Isn't that sweet? :)

New models @ Polycount
by DGhost @ [12:29 PM] January 24 2002

Polycount got some new models. One that I took the time to check is this Gundam model. Pretty cool if you ask me. It look really huge. And there is this character, Scarab, from the Kabuki comics, she's kind of interesting but the model is really not perfect. And the last one, Lady Death was a good idea to start with but the author missed a couple of things on the model (like her butt :P).

ClanBase Cups, Spring 2002 season
by DGhost @ [12:24 PM] January 24 2002

Subscriptions are open! Head to their webpage to sign up for the following competition:
- Quake 2: DM, CTF, Insta DM
- Quake 3: DM, CTF, RA3, Urban Terror (new cup)
- Half Life: CounterStrike, TFC
- Unreal Tournament: CTF, CTF Insta, DM, DM Insta, TO (EU Cup + NA Cup)
- Elite Force: CTF (previously the hosted EF league)
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein (new cup)

Update on the Syndicate Arena mod.
by DGhost @ [09:03 PM] January 23 2002

I Just read on their webpage that several members has left the team. So, I want to play that mod and for that I will do some pushing :P They are looking for:
-A Coder, who has much experiance with coding and especially Quake3-coding.
-A mapper, since we need a replacement for Noki.
-A 2D/skinner freelancer, helping LyCon with skinning and textures
-A Sound/Music freelancer, just a freelancer because there is not that much to do for a sound-guy.
Everyone who wants to join us has to be qualified enough to work fast and hard, and it would be nice to see some previous work from the person.
So that's it! if you wanna join the ride you can send an email to Dave.

New version of GTKRadiant
by DGhost @ [08:50 PM] January 23 2002

As mayhemm was talking about last monday, the new version of GTKRadiant is out (version 1.2). The tool has been release for the platforms; Win32, Linux and Mac. For any kind of documentation you can go here. To download the tool you may use one of these servers (there is 2 version, one for RtCW only and the other for Q3 and RtCW):
- qeradiant.com
- IDsoftware.com

2 interresting interviews @ Quake3Stuff.com
by DGhost @ [09:36 AM] January 23 2002

Quake3Stuff got 2 interviews with 1- The brothers Grim (I just love their models!). They talk about how they make some models, what they're working on right now and a couple of other interresting things. 2- Paul Jaquays from IDsoftware talk about where he's coming from and how he get his inspiration for maps. You can read the interviews with the Brothers here and Paul here.

Kenn Hoekstra Interview
by mayhemm @ [09:42 PM] January 22 2002

Computer and Video Games has posted an interview with Kenn Hoekstra of RavenSoft, who--if you've been living under a rock and didn't know--are working on a couple titles, which are all on most of our Must Play™ lists.  One of those games just happens to be Jedi Knmight II: Outcast.  Kenn talks about that up coming game the whole interview, and he concentrates on the MP aspect.  Here's a lil' cut'n'paste ta get ya whet:
Will we still be able to use Force powers in multiplayer?

Yes. The game-types in multiplayer all support the use of Force powers. In most game-types you will be able to customize your character by choosing a Light or Dark side Force path. In the Holocron, Force Powers are practically the point of the game, as you can collect them from the map like weapons. If you have the Force Lightning Holocron, for instance, you will be the only player with that power in the game until you drop it or someone kills you and takes it from you.

Are you designing specific multiplayer maps or will these be taken from the single-player game?

We are designing specific multiplayer maps using the style and feel of the single-player maps as inspiration.

Will we be able to do Stormtroopers versus rebels CTF?

An interesting question that's somewhat difficult to answer... We don't have pre-established teams in the game that force you to join one set of characters or another to depict good vs. evil. Teams certainly can agree in advance to choose one set of skins or another; that would be one way to do it
Read the rest right here.

D@mn!! I Can't Find MOHAA!!
by mayhemm @ [09:36 PM] January 22 2002

Whelp,  I spent all friggin' day looking for MOHAA.  I went to EB, Babbages, and CompUSA, and since I didn't want to alert my better half (who gets really p1ssed off when I buy games ;P), I skipped Best Buy.  Guess what?  Nowhere to be found.  I feel robbed and disappointed, but that's OK, there's always tomorrow :-)  In the meantime I can always read the MOHAA reviews that are starting to pop up all over the 'net.  Here they are:

PunkBuster Interview @Fragnation
by mayhemm @ [09:31 PM] January 22 2002

If you wanna hear a lil' more detail about PunkBuster--you know, that anti-cheat utility that iDSoftware is contracting to integrate into RtCW (and the one I wish they'd add to Q3)--then FragNation has an interview with with PunkBuster's Tony Ray that talks about the whole cheat prevention topic in detail, and what we can expect from it.  Read it right here.

Props goes out to Gamespydaily for the shout.

Battle on the Beachhead!
by mayhemm @ [09:15 PM] January 22 2002

If you're into WolfMP and wanna strut your stuff in an officially sanctioned contest then this lil' bitty I spied on several sources, but mainly World Online Gaming League, will tickle you dead.  Here's the press release:

Santa Monica, CA — January 21, 2001 — Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and id Software have teamed up with the Online Gaming League (OGL) to host the Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ “Battle on the Beachhead” tournament. Gamers from across North America will hit the front lines and battle for world domination and exciting prizes including the Nintendo GameCubes®, Nintendo Game Boy® Advances and hundreds of popular games. The tournament will run from January 29 through March 12, 2002 at http://wolf.worldogl.com, on the Speakeasy Network, home of the largest broadband gaming community and the official ISP of the OGL....
If you wanna sign up for it go right here.

After a Couple Years....Bid For Power Baybee!!
by mayhemm @ [10:33 AM] January 21 2002

Well...  I don't know how we missed this.... :-/  ahhh well... I was off!! hehe, but I always say, "better late than never!!"  The Bid for Power TC for Quake 3 has been released and it's one big f'n TC indeed.  If you're on a fat pipe, this won't be a big deal, but I feel sorry for you modem peeps.  It's almost 100MB and includes several types of multiplayer modes. Grab it right here.

New All-Seeing Eye!
by mayhemm @ [10:28 AM] January 21 2002

Version 1.7 of the All-Seeing Eye has been released, adding some general fixes and support for "BG2: Throne of Bhaal, Codename: Outbreak, Counter-Strike retail, Gunman Chronicles, Serious Sam 2 demo and Cheating-Death".  Go grab dat bad boy!!

Q3A networking with UKG
by mayhemm @ [10:26 AM] January 21 2002

Have you ever wondered about the funky settings that people like to play with?  Do you just blow up with anger at the guy who has a .20 ping but still looks choppy when he's playing?  Well, arQon from PROMODE and 155&Rising have gone inside, looked around and have cleared up some of the misconceptions about Q3 networking, while explaining exactly what timenudge actually does and so forth...  Here's a lil' cut'n'paste from the post ta get ya whet:
Having received many puzzled comments on my last update, with lots of people writing in to express the same impressions of arQon's OSP/CPM netcode, but not understanding enough about how Q3A worked to "fix" their problems, I thought I'd waste a couple of hundred characters on a crash course in id Software's networking. Now please bear in mind that my understanding of how the game works is based on explanations from people with much bigger brains than I, not necessarily in the most recent of times, and certainly not always in words of a length I can cope with, but this is the basics I could grasp at :) From this it should at least become clear what timenudge actually does, some of what arQon's done, and why it's such a pain in the arse for players who have extended experience of timenudging.
Head over to UK Gamer and read up on all the info.  Thanks goes out to Q3Center for the shout..

NSCO Update--New Screenshots :-/
by mayhemm @ [10:16 AM] January 21 2002

The Navy Seals Q3 guys have just updated their site (well :-/ they did it yesterday, but I was off hehe) with what has become a little tradition in Quakedom:  gracing us with some kewl new screenies, but still no beta or game to try out.  In this weekly installment they show us a sw33t new reskin of the MP5 and a beta map called Ghettoship.  Check it out right here.  D@mn!!  I can't wait till this sucker comes out, though I may miss it while playing things that have been released =P

GtkRadiant for RtCW?
by mayhemm @ [10:06 AM] January 21 2002

Just saw this lil' jewel on Gamespydaily today :) for you budding mappers out there.  Apparently, QERadiant have announced they will be releasing a new version of GtkRadiant with Wolfenstein support, possibly as early as the end of this weekend. Read all about it right here.

Seven New Maps for Review @DMZone
by mayhemm @ [10:01 AM] January 21 2002

OK, this is a new site as far as I can tell.  The fine boys over at the Deathmatch Zone have graced us all with a new map review--and, surprise they have added 7 new maps to their review database.  All in all, that makes 11 maps for your DM enjoyment.  If you're an admin and are looking for some kewl custom maps, or just wanna try your hand with these maps against bots offline, then go give them a visit and grab those suckaS!!

Quake 2 for Amiga
by DGhost @ [08:27 AM] January 21 2002

Amiga... In the '80 there was 3 kind of computer. PC, Mac and the Amiga. Pc was cheap, Mac wasn't cheap (and is still) and there was the one in the middle. Not too cheap, but some good quality hardware (not as good as the Mac). It sold mostly in europe and now the Amiga is coming back (they're making a new computer based on the PPC architecure).

So, that brings me to the following informations: A small team is making a port of Quake 2 for the Amiga (as I can read on the webpage of Amiga Extreme, they're trying a convert on both Amiga, the old and the new one). Also what is interesting is that their making at the same time the port of the most popular mods (more than 40 mods). The team is (as I can read) Steffen Haeuser, Thomas and Hans-Joerg Frieden.

Saturday night and MoH
by DGhost @ [04:18 AM] January 20 2002

Okay I'm playing medal of honor and I must say that I am impress with that game! The details they've put for making that one is incredible. Any quake news? Naaah Ill just go back playing. :)

.Plan update from Duffy
by DGhost @ [04:14 PM] January 19 2002

Ooops. It seems that I may have misunderstood the news about the Linux binaries that was released yesterday. But, our magnificient Robert Duffy from IDsoftware give us the details that we need:

To clear up a bit of confusion, what we released yesterday was the level editing tools and not the full SDK for Wolfenstein. Everything is there to create both single-player and multi-player maps. Also included is Escape ( from single-player ) and Beach ( from multi-player ) for reference.

The source code will be available soon.
Ah well it's coming soon anyway.

Tuplay on WolfMP
by mayhemm @ [06:53 PM] January 18 2002

Just got this from Gamespydaily....  In a new article at Tuplay, Glenn Lortscher--I guess he's the big cheese there :-/--looks at RtCW MP and the multiplayer FPS and does a little comparo.  Here's a little snip from his post:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein, however, possesses more than enough original ideas, concepts, and polish to make it the game we've been waiting for. Sure, it's not TeamFortress 2, or CounterStrike 2, or anyone of the much-hyped pipedreams that have yet to breath free outside of their dark development offices.
.... :-/  right...  Read the rest at Tuplay,while I go play MOHAA >:P

Bid For Power Interview @Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [06:44 PM] January 18 2002

PyroFraggor, from the team behind Bid For Power, that anime based Q3TC which should be released tonight, has been interviewed by Q3Center.  Here's a snip from the interview:
Lard: Well, if one thing stood out about the mod, what would it be?
PyroFraggor: The ability to script attacks. Everything from the shader and the sound to the size of the explosion can be changed. It will hopefully increase the longevity of this mod.
Go ahead and give them another visit, or just look at these Q3Center screenies.

RtCW Linux single player Demo!
by DGhost @ [04:20 PM] January 19 2002

Linux users rejoice! RtCW single player demo has been released just today by IDsoftware. The binaries* of the retail game are also avalaible if you're into that stuff or you may just want to download the full installer. Mirrors (full installer):

- IDsoftware.com

- Bluesnews.com
* I used the mirror of Blue's news since it appears that the FTP server of ID is not responding fast enough. Thank you Blue's news! :)

Update: The binaries are not of the retail game but the level editing tools!

Sidrial demo for Q3A
by DGhost @ [04:17 PM] January 19 2002

Sidrial is a TC (Total Conversion) for Quake 3 made by FountainHead who also made the animated feature of Sidrial (I don't know that, if it was for the TV, no wonder then, since I don't have a TV for the last year :P). The TC is a single and multiplayer conversion. The screenshots are amazing, it looks like a science fiction theme. I didn't have the time to try it so far but I'll download it tonight and give you some of my feedback of that mod. The project look really big and well made, so head over to their webpage to check all the informations. Here's some mirror servers if you want to download it right away:

- Nvidia.com

- Fileplant.com

- Activision.com

- Blue's News.com
Or if you don't want to download it but would prefer to see a preview before trying it, you can check Sidrial's trailer here.

Update: Since it's a demo, there is only one map in the single player game. /me start crying. And I didn't try the multiplayer side yet since I can't find a server, so far, that is not too far away (i.e. ping time :P ).

Blast from the past!
by DGhost @ [11:11 PM] January 16 2002

Okay! So I was browsing (as ususal :P ) in my bookmarks when I found an old link. I didn't remember what it was ('cauz I renamed it to be QIPv6). So, I load the page and here it was: It's a Quake 1 server (Yes, I said Quake ONE, the first). that is running on the IPv6.

This is, for the non too much technical curious out there, the Internet Protocol version 6 (right now we use version 4, the 5 was a prototype only). The IPv6 is the new protocol that has been running around for sometime that give more possibilities to the adress name (more adress available), check more carefully for packet corrupted (we all hate downloading 600 megs to discover at the end that the file is not good :P ) and a bunch of other upgrade on IPv4.

So, Viagénie look to be a small company in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, providing IT expertise. But, also, some people there like either IPv6 or Quake 'cauz they're the ones running the server (right now it's running the mod Team Fortress). At the same time, on their Quake IPv6 webpage, they're giving others adresses of servers around the globe. All the instructions are on the page to be able to frag on their servers.

If you like new technologies (like me) or still play Quake but want to try someting new, you may give it a try. Don't think you'll have some new graphx in Quake, you won't see a difference except how the data travel across the network will be more efficient.

News Posters Wanted
by mayhemm @ [10:17 PM] January 16 2002

We have a new Q3Arena news poster :) but unfortunately, due to real life's habit of encroachment on our cyber life, DGhost and yours truly need another news  poster to spell us during the week and weekend.  If you're interested in news posting, you've done this before or know basic html (h3LL, if you have a copy of frontpage and know how to cut'n'paste), and would like to try your hand as a Q3Arena poster, then give us a ring right here.

New Official JK2 Site
by mayhemm @ [10:07 PM] January 16 2002

LucasArts, in ramping up for the release date of their much anticipated Star Wars and Q3Engined based FPS, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast have totally revamped their site.  They offer some goodies there in the form of screenshots, wallpapers, etc. just so we won't go there to "oooooh and ahhhh" at their webmaster's coding :P  Give them a visit.

Anime Q3, err Bid For Power, on Friday!
by mayhemm @ [10:01 PM] January 16 2002

If you remember my last post regarding Bid For Power, that juicy, interesting--neeto :)--DragonBallZ-based Q3TC, then you won't need a cut'n'paste to know WTF it is.  As reported the TC authors have promised a January release date, and they are delivering in spades.  This Friday, Jan 19th, after 2 years of development (d@mn!! that's longer than some commercial games!), with no public betas, we will finally get the chance to test this TC out.  As soon as it's available for download you will get the links from us.  Until then read more about it right here.

RtCW Patch Woes
by mayhemm @ [08:59 PM] January 15 2002

Hmmmm.  Just saw this at PlanetWolfenstein.  Seems that some peeps are having problems installing that new RtCW patch.  Not to worry.... Caryn 'Hellchick' Law of Activision has sent along a note on the topic. Here's a little of what she had to say:
...There is a link at the top of the readme that explains how to extract the files if you're having problems with the installer.

There's also info in the readme about what's compatible with what: those who've upgraded to 1.1 can play on 1.0 servers, but we encourage everyone to update so the multiplayer issues get fixed.
Heh, she means "read the file!" hehe

Kenn Hoekstra Interview
by mayhemm @ [08:55 PM] January 15 2002

DazMeister.co.uk has posted an interview with Raven's Kenn Hoekstra--if you don't know who this guy is, you've been living under a rock :P.  Read it here.  Thanks to Gamespydaily for the shout.

Win an X-Box or GF3!
by mayhemm @ [08:47 PM] January 15 2002

Good News™  for ya'll who don't have the caesh for an XBOX or your very own Geforce3.  IlanGame and the Ilan Gaming League have teamed up to give you a chance of winning your very own shtuff.  All you have to do----wait!!!  Why am I typing this when all I need is a good cut'n'paste? :)  Here ya go peeps:
Our good friends at IlanGame have tossed out 2 XBOX or GEFORCE 3 prizes for the IGL community. One is for our Quake 3 members, the other for our UT players. Each of you will have the opportunity to sign on and compete for these prizes in 1V1 DM combat. Here's how it works:

Quake 3: The IGL has now launched two Quake 3 1v1 DM ladders, one for players on the East Coast and one for players in the West. On February 16th, the IGL will select the top 16 rated players on each ladder for two single elimination tournaments. The champions of the Quake 3 1v1 Eastern Division and Quake 1v1 Western Division will then face each other in a central server for the grand prize, his or her choice of an XBOX or GEFORCE 3 video card. Along the way, players who distinguish themselves will receive additional prizes. The ladders will be ongoing, even after the tourney, with similar prizes at irregular intervals.

Note: IGL ladders run on a point system. If you challenge and beat high point players you can easily jump as many as 100 rungs on the ladder. So don’t fret if you sign up and find yourself in dead last. As little as 1 win can move you a long way.

There ya go!!  Good luck and go get ya one!

NSCO Update--New Screenshots!
by mayhemm @ [08:00 PM] January 14 2002

Although I haven't seen a weekly update in, errr, a few weeks from them The official Navy Seals website has been given another one of their weekly updates. The update mainly consists of screenshots of the new SAW Minimi 5.56 Machinegun, and they look pretty sw33t. Of course, the weapons not in the game yet, so we'll have to wait for the next release. Of course, if they were to finally release this TC instead of weekly updates we'd get to see everything in action :P  I have a feeling though, that it may be well worth the wait.  Check it out right here.

Activision Buys Gray Matter
by mayhemm @ [07:53 PM] January 14 2002

I don't think this will affect us other than a great game developer now getting support and security from a great game publisher to make kick@$$ games for you and me.  This press release has the announcement that Activision has bought Gray Matter, who--if you didn't know and have been living under a rock--developed the single player portion of Return to Castle Wolfenstein under the watchful eye of iDSoftware..  Congrats!

WolF Patch
by mayhemm @ [07:50 PM] January 14 2002

Activision released the RtCW v1.1 patch today, and most of its fixes concern what I didn't like about it; its multiplayer element.  Don't worry about how big it is, it's only 1.5MB and shouldn't be a problem to download unless you're on a 56k pipe (bleh.) Also it's compatible with v1.0 in multiplayer and won't screw up your saved games, so you won't have to keep multiple copies of executables and complex .bat files to convert your game version a la Q3.  Here are the mirrors:

A New Reaction Q3
by mayhemm @ [07:41 PM] January 14 2002

Reaction Q3 fans rejoice!  The boys behind this mod have released version 1.10 beta of ReactionQ3 and they are just waiting for the rush of download requests.  If you've never heard of this mod before, let me give ya a lil cut'n'paste ta get ya up ta speed:
Reaction Quake 3 (or simply known as "Reaction") is essentially a direct-as-possible port of Action Quake 2 (AQ2) to Quake 3: Arena. Because the A-Team decided to continue work on Action Half-Life and Action Unreal Tournament, there will be no official port of AQ2 to Quake 3. Reaction Quake 3 is a community-based effort to implement the gameplay from the hit modification with Quake 3's superior rendering engine and networking code. Reaction Quake 3 IS NOT Action Quake 3! (see this)...Like Action, the emphasis of Reaction is gameplay and not weapon selection. A submachine gun is a submachine gun. A pistol is a pistol....
Hmmmm.  Well.. basically RQ3 builds on ActionQ2, that popular, errr, Q2 :-/ mod which featured realistic gameplay (in other words, it didn't take much to die)..  Read more about this mod, or just download it right here.

PimP Yer SkInZ!!
by mayhemm @ [07:31 PM] January 14 2002

Heh, better late than never I always say =P  If you are an amateur skinner, and think you have what it takes to do some skinning for a company, clan, or modgroup, but you don't know where to advertise your wArEZ (heh, not THAT kind!!) then Skindom has just that new feature for which you've been hankering.  They have added a "jobs" section to their skinning site and now they're looking for peeps who are ready to pimp their stuff out.  Go give them a visit and good luck.

New beta Quake 3 for Mac users
by DGhost @ [02:08 PM] January 13 2002

Graeme Devine just released a new .Plan. Here's the news (notice that the Classic Mac OS is also available).

There is a beta 4 build up of the Macintosh Quake 3 1.31 executable. This time there is also a Classic build.

If those of you brave enough to test these out could get back to me with problems, then we'll see if we can quickly follow up with a full final installer for 1.31

Update: Ooops, I just woke up and saw that I forgot to put the link to download. Here it is!

Weapons Factory Arena v3.3
by DGhost @ [03:36 AM] January 13 2002

Okay, so if you have read the news like me you have learned that WFA has been released just a little bit earlier. Go here for the file. The Windows, the Linux and the Mac versions has all been released at the same time (That's what I call quality work).

Threewave 1.2 is here!
by DGhost @ [11:36 PM] January 10 2002

Okay so the patch is out. Go to their webpage to see the news. If you want a direct link to their mirrors page, here it is. The mod is 123 mgs (v1.0) and the patch (v1.2) is 7 megs.

PunkBuster Interview
by mayhemm @ [08:41 PM] January 10 2002

Just saw this on Captured.com.  Wolfenstein Xtreme (hehe, don't know them :P) has posted an interview with Tony Ray from Even Balance inc, the developers of that anti-cheating software PunkBuster, who are helping iDSoftware to curb cheating in Wolfenstein.  Here's a little snip from a big and interesting interview:
Q: Will the software be integrated or standalone? If it is integrated will there be an option for server admins to turn it on or off?

A: PunkBuster always has been and always will be optional. We are not trying to force anything on anyone. We just want to give honest players and admins a choice that they did not have before. From a licensing standpoint, it is separate. All PB users are still licensing directly from us (Even Balance, Inc.). However, from a technical standpoint, the software is fully integrated once it has been enabled by a user (admin or player). It is very easy to turn it off, but it does require a restart of the game program for the disabling to take effect (i.e. it can't be just secretly disabled in the middle of a match).
D@mn, I still wish they'd make another patch for Q3A using the software.  Read the interview right here.

RtCW Selling Just Fine Thank You =)
by mayhemm @ [08:33 PM] January 10 2002

Well, well, well...  A little bird surmised recently that the only reason Todd H. was pimping RtCW was that the game wasn't perhaps selling as well as they thought.  A post today on PlanetWolfenstein puts that little rumor to rest:
We already know the game rocks, but it looks like Return to Castle Wolfenstein has exceeded everyone's expectations, becoming one of the best selling games throughout the holiday season. Topping selling charts in the US, UK, Germany and other European countries, over one million units have been sold thus far! Check out the press release here.
So there ya go!!

MOHAA Interview @ Gamespy
by mayhemm @ [08:28 PM] January 10 2002

Wanna know what's in the head of an MOHAA designer?  Here's your chance to crawl inside and find out what one of the former 2015 level designers, Benson Russell, had to say about everyone's upcoming WWII based object of dr00L.  It's in the form of an interview with Gamespy, and here's a little cut'n'paste ta get ya going:
GameSpy: At E3 2001, the buzz surrounding MOHAA was deafening. What is it about the game that has grabbed so much attention?

Benson Russell: One big part is the immersion level of the game. We wanted to go for a rich, detailed environment and setting to try and draw the player into the events of history of which he would partake. There is lots of atmosphere and events going on around you combined with awesome sounds that the EALA (formerly Dreamworks Interactive) team created.

I was one of the guys performing the demo at E3, and I got to run it for Captain Dale Dye, who also consulted on the game, and he mentioned afterwards how he was starting to feel sweat on his back from watching the demo. That was very flattering to hear, and it also meant that we were heading in the right direction with what we wanted to achieve.
Read the rest of it right here.

Syndicate mod for Q3A
by DGhost @ [10:45 PM] January 09 2002

Okay, I didn't see this mod elsewhere on the net, maybe I'm the last to know about it but I found this mod. Have you ever played Syndicate? That was a cool game! (personnal opinion of course... :P ) and now someone (Democritus to be precise) is leading a team to do a mod! The screenshot looks very nice. I can't wait for that mod to be released!

Threewave 1.2 will be release tomorrow
by DGhost @ [10:24 PM] January 09 2002

Just read on Threewave that their new version will be release tomorrow around 7:00PM EST. Go to their webpage to check for all the fixes.

Todd H. Interview @cHIQ
by mayhemm @ [10:10 PM] January 09 2002

Dear Chiq has sat down for an interview with Todd Hollenshead (iD big buziness guy =)). Heres a cut'n'paste cuz I gotta hit the homework :P:

"chiQ - You're a gamer under that big CEO hat right? Which id game is your favourite?

Todd - If I had to pick an all-time favorite, I think I would have to choose Wolf 3D because it was the first id game I ever played and was the first game that just absolutely and totally enthralled me. I mean I had played my share of PacMan and Tempest and Defender and Gauntlet and Missile Command and on and on and on, but Wolf 3D just blew me totally away. My current favorite is Return to Castle Wolfenstein (not just id game, but any video game bar none) if you base it on what you play the most."
To read the rest of the interview click right here.

Bid For Power
by mayhemm @ [10:06 PM] January 09 2002

Q3Center.  I just noticed a post over there about a mod/TC called Bid For Power, and the fact that their final character model has been finished.  Now I was extremely curious (heh, kewl names for mods make me curious :P) so I went down to their site (and you know what??) and I could swear that I had seen that mod before from the looks of the screenies.  I don't know if you had remembered my earlier post about that Q3TC, DragonBallZ (about a year ago), but now it's called Bid For Power.  If you're into deathmatch, and have big w00D for anime then this might be the concoction for you!  What's better is that they are slated to release this game in January (this month!) so you'll soon be able to check it out for real.  The downside to the whole thing is that they don't have a beta version of the mod on their site (I think there is a alpha copy floating around somewhere :P) but they have a few Q3 downloadable models to tide you over.  Go ahead and check them out, and tell me what you think.

Eternal Arena 5.5 Go Grab It!
by mayhemm @ [09:52 PM] January 09 2002

Thanks to Corven and Q3Center Eternal Arena fans can rejoice at the newest version of their fav mod to be released.  That's right.. version 5.5 for Q3A has now been released.  A number of additions and fixes have been made, among them are the following:
  • Team Instagib Rails
  • Rocket Duel (moved rocket rampage)
  • added new graphics and font
  • fixed server options not saving
  • fixed callvote gametype names order
  • fixed client colours not saving
  • fixed knockback reduce to normal
  • fixed zoom delay restored to normal
Of course, you don't have to take my word for it.  You can grab it all right here.

JK2 New Screenies @ GamespyDaily
by mayhemm @ [09:47 PM] January 09 2002

Heya peeps!!  I know some of you are hungry to see some new news, and you are especially hungry for some new word about LucasArts, and (more importantly for the quality of the game) Ravensoft's up-coming Star Wars and Q3-engine based FPS Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.  Fortunately GamespyDaily delivers with five brand-spankin new screenies of one of this year's most anticipated games.  Check 'em out here.  Of course, if you want to see the whole shebang, go on ahead to LucasArts' official JK2 page and see the rest!

Wanna test wolfenstein 1.1?
by DGhost @ [09:23 PM] January 09 2002

Christian Antkow (a.k.a Xian) just released a new .Plan. He's running RtCW 1.1 on his server and he would like you to test it. Anyway, here's a small portion of the story:

We're currently testing the release candidate for Wolf 1.1 (will be released in "two weeks"). I'm running the latest server code on all my servers, so if people could play on them for a few days, and forward any bugs/issues they encounter to wolfbugs@idsoftware.com, we would greatly appreciate the feedback.

xian-gameserver.idsoftware.com:27960 - mp_destruction
xian-gameserver.idsoftware.com:27961 - mp_base stopwatch - mp_trenchtoast

There ya go!

SOF2 Movie Gore @ Gamespot
by mayhemm @ [08:21 AM] January 08 2002

Gamespot brings us our very first news post of the day with an "exclusive" video clip of SOF2 in-game action.  Just in case you don't know... SOF2 is the Q3-engined sequel do Ravensoft's highly realistic (hehe the shotgun blast in an enemy's groin elicited a very satisfying reaction :P) FPS, Soldier of Fortune.  The video comes in downloadable form as a winzip RM file or windows media file.  Also, if you just want to stream it there are two streaming options.  Grab the video right here.  You can also read more about SOF2 straight from the horse's mouth.

Sum New Goodies @ Q3Center
by mayhemm @ [07:34 PM] January 07 2002

Look out peeps!!  Q3Center tries to relieve us of our boredom with three new jewels for us to play with in Q3 (hmmm... did that sound funky or what?).  It's in the form of a new map, a new skin, and a new model for our quakin' enjoyment.  Here they are, buffed, polished, and packaged just for you!

MOHAA Single Player Coop?
by mayhemm @ [07:25 PM] January 07 2002

This is interesting.  It looks as if nobody is ready to wait for MOHAA to be on the shelves before we all see the inevitable mod come out for it.  In fact, there are already many changes to the demo out already--not that it will change my dr00ling expectations of buying the game when it finally comes out.  By way of VoodooExteme (yeah :-) I still read it) there is a mod out for the leaked single player demo of MOHAA on the Allied Assault fan website, which turns the demo into a coop experience you can play online with your friends.  It seems that 2015 found out about this mod and have warned about it on the Allied Assault forums; however, they don't seem to want to stop the mod at this moment.  Here's the link to the discussion, here's the link to the Allied Assault fansite, and here's the link to the demo..

iDSoftware's gonna Bust those RtCW w/Punkbuster!
by mayhemm @ [07:05 PM] January 07 2002

Hmmmm..  Just saw this on PlanetWolfenstein..  It seems that iDSoftware enlisted the help of Even Balance, the creators of PunkBuster, to integrate their anti-cheat software into Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Apparently, PunkBuster is famous in the Half-Life gaming community for providing anti-cheat software, but I wouldn't know that much, as I'm not part of the Half-Life gaming community ;-P.  Here's a lil' clip:
We are pleased to announce that Even Balance, Inc. has been contracted by id Software, Inc. to integrate our anti-cheat technology, known as PunkBuster, into the newly released yet already highly acclaimed Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW). We are working hard to get the integration code written and tested for an upcoming patch to the game. Based on preliminary work, we fully expect to be able to support and enhance all areas of the PunkBuster system and sustain only a brief beta period with RTCW. The PunkBuster software will still be a separate and optional addition but will be directly integrated with the game when it is enabled by players and server administrators. As always, there will be no direct cost to players and server admins for non-commercial use of PunkBuster and we fully intend to support the clan and league communities, as well as mods that develop around RTCW with both free and premium support services and add-on software.

Let's hope that their products works...  Just dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice if iDSoftware could get a patch for Q3 as well? Heh NM.

Kiltron Texture Pack @ Mean Arena
by mayhemm @ [06:49 PM] January 07 2002

If you're into mapping then this might be the thing for you...  Straight from Gamespydaily comes the news that Mean Arena has released a huge texture pack for Q3Arena and FAKK2.  Weighing in at 122 different textures, the "Kiltron Texture Pack 03" weighs in at approximately 14 and 15 megs apiece.  If you're a mapper for any of these games, and are looking for some dark textures to spice up something in your repertoire, then go give Mean Arena a visit!

.Plan from Christian Antkow about the master server
by DGhost @ [11:31 AM] January 06 2002

Christian Antkow aka Xian of IDsoftware just release a new .plan concerning their master server. Here's the whole thing:

Until further notice, all ICMP communications to our Q3A master server are being blocked. This should not affect your ability to continue playing Q3A online. It will, however, prevent you from pinging the master server to make sure it's up and running.

Rest assured, we have a system in place internally which notifies us of any outages with our critical servers, and if/when they do go down, we're usually all over it within minutes.


Doom 3 music by Trent Reznor?
by DGhost @ [01:21 AM] January 06 2002

Oh sweet! Okay, remember Quake 1? Me? Of course I remember since that's what I was mostly hooked on (there was Doom before, but I still prefer Quake than Doom, personnal taste). As I remember not too much people liked the soundtrack from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. But not me... I was in love with that soundtrack (I still listen to it from time to time). I grew up listening to NIN. And now on MacWorld, there is an interview with Trent himself. The questions are mostly for his next project, the DVD called And All That Could Have Been. And one of the question that has been asked to Trent is this one:

Q: After providing the music for Quake, are you scoring any more games?

Reznor: I've been discussing things with Id Software for Doom III. It's not formalized at this point, but it's something I really want to do. When I did Quake, we were still questioning if the audio was going to be streamed off of CD, which if it wasn't was incredibly limiting. But with as interactive as things are now, and as immersive as the engine they've been working on is graphically, and some of the program is so moody; it's like scoring a film. Yet it's much more intense than a film because it doesn't always go the same way, it has to be interactive. Plus the mood of the game is so dark and evil, it's interesting to me.

I just have one thing to say: There is some interresting thing that happens during the week end! :)

Rt Castle Wolfenstein skins
by DGhost @ [03:54 PM] January 05 2002

Okay I'm the week end poster, that's the deal, but you know what I hate about week end? There almost nothing new on the Quake scene during the week end that is really interresting. So I was looking in my bookmark of links for something not really new but worth it. So I would suggest to go to Planetentropy and go to the Projects section. The author call it a mod but it's more of a skins replacement in the single player mode. No, I won't tell you what are the skins and give you the direct link, you'll understand why if you go see it.

And So On....
by mayhemm @ [06:44 PM] January 04 2002

Heh, not two hours after his last .plan update Graeme Devine weighs in again with a little "mini-one."  You Macheads may want to read it.  Here's the whole thing all gussied up, cut'n'pasted just for you :P  :
There's a new build up.  It's marked BETA2.
Mouse movement is now back to normal.  The side effect of this is that the mouse isn't staying accelerated when you quit the game again.  It shows it's accelerated in System Preferences, but you need to re-click the position to make it happen.  Uggh.  I really really really call the system functions to put the settings back.

You can now switch out of the app as well.
There ya go.. Go grab it at iDSoftware's FTP server.

Quake 3 Arena PR 1.31 for Mac OSX is out!
by DGhost @ [06:04 PM] January 04 2002

Wahoo! Quake 1.31 PR is out for Mac OSX! So for all of you Mac lover (even I, since I grew up with a Mac in my house) you can go to IDsoftware FTP to download it or the big FilePlanet also got it. At the same time here's Graeme Devine .plan :

Man, do people watch that id ftp server or what.. Didn't get a chance to update before it's on the news sites!

Quake 3 1.31 for OS X has been posted on the id ftp site. We don't have the benefit of outside testing for OS X builds, so it is a BETA release (ie. use at your own risk).

  • stereo sound
  • works every time on powerbooks
  • mouse stays accelerated when you quit
  • some dual monitor stuff
You need to have Quake 3 1.30 installed for OS X before you update to this build of 1.31 since only the updated pak files are included.

I've not built Classic Q3A 1.31 yet. I seem to have accidently nuked my install of CodeWarrior.

New version of Weapon Factory Arena soon?
by DGhost @ [11:20 AM] January 04 2002

I just learned that there is going to be a new version of Weapon Factory Arena soon on their webpage. But no date has been given yet. The list of all the fixes is included on the page, so we can expect it's gonna be soon (let's hope).

by mayhemm @ [07:07 PM] January 03 2002

Here's a site for y'all who are playing RtCW right now and just can't get the hang of it.  It's called Wolfgeheimnisse  (loosely translated Wolfenstein Secrets, but don't worry, the site is in English.)  Go give 'em a visit.

by mayhemm @ [07:03 PM] January 03 2002

IGN has posted some MOHAA gameplay movies for our dr00ling enjoyment..  Not only do they post many movies they also post descriptions of the multiplayer maps available in the full release. Here's a description of a map called "Destroyed Village":
Countless towns, villages, and hamlets throughout Normandy such as the one depicted here were the site of frenzied door-to-door battles between Allied and Axis infantry. The presence of German snipers often taught the Allied infantrymen "to stay off the streets".
D@mn--W00T!!  I can't wait to get this game >:)  Check out the rest of those map descriptions here and the movies here.

iDSoftware's (Disruptor's) WolfMP Server
by mayhemm @ [06:53 PM] January 03 2002

If you're one of the peeps who are enamoured with RtCW multiplayer (heh, don't take my opinion of it, just make your own :P) you may have a chance of playing against Christian 'Disruptor' Antkow of, errr :-/ in case you don't know, iDSoftware.  He recently updated his .plan file to point everybody over to his new server.  Here's a little clip from his .plan:
Effective midnight tonight, my popular xian-osx.idsoftware.com WolfMP
server will be going down. It is being moved to xian-gameserver.idsoftware.com. mp_destruction !!! Stopwatch Mapcycle

 The server is currently running the WolfMP 1.1 binaries (Thanks Brandon!)
which should hopefully be released in the near future. The 1.1 server works
just dandy with v1.0 retail clients !

 So, for all you guys that frequent the xian-osx.idsoftware.com server, I would
greatly appreciate it if you all moved to the new server (which has has it's
maxclients raised higher than was set on xian-osx...)...
If he is there, my guess is that his nick would be 'Disruptor.'

New map from Charon
by DGhost @ [11:43 PM] January 02 2002

Alright I saw this one, this morning, on PlanetQuake (again). Charon has released a new map called Liquid Carbon v2 (v2 stand for version 2 since there was a problem when he released the map yesterday, he fixed the problem and added v2 to the name :P). So I just came back from work and download the map and it's still awesome. For those of you who don't know, Charon is, for me, one of the best map maker out there who do that for pleasure. I've got all his map in my \baseq3 directory and they are popular at the lanpartys that I attend from time to time.

At the same time I found on his website that link at BotEpidemic. A small test to determine what Quake 1 monster would you be. My result was that I am a Shub Niggurath!

1.31 for Mac?
by DGhost @ [12:53 PM] January 02 2002

I was reading my emails this morning (yeah I'm back to work) and I learned from some members (Memnoch to be more precise) on the Game Admins mailing list that the PR 1.31 for Mac will be out around the Macworld Expo at San Francisco in the second week of January. Check this link for the full story (not really big) with Graeme Devine.

Threewave 1.1 Released
by DGhost @ [12:36 PM] January 02 2002

I just learn on PlanetQuake that there is a new version of Threewave CTF(v 1.1). Click on this link to get all the mirrors for download (at the bottom of the page for the update).

MOHAA Single Player Demo Leaked
by mayhemm @ [04:16 PM] January 01 2002

Heh, just saw this at Clanpages.com.  Then single player demo for MOHAA (which was being peddled for Money(!!!) at Amazon.com) has leaked out to the internet.  Currently there are 3 sites offering it for download.  Here they are:

Seismovision Demo Player
by mayhemm @ [04:03 PM] January 01 2002

If ya wanna view your game demos from old matches, but just don't want to go through the trouble of starting Q3 and going through the things you need to do to start a demo, then this little utility from Clan Handle with Care might be the thing for you.  It's called Seismovision, and it's not only a demo for Quake3, but it also supports Quake 1, Quake 2,  Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.  All you have to do once this utility is installed is double click the .dm3 or other demo file and you're in businesss.  Grab it here.

"A Return to Quake1" RA3 Style
by mayhemm @ [03:45 PM] January 01 2002

A shout by Tumi is all it takes to give all you RA3 fans (the many of you) out there a late Christmas present or New Years gift for your fraggin' pleasure.  It's an arena called "Return to Quake1" and it's posted on the RA3 German site called RA3Combat.  Grab the map and enjoy.

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